Electrocotel for apartment Someone uses?

Watched the apartment in a new building, the owner said that you can put an electric shock that heats the apartment if it was cold. I realized that this is an additional heating.But did the electrocostall be installed in the apartments? it’s very high loads. Wiring will endure, and if everyone supplies such boilers and picked 10 kilowatt from the apartment on only heating?

Allowed, but through a separate wiring! Of course the power of 5kw on the apartment, not counting the light and other instruments of the toxobra, it is a lot! No wire 0.75 will not pull such power! Now even on the washers and dryers are carried out separately.

True I do not think that electric heating will be at least any profitable, I recently considered the garage. It turned out that at him with the power of 300W, about 500 rubles / month will turn around the clock. Not profitable!(

The most economical electrocotel is myth

Electricity is much easier to convert to heat than other energy resources. natural gas, solid fuel, diesel fuel. Let us give 3 simple example of heat selection of heat when using electricity:

  • The windings of any operating electric motor are always heated;
  • Light bulb (even LED) along with light highlights heat;
  • even the wires are heated for which the current flows.

Note, the listed equipment is designed to perform their functions, and not to give a house. The engine rotates anything, the lamp shines, the wiring supplies their energy. The formation of excess heat is a side effect due to the resistance of the specified elements.

Spiral and induction heater, transforming electricity in heat with an efficiency of 99%

To transform all electrical energy into thermal, it is enough to create a plot of high resistance in the chain, which itself does not collapse from heating. Such an element is called an electric heater. Second (more complex) way to get warm. create induction vortex currents Foucault, heating metal object in the zone of the inductor coil.

Important moment. Regardless of the method of transformation, 98-99% of electricity will turn into warmth. That is, any electrical appliance works with an efficiency of 98-99%, not less. This means that the most economical electric boiler does not exist, all aggregates are equally effective. Whatever approved sellers of household appliances.

Heating of a private house with an electric concrete

Autonomous heating in an apartment or house can significantly reduce the costs of the hosts, during the heating season. There are many options for hot water equipment with their advantages and disadvantages. Can electrocotes for heating at home be really economical? What basic categories can be divided into such equipment on the principle of heat carrier heating?

Electric Water Engine Equipment. Classification

To determine whether it is indeed to economically install electric goods for heating a private home to take into account their design features, in particular methods of heat carrier heating. On this basis, all existing equipment can be divided into the following:

  • Electrocotel in your home-made boiler. Has the simplest device. For heating, a tubular heating element is used, according to the type of one that is used in the boiler or electric kettle. Heating occurs by flowing. This device uses electric goods for heating at home 220 V. The advantages of such a solution are: Low price for equipment and installation work; ease of operation and the absence of the need for a separate electric branch; Low requirements for the quality of the coolant. The disadvantage lies in the low heating efficiency, low efficiency (occurs in an indirect manner) and, accordingly, high electricity costs.
  • Ionic electrocotes for heating at home. The device heats the coolant using physical laws. With the help of electricity, a certain voltage is created in water, the molecules begin to share it to be treated with positive and negatively charged particles (ions) and move to the electrodes. As a result, the coolant is significantly heated. The advantages of such a boiler is: almost instant heating of the coolant, compact dimensions (the design is embedded in the heating pipe), high efficiency. These are the most economical electric goods for home heating, at least from the equipment presented today.
  • Induction boiler. It is almost transformer. Most often used for industrial purposes. Instead of the secondary winding in this transformer, a short-circuit core is installed (water circuit). Heating, it transmits heat indirectly.

Each model of electrocotes has its advantages and can be used both for household purposes and in production. But besides the determination of the type of equipment, depending on the heating technology of the coolant when choosing water heating equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to some details.

What to pay attention to when choosing an electrocotel

There are five basic rules that will help facilitate the choice of the most appropriate model of electrocotel. Namely:

  • The main purpose. There are models for household purposes with a capacity of 2 to 18 kW, as well as more productive devices that are able to dock large industrial and storage rooms, or at home with an area of ​​more than 200 kV. M. Having a power factor from 22 to 60 kW.
  • Electricity consumption. The efficiency of such equipment is 99%, which is fairly economical compared to any other species of hot water boilers. over, modern electrocotes for home heating have another additional option for more economically fuel consumption. multistage control of heating power.

All additional equipment required for the heating system is usually already built into the boiler housing. If this is not provided may be needed to install additionally: expansion tank, circulation pump, pressure sensor and control over the temperature mode, as well as safety valve.

Lives it is profitable?

Critics tend to assess such equipment from the point of view of electricity costs. And practice shows that the wrong choice of electrocotes, non-compliance with the requirements for the installation can significantly increase the cost of electricity. Paradox. Those who installed electrocotes in the apartment are beginning to pay 2-3 times less for its heating compared to the tariffs of the heating network, but those who put them in the house may complain about increased costs. What is the reason?

The main reason lies just in the fact that the power of the electric motor for the heating of the house turns out to be insufficient, designed without taking into account the heat loss.

The equipment that has to work almost without stopping with an increased load as a result begins to spend more electricity than it would be necessary for model with the necessary performance.

What conclusion can be made of this? Before purchasing an electrocotel, it should be obtained a competent consultation and take care to reduce the likely heat loss: insulate the walls of the house, increase the sealing of windows and doors.

How to install electric heating boiler?

Modern electric boiler is a good solution to the issue with heating, as well as with hot water supply of your home. Possessing a number of advantages in comparison with other boilers, they are increasingly becoming the subject of the choice of the Russian buyer when it comes to the autonomous heating system. However, the electric boiler must still be installed correctly, and let it be not the most difficult thing, it, however, needs separate lighting.

What is so good electrocotel and for which it is distinguished among other options? Well, for a start, it is worth allocating at least the most simple things, like small dimensions, environmental friendliness and almost complete lack of noise when working. That is, such a boiler you can easily install in your kitchen, at puzzling yourself, is it necessary to look for a separate room under the boiler room.

It is thanks to small dimensions and weight of the electric concrete easy to transport and install.

True, there is one strong nuance. use electricity for home heating. a fairly expensive thing, so we stick all the “for” and “against” before you go for the purchase.

How to make installation

To make it easier for you to understand the highlights associated with the installation of an electric boiler, should be performed in its essence. Namely. especially design. It is such that the electrocurceptors are mounted on the wall, while they are single-mounted and do not have a built-in boiler.

To ensure a house of hot water, you need to purchase a water heater, which usually happens flowing or capacitive. In the event that the equipment is built into the system and performs the function of the backup heat supplier, while the main boiler works on diesel fuel, gas or solid fuel, it is possible to connect it to a boiler.

Electrocotel installation rules are described in documents coming with it.

All electrocotals are made by a number of requirements:

How an Electric Boiler Works

Installation steps

Installation of an electric boiler is the most simple in comparison with the installation of other types of boilers. Since electricity, the need for storage and supply of gas or liquid and solid fuels will be involved in the heating process, there is no creation of chimney. Installation of an electrocotel can be divided into several stages:

Before installing the equipment, you need to check whether all the tools are at hand. These include:

Electrocotel Installation Scheme with Flowing Water Heater Electric Boiler Vaillant Process Adjustment and Testing Installed Electrocotel

Installation process in the desired order

So, by checking the wall to which the boiler will be fastened, and making sure of its ability to carry the necessary load, we leave a little free space to access the boiler (usually it is indicated in the instructions) and install the unit, checking the smooth location using the level.

The wall on which the boiler is attached must be made of non-combustible materials.

Mounting Planca will use you for the competent installation of the boiler. Pipelines must be sealed on the basis of which pump is installed in the system.

Basically, the installation of the electrocotel is easy, however, as in any case, there are interesting moments here. So, boilers with low power always work well in a regular network with a voltage of 220V. Another thing, if the model is quite powerful, it is required to connect to a three-phase network. That is why it is important to correctly calculate the cross section of the cable. The correctly selected cable is able to withstand the power of the unit and without fails to skip the current of the desired value.

After the boiler is installed, the pipes of the heating system and the water supply system are supplied to it. Couplings and flanges will be useful here.

possible, electric, boiler, apartment

The next step will be connected to the mains. Uzo and automata with the necessary rates are set pre- and entrusted operations are performed. The cable is equipped with a switch, the distance between the contacts of which is 3mm. As soon as the device is connected to the system, you can dial water, run the unit and check it in.

There is almost no difference between the installation of wall and floor boilers, except that the floor is installed on a special stand.

If you feel the strength for self-installing electrocotes, use the advice of knowledgeable specialists. Best of all, if the electric heating source is involved as a reserve. this will allow you to competely spend the resulting heat in the room.

Reverse safety valve, pressure gauge and air vent. these are the elements with which you will get acquainted in the event of an electrode boiler installation.

If you have an open heating system, then on the plot of the pipeline, which goes from the expansion tank, the shut-off valve is installed.

For grounding, a copper wire with a four-dimensional cross section is used when the conductor is connected to the zero terminal of the equipment. It can be found on the hull of the boiler in its lower part.

Best if the boiler will be built into a new system, and not in an existing contour. Otherwise, the contour must be washed with all thoroughness with the help of the funds intended for this.

Connecting to the electrical stroke

Washing diagrams are the same for all electrocotors, the difference is only among the phases. Machines with a capacity of up to 12 kW are connected to a single-phase network of 220 V, more than 12 kW. to three-phase (380 V). What will be needed for installation:

  • power cable with copper cores;
  • Differential protection machine or a bunch of the Uzo is a regular circuit breaker;
  • Ground contour.

As a power line, a cable of brand VVG any variety is used, the number of lives depends on the number of phases. 3 or 5. Select the section of the current-handed part by the power of the heat generator, usually this parameter is indicated in the instruction manual. To simplify the task, give data for different boilers in the form of a table.

The rating of the differential automaton also depends on the power consumption of the heater, the trigger current is 30 mA. For example, to protect the power line of the unit 3 kW (220 volts), you will need a device designed for 16 A, under the power of 16 kW (380 V) is needed by a 32 a. Accurate nominations are indicated in the passport of the product.

To independently connect the electrical mini-boiler wall version, it is necessary to remove the front panel, inside the power cable and connect the veins of the corresponding colors with the terminal contacts. As a rule, the zero wire is indicated in blue, grounding. yellow-green. In the same way, the control box of the induction and electrode boiler is connected.

Electrical connections between the control cabinet and the heating unit of the electrode or induction boiler are made according to the individual scheme represented in the instructions. As an example, we give a diagram for connecting the popular electrocotel “Galan”.

Automation diagram with single-phase network 220 V

The temperature of the coolant here control overhead sensors mounted on metal sections of the feed and return pipeline. The devices are turned on in series with the contacts of the thermal switch controlling the magnetic starter. When the upper threshold is reached, the circuit breaks down and the starter turns off the heating.

Connection diagram when connecting a boiler to a three-phase network 380 V

Advantages and disadvantages of electric heating in the apartment

The choice of heating system for an urban apartment is a complex and responsible process. For residents of apartment buildings with central heating, the issue of housing heating is simply solved. Frowning, then wait for the inclusion of heating. The category of citizens who decided to independently take care of their own comfort before a complex and difficult choice. what kind of autonomous heating for the apartment of a multi-storey building to give preference. For the owner of the apartment, it is important that the system would be the most efficient, safe in operation and economical. Of all existing types of autonomous home heating, all the listed criteria meets the heating of electricity.

The heating season, which many of us is looking forward to, for apartments with electrical heating now does not depend on the specific date. With the help of electricity in its apartment you can achieve an acceptable temperature at any time, create the necessary comfort and microclimate.

Electric home heating. the main principle

Electricity has long and firmly entered our life. It is impossible to imagine the sphere of our life in which electricity would not be used. Lighting, work of household appliances, transport, the mass of other devices and appliances are built on the principle of use of electricity. One of the most important areas in the use of electricity on the household level is home heating.

The very concept of electric heating is sufficiently capacious, which combines various types, types and heating options, based on the operation of the electric current. Each system has its technical differences and functional differences. Despite the differences, all types of heating with electricity combines a number of technical characteristics and parameters. The principle of operation of all electrical heating systems is based on the action of the Joule law. The current entering the heating device is experiencing conductor resistance. In this case, part of the energy is transformed into thermal energy, reducing voltage. The process is clearly visible on the example of the work of an ordinary “goat”, a household device made by handicraft.

The level of heat transfer in this case is regulated by making changes to the connection diagram of heating devices. A spirals and threads of refractory metals, gases are used as a conductor in heating devices. In each case, the heating device performs a specific function, carrying out direct heating by electric shock or performing indirect operation.

Visual example: homemade household electrical heater, in which the task of heating surrounding air performs a spiral. Heating Spirals to T 800 0 C occurs at the time of the instrument. The length of the spiral, the diameter and the cross-sectional area of ​​the nichrome thread from which spirals are made, determines the intensity of heating. Failure to comply with clear parameters causes the exit of the heating element.

Important! The intensity of heating of electrical devices depends on the supply voltage and current in the network. The higher the power of the current, the faster and stronger the element heats up, playing the role of the conductor. When calculating the operation of heating devices, the amount of resistance, the current and time of operation is always taken into account.

In the work of each electric heating device, the electrical scheme takes place. Considering the parameters of the network, the technical capabilities and characteristics of individual elements of the heating device, the expected result, you can make a fairly effective heating device with your own hands.

Benefits of the heating electrical system

The laws of elementary physics can simply explain how electrical installation in the apartment works, according to which principle the degree of heating degree of heating devices is carried out. From here and the advantages that this type of heating has. Electricity used for heating at home, apartments gives you the following:

  • Environmentally friendly option of the apartment;
  • Silent mode of operation of heating devices (exception. fan heaters);
  • a wide range of power adjustment of the heating device (from the lowest level, to the maximum);
  • The ability to install the required heating mode in each individual room.

Enumerating advantages, it is worth noting the main thing. the economic benefit and the high profitability of such a system. Wide technological capabilities of electrical energy, the presence of new technologies explain the huge selection of electric heating devices present today in the market of heating equipment. However, all variety can be characterized by two criteria:

  • electrical heating systems using coolant;
  • Heating systems with direct heating as a result of electric current operation.

It would be appropriate to say that electricity still remains the most affordable and cheap energy, which is successfully used by a person at all levels. Accordingly, electric heating household appliances and electric boilers remain in demand and relevant. The scheme indicates the principle of action of various electric heating systems

Electric heating devices in comparison with other species look more prioritize for use in an apartment building for the following reasons.

possible, electric, boiler, apartment

Electric heating in the apartment is built on the use of heat heater thermal heaters (Tan). In most models, efficiency reaches 96-98%, which is significantly more similar parameters in other heating systems. Such heating elements have rapid and good heating, reliable in operation and safely in operation.

Important! Installation in the apartment of electrical heating devices does not require official permission. The only condition for the normal operation of heating electrical devices and aggregates, compliance with the parameters of the electrical wiring of the amount of heating devices and the magnitude of heated area.

Main types of electric heating

Previously, the systems were installed only in those regions where it was impossible to be heated by gas or firewood. Solid fuel accounted for cheaper. However, innovative technologies made it possible to make it possible to heating at home or apartments using electricity.

Electric boilers and water heating

Boilers operate on the principle of water heating to the desired temperature in the system. The following types of devices are used:

  • TEN. Tubular carrier heats up to the desired temperature. This option of the boiler is inexpensive. However, its long-term operation becomes impossible due to the permanent formation of scale. Most often it is she who causes the equipment output.
  • Induction boiler is considered economical and has a long service life. Especially if you make a comparison with a shadan version.
  • Electronic boiler is completely safe. Its operation cannot lead to emergency situations.
possible, electric, boiler, apartment

Direct heating using electricity

Such an option of heating involves the use of special heating devices. The most popular among them are convectors and heaters. They differ in configuration and power. The owner will also be able to choose the size that is like to heating a specific room.

Live heating systems can also include warm floors. Uniformly heated space begins to exhibit heat into the surrounding space. It also provides the necessary air circulation. Heat fans or cannons forcibly warmer air. However, the effect almost immediately disappears after it is turned off.


In the bean boilers, the same principle of operation is used as in the usual boiler for water. As a heater, a TEN protrudes here. tubular electric heater. Tanny electric boiler is able to heat any kinds of heat carrier, including non-freezing fluids. It is an excellent option in cases where the main electric heating is equipped. The cost of instruments of this type is featured. The boilers themselves have compact sizes and external attractiveness.

To adjust the heating power, it is possible to enable and disconnect individual heating elements. If one TEN breaks, the device will not stop its work due to the remaining elements. The main disadvantage of the boiler with Tan is the need for permanent cleaning of the heaters from scale, which appears during operation. Due to scale, there is a decrease in the efficiency of equipment, which provokes an increase in electricity consumption.