Miss Cathie. How to Wash a Wool Coat in the Washing Machine

How to wrap a cashmere coat in a washing machine

With all its convenience, cashmere has several large drawbacks. it is quickly dirty, since the fabric has a property easy to accumulate dirt and it is difficult to care for it, since the material is very capricious.

Therefore, the question arises. how to wash the cashmere coat to not spoil it? The problem will help solve old proven ways.

At the same time, it is not necessary to take a thing in a dry cleaning, you can return to her for the past and at home, while saving money.

When you can wash Cashmere coat

Before washing carefully examine the label. He will tell how to wash, clean, dry and iron the product. Detailed icons and designations on clothing labels, you will find here. Pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Wash the coat in the washing machine, if it has the following fiber:

PU Polyurethane fiber
Pan Acrylic
MA Modified acrylic
PA Polyamide
PL Polyester
NY Nylon
LY Lycra
EL Elastan

If the coat is fully made of cashmere and has a “WS 100%” mark, such clothes can not be washed in a typewriter! Otherwise, the hem and the collar will begin to wrap, and the material will become mint. In this case, you can give the product to dry cleaning or try to remove contamination with dry methods.

What we will wash?

Equally important to competently approach the choice of detergent. The usual washing powder is too aggressive, so it is worth looking for a special means for washing cashmere products. There are many options for such gels, but it is better to pay attention to the following stamps:

  • WELLERY “DELICATE WOOL”. It is a helium, intended for wool, cashmere and silk. Copes with pollution of any origin without damaging the structure of the fabric. His dignity is that with intensive cleansing the color of the material is not washed.

WELLERY is allowed for use manually and in automatic laughes.

  • “Emulsio”. Universal gel that can be used and with manual, and with machine washing. Not foaming hard, completely washed out of the fibers and perfectly removes even the spots. Differs in hypoallergenia and is suitable for children’s clothing and people who are sensitive to chemistry and fragrances.
  • “Almacabio”. Means for the most delicate woolen materials. cashmere, silk and merino. Fully natural, biodegradable and absolutely safe. Has an antibacterial effect and suitable for manual and machine washing.

The listed funds are expensive, but practice shows that cheaper analogs are often poorly clean, leave on the tissue divorces and cannot cope with serious spots. Such savings can lead to significant financial losses in the form of a damaged cashmere coat.

When it is not necessary to wash a coat of cashmere

On the label, in addition to the already known to us, the basin has many other important information.

If it is indicated that a 100% cachemir is 100% cashmere (at least in the washing machine) can also be forgotten.

It is also not necessary to wash the thing if it contains a lot of glued elements, because after contact with water, they can come into disrepair. Pestry cloth is also dangerous to erase, as it can lose brightness.

If there are fur accessories, they need to fract out or disseminate, if it is impossible to do. washing the cashmere coat is canceled.

When and how to wash

Natural cashmere can not be washed in a washing machine, cleaning should be performed in manual mode. If there are synthetic fibers in cashmere, then the machine can be used, but with great accuracy. Before starting the process of cleansing, it is necessary to decrypt all available icons on the label of things, not to break the bans that will necessarily be present. An interesting fact is that it is recommended to wash a coat from cashmere after it was put on 4 times.

For sweaters and shas, ​​this procedure will pass painlessly, and the coat may not bear it. Therefore, it is better to limit the dry cleaning and weathered. No need to hurry to wash the product when forming small contaminants. If there are no spots, you can process with a sponge moistened in soap and water solution. Next, it will be necessary to remove the residues of the composition, and dry the fabric. If the pollution has a persistent nature, then you can wipe the product with aircraft gasoline and sprinkle with Talc.

Does wash your coat in automatic mode?

The possibility or impossibility of washing the coat in the automatic machine depends on the thing itself. Or rather from that fabric from which it is sewn, from the quality of sewing, from the quality of the color of the fabric and much more. As a sewing coat, units are well versed, so for most correct evaluation of this factor is not available.

The quality of the coloring of the fabric is to evaluate, it is enough to soak the inconspicuous section of the coat in warm water for 1 hour and see what. If the fabric has swept, and the water was painted in a characteristic color, it means that the washing of such a thing is definitely canceled. You need to look closely on the type of fabric from which your coat is sewn.

  • Woolen coat, or rather a coat with a large percentage of wool best in automatic mode, do not wash at all, even if your machine maintains the “hand wash” mode and you have a special wool washing powder. Such a coat is better to erase very carefully manually in a little warm water, and even better clean. about washing woolen things can be read in the article how to wash woolen things?
  • Synthetic fabric coats (polyester). This coat can be erased in an automatic machine. It is enough to choose any wasteful washing mode, turn off the spin and set the temperature not higher than 40 0 ​​C. wash will be perfectly, and the result will be excellent.
  • Cashmere coat completely should not be washed in a typewriter. In 99% of cases, even with a very careful approach, the thing will be corrupted. And for cashmere clothing is contraindicated not only machine, but also hand washing. And generally wet such a coat well, it means to send it “on the last path”, so try to do with dry cleaning.
  • A drape coat is a little more resistant to wash, so you can chance to wash it manually. And, naturally, no machine machine. Automatic wash thing spoil. Drapet coat is better to wash parts, not allowing full wetting things, and even better to do with dry cleaning.

Important! If the coat is badly polluted, and I don’t want to risk it, give it to dry cleaning, trust the professionals.

Rules for the washing of outerwear

Before subjected to wash coat in a machine machine, read the information placed on the tag. This is information about which fabric is sewn the outerwear, which temperature modes can withstand and which processing methods take.

The main difficulties in washing the coat are related to the fact that it can sit down, stretch, lose the form. If it has decorative elements, then during washing they can be spoiled. Therefore, regardless of the type of fabric, it is necessary to prepare a coat to the procedure.

To start neatly remove or cut all the elements from fur with scissors. Metal buttons, fasteners and decorations can leave rusty stains, so they need to be removed. Before immersing a coat in the drum, remove it inside out so that the fabric is less in contact with the detergent.

Washing coat in the machine machine is usually carried out at a temperature of 40 ° C or less. From cleaning products You can choose a children’s shampoo without a dye or powder for delicate fabrics. So that after washing on a white coat, yellow divorces did not appear, and on dark white spots, you need to spend several rinsing cycles.

Drap. Pretty Delicate Material. It can be cleaned independently manually, but only if there are no cocked seams. Wash the drape coat in the machine is not recommended.

Before washing the coat, you can soak no more than 10 minutes. So that the fabric does not lose the form, you can not twist it or squeeze it during cleaning. only gently compress. For washing a drape coat, use shampoo or soap solution. Water should be cold (20 ° C).

After cleaning the product you can rinse, keeping vertically under the cold shower. Next, it needs to hang on the shoulders in the bathroom so that water glass, and dry either in the same room or on the street.

Selecting detergent and washing mode

There are several recommendations how to wrap a cashmere coat in a washing machine that relate to choosing detergent and choosing a special mode.

Powder for washing

Some manufacturers offer a special powder to the consumer, designed specifically for washing products from cashmere houses in a washing machine.

Cashmere coat can be erased by the following means:

wrap, cashmere, coat, washing
  • Shampoo Laundress for washing;
  • Cashmere Luxus gel;
  • Powder Uniplus “Wool AMD Silk”;
  • Kraft Zwerg powder;
  • Spiro Wool liquid powder;
  • Cashmere Powder With Cashmere Extract.

Washing mode

In the question, how to erase cashmere coat at home, it is very important to choose the right mode. For a piece of pashmina optimal is the temperature not higher than 30 degrees. Some models of washing units have the Cashmere regime. If there is no such option, you should set the “delicate” or “wool” mode. Population function is recommended to disable.