What to clean the car’s salon. means and their use

Cleaning in the car should be performed according to the “top-down” scheme. And now you finally got to the carpet in the cabin of your car. There is no universal recipe for carpet cleaning for all types of cars, because in each line of numerous stamps of cars, different types of carpet coatings, different material from which they are made, different types of pile. What comes to a bang for some cars, may not come for others. Therefore, if you failed to get rid of stains and dirt, I use one tool, try another. We try carefully, on a small area of ​​the carpet, because if you use inappropriate chemistry, then the probability of deformation and damage to the carpet pile, the loss of color and other changes in the structure of carpet fibers will increase.

Paul in a car is not a smooth carpet, there are many bottlenecks in it. For these hard-to-reach places, use a corner of a folded rag or tampon, wands for ears. As a last resort, the dust is blown away with an aerosol cylinder with compressed air, which is used in the process of cleaning computers.

First vacuuming floor covering. And then we use one of the following methods tested by a large number of car enthusiasts.

The simplest thing is to buy both a suitable chemical special car, and with just a means of household chemicals. It acts here a very simple rule: everything you use at home for cleaning similar surfaces can be applied in the car. We will not talk about special automotive. Their choice depends on the range of auto chemicals in the stores of your region. Let us dwell on the easiest and most accessible methods for cleaning carpet in the car.

Carpet rugs are desirable to remove. Well, if you have Kercher or washing vacuum cleaner.

We buy vanisha for cleaning carpets and sofas. We break the foam. We take a pile brush for clothes and three with uniform effort. Hard brush do not take, because from her a pile can stream. Then we take a wet cloth (well pressed) and remove the layer of foam, which is dirty. Make foam again. Trem again. Remove the rag. When the dirt is washed, wipe the dry cloth and leave to dry or use a hairdryer. After drying again vacuuming salon.

If you performed it without removing the rugs, then do not pour it hard with water so that the water does not learn in the holes in the carpet and the bottom is not started to refine.

You can use other carpet cleaning agents. For example, a means for cleaning carpets “Cinderella”. It is inexpensive, clean clean. So inexpensive “Soviet” carpet cleaning agents wonderfully cope with pollution. And stand a penny.

Clear car can be used and using Fairy.

And here is another one of the most simple and frequently used methods for cleaning the interior of the car. with the help of a soap solution. Use the usual flavored soap, and economic.

Take a bucket. Pour warm water. Shot soap. Give to stand 10-20 minutes so that it dissolves. Next, whipped with sponge foam and launder this foam carpet surface. Three soft brush. We collect a dirty foam with a rag or vacuum cleaner. We repeat the procedure to complete cleaning.

To clean the carpet can be used and washing powder (Tyd, Ariel and others).

Wash carpet mats in a washing machine is not recommended. May damage the bottom impregnation of the rug.

Features of carpet

In fact, it is an analogue of a carpet with a dense basis and with a fixed pile. The difference is that the carpet is produced in rolls without a dense, factory edge. If the carpet can be collapsed and taken into a dry cleaning, then the case is more complicated with the carpet. The latter has to clean and update its appearance right on the spot.

This coating over time is subjected to serious pollution, with which you have to deal with our own forces.

Even more difficult to ventilate the carpet coating, if moisture got inside the base. The wet foundation is seriously dried from the inside. After a while she can be covered with mold or find a shaggy smell. So that the carpet served you for a long time, it is enough to know some rules in its operation and purification from pollution.

Carpet refers to unpretentious materials, but the dust and dirt accumulated in it will be able to significantly spoil his appearance.

Wet cleaning carpet

Wash carpet should be extremely careful not to damage the coating and do not spoil his aesthetic species. To clean, you will need:

For cleaning carpet do not use several cleaning products at the same time. Contact of some substances can lead to a chemical reaction that will damage the coating or will have a negative impact on the health of households.

Experiment. Carpet. in a Washing Machine

Classic detergents are also not the best option because they are poorly wash out of the pile. With regular use of the Vilki become solid and inelastic. In addition, the remnants of the detergent attract dust and the coating is polluted much faster.

possible, erase, carpet, washing

For wet cleaning, use the funds intended for carpet. Give preference to liquid form. such substances are better washed out and leave traces

How to clean the carpet without removing from the floor:

  • Prepare all the necessary tools and substances.
  • Dissolve the selected cleaning agent according to the instructions. As a rule, 1 st water is used on 1 liter of water. L. drug.
  • Apply the solution to all coverage and distribute it evenly. Watch the fluid to be too much and the carpet did not wear a wet.
  • Reagent, penetrating into the pile, breaks the dirt, due to which it effectively removes any contamination and unpleasant aromas.
  • A couple of hours after a complete drying of the coating spent it.

Spend wet cleaning no more than 1 time per month. With more frequent cleaning, a protective shell is removed from the villi, and the carpet fastest comes into disrepair. In addition, increased humidity contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Return carpet coating. Freshness will help with snow cleaning, but this method is suitable for small-sized products that can be taken out to the street

If it is possible to remove the carpet, take advantage of the snow:

  • Remove the coating.
  • Put it face on dry frozen snow.
  • Carefully choose dust using a special knockout. Repeat the action several times, shifting every time carpet on pure snow.

Do not use wet cleaning on products with adhesive base. Carpet covers divorce and deformed. Cleaning such a coating should be slightly damp cloth.

Choosing washing powder

If you need to wash your home carpet or a small rug, a natural question arises, how best to do it and what better tools for this use? There is a huge variety of both ready-made funds and people’s ways.

In the market, many ready-made compositions and the price of them will be varied, consider the most popular:

  • “Cinderella” for carpet surfaces, affordable, as well as pretty good quality. Used to remove stains, the means is applied to the product as a foam, and the application as a liquid can simply spoil the carpet. To get the composition you need to dilute one cap in a liter of water, fasten well with a sponge and apply to dry coating.
  • Vanish, no less popular, but much more expensive. Also, as well as the previous one, it is necessary to wash the foam, to obtain it, the composition is divorced in accordance with the instructions and whipped. Finished composition abundantly apply to the surface. The room in which carry out the manipulation data should be well ventilated as the tool has a sharp smell. Next, carefully delete everything from the coatings, it is not recommended to use if there are small children, since many cases of allergic reaction.
  • Also publishes a remarkable to the market, it not only effectively copes with its task, but also prevents pollution in future, due to the protective repulsive layer.

Apply a tool, wait until everything dry, and after the spelling, it is preferable to use a special industrial vacuum cleaner.

In addition to the finished compounds, there are many people’s ways to clean the coating:

  • With salt and soda. On the surface you need to pour in equal proportions components and rub well, the main condition, the stain must be fresh.
  • Vinegar. Still 50 ml of vinegar in a liter of water, its temperature must be at least 40 degrees. If you need not only to refresh, and also remove the spot, add a tablespoon of powder. Then apply to the problem area using a brush.
  • Kerosene Plus Powder. Dining-spoon powder dilute in a glass of warm liquid, add a couple of kerosene drops there, and everything, your means is ready.

Care of rubber carpets

Rubber mats in the washing machine should also be careful. First, choose a delicate or manual mode. Secondly, we limit the heating temperature of water to 40 degrees. Thirdly, do not forget about the washing frequency, which must be maximum once a month.

possible, erase, carpet, washing

When a given limit is exceeded, the product will irrevocably deteriorate, deformed and crumble. If an emergency washing is needed. it is better to lay the spot manually. Especially the instruction, how to wash the rubberized carpet with their own hands, is extremely simple.

  • Prepare a soap solution.
  • Macham in it clothes brush with soft bristles.
  • Gently process polluted areas.
  • We leave for a few minutes so that the dirt “moved”.
  • Rinse the product under strong water pressure.

Machine washing. not mandatory stage when cleaning bath mats. On the contrary, the pre-processing of the product with soaking slows down the process, and the risk of clogging the machine is extremely high. Therefore, we are not in a hurry to load the coating in the drum, and we try to refresh the carpet on our own.

Erase synthetic mats

Not all rugs can be loaded into the drum very often, some products wash without powder, and some. do not tolerate the spin. Therefore, before the start of the cycle and the dispenser filling, we deal with the type of coverage.

PVC 1st among those carpets that can be washed in a washing machine. But only without using detergent. The best washing frequency. once a month, but some exceeding the set “limit” is allowed. Press and dry is prohibited: Better after the end of the cycle, hang the rug on the crossbar and change the parties every 5 hours.

Principle! You can dry by another method: cover the rug suitable in size with a dry towel and roll it into a roll.

Microfiber products also require a special approach:

  • Do not wash together with another linen;
  • Do not add softening air conditioners to the dispenser, stained fans, bleach;
  • Add Additional Rinse Mode.

As for the most washing, the manual or spicy program is selected for synthetic materials. Constor of air conditioner is added a few drops of essential oil. The temperature is adjusted within 40-60 degrees. If you exceed the temperature maximum, you can destroy the structure of the fibers.

Can I wash the carpet with a long pile in a washing machine?

You will spoil the pile. So, in the washing machine, you can wash only carpets that have small sizes and only with the addition of mitigating water. The product from PVC is allowed to be washed, but without adding a powder, but it is not necessary to dry and press the product from the microfiber. It is allowed to expose machine washing.

  • Divide in a bath with warm water washing powder or means for washing carpets;
  • immerse the carpet in the bath and leave for 30 minutes;
  • go the brush on both sides of the carpet;
  • without removing carpet from the bath, drain dirty water and pour a new one;

Cleaning manually

If you do not want to risk, throwing rugs into a washing machine, you will have to clean them manually. In principle, nothing complicated in it. It is necessary to prepare the minimum set: a large pelvis (you can wash right in the bath), a soft brush, detergent, household soap.

As well as in front of machine cleaning, hare from the car first need to shake out on the street or spell. After that, inspect, in the presence of old, complex contaminants. to process places with a stain remover.

  • Type in a pelvic or bath of warm water, add a wash gel or other tool: powder, shampoo, can even take the dishes fluid. Mix well;
  • Soak in the soap solution of the product for 30-40 minutes;
  • Machine with a brush with a shop soap and thoroughly clean each rug, flushing off a dirty foam under a crane or a watering can;
  • Rinse the bedding.

Car owners, in the garage, who have a mini karcher, can quickly and simply clean the carpets right on the street. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • Cut the set;
  • Direct the water stream on the mats, treat so each for two minutes;
  • Machine with a brush with soap and walk through the flower surface on both sides, especially rubbing highly polluted areas;
  • rinse the bare officer with Karcher;
  • dry in any convenient way.

After such a cleaning, there will be no grains in the pile. Mats will look like new. It is very convenient to wash the kit that way, you can not be afraid of clogging washing machine or bath.