Is it possible to position the outlet for the oven

Kitchen. This is the location of the concentration of sockets of different types and destination. Do not be afraid of them, because with our advice to place sockets in your kitchen will not be difficult.

Implement the kitchen zone and really appreciate its scale and potential. It is also necessary to determine the kitchen configuration (angular, straight, P-shaped or parallel), Each type of kitchen planning has its own nuances.

Determine the location of the main functional zones: storage area, washing zone and cooking zone. When planning the functional areas of the kitchen, we advise to follow the ruler of the working triangle (we have a separate article on this topic).

Make a list of necessary and desired techniques and appreciate the ability to accommodate the entire or only part. Also make a choice between the embedded and detached technique, where it is necessary, From this depends on the location of sockets.

Start the placement of sockets only when the kitchen configuration is defined, all the dimensions of the cabinets and the location of the technique.

For an embedded refrigerator, a rosette is best placed in the base in the section with a refrigerator. Directly behind the device to place a socket is prohibited, the fork of the cord of the electrical appliance can interfere with work, and you will not have the opportunity to disable it from the network.

For a detached refrigerator, there are other rules:. It is allowed to place a power outlet for an electric appliance at an altitude of 200-700 mm and with a displacement to one of the parties.

When placing a detached refrigerator in the kitchen niche, you can position the outlet in the next section in the basement or at an altitude of 200-300 mm, as well as in the section above the refrigerator (the main thing is to take into account the length of the cord).

There are two combinations of the location of the hob and the oven:. “Classical”. The oven is embedded in one section with a cooking surface;. the oven is located in the column (with microwave, coffee machine or one).

In both cases, the outlet (they need 2 pcs., For each device separately) placed in sections with devices in the cuisine. Also, when embedded the brass cabinet in the rosette column, you can accommodate either in the upper section of the column or in the lower.

If you have chosen the built-in microwave and decided to post in the column with a brass cabinet, the socket should be positioned in the section above the microwave.

If the microwave in the column is the only device, then the outlet can be placed either in the top or in the lower sections.

If you have chosen freestanding microwaves and decided to arrange in a niche, then the outlet can be placed directly for the electrical appliance with a displacement to one of the sides.

At the location of the microwave on the work surface, add a rosette for it to apron at an altitude of 1000-1100 mm.

For coffee machines, there are similar rules.

Right and conveniently placed dishwasher (PMM) and washing machine (cm) next to the sink. The outlets are strictly forbidden to place directly behind these devices, they are arranged in the sink section at an altitude of 300-500 mm. To the same frame you can add sockets for water filtration system and chopper.

If you place sockets in the sink section there is no possibility, the sockets are arranged in the adjacent sections at the same height or in the cuisine.

For PMM and see, be sure to use waterproof sockets (IP 44).

Embedded wine wardrobes are two species.First. To put the table top. The socket is located in adjacent sections at an altitude of 200-400 mm. The second. for a decay in the column, stands at the bottom of the column, the socket is arranged either over it (if the sections are free), or in the next section on the right or left at an altitude of 200-400 mm.

Before placing a power outlet, it is necessary to determine the socket is needed or the electrojet (depends on the model).

For the embedded hoods, the outlet / electrojer must be placed inside the cabinet or above the kitchen. The height of the socket depends on the height of the kitchen cabinets.

Outlet / Electric Line for mounted, dome hoods Best to arrange an air duct. The main thing is to take into account the size and passage of the ventilation channel. it should not block the socket or the electro.

For island hoods, the electric drive is arranged in the ceiling at the installation site.

To connect the working surface backlight, you need an electro-line and switch, as well as a place for the power supply unit of the backlight.

Electric drive is best arranged or above the kitchen, or in the top box, in the backlight location.

The backlight switch can be placed in the same frame with outlets on the apron, separately or use the backlight with the possibility of switching on / off using hand.

The shallow household appliances include kettle, coffee machine, toaster, blender and others. To connect these devices, the outlet is placed on the kitchen apron.The number of outlets directly depends on the amount of electrical appliances. Therefore, first analyze your “life” process in the kitchen and make a list of all devices, and then add 2-3 spare outlets to the resulting quantity.

The optimal height for the outlets on the apron is 1000-1100 mm on the level of clean floor (depending on the height of the kitchen base), place outlets with groups of 3-4 pieces in one frame. Do not forget to turn on in the general frames the backlight switches, chopper and a heated floor controller (if necessary).

Where you can install the outlet for the oven?

Due to the fact that the electrical equipment does not tolerate the neighborhood with water, first of all it is important that the socket is away from the objects of water supply and drainage.

The following important rule is a socket for a brass cabinet must be lower than the table top, and it is desirable that it is located in the box. But you need to not forget to take care of the availability of free access to the outlet outside. To carry it out, you can remove the rear wall of the box or part.

Permanent access to the outlet is required for security reasons, since breakdown or fire can happen even with the right installation. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the device very quickly. The outlet for the oven can be installed not only in the box, but also in the following places:

Install the outlet, if it is convenient, and behind the headset.

How to position the outlet for the oven

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Designing a box for a brass cabinet, not all the home of the room and furniture collectors remember one important feature: it is necessary to correctly arrange the outlet of the device, choosing the most good place for it. This requires certain rules.

Installation of outlet for the oven: Basic rules

Often in order to supply power to the device, use the usual extension. But it is not always possible to implement it. Then you need to think about the location so as to place a socket directly in the zone of finding the oven.

In any case, before starting to install the outlet, you need to get acquainted with the recommendations that give a passport to the oven. The passport also indicates the overall indicators of electrical equipment that affect the choice of the box, primarily on its size.

It is very important to remember that there are zones where it is impossible to install a power outlet. These include:

  • Place on the wall immediately behind the oven. This location makes it impossible to use the outlet, and also makes it difficult to place the oven in the box;
  • In places where it is possible to enter the outlet of water. near the washing or sewer plum. If there is a problem lack of space and the outlet has to be installed under the sink, it must be reliably protected from moisture. To ensure such protection, you need to turn to a professional.
  • Next to the hob.

Where you can install the outlet for the oven?

Due to the fact that the electrical equipment does not tolerate the neighborhood with water, first of all it is important that the socket is away from the objects of water supply and drainage.

The following important rule is a socket for a brass cabinet must be lower than the table top, and it is desirable that it is located in the box. But you need to not forget to take care of the availability of free access to the outlet outside. To carry it out, you can remove the rear wall of the box or part.

Permanent access to the outlet is required for security reasons, since breakdown or fire can happen even with the right installation. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the device very quickly.The outlet for the oven can be installed not only in the box, but also in the following places:

Install the outlet, if it is convenient, and behind the headset.

Extension to help

As for the washing from the oven to the outlet, it is usually carried out by the extension agent. Thanks to this possibility, the remoteness of the outlet from the oven does not matter.

So that the extension can not get into the eyes and did not create interference, they hide him. For example, you can place an extension for the head of the head, a comfortable place for it. the gap between the wall and the box. If the use of the extension is undesirable, you need to think in advance the location of the device and sockets. In this case, the socket must be set at no further than 1 meter from the fire cabinet installation zone.

In order not to make a mistake in the installation and do not redo this operation in the future, it is recommended to seek advice to a professional or fully entrust the master this procedure. A qualified electrician will be able to help determine the choice of the most successful place to accommodate the outlet for the oven, and, if necessary. and engage in mounting the outlet. In this case, you can be sure that the outlet for the oven not only will have the right location, but will also be responsible for safety regulations.

Where to install a socket for the oven?

A rare modern kitchen costs without an embedded cooking panel and a brass cabinet (oven). Such a separation of technology gives a lot of advantages, allows you to optimize the ergonomics of the kitchen, choose equipment of various manufacturers, improve the exterior of the entire kitchen headset and much more.

The main difficulty when installing the oven and the cooking panel is the difference in the methods of connecting these devices. The ovens, most often equipped with an ordinary Euro-fork Schuko and connects to a standard, familiar socket, but the cookbook is particularly an energy-intensive device, often consumes 6-8kW power, so it is connected by a special fork to the corresponding power outlet, which is calculated for a larger current.

Not so long ago we talked about the choice of cable and its cross-section for the hob (be sure to read this material here). With a properly performed electrical wiring, the hob and oven usually connectable to the output for the electric stove. But how to do it, if these devices have different plugs, moreover, most often the cooking panel is generally not equipped with an electric cord for connecting, or the wire does not have a fork and is designed for connecting through the terminals.

As in such a situation, installers usually do, they cut off the plug from the oven and connect these wires together with the oven through the terminal blocks to the electrical output from the wall. The huge minus of this method is that you lose the warranty on the oven because of the damaged plug.

The second option is the installation of a separate outlet under the oven, and the cooking connects to the terminals. The minus of this method is that it is necessary in advance in advance, at the installation of wiring all the wiring and distribute the power wire to the outlet for the oven and the output for the hob.

Now there is a third option that solves all these problems and allows you to properly connect a separate embedded cooking panel and oven, without any additional preparation, even in the kitchen, which is not specifically reworked in the kitchen. this is the use of a combined outlet. A detailed example of connecting the hob to the network through such a connector is described here.

In this case, this is a combined socket Schneider Electric Prima Series (article RA32-211R-B), in which the power connector for the stove or the cooking panel and the standard “euro” socket for the oven are combined.

This outlet is invoked by installing it and connecting it to the feed cable for the electric stove you can connect to it immediately and the oven, and the cooking surface. Next, I will show how it is installed

Installing a combined outlet for an oven and hob

Prima Combined Socket Supplies. Single mechanism itself, caliper. fastening ground and bolt.

First of all it is necessary to secure the caliper on the wall. Next to the feeding cable for the stove, as shown in the image below.

Quite often, the wall where the electrical output for the stove is located in the kitchen, concrete or brick, so first apply the caliper to the place of installation and mark the mounting holes.

After that, with the help of a pedorator, in marked places, we make holes under fasteners. Typically, it is used by the car with a diameter of 6mm.

Fresh a dowel-nail caliper on the wall. You can also use any other suitable fasteners, such as dowels (corks) and screws. If the wall material is soft, for example, a tree or foam block, it is not necessary to do holes, you can fix the caliper immediately by self-draws.

Disassemble the mechanism of socket. To do this, unscrew the bolt on the front side (see. Image below)

As you can see, there are two separate, non-interconnected mechanism, one is “euro” Socket 16A, and the other power outlet for the cooking panel or plate 32a. Connecting them we will deal with a little later, now it is also necessary to fix the mechanism of the socket in the caliper. on the wall.

To do this, the caliper has a special “UCHO”, and at the platform where the sockets are installed, the protrusion that comes into this “Ushko”.

Then you need to tighten the bolts. What are located in the mounting places of sockets to the platform. These bolts pass through the mechanism and screw into the caliper, where they are specially completed with carvings, thereby reliably connecting the caliper with the mechanisms.

Before switching directly to the connection, be sure to make sure there is no voltage on the inlet cable. You can turn off the current in the electric shield, most often enough just to find the appropriate automatic, it is usually the largest migraal, most often on 32A-40A.

For your convenience, below we have prepared a scheme in which the procedure for connecting the wires is clearly shown.

Connecting the wires to the combined outlet

Now go to the preparation of the feed cable. It is necessary to remove the isolation from it and clean the veins. Then connect it to the power outlet. At the same time, the phase and zero are connected directly to the mechanism, and for the ground there is a separate terminal located between the “euro” socket and power.

Next, it is necessary to connect the mechanisms of sockets among themselves according to the scheme, for this we use small pieces of wires with a cross section of 2.5 mm.kv. It should turn out something like this:

Checking visually all connections and make a control break of all terminal bolts. after which you can wear a housing of the socket, fixing it with a bolt.

On this connection of the combined socket completed. You can check its work, pre-enabled electricity supply in electrical protection. I also add that the white power plastic plug is perfect for this outlet, we told in detail about it here.

Is it possible to bring two kitchen devices to one power connector

With the proper wiring of electricity, these devices are connected to the output for the electric stove. Often the masters are resorted to the fact that they cut the plug from the oven and attach the device to the power grid using terminals. The disadvantage of this method is that in this case the warranty is lost on the oven due to damage damage.

In another way, you can connect these two devices by installing an additional outlet on the oven and on the cooking panel separately. But this should be foreseen at the repair stage. Not all homeowners think about such things at the stage of repair, without planning the location of the headset in the kitchen.

possible, position, outlet, oven

The third way is able to solve these inconveniences just. In this case, it is not necessary to preliminary preparations, put auxiliary outlet or damage the plug feeder. At the same time, there is no need to remove the power feeder. To connect a cooking panel and a brass cabinet, a composite nest is used, somewhat combined with power electricity for electric stoves and a classical euro dress for an electric furnace.

Such a model of the socket is superimposed on top of the standard. Diverted a dilemma which cable is needed to connect it? The answer is the usual electrocabolic device for cooking, where you can immediately attach and the cabinet for baking, but its power cannot exceed 3 kW. Simply put, they are connected to one cable.

Factory feeder equipped with labeled veins: white, blue and yellow-green. To power the oven from electricity will also be needed:

To avoid the likelihood of electricity, control trust the automatic switch and Uzo. It is better to pre-purchase it for a shield. During the need to connect the oven and the cooking panel, a differential switch is used capable of withstanding the overall load. It is necessary to install the outlet on the optimal and affordable altitude (in the meter from the floor), but it is impossible to install it. The optimal option. on both sides of the device.

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Possible mistakes

Sometimes the masters allow such flaws when installing sockets under the overall wardrobe:

  • Make a separate wire, performing grounding point for pipes and risers. It’s dangerous for life.
  • Connect on the power circuit of the oven cabinet Other household kitchen appliances. It provokes emergency situations.
  • Connect three-phase techniques for a single-phase electrician line. Part of the hob of the hob will be blocked, and their indicators will show heat residues.

To properly select the outlet for the oven, you need to initially familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for it. To connect simultaneously, the cooking surface and the oven cannot use a double combined outlet. Under each type of technology, a separate powerful cable is pulling. If both types of equipment will be on a single supply line, it will lead to the triggering machine.

In new buildings, the issue of submission of power lines under the kitchen electrician is already provided. Therefore, here the master is easier to connect with your own hands.

How to install?

Professionals do not put forward special instructions. Often, this is the base of the kitchen room and a height of 10 cm. When the oven is located above the table level, the socket must be mounted next to it.

Do not place the mechanisms and other auxiliary devices immediately for the technique. Otherwise, they may reside into each other, and do not get up as it should be. Exactly other devices are installed for the same principle. Power sources should be output not far from devices, or below its level in the case when its installation is scheduled directly above the floor.

The way the installation will be carried out, should choose home owners to their taste. If the house has brick or concrete walls, the master you can choose any way.

In terms of safety, hidden installations are more reliable. The only rule that must be guided is that the owners need to eliminate the interaction of cable with combustible substances flammable plastic, as well as a tree.

To exception include wooden buildings. Fire safety requirements allowed only an external installation, since the tree itself refers to an easily flammable material, so all possible wires are strictly prohibited in it.

The same rule concerns and wooden kitchen furniture. Therefore, if, for example, the outlet of the brass cabinet should be located nearby, then the master will have to do a hole in the rear wall and install the design into the wall, but in no case in the cabinet itself.

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Sockets in the kitchen: how to place them right

It turns out that the kitchen processor has nowhere to turn on, then the dishwasher does not become in depth or simply the kettle is not where you want, and where there is a free outlet. All this will not happen if at the stage of the work of electricians a pretty think about the place of placement of sockets in the kitchen.

It is important to understand that the competent and convenient placement of kitchen sockets can only be obtained after you clearly understood the configuration of the future headset. That is, up to the shelf and the box finally drawn the location of furniture (with all heights and widths of lockers). As a result, you understand which household appliances you need and where it will be installed.

Tip: If you order a new headset, most likely, you have a professional scheme from the salon where you ordered it. If you plan to leave the former furniture, measure it methodically and draw it a schematic scan on the walls, as shown on my plan.

The next step is to plan the required number of outlets for connecting the built-in technology and separate instruments. For convenience, I offer you a summary scheme on which all the necessary kitchen sockets are indicated, heights and location are marked.

It is convenient to start from the location of the sockets for the built-in technology. Important: This scheme is universal and is suitable rather as a guide, not a call to action. She will help you not miss anything when planning your kitchen, individual for each particular room. Find workers for repairing their kitchen

The cooking surface and the oven as a rule, the electric cooking surface and the oven are connected autonomously from each other, so you need to provide two separate outlets. If the oven will be located under a cooking surface, place two outlets below at a distance of 180 mm from the floor. It is at this level in the future there will be a retractable box.

The second option is to arrange two outlets vertically at the adjacent locker at a distance of 200 mm from its side wall. Height from the floor in this case should be 200-750 mm from the floor.

If the oven is embedded in the column and is located separately from the cooking surface. at the breast level, the socket for it should be in the appropriate place. Ideal. under it, in the lower cabinet at an altitude of 200-750 mm, or for a neighboring locker at an altitude of 1000-1300 mm from the floor.

In this case, set the rosette for the cooking surface under it at an altitude of 600-750 mm from the floor.

The Differences in Rack Placement in your oven

The refrigerator in any instructions for connecting refrigerators with small letters is written that the device is forbidden to connect through the extension. At the same time, the cord of the refrigerator is not as great as I would like. usually it is 1 meter. Therefore, it is important not easy to place a socket correctly, but ideally. with the right side (exit place) cord.

The place of connection of the refrigerator should be envisaged not behind it, and on the side, if you plan to buy built-in equipment. The best place for the outlet will be the next locker at a distance of 100-200 mm from the refrigerator at an altitude of 200-750 mm from the floor. If the refrigerator is separate, the socket can be both behind the cabinet and directly behind the refrigerator. In the latter case, place it literally 50 mm from the edge of the refrigerator so that later to the outlet was free access.

IMPORTANT: In some models of refrigerators, a separate connection of the freezer is encountered. Or, if you have the ability to independently embedded a refrigeration and freezer, you will need another additional outlet. Find professionals for repairing your kitchen

Dishwasher and washing machines Dishwasher, as a rule, is located next to the kitchen sink, so I install a socket for it in a nearby locker.

At a distance of 100-200 mm from the edge of the dishwasher, we place a socket at an altitude of 200-400 mm from the floor. It can be both near the water pipeline and behind the cabinet on the other side. The same applies to the socket for the washing machine.

IMPORTANT: A common problem is to install the outlet immediately for the dishwasher. So do it is categorically impossible, otherwise the built-in technique is simply not included in the niche in depth.

possible, position, outlet, oven

Microwave oven and built-in coffee machine built-in microwave is installed at eye level, so the outlet for it should be provided in the locker below at an altitude of 200-750 mm from the floor. For coffee machines, the same rules, but it is often combined with a microwave (put one over another). In this case, the rule of installing the outlet does not change. only make them two instead of one.

If you plan not to embed, but to install a microwave oven or a coffee machine onto a working surface, a socket is required next to the table top.

Extraction depending on the exhaust model, the kitchen will require either just an electrical output or socket. In any case, you need to choose the correct location for it. If the extractor is closed with a kitchen cabinet, a socket can be placed inside it, on the side of the ventilation pipe (at a height of about 2000-2100 mm), or above the extractor, above the kitchen cabinets (at a height of about 2400 mm).

If you have chosen an open hood, then most likely the outlet you will not need, since they are most often connected directly. The right place to output under the hood select, carefully reading it with its dimensions and instructions.

Outlet over working surfacesEtyi kitchen sockets are designed to connect small household appliances and temporary kitchen appliances required for cooking. How many of them should be and where exactly the owner of the kitchen can solve. To do this, it is necessary to submit a place where it will be convenient to cook: connect a mixer, a food processor. Imagine whether it will be convenient to gain water in the kettle.

Of course, in such an intuitive way, you do not provide, but by adding one more or two outlets as a reserve, you will achieve the best result.

Do not know how cooking will be facing in the future? Simply place several groups of 3-4 outlets with an interval of approximately 1200 mm from each other along the entire working surface of the headset; Private nest Provide on the island.