Ironing chest: convenience and practicality

Agree that ironing board thoroughly entered the main useful subject of the house. Without it, it is already impossible to imagine ironing. It is easy to transformation, takes little space. Ironing dresser has the same important feature. It is 2 in 1: ironing board in the dresser. about this ironer.

Chest of ironing board consists of boxes, compartments and surfaces for ironing. Depending on the placement location, you can pick up the furniture in the form of a neat cabinet for a living room or a full-fledged design with drawers for the bedroom. Before making a decision to purchase a chest with a built-in ironing board, many mistresses weigh all the pros and cons.

The main advantages of such furniture include the following features:

  • does not take excess space, easy to fold if necessary;
  • Numerous built-in linen departments form an additional storage system;
  • The support is more reliable and stable than the standard chalkboard for ironing;
  • Separate models are equipped with special hangers for hard fabrics;
  • The product can be decorated with an interior, if you properly approach the selection of the model;
  • The surface area is easy to increase by putting forward the mechanism to the desired level;
  • To work with small things, you can not collect the entire design by lifting only one section;
  • A wide range of products that differ in form, color, size.

There are furniture and some disadvantages:

ironing, board, built-in, chest, drawers
  • High cost on high-quality models from expensive material;
  • Possible difficulties in operation. to avoid them, it is important to study the decay process itself, as well as to pay attention to the reliability of the mechanisms;
  • The height of the product is fixed, so it will not be able to adjust it;
  • When operating structures with pull-out sections, it is necessary to be very careful. they can not be installed heavy objects and climb;
  • If a tabletop is used as a workplace, pull the clothes on the protrusion to better treat the iron all the place, it will be impossible;
  • under the transformer will need to take a separate angle, keeping the free space around it so that if necessary, it is free to spread the upper part.

If there are special knowledge and skills, you can make a chest of drawers with an ironing board yourself.

Materials and tools for work

Tools can be the most diverse to which you are most accustomed to. The main of them is the saw, but the most optimal option will be the use of circular, since thanks to it can smoothly cut a plywood sheet. Can also be used electrolybiz.

Who used a simple saw, knows how difficult it is to cut something in a straight line, leaving the perfect edge. Therefore, it is best to use a special tool for these purposes. Mandatory need to have a certain amount of self-tapping screws, hammer, furniture stapler, piano loops, bars, upholstery fabric.

There is no need to run to a construction supermarket for skimming. If the man is economical, then there will always be remnants of furniture shields in the house or parts of the bar. And this is enough to start work.

ironing, board, built-in, chest, drawers

The shield must be in a thickness of at least 18mm. For the legs will fit the lap. From the plywood will have to abandon, as it is afraid of water and steam and under the influence of a certain percentage of humidity can turn her.

Main materials

The list of basic materials looks like this:

  • Board parameters 18mm x 1220mm x 300mm (will be used as an ironing board);
  • Laming in the amount of 3 pieces with sizes of 35mm x 40mm x 100mm;
  • Laming in the amount of 2 pieces with sizes 35mm x 40mm x 300mm.

To fasten the individual components, you must acquire screws and M10 bolts. To make the upholstery, the foam rubber will be required and cutting fabric.

Instead of the foam rubber, you can use the cross-stop geotextile canvas, which is recommended to be folded in four layers. The cloth must have non-stick properties and be waterproof. You can use a dense cotton cloth.

PRUA Pull Out Ironing Board | BOX15

Devices and tools

An independent manufacture of ironing board is impossible without the following tools:

  • Milling machines;
  • drills with drills (0.8cm. for working with wood and 25mm. cork);
  • electric jigsaw;
  • Stapler construction;
  • Studgant bars (necessary for the manufacture of support and folding mechanism);
  • Furniture shield thick 18cm;
  • screws in large quantities;
  • soft material for upholstery;
  • bolts (m10);
  • cotton, linen, cloth upholstery fabric;
  • scissors;
  • Sewing machines or needles with threads (for sewing case).

Constructive features

In classic performance, this is a folding design. The surface for ironing has the following dimensions:

  • Length 1000-1300 mm;
  • width 250-500 mm;
  • It can be a complete stand for a heated iron, an outlet, optional tools to invest in the workflow.

The type of attachment of this surface in each variant has significant discrepancies. An independent design or durable fixation to furniture elements can be used.

An excellent option will be foldable ironing board made by hand. It will allow you to put the product after the ironing and hiding it into the closet or another secluded place. This makes it possible to rationally use the room.

Smoothie on the wall

You can hang an ironing board on the wall

Often place behind the door or on the walls is not used. For the board, much space is not required, so it can be safe to hang on the walls. It will not interfere with your room moving and save space. If you decide on this option, pick up the upholstery of the ironing under the color of the curtains, furniture or accessories so that it decorates the interior and become part of it.

In order to secure the ironing on the wall, use conventional hooks for outerwear, which are usually used in the hallway. It is enough to secure on the wall two such hooks and you can already hang on them ironing board. Just follow the attachments to be reliable and withstood the load. For these purposes, choose metal hooks.

Ironing board on hooks for clothes

Tightwork cloth

Before you start this procedure, you should fix on the direct edge of the board from two ends of swivel loops.

First, the workpiece is tightened with a dense cloth. You can use a towel, woolen blanket or other high temperatures stable material.

On a flat surface lay the facial face down, it is placed on it so that the loops are on top. Watch the edges of the material on the workpiece. Fix them so that the fabric is slightly stretched. For fastening use building stapler. Excess fabrics around the perimeter are cut off with scissors, leaving 5-10 mm per battery. If in some places the brackets are not fully covered, scored them with a hammer.

In the same way, the workpiece with decorative tissue is tested (cotton, flax or other natural and heat-resistant material are suitable).

Varieties of embedded ironing devices

Ergonomic options, practical devices for ironing, unloading space and organically inscribed in the interior.


Folding ironing boards are several varieties, among them the following:

  • Classic Wall-mounted Ironing Board. The tabletop cover (solid wooden, laminated wood-stove either from moisture-repellent plywood) is attached to the frame-frame with a simple folding mechanism, and the one to the wall (for two or four points). Inped folded, the board is located vertically, in the working. horizontally semi. Two methods of fixation are possible: without a support leg either for (strengthening) on ​​the rack, resting in the floor.

When installing a classic wall version of an embedded ironing board, a frame, which is attached to the lid, remains open. In the style of Loft or Industrial Metallized Pipes, the frame will fit perfectly, emphasizing his deliberate simplicity, with others possible disharmony.

If the ironing device is hidden in a box with a sliding reorganized panel or a swollen door, an imbalance can be avoided.

  • Ironing folding board with wall mirror. Variation “Two in One”: outside the elegant reflective surface. any shape, dimensions, inside. interior device for linen. Mirror canvas can be mounted. drip off or swing. traditional single-standing structure using canopies, boxes and movable. Additional plus combination of two functionals. unloading the scarce space of a small-sized apartment and its visual expansion. The built-in ironing board with a mirror can be entered into any interior style, framing the reflective surface with a suitable finishing or decorative material (baguette, molding). under natural wood, wild or diverse stone, stucco, plastic.


Maximum savings area. Optimal variation for small apartments. It is usually placed on request when buying a wardrobe or installed itself both in a ward, and in a kitchen cabinet (time-consuming, but functionally paid process of feeding partitions, installation of the fastening system and fixing structures).

In a large-sized ironing closet wardrobe, it is advisable to embed it is not static, but a rotary or folding board with an elevated outlet. In the classic variation of the cabinet with swinging doors. with a folding device and lightweight construction.

Recommendations for the choice of ironing board

In the range of ironing boards, you can get lost. the market contains many models with different packages from domestic and foreign manufacturers. We offer several recommendations from Expertology Portal ExpertoGy for the right choice:

Size matters. You have a big family and always have a lot of things for ironing? Right solution. big board. Many shirts and dresses with sleeves. without a special platform in the configuration.

Shelf for linen. useful addition to ironing board, it helps to organize a workspace

If in the room where ironing happens, there is where to put things, the component may not be useful.

The site for the iron is an important addition of the board to which it is necessary to approach especially carefully. If there are small children or persons with disabilities in the house, we recommend choosing a board with a protective sideboard or an iron lock in order to avoid its fall.

Cable with a socket allows you to use the board in any room regardless of the proximity of the power source

ironing, board, built-in, chest, drawers

Cable holder. generally a useful device that will not allow the wire to approach. For a small apartment you can look after desktop floors of folding or sliding type, as well as embedded models. For use with the steam generator, it is impractical to acquire the usual ironing board, take the special. its functions facilitate the use of an electrical appliance, make the process faster and more pleasant.

Some popular models from rating manufacturers

Among the available options for embedded boards, there are those on which can be equal to, manufacturing fixtures for linen / clothing equipment or buy and use on purpose. will serve for a long time and right. I am glad that they are produced mainly in Russia and the CIS. Tria, Iron Slim, Shelf-On, “Favorite House”:

  • Wall-mounted ironing board “Mermaid” with a frame of their chrome pipe, an automatic retainer. is installed quickly and easily, takes only 8 cm from the wall;
  • Built-in board “Rocket” with variable installation methods (inside and outside of the cabinet), attachments to the right or left rack, with a variety of ironing surface and, which is especially valuable, its maximum permissible load. 70 kg;
  • Wide built-in, fastening reinforced brackets to the wall, ironing board with a mirror locker from Iron Slim;
  • Compact Ironing Board Astra-Mini Eco, built into a locker with a swing type of door, with a plastic retainer in the kit. Cabin protection.

How to choose?

Many many find it difficult to choose from retractable ironing boards at home. It is especially difficult to choose such a device under a wall cabinet. Such products need to be bought in famous furniture stores. It is better to buy them immediately along with the cabinet that you are going to build this design. In case you have already bought a wardrobe or headset, you need to pick up such a model to order taking into account the place parameters where you are going to install it.

It is very difficult to pick up such a model in the angular cabinet, and you need to be very attentive with measurements. Also some put the interior of the house in the first place. That is why they prefer models with a hidden type of device. Very often such products hide behind the mirror. That such a board is located behind him, no one can guess.

This product will be not only a functional device for ironing, but also a stylish decor element

Ironing board should not be fused, moving out of the locker. Such a product should go smooth and gently. Refuse the poor quality mechanism of such a product, it will last you at all short.

Also make sure the attachments are very reliable. Otherwise, the design can fall out of the cabinet with a sharp nomination. Also, when choosing, the size of the cabinet should be taken into account. Small drawers will not stand heavy ironing boards. Such a box may simply fall along with the board.

Choosing such devices, try to give preference to the most interesting and functional models. So, there are convenient retractable structures that differ in their compactness, they are very practical. Best of all, if such a device will have a built-in extension, as well as the position adjustment function. Try not to save on this product, and it will last you for a long time.