Top-15 Mobile air conditioners rating 2020-2021. Tips for choosing and review, their characteristics, pros and cons

Creating comfortable living conditions and maintaining a healthy microclimate. a task to cope with which it is almost impossible without using climatic equipment.

It is not necessary to engage in the laborious installation of the split system, because you can purchase a mobile air conditioner that does not require installation.

The device does not occupy a lot of space in the room, copes with its duties perfectly, and also has an acceptable cost.

What is outdoor mobile air conditioners

Outdoor (mobile, portable) air conditioners. this is a separate type of climate equipment without an external block, which is responsible for cooling air in small rooms, office cabinets, cafes and t. D.

Outdoor air conditioners are mobile, easy to install and operate. This is a good alternative to installing indoors, where installation works are impossible: for example, in many removable apartments or in buildings representing cultural value.

Mobile (outdoor) air conditioner functions

The list of mobile (outdoor) air conditioners built into modern climatic equipment can be diverse:

With regard to mobile air conditioners, there are some limitations. not always and not in any conditions can be used these devices. Recommended in advance, even before buying a device, learn about all opportunities and modes of work.

Cooling mode

Air cooling is the main operating mode of the air conditioner present in all models. It is used only in the summer, because in winter there is no need to artificially cool the room. it’s easier and more economical to get cold air through a rotary window.

To reduce the air temperature in the monoblocks, the possibilities of a parocompression refrigeration machine are used. This device is similar to the aggregates installed in ordinary refrigerators. Manufacturers recommend including air conditioner at temperatures from 17 to 30 ° C. Less often the borders of the working range are slightly wider. from 16 to 35 ° C. If the temperature in the room is significantly over the indicated limits, there are failures in the device, and get the desired effect of the device will fail. Breakdown due to violation of the use rules. not a warranty case, so repairing the device will have to attend.

If the temperature in the room decreases to the value you set, the air conditioner turns off cooling. After that, the device goes into ventilation mode. Cooling mode will be automatically activated when the temperature indicators in the room will exceed the specified value.

Heating mode

In Russian conditions, the heating mode of the air conditioner may be required at any time of the year. Mobile devices successfully cope with the heating of the room, not inferior to fan heaters and oil radiators. At the same time, they can be operated all-season.

To heat the air, mobile air conditioners can be equipped with electrical heaters (most often) or producing heating working in heat pump mode, as is done in stationary split systems.

Built-in electric heaters that mobile air conditioners are used to heat the air, work perfectly at any temperature. Heaters are belands of steel or heating spiral. This design is durable, reliable and unpretentious.

There are models of air conditioners, heating air in the thermal pump mode, that is, in the process of reversing the refrigeration cycle. In this case, over the hose from the room is given extra cold. This economical heating method can be used at a temperature of from 5 to 21 ° C. To operate such devices in the winter or autumn period, it will take “premiseless” installation of climate techniques. If you remove the hose into a partitioning window, then due to the draft power of the air conditioner may not be enough for heating.

How quickly the desired temperature will be achieved, depends on the speed of rotation of the fan. Usually mobile air conditioning systems have three speeds:

Microprocessor control devices operate automatically. It is enough to specify the desired temperature, and the microprocessor will analyze the actual and set values, choosing the desired mode of operation: cooling, heating or ventilation without heat treatment.

Air drainage mode

All mobile monoblocks offered in the climate technology market are able to reduce air humidity by draining mode. Drainage is useful in cases where you need to avoid condensate on the walls and ceilings so as not to sweat the wallpaper and the paint did not crack. If you turn on the room in the room where the underwear is dried after washing, textile products are dried in hours, even during rain and excessive humidity. It is useful to dry the air using mobile systems in storage rooms with food reserves: it allows you to protect against dampness and damage such bulk products like flour, sugar, salt.

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Air drainage is carried out in cooling mode. But most of the models are equipped with a special function. removal of moisture from the air without a decrease in room temperature. In this case, the speed of rotation of the fan is adjusted automatically. To maximize drain efficiency, you should close the doors and windows.

In this mode, the surface of the evaporative heat exchanger is cooled to a temperature of 3 ° C. Air circulating in the air conditioner contacts with cold plates, and moisture condenses them. Next, condensate can be removed in various ways. Some models of climatic installations do not have a water tank, in them moisture immediately goes to a preheated capacitor, turns into steam and removed by the hose beyond the placement. In such a system, the refrigeration cycle is the most effective. In other models of mobile devices there is a tank in which condensate accumulates. With increased humidity, the capacity is filled with water in 2-3 hours, after which the compressor stops working. This means that it is necessary to pour the accumulated water from the tank.

If the device equipped with a tank is used in one place, it is more profitable to create a stationary water drain system. To do this, the hose is connected to the drain pipe of the air conditioner. Sewage drain should be below the drain pipe. After that, it disappears the need to control the level of filling of the tank: the device is not turned off, as there is no overflow, and you can forget about the emptying procedure of the container. If the air conditioner is additionally equipped with pomp, then the accumulated water can rise to a height of 4 m and above. This allows you to use mobile monoblocks to reduce humidity in the basement rooms of private houses.

Air purification mode

Filtering function using air purification mode At mobile systems, air conditioning is not yet sufficiently developed, compared with stationary split air conditioners. However, all mobile devices have coarse air purification filters. The design of the filter element consists of a plastic frame with a shallow polymer mesh. Filters need periodic maintenance. they need to wash water. Admissible use of neutral detergent.

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Mobile air conditioners for home

Let’s look at the of floor air conditioners for the house. The cost is influenced by a set of functions, productivity of the device and material quality.

Before you buy mobile air conditioners outdoor without an air duct, look at the table with prices.

Carefully learn the characteristics and nuances of the equipment before purchasing. Also look at what price you can buy corrugation for outdoor air conditioner.

How to choose mobile air conditioners without an air duct: reviews about benefits and disadvantages

Before buying, go through the main parameters of the model selection. Find out for which area products are suitable. Better if in the design except cooling and ventilation there will be a drying of air and warming. Not bad if an ionizer is inside the device. The mechanism is mounted inside the filter for air purification. The central control panel is most often placed on the housing. Important selection criteria is considered power and performance.

Help choose the design of an outdoor air conditioner for home without an air duct, reviews.

Portable Air Conditioners. Why you shouldn’t like them

Feedback, Model Ballu BPAC 07 CM

Maksimova Veronika, 29 years old, g. Krasnodar: “Required the device last year. Looks neat and high quality assembly. You can work both as a fan, but produces a lot of noise. Cools not strong. There are problems with hot air discharge “.

Catherine’s nose, 32 years old, g. Perm: “Completely functional apparatus. Wonderfully copes with their functions. So he worked efficiently, it should be installed correctly. In the heat for 2 hours is cooled to 20 degrees. Worthy option for your money “.

Feedback, Electrolux Power EACM-14 HP / N3

Novoselov Ivan, 42 years old, g. Samara: “Well cools the room. Adjusted by vertical and horizontal. A little heavy for a mobile device. Satisfied with your acquisition, as it is worth the money spent “.

Sanova Tamara, 45 years, g. Novokuznetsk: “I bought the device in Eldorado. Liked the system of moving fluid, as well as the brand inspires confidence. It works no noisy. Used for a three-bedroom apartment. With it you can quickly cool any room. I believe that the model is not inferior to split systems “.

Pluses mobile air conditioner

Mobile outdoor air conditioners have advantages compared to conventional split systems and climate techniques of other species. Here they are:

  • Low cost;
  • No installation is required (no need to pay for installation);
  • You can easily move to another room;
  • It is possible to build an air duct and move the air conditioning on the room;
  • No need to lay copper tubes to the external block;
  • No need to coordinate the installation of the outdoor unit in government instances;
  • Can be easily transported when changing the place of residence;
  • High service life due to ease of design.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor (mobile) air conditioner

Many argue that the small floor air conditioner without a blower or with it is an extreme budget exit for those who cannot afford a full split system and the appropriate payment for installation specialists. They argue that the air conditioner works badly, but consumes a huge amount of electricity. and it should perhaps be attentive to understand whether it really is.

The disadvantages of the mobile split system are to:

  • installation everywhere;
  • You can move from the room to the room;
  • You can pick up with you when moving;
  • easy to use;
  • No need to contact the specialists for installation;
  • There is no need to drill holes in the wall;
  • Modern design, neutral enough to fit into any interior;
  • small sizes that allow you to install in any convenient place;
  • Three stages of air purification;
  • Self-cleaning function and self-diagnostics.
  • Air duct for floor conditioner may be present, and maybe not depending on user preferences.
  • Different air flow modes.
  • Built-in heating and air ventilation function.
  • able to work at negative temperatures on the street, as it is indoors.

How to choose the best air conditioning?

Now online you can find a huge amount of information, different ratings of the best manufacturers of equipment and lists of top models of mobile air conditioners. You can read reviews and just buy a model that is more likely made positive marks. And you can go to another way and figure out what criteria to pay attention to when choosing a mobile outdoor air conditioner. So let’s see how to choose a mobile air conditioner?

  • First of all, power and productivity is important. The more air will take the device, the faster there will be a room in the room. We look at the power of the motor. for a room at 10 square meters.M. It will take a power motor in 1. 1.2 kW. Remember, the air conditioner “works” only with the room in which the air in neighboring rooms is unlikely to become more comfortable, even if you install a more productive device. As a rule, the “top models” of floor air conditioners are calculated for 20-25 kV.M., At the same time, in the hour of work they will notice at least 2 counter.3 kW.
  • Condensate collector capacity. The greater the container. the less it will have to be empty. In some models there is an opportunity to evaporate condensate, but it is not always an advantage. Although the models occupying high positions in different ratings on the Internet, as a rule, use precisely such a methodology to combat condensate.
  • Noise level. As already mentioned, it is the presence of a capacitor and fans inside the room and create a working noise of the device. In most aggregates, this indicator is in the range of 50-52 dB. The best air conditioners in the ranking are noisy by 44-46 dB. You can slightly reduce the noise of the air conditioner. if you buy a model with a tangential, and not blade type of fans. By the way, such a device and electricity consumes a little less than the usual.
  • The refrigerant is better to circulate Freon R 410A inside your household mobile air conditioner. this is the most secure option today.
  • Pay attention to the presence or absence of automatic regulators and switches. the smaller the automatic inside the floor air conditioner. the longer it will last.

Additional options. ionizer or drying, remote control or the presence of a timer will be a pleasant addition to the main functional task of the mobile air conditioner. But sometimes, it makes no sense for them to overpay. What option to give preference. choose you. And now it is time to consider in detail our rating and name the best mobile air conditioner for 2019.

Installation of air conditioning yourself: how to install a mobile device

Since mobile devices regarding electric shock are practically safe (minimum level), many buyers are thinking about how to install air conditioner itself in the house.

Useful recommendations for installing climate equipment:

  • Before installing, you need to calculate the load so as not to overload the network. When ledge for an allowable energy flow rate of 5-10 kW, a capacity of about 3 kW will be optimal.
  • Putting a chipped outlet with a built-in UzO, you can exclude the need to install individual automata and grounding, as well as do without making changes to the wiring.

So that the air is always clean, it is necessary to clean the filters in the air conditioner from time to time

  • With a ceiling height of 2.7 m on cooling every 10 m², 1 kW will be required. If the ceilings indoors are high (4 m) to this value you need to add another 10%.
  • It is better to pick up more powerful devices, because due to automation, these indicators are regulated, and does not fix any ability.
  • Closed-type models are recommended to be installed in the corner, on the shelf or the end to avoid traces on the walls when emissions of the air jet. Open devices can be installed directly to the floor as close as possible to the zone that most needs cooling.

No matter which model of the air conditioner is installed in the house, it is important to comply with safety and hygiene norms: to operate appointment devices and according to the instructions, timely perform repair and scheduled service, change water and disinfect pallets.