What are the numbers in the refrigerator on the regulator

Selecting the temperature regime Even in “smart” modern models is adjusted manually.

How does a Refrigerator work?

The manufacturer sets the temperature range with the possibility of its change (usually from 2 ° C to 8 ° C for a refrigeration chamber, and from.16 ° C to.24 ° C for freezer). Users have the ability to change these parameters and adjust the temperature in the refrigerator. Therefore, before you begin to adjust the refrigerator under yourself, you need to understand: what temperature you want to get.

Temperature adjustment for modern and removed refrigerator models passes by one principles. The longer the refrigerator works, the more cold it will create. And vice versa. Therefore, increasing the adjustment value change the operation mode into the biggest.

Mechanical or electronic regulators are used to configure the mode.

Mechanical. in the form of a wheel, turning disk

electronic. digital scoreboard

The location depends on the refrigerator model.

  • inside the refrigeration chamber on the wall on the right;
  • on the top of the refrigerator panel;
  • Occasionally the regulator can be on the “ceiling” of the refrigeration chamber.

How to set the temperature in the refrigerator?

Place it in a glass of water, which put in the center of the refrigerator. Check the temperature in a few hours. If it is higher than 4 degrees, boldly screw the regulator in the direction of cooling. If lower than 2-3 degrees, turn it in the opposite direction.

Answers 2. Reset the refrigerator: remove from the network for 10 seconds, then insert back and immediately clamp 2 buttons on the top scoreboard at the same time for 10 seconds (responsible for adjusting the refrigerator) (and.), after which it first all on the scoreboard. The refrigerator is reset. pull out the markup and turn on again.

Types of regulators

Set up the desired temperature in the refrigerator is easy. In order for each person to do this independently, the manufacturers provide a special mechanism.

By type of control, it is divided into 2 types: electronic and mechanical.

Electronic regulator can be recognized by finding the scoreboard on the refrigerator housing. Most often it is located on top above the door of the top chamber, but may be on the door. To install the necessary temperature near the board, buttons are provided, or on expensive models it can be sensory.

The mechanical regulator is a rotary drive that can be twisted into a large or smaller side. Rotate clockwise makes the temperature in the refrigerator below, there are also numbers around the disk, showing the engine level for cooling.

Consider climate class

Depending on the operating conditions, four climatic classes are distinguished.

mode, refrigerator, work
  • N. Operation at a temperature of 16 ° C to 32 ° C. Suitable for most apartments and houses.
  • SN. Operation at a temperature of 10 ° C to 32 ° C. If the refrigerator will stand in a poorly heated room, for example, in the basement or on the veranda.
  • ST. Operation at a temperature of 18 ° C to 38 ° C. Suitable for regions where it is very hot.
  • T. Operation at a temperature of 18 ° C to 43 ° C. For those who live in a very. very hot climate, or if the refrigerator will stand in a small place under the right sunny rays.

90% of buyers do not pay attention to this parameter and the defaults are chosen by the Class N or SN refrigerators. But there is an important nuance.

If the refrigerator breaks and the examination will show that the operating conditions did not match the climate class, the manufacturer’s warranty will not work.

Rules for using refrigerators “BECO

Working with the refrigerator, in particular its connection to the network, can be started after installing and checking internal compartments for cleanliness. Next, using the adjusting elements or buttons on the display, which are equipped with electronic control refrigerators, should be set to the required temperature regime. Some models are equipped with an air ionization device in cameras. You should enable this option, after which you wait for the completion of its work. Temperature regime is selected individually, but the manufacturer recommends use. 18 ºC for the freezer and 4 ºC for the main refrigeration unit. If the ambient temperature exceeds 30 ºC, then the mode in the freezer should be changed to. 20 ºC.

For quick defrosting of the freezer, a special feature is provided. As already noted, you should not use third-party devices to speed up this process. Before running the quick defrost option, you should check the special reservoir to which the BECO refrigerator is supplied. Reviews note that all the water that is formed during the thawing process enters this container, so it is very important to ensure its correct position at the rear wall.

Why not having a refrigerator eyelid?

Often the reason why it does not freeze or cast foods in the plus chamber refrigerator eyelid, is the fault of the thermostat or air sensor. If the element failed, it will give false temperature information. Therefore, the compressor will work, trying to lower the temperature to the specified.

What temperature should be in the refrigerator and the freezer? The perfect total temperature of the refrigerator must be in the range from 3 to 5 ° C. The freezer must maintain temperature.18 ° C or below. In the freshness zone (if there is), the temperature is set about 0-1 ° C.

Temperature adjustment in refrigerators of famous brands

5ºС. Recommended Temperature for the Refrigerator Camera of this model. This unit has a mechanical temperature controller that allows you to install the required number of degrees yourself. The regulator has 5 modes, set to 3 will be the best option. It is not recommended to put hot products in the freezer, T.to. This will lead to unnecessary load on the thermostat.


Modern refrigerators of this brand have an electronic scoreboard with which you can adjust the temperature in the chambers. To set up the required number of degrees, you need to click on the buttons under the scoreboard. The optimal value for this refrigerator is 4ºС.


The electronic scoreboard in this model is located in front of the freezer. Also in the freezer is a cold air flow controller. This unit has no cooling degree of cooling, but by modes: Min, Med, Max, Super. The first 3 modes are minimal, medium and maximum, and Super is needed when the medium in which the refrigerator is located, has a temperature less than 10ºС.

To set the desired value, press the “TEMP” button. Thus, the modes name will appear on the screen. Also, the refrigerator has a “FUZY CONTROL” mode to facilitate the choice of the desired temperature. It independently determines the installations for the refrigerator, analyzing the amount of products inside, the door opening frequency and the ambient temperature.

mode, refrigerator, work

In the freezer instead of the “Fuzzy Control” mode, there is “Winter” with a similar principle of action.

mode, refrigerator, work


This model refers to obsolete types of refrigerators, like the type of equipment similar to Minsk. Here, a mechanical temperature adjustment system, which is a disk with 7 positions. The optimal value is considered average. 3 or 4, depending on the filling of products.

Modern refrigerator models have an electronic display that allows you to adjust the temperature for each refrigerator separation. Old aggregates had a mechanical adjustment system with three modes: minimum, medium and maximum.


Models “No Frost” allow you to adjust the temperature using an electronic scoreboard. Modern refrigerators allow you to establish a different number of degrees in different compartments of the refrigerator, the old units have only a common adjusting disk. For the refrigeration chamber there are 4 cooling levels, and for freezer. 5.

Has mechanical regulators that can be inside or outside the refrigerator in different models. Adjusting disk has 3 divisions.


Refrigerators of this company have only mechanical temperature setting. In some models, there are no digital designations near the adjusting disk, so you have to navigate the amount of cold inside the chamber: the more the disk is rotated, the stronger the cold air flow.

Atlant and Ariston

Refrigerators “Atlant” and “Hotpoint-Ariston” are not equipped with electronic control. In them, as in old models, there are 2 adjusting discs that are responsible for the refrigeration and freezer unit of the unit.

What temperature corresponds to the digit of the thermostat.

Mechanical regulators are adjusted by rotating the knob of the regulator. Rotating knob clockwise. Increase the cold, against the clock decrease. The numbers on the handle do not indicate the temperature in degrees Celsius. This is a state number number. They are shown in what position the regulator will be more cold, and in what less. Typically, a cold adjustment scale has a value from 1 to 7. The weakest cold will match the figure 1, will be as cold as much as possible on the figure 6-7.

Increase digit. Increase cold. We recommend setting the figure 3.

It is not necessary to put values ​​5-7 without the need, since the cold is achieved by a longer operation of the compressor and works with a larger load. In some cases, with such installations of the thermostat, the fridge-freezer may not be turned off. Even if your refrigerator is turned off, it will significantly increase the consumption of electricity.

  • on the top of the refrigerator
  • The electronic scoreboard is mounted on the door, the display on the front surface of the door informs information about the temperature state inside.

Electronic refrigerator control changes the mode of operation by pressing the buttons keys. Mainly an adjustment scale is used from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. Usually, next to the temperature value, there is a button to change the characteristics. After each pressing the button, the value increases by 1 degree. After reaching the maximum adjustment value, the refrigerator automatically goes into a minimum range.