How to erase a dust pad for the bathroom

Is it possible to wash the carpet in the washing machine, depends on what type of carpet will be stitched. Machine wash fits not all carpeted products. In professional cleaning companies, use special, professional equipment intended for home carpet wash.

Carpet cleaning is just necessary. Even if there are no coarse contaminants, dyeing spots, dust accumulates on the carpet, which can cause allergies. Wash carpets not all, it depends on the manufacturer. Nevertheless, home washing of carpet products is possible, often used in practice.

Not recommended when washing

You can not wash the carpet of hot water. Maximum allowable threshold. 50 degrees. The fact is that in many carpets used adhesive fastening and when interacting with hot water it will simply refill.

Can You Wash A Rug In The Washing Machine

It is clear that after such a test, the Palace can simply be thrown away. In addition, high temperatures spoil colored and natural materials from which he isted.

Contraindicated carpet and rigid brushes especially if they process the surface against the direction of the pile. Such procedures will also harm the product.

Soak the palace and leave it wet in poor ventilated or raw rooms is also prohibited.

Even if you caress a small spot without processing the entire surface, the wet place must be pretty dry dry on both sides.

Moisture badly affects the structure of the carpet, it corps the coating and holes may appear because of this. Still should not immediately after going the carpet on it to go, let him dry.

Important! Undesirable to use cheap powders and detergents when washing carpet. They spoil the floor covering and may not be completely leaning out of the pile.

Hand wash carpet

There are a lot of ways to wash the carpet with hands.

Before the procedure should determine what means to use for washing the product. You can take advantage of a professional or prepare a solution yourself.

Here is one of the recipes that will help clean your carpet and give it an impeccable appearance. For the preparation of detergent, the following ingredients will be mixed:

Foam after mixing ingredients should not be much.

You can also use for washing the carpet for washing dishes as detergent.

Effective washing solution is obtained from ordinary economic soap. This agent is effectively fighting with a huge number of pollution. Soap will provide disinfection, add soft to your carpet.

  • If you need to wash the entire carpet, then apply to its surface with a small layer; To remove stains to apply the composition locally.
  • Leave in this position for 40 minutes.
  • With the help of a brush, remove balances.
  • Speaching or send to dryness in a convenient way: on the dryer, balcony, fence.

Fabric mats

Synthetic mats, including anti-slip, can be washed in a washing machine in the wash mode of the corresponding things at temperatures up to 60 degrees without pressing and drying. Before washing machine-machine, soak the product in warm water with diluted washing powder without flavors and bleaching. How to choose a laundry detergent, read the https link: // vsepodomu.RU / STIRKA / KAK-VYBRAT-POROSHOK /.

Instead of powder, you can use a household or other soap without the content of dyes or an antiseptic agent. In no case do not take formulations with chlorine! Then send the product to the drum. Use double rinsing to securely wash the soap.

Rugs from natural fabrics, including cotton, flax or wool erase during delicate mode with a temperature of up to 40 degrees without squeezing and drying in a typewriter. When washing, add several unnecessary towels to the drum. Wasted products do not squeeze and dried under natural conditions.

Automatic cleaning of carpets

If you are going to wash the car mats in a washing machine, make sure that there is no large garbage in the pile, which can damage the technique. Before throwing a set in a drum, shake it either thoroughly speaking.

After that, check the carpets on the available stains. Complex stains require additional stain removal processing. Before putting in a washing machine, rugs can be soaked in water with a gel for washing for a couple of hours. This will allow dirt to spill and it will be easier to wash it.

There are a number of rules, which are very important when washing automotive cars:

  • Choose for washing only delicate mode or the “Manual Wash” program, “Wool”;
  • Be sure to connect the “Additional Rinse” function to the main cycle;
  • make sure that the water heating temperature does not exceed 40 ° C;
  • The spin is worth disconnecting or choosing the minimum possible turnover;

Upon completion of the washing, you need to remove the rugs from the drum, wait until the extension of excess water and decompose the products so that they are dried. If you stick to all rules, then wash in the washing machine will not damage the car kit, as well as the typewriter.

Primary carpet treatment

Manual washing with knocking and painstaking cleaner hard brush machine will not replace. The machine will only sleep, wash and dry the cloth, therefore, before loading in the drum, they advise to conduct primary processing. This is done followed:

  • all dust, small pebbles, wool and sand with a vacuum cleaner are removed;
  • The rug is soaked in warm water for several hours;
  • In the presence of a spied spot, you will have to treat a dirty section with a suitable stain remover;
  • The special vibration machine does not prevent, which is provided for the “dusting” of dust nanoparticles;
  • To remove other smells, the field of pets need to use special preparations.

On this preparation for washing in the machine can end. Now we are determined with the detergent appropriate to the type of fiber and elect the best regime. About it. below.

Can I wash carpets?

First you need to pay attention to the manufacturer information: washing, care and drying. Some modern materials are forbidden to expose water, so this stage cannot be skipped.

possible, erase, carpets, washing, machine

If you did not find such instructions, you can focus on the following rules:

  • Wiscose carpets and combined canvases can be wrapped in a washing machine if the product dimensions allow.
  • Wool carpets are recommended to be done manually or seek help in a specialized organization.

If you wash the carpet, then boldly proceed to action.

Drying product

First of all, it is necessary to determine the scale of the problem, as the actions algorithm depends on this:

possible, erase, carpets, washing, machine
  • If there was little water in the product, for example, a circle with tea was shed, then there will be enough pairs of towels. First, you should make sure that the moisture is not under the furniture, as it can cause the appearance of mold on the tree or its deformation. It is important to remember that it is not necessary to rub the carpet. it is enough to get enough to get dry with a dry towel so as not to damage the structure.
  • If it shed a bucket with water, then you need to get the washing vacuum cleaner. First you need to rearrange the furniture from the carpet so as not to spoil it and provide full access to the inside of the product. It should be turned out and remove the water accumulated on the floor. Next you need to walk the vacuum cleaner on both sides, and then laugh an outer surface with dry towels.
  • After the flood or with a complete washing of the carpet, when it completely wets, more serious measures should be taken: it needs to be collapsed and put on the balcony. Paul should wash well and wipe dry. After that, the Palace needs to be deployed on the floor and assemble moisture with washing vacuum cleaner or dry rags. You must open the window or turn on the air conditioner so that the moisture can evaporate.

Advice. Household air dryer. useful device that reduces the percentage of humidity in the room. It can be included when drying overall products, such as furniture.

Wash the small carpet or large palace at home difficult. Nevertheless, when compliance with the basic rules of washing, you can achieve a good result without damage. To facilitate the task, it is recommended to regularly vacuum the rugs and palaces and remove the pollution as they appear.