Ways to install a dishwasher under the cooktop

Proper installation of the dishwasher serves as a key to further trouble-free operation of the device. When installing an embedded model for the cooking panel, it is necessary to ensure safe conditions of operation of the nasty household appliances of different purposes. They are heated due to burning, induction or electricity. for plates of each type of energy recommended their montage norms.

  • Causes of installation restrictions under the stove
  • Placement of dishwashers under the cooktop
  • Recommendations for the installation of nasty devices
  • Catalog of dishwashers with reviews

Basic principles of installation

Depending on the type of dishwasher, methods and recommendations for its installation may vary, but there are several things that are important to observe for any models:

  • Install the dishwasher best between two sections. It is necessary in order to fasten the equipment to secure. Installation in the corner of the kitchen will not give such a result, and the car may fall out during operation, which will reduce its life.
  • It is recommended to put the dishwasher not far from washing. This is due to the fact that with dirty dishes, before putting it in the car, you need to consider the remnants of food. Yes, and get the detergents that are usually located in the sink area, it will be much easier.
  • Another “convenient” rule began to have washing equipment next to the dishwashes. Thanks to this installation, you do not have to reach far away to remove clean dishes in place.

Consumer reviews

Users in many forums are actively discussing the topic of the neighborhood of PMM with the oven. Most responding claim that the placement of the embedded technician in the neighborhood is completely safe. Due to the foam partition, the technique is protected from trouble.

Expert comment. With the simultaneous turn on the stove can provoke a short circuit in the electronic unit of the dishwasher.

Users who have built-in technicians are located next door, do not advise to include it at the same time. Others argue that simultaneous inclusion depends on the wiring and the power supply to the house. Each device must have a separate electrically driven to the shield and a separate fuse.

Dishwasher undesirable to put near the oven, above it and under it. If you have to admit a close neighborhood, it is necessary to ensure maximum thermal insulation of instruments and withstand the minimum technical gap.

In what cases can be the gas stove next to the sink

The only option when the washing and the cooking surface can be in close proximity. these are small room dimensions. But also in small-sized kitchenette, it is desirable to push incompatible objects, even 150 mm even.

In these 15 centimeters, the standard retractable cargo grid for storing liquid products in bottles (sunflower or olive oil, vinegar and other) and bulk seasonings will fit. Also, you can make decorative open shelves for kitchen smallers.

Master Council: The greater the distance between the cooking surface and washing, the more comfortable process of cooking.

The right choice of compartment in the built-in kitchen

Choosing a suitable place for the dishwasher, you do not need to forget about the warning from the manufacturer about the hard fastening of equipment from all sides. Based on this requirement, only one of the internal departments is most suitable. It is not necessary to consider the extreme box for these purposes, because in this case the device will not be fixed completely, but only on the one hand. Insufficient fixation on the other hand will affect the stability of the dishwasher during operation.

Holding to the above-described rules and recommendations, the dishwasher will be for the owner of the present and reliable assistant, and will also make a homemade household and more comfortable.

Overview Plates with dishwasher. pluses and cons

Combined dishwashers so far in the market. This is explained by the fact that the manufacturer is only developing this promising technical direction. But some models already deserve our attention, let’s consider them.

dishwasher, stove

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Candy Trio9501w. This model is referred to as a combined gas stove with an oven and a dishwasher. Candy TRIO9501W features are very remarkable:

  • Standard cooking panel with four gas burners;
  • Electric oven with a grill;
  • Placed under the oven Dishwasher, containing 6 sets of dishes.

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The well-known manufacturer claims the convenience of using such a combined machine, because all the necessary kitchen units are located near the extremely compact. The cooking panel has an electrofery. Oven (if you remove the grill) accommodates one baking sheet, at least the manufacturer provided the oven only one standard holder for it.

Candy TRIO9501W has dimensions of 865x600x600 mm (in X W x d), near it can be placed any household appliances, since the walls of the combined dishwasher are reliably insulated. The dishwasher works quiet enough, making the sound of 39 dB. At the same time, the combined gas stove is also quite economical: the oven. 2 kW, dishwasher. 0.75 kW. Water consumption. 9 liters. Average color white.

note! Candy TRIO9501W has 4 heating elements, the power of which is 3.5, 2.5, 1.7, 1 kW.

  • saving place in the kitchen;
  • the convenience of use;
  • High quality washing dishes;
  • There is an express washing program that takes 32 minutes;
  • Saving water and electricity.
  • difficulties in summing up the gas and electricity gas;
  • the complexity of the design, which can lead to breakage (the heating elements are especially vulnerable);
  • The dishwasher accommodates only 6 sets of dishes, and the oven is only one baking sheet, which is quite small for a family of 3 people;
  • The gas cooking panel is not covered with a protective lid, so to avoid a fire for the combined dishwasher, a tiled or metal apron must be placed.

Candy Trio9503x. This is a combined electric stove model, which includes: Electric cooking panel for 4 burners, a dishwasher is placed next to it, near the oven, dishwasher. All this manufacturer combined into a solid sweaty design. The dimensions of the combined instrument 850x600x600 mm (in x w x d). Medium, silver color.

Describe the oven and dishwasher we will not, since their characteristics are completely coincided with the characteristics of the Candy TRIO9501W model. We only note that the cooking panel at the combined electric stove is modern glass-ceramic, which means it is necessary to comply with all the rules for its use, otherwise it will deteriorate.

Important! Many users are afraid that vibration from the dishwasher car wash can negatively affect the operation of the electric stove. These fears are completely in vain.

Candy TRIO9501X. a combined gas stove with an oven and a dishwasher. The model includes: gas dwarf panel on 4 burners, a dishwasher is placed next to it, a dishwasher is placed nearby under the oven. This model differs from Candy TRIO9501W only with color (in this case it is silver) and the presence of a metal protective apron, covering the cooking panel.

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Also, Candy TRIO9501x has a slightly smaller dimensions of 850x600x600 mm (in xx x x), the difference in height is only 1.5 cm, but sometimes they can become decisive. The oven and the dishwasher according to the characteristics are completely identical to the same items in the model Candy TRIO9501W. The average in the series of Candy Trio models is built-in small dishwashers, which have been produced for quite a long time under the Candy brand. Overview of small dishwashers will help you to get acquainted with this technique closer.

Can it be changed in some places a kitchen with a bath? Or kitchen with living room? Yes, with the transfer of the gas stove?

There is a lot of nuances, restrictions and requirements. First you need to get the specifications. They are issued in the service “One window” JSC “Mosgaz” (Mrozovsky Per., D. 11, tel. 8 (495) 660-60-80). Then. order a project of reorganization and coordinate it in Moszhilspects. Then. to conclude an agreement with a construction and installation organization (which has permission to such types of work) so that it mounted a gas pipeline. You do not have the right to do all this, even if you have golden hands.

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And plus. after all these manipulations. you need to provide in Mosgas technical documentation for the inserting of the gas pipeline in the current network.

And still remind: It is forbidden to place a gasified kitchen directly above and under residential premises (this is said in the order of the State Architecture from 26.12.1989. N 250). Gas stoves in residential buildings are allowed to install only in the kitchens, where the ceiling height is at least 2.2 m, there is a window with a window (fraumuga), exhaust ventilation channel and natural lighting. Before breaking the walls, think how much the redevelopment you think.

Overview of suitable models

To install under the cooking panel, it is better to choose an embedded model. full-sized, narrow or compact.

WeissGauff BDW 6083 D

Large machine with display and electronic control. Consumes a cycle of 0.93 kW / h. Noise at 49 dB. Drying type. condensation. There is a clean water sensor. Timer deferred start-up. up to 24 hours. Provide application tablets. There is a beam indicator on the floor. Specifications:

Type Full-size
Installation Fully embedded
Capacity, sets fourteen
power usage BUT
Washing / drying A / A
Water consumption per cycle, l ten
Dimensions (SHHGHV), see 59.8x55x81.5
Programs, pcs. eight
Sample 20 000

The pros, which were written by the owners of the model in their reviews:

  • High-quality washing;
  • there is backlight;
  • roomy;
  • works quietly;
  • affordable cost;
  • stylish design;
  • adjustment of the height of the basket;
  • a lot of useful programs;
  • there is soaking;
  • High class power consumption.

Users did not mention the shortcomings. they simply did not reveal them during the operation of the device. The quality of this typewriter can be trusted. inexpensive, but reliable equipment.

Indesit DISR 16B. narrow

One of the most sought-after PMM. Among consumers appreciated the combination of affordable prices, quality and functional. Standard washing lasts 180 minutes. Power consumption. 0.83 kW / h. The model is somewhat noisy. 51 dB. Condensation type drying. Full set of programs. there are standard and special. Partially protected from leaks. Weighs 31.5 kg. Specifications:

Type narrow
Installation Fully embedded
Capacity, sets ten
power usage BUT
Washing / drying A / A
Water consumption per cycle, l ten
Dimensions (SHHGHV), see 44x55x82
Programs, pcs. 6
Sample 16 000

The budget model in which users, in addition to moderate cost, have noted such advantages:

  • Simple control;
  • moderate noise;
  • roomy;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • Many useful programs.
dishwasher, stove
  • It is not provided for the use of tablets “3 in 1”;
  • Not very high-quality washing in Eco mode;
  • no display;
  • No half download.

Flavia Ci 55 Havana. Compact

This small machine is quite suitable for embedding under the cooking surface. It has electronic control and equipped with a display. Water heater. Forthworthy. Consumes a cycle of 0.61 kW / h. Noise. 52 dB. Partial protection against leaks. You can use three in one tablets. There is an hour program. Technical specifications:

Type Compact
Installation Fully embedded
Capacity, sets 6
power usage BUT
Washing / drying A / A
Water consumption per cycle, l 7
Dimensions (SHHGHV), see 55x50x43,8
Programs, pcs. 7
Sample 16 000

Advantages marked with compact machine owners:

  • Two years later, the control module broke. it is almost half the cost of the device;
  • After a year and a half no operation serves the rinse;
  • does not respond to the deferred start button and the selection of the program;
  • Economical mode lasts for too long. 215 minutes;
  • If the powder is cheap, does not wash the dishes;
  • bad launders the inner walls of the circles.

Candy Trio 9501

Three in one. Having bought such a device, you can not wise with the installation of the dishwasher under the stove. As part of this universal technology, everything is already:

The volume of the PMM camera corresponds to the possibilities of compact dishwashers. Such a typewriter enough for a small family, a lot of saucepan and frying pan do not shove here. There are 5 programs. Water consumption per cycle. 9 liters. Sample