We wash your cotton blanket with hands and in a washing machine

You should not consider cotton with an outdated filler for blankets, such products are distinguished by durability, hypoalgenity. In addition, it is such a product that will quickly warm. Over time, the question arises how to wash your cotton blanket? In the washing machine it is possible to conduct a procedure? How to make it right, so that the product can be used?


Answers to these questions are quite simple, cleaning is allowed, but under certain circumstances. Hand wash houses, a dry cleaning of the product is contraindicated completely, and cotton blankets in the machine with the wrong wash can just get down.

Cotton blanket

This type of blankets, as a rule, is inherited since past times. Cotton blanket is quite heavy, but at the same time very warm, which is important in winter frosty nights. However, besides its advantages, there is a cotton blanket and minus. The disadvantage of rightfully can be called the difficulty of cleaning a cotton blanket.

wash, your, cotton, blanket

When wetting, the blanket is already not difficult, it becomes just a mixture and fragile mistress without the help of strong male hands clearly can not do. In addition, wool in a blanket when washing can be knocked out in lumps, which will acquire a bug. To dry out such a blanket will be very long and it is unlikely to dry in the apartment, without having soaked in the smell of dampness and sharpness.

Clean your cotton blanket is recommended by dry way, causing only local areas. And in order to get rid of dust, you can knock out the product on the street by knocked.

Clean your cotton blanket can be configured to follow the following recommendations:

  • First of all, the blanket must be shaken and clean from dust so that that in contact with the means and water does not absorb the surface of the material. You can knock out dust outdoors.
  • Prepare a cleaning agent from the economic soap, pre-grated on a grater or liquid tool for washing, dissolving them in warm water.
  • With the help of a sponge, apply to the surface and carefully rub, trying not to water the filler.
  • Clean sponge and water remove cleaning composition from the processed area of ​​the blanket.

Deciding how to wash your cotton blanket in the washing machine. For this reason, it is recommended to wash in a typewriter only baby blanket. At the same time, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Temperature mode must be exhibited no higher than 40 ° C.
  • Washing mode It is recommended to choose: “delicate”, “Manual wash”, “Wool” depending on the machine machine machine.
  • Disable “Fat” mode or set on minimum speed.
  • Instead of a washing powder, use a soap chips or gel for washing woolen things, as the powder does not completely be completely out of the filler.
  • Throw in the drum with a blanket of 5-6 tennis balls, pre-waving them. It will not give the filler to hang out during washing.
  • Local pollution in the form of children’s urine or spilled drinks is recommended to be removed in advance, staggering the blanket locally.
  • After washing, remove the blanket from the drum immediately, not allowing to lie down in the raw form.
  • Stripe blanket on a flat horizontal surface preferably outdoors. To protect against direct sunlight cover thin sheets. When drying in the room, to send the flow of warm air from the heater in the direction of the woven.

Important! Sew blanket from with cotton filler is not recommended in a vertical position, since the filler slides down to the edges and the blanket will lose its shape and thermal insulation properties.

Cleaning cotton blanket

When it is not at all time to spend serious cleaning, try to remove only surface contaminants, which appeared on the covers of the blanket.

wash, your, cotton, blanket

For high-quality spin cleaning, follow the course of action.

At the beginning of work it is necessary to knock out dust accumulations. This is done in the yard, it is enough to hang a blanket on the fence or device for knocking out carpet products. Having finished the process, leave it for a long time to refuse, to weather unpleasant odors.

Meanwhile, it will be necessary to make a solution from soap (it is best to use a gel detergent for washing) and pour it into an aerosol sprayer. It should work well, splashing soap in all directions, not a jet.

Next, you need to decompose the blanket on the smooth space. the table, the floor (pre-purely wash and drying the surface).

All stains and divorces spray a little solution, not allowing wetting and impregnation into the filler. and clean the sponge. Since we clean only surface pollution, you do not need to pour a lot of liquid.

If necessary, the procedure is repeated in the same sequence. It remains to thoroughly dry the blanket, for example, with a hair dryer. When self-drying on the surface will perform clear tracks from the soapy solution, and the water will leave much noticeable contours.

In case of spots appearance, this option is the most effective to combat them.


When cleaning the blanket manually less likely to appear wool lumps. However, the owner must be taken into account that there will be much time on the procedure.

  • Knock out the product to remove dust. This item must be performed before washing in a washing machine.
  • Thoroughly inspect the product for strong pollution and solar stains. Treat them with a stain remover if there is and dunk for 1-2 hours. If there are no serious stains, this item should be skipped.
  • Dial in large pelvis warm water with a temperature of 35-40 degrees. Place a blanket in the container, pour liquid cleaning agent. Carefully process all problem areas manually. You can use a soft brush or sponge to rub the tool.
  • Gently squeeze. You can not do this twisting: wool crumbles. It is better to put a blanket between two major terry towels and twist it in the roll, slightly compressed. Excess water will go and absorbed towels.
  • Eliminate bedding on the horizontal surface in the sun, in a dry and warm place.

If the pollution is local, and the full wash is not required, you can not wet the blanket. It is enough to decompose it on the table and walk with a sponge on salted or evaporated places. First applied detergent, then removed with a sponge with clean water.

Preliminary soaking

Pre-soaking in front of manual washing is not recommended. Path-made microorganisms are very rapidly formed in the cotton. You can use this method only if the owner plans to be further washing in just 1.5-2 hours after soaking.

Soak the product is worth if there are difficult spots on it. First, the main foci of pollution should be treated with a stain pressure or liquid cleaning agent. Then omit the blanket in warm, but not hot water. After a few dozen minutes, you need to laugh with your hands, changing the water in the container.

How to clean the blanket at home?

Type a warm (about 30 °) water into a bathroom or other suitable capacity, add a special cleaning agent for wool products. Lower the blanket in the water. You need to wash carefully, lowering and removing the blanket out of the water. You can not unscrew or rub. it deforms the product.

Instructions for processing in the washing machine

If bedding is suitable in size, then it can be wrapped in a typewriter. Step-by-step actions algorithm:

Complex stains are caught manually in advance;

The blanket must be taken out of the machine immediately after the sound signal indicating that the washing is over. The longer it will lie without movement, the stronger the filler jumps.

wash, your, cotton, blanket

Is it possible to wash a cotton blanket in a washing machine

The essence of the case is that the wash of cotton blankets in the washing machine automatic depends on its size. If it is a double, then this action can not be made. during wetting the filler will be lost, which can lead to a breakdown of the drum. As for the blankets of this type of smaller size, better. children’s, washing in a washing machine machine becomes a rather real event.

The product of small sizes must be washed in the machine when the following washing parameters are turned on:

With such a careful right, the cottage product can last to serve its owner. The only thing for what will be needed to keep track of after cleaning in the washing machine. the uniform distribution of the filler during the drying process. If you need, you will have to accelerate cotton with a long stick or even a broom so that the lumps are not formed, and this did not lead to deformation of the whole blanket as a whole.

Drying cotton blanket

When all stages of cleaning are completed, you can safely go to dry. Experts say that cotton blanket is best dried in a horizontal position, preferably under the right sunlight. It is impossible to suspend the product. it can cause cotton deformation inside.

The cotton filler is characterized by the fact that it dries quite a long time, so it will be better if the drying is produced in the room, turn on the heating devices, only not at full power. It is impossible to leave the blanket raw for a long time. the mold is formed inside. You can, and even need, from time to time to break the filler specially intended for this stick. Such a procedure is performed so that lumps are not formed inside.

Well, it is safe to say that the answer to the question about washing cotton blanket is extremely ambiguous. Everything rests on whether a person is ready to make a maximum effort to return to his blanket Property. Well, some much easier will be the old product to throw out and on the same day to buy a new. The choice is very specific and individual.