Installing the compressor from the refrigerator in Split system

Find this malfunction is quite difficult. For example, if the closure occurs on a small area by 2 or 3 winding twist, then to detect a malfunction you need to use a special tool.

How To Replace Air Conditioner Compressor With Subtitles

Another option is to circuit areas located quite far from each other. In principle, the problem can be found by measuring resistance in stator windings. Usually in the “problem” place with a small closure, there is a smallest level of resistance to comparison with other sites. But for the correct solution of the task, it is necessary to have access to the motor diagram.

Problem Second: Freon deficiency or oversupply

To determine the malfunction will need “Help” of a pressure gauge station. You must turn off the air conditioner from the network, wait a little, connect the station and activate the split system. The upcoming check is reduced to monitoring devices.

The usual pressure for a specific model of the unit is indicated in the plate on the device case. The boundary characteristics for discharge and suction are indicated. If the maximum boundaries are observed, the system is overflowing with a refrigerant. It should be noted that only the upper values ​​are indicated in the table.

Therefore, to determine the lack of refrigerant, you must use another scheme. According to the normal, the suction pressure for household air conditioners is about 4-6 bar. Certain values ​​depend on the characteristics of the model.

If the pressure level is significantly lower than the normative Spectra (4-6 bar), then there is an obvious deficiency of refueling. The compressor will not be able to work correctly: it will publish a third-party noise during operation or at times will operate the protective mechanisms that turn off the device.

How the usual air conditioner functions?

To reveal the strengths and weaknesses of homemade coolers, to begin with it will not hurt to understand the device of traditional split systems and understand how they work. Such a climatic installation consists of several parts and units:

  • the outer and inner radiator, called the heat exchanger;
  • Radiators are interconnected with copper tubes, where it circulates the gaseous substance. Freon (technical name. refrigerant);
  • On one line, a compressor is installed that creates overpressure and forcing Freon to move through the tubes and condense;
  • Special expansion valve is embedded in the second highway.

Important. The principle of operation of the refrigeration machine, which is both air conditioning, based on freon ability to evaporate at low temperatures, due to which thermal energy is transferred from the room to the street.

The refrigerant is constantly moving along a closed contour, evaporating in one heat exchanger and condensed in another. The heat transfer algorithm looks like this:

  • In the inner radiator (it is the internal module of the split system) Freon enters liquid form. The flow of room air injected by the fan passes through the heat exchanger’s edge, which is why the refrigerant heats up and evaporates. At this point there is an intensive selection of heat from the air room.
  • Further, the gas-like freon enters the compressor that increases its pressure. The goal is to compress the substance to such an extent so that it condensed in a street radiator, where the temperature is even higher than in the room.
  • Finding into an external heat exchanger, blown upon its fan, the refrigerant goes into a liquid state and moves along the tube back to the room. At the time of the transition, he gives out street air Bloomy from the Room Heat.
  • On the way back, liquid freon passes through the expansion valve, lowering the pressure so that it can evaporate in the inner radiator. After which the cycle is repeated.

Note. All processes running in the split system, controls the electronic unit using various sensors.

As you can see, the device of the factory air conditioner and the principle of action is quite complicated. It can be implemented at home technically competent specialist in this field, but not an ordinary user. Yes, and spare parts will have to spend. Homemade designs of cooling devices is much simpler and cheaper in the manufacture.

Conducting compressor air conditioners

The most common type of compressors in air conditioners. single-phase compressors with launchers.

To access the compressor contacts, you must disassemble the air conditioner so that there is access to the compressor. Usually contacts are protected by a lid that is spinning with a screw, you can find it by wires that are suitable for the compressor. After removing the lid, you will see three contact withdraws to which the terminals are put on the wires.

It is necessary to remove the wires and the multimeter to measure the resistance between the outputs. We put the instrument switch on the measurement function of the resistance (indicated by the letter Ω). If the multimeter shows an infinitely large resistance between the withdrawal of the with and the others, then this means a break, in the case of built-in protection, you need to make sure that the compressor does not exceed and the protection has not worked, otherwise, and if the external-compressor is defective. If the resistance tends to zero it means a short circuit and compressor is also faulty.

The exact value of the resistance depends on the power of the compressor, the accuracy of your device and can fluctuate within, approximately 1-20 ohms.

As can be seen from the scheme, the resistance between the conclusions M and S should be equal to the sum of the resistance between the terminals S and C and between M and C.

As a rule, the working winding (M-C) is more powerful, so its resistance is less than that of the launch (S-C).

In each compressor there is a thermal protection, but it can be built-in as in the diagram, or under the lid, next to the compressor outputs.

If it is not a built-in, the so-called “tablet”, then it can be signed separately and replaced in the event of a malfunction (it must be closed in a normal state, opens when a certain temperature is 90-120 ° C).

Immediately make a reservation that in this way we will not be able to identify short-circuited turns, for this there are other devices (but they are not enough to determine short-circuited turns).

Types of designs for home heating

The design of thermal pumps is divided into several types.


The pump of this type is in the greatest demand. The unit works based on the energy obtained from the Earth. The coolant serves brine prepared from the cooking salt.

installing, compressor, refrigerator, split

The lack of such a fluid is that it causes rust formation on metal, so the outer contour is made of plastic pipes, since they are not subject to corrosion.

The device in the ground is installed in two ways: horizontally or vertically. With the first version, the land is not used for gardening, because during the operation of the soil there is a danger of equipment breakdown.

Important! To install horizontal pipes, a large area will be required. If the local area does not have such a territory, professionals are recommended to stop the choice on the vertical type of device location.

installing, compressor, refrigerator, split

If the unit is installed vertically, it does not take up much space. A well escaped for mounting, a depth of 150 meters. Vertical installation of equipment allows you to lead on the area of ​​agricultural work. Heat transfer is carried out by means of deep probes.


The device draws heat from liquids that are deep underground. These include soil or wastewater, as well as reservoirs. The pipe is filled with the heat carrier, connects to the heat source and bursts or simply immersed in water.


The use of a pump operating on the principle of “air-water” is impractical in areas with a harsh climate. Here in the cold season, the air temperature drops below zero. For this reason, the heating system will stop its work.

Invertor air-water thermal pump model AVH-24V1DB, power 3,4-9.0 kW, manufacturer. “Danheat”.

Air-water thermal pump professionals advise only in regions with a favorable warm climate. Installation of the device does not cause problems: the device is simply installed on the street.

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What can be made from the old compressor from the refrigerator

The compressor in the refrigerator is used to move a vapor refrigerant over thin tubes, so this item is used in homemade installations in which gases are compressed. The compressor cannot be used as a water pump, but any inert gas can be successfully transported or compressed with it.

These properties are used by domestic masters for the manufacture of the following products:

Each self-made device, the use of which is carried out at home, is manufactured with minimal time and money costs. Such compressors will not differ from factory goods.

Installation features

Step-by-step installation can be described by the following sequence of operations:

  • In the door of the refrigerator cut through two through holes. at the bottom of the camera and at the top. The bottom hole is necessary for the intake of air from the room. The top is located opposite the freezer (in old single-chamber refrigerators), it serves to injected cold air into the room.

Note. Conventional air conditioners and split systems operate on the principle of air recirculation. Even in the models of air conditioners with a substitution of fresh air, its share in the total stream is no more than 20%.

  • Opposite each in the wall drill two holes. They are then inserted two plastic pipes that will serve as air ducts.
  • The housing of the refrigerator is installed from the outside close to the wall of the cooled room. the door to the wall, compressor and the radiator grille of the condenser. The door must be hermetically closed to prevent the permanent influx of outdoor warm air in the refrigeration chamber.
  • In the “break” of the top pipe insert the channel fan. Sufficiently inexpensive household model of the type domain 100 East agent with a capacity of 105 m3 per hour. The diameter of the nozzle in such a fan is 100 mm, respectively, the pipe must be with the same dimensions.
  • All pipe passes through the door and the wall must be securely sealed.

Note. A two-chamber refrigerator has such holes on each door.

If the refrigerator is on the street, and not in an extension or veranda, then it must be protected from precipitation and direct exposure to the Sun. In the urban apartment you can put on the balcony or loggia.

Air conditioning for cars

To build air conditioning for a car, you can use an old portable refrigerator, which is not subject to repair.

Attributes for homemade air conditioner

Operating procedure:

  • First cut the circle on the door of the refrigerator with a diameter of about 10 cm.
  • Next, get rid of the rubber seal below, thereby ensuring air accessibility.
  • Insert a drainage tube there, which you want to sealed with the help of the seal, you can use the construction foam.
  • The next step is the installation of fans. The first will blow the compressor, the second. blow cool.
  • From the sides drill holes for hot air tributary.

Install a homemade device in any part of the machine. As you can see, construct the cooler for the car. the task is quite perfect.

In more detail, the process of turning the old refrigerator in a full air conditioner for a home or machine can be found on the forums dedicated to this topic, or watch video.

Make the air conditioner with your own hands. this is a solution to three problems:

If there is a lot of free hours in stock and there is no desire to donate the faded technique, then, by applying a mixture, you can get an excellent result. In such work, you can safely brag about friends and be proud of our ingenuity.

Useful advice

  • The new unit is always buzzing strong enough; To enter the stable mode, it takes for some time (most often about a week); After this time, the noise level is reduced;
  • A strong buzz is possible with improper installation of a household appliance; It should not be moved close to the wall or furniture. 5 cm should remain between them and the refrigerator;
  • The reason for rattling may be a banal touch of pan, banks or plates to neighboring tanks; To stop it, they slightly push them enough;
  • For uninterrupted operation of the unit, it should be installed strictly horizontally; To do this, it is necessary to adjust the height of the legs;
  • If the voltage drops in the network are too frequent, it is worth thinking about the purchase of a voltage stabilizer, especially if an inert device is installed in the house, because its repair is not cheap, and the full replacement of electronics can do in 2/3 of the refrigerator itself. Important compressor replacement tips