Principle of procedure and care after laser hair removal

Care after laser hair removal is very important to obtain the desired effect. In case of non-compliance with elementary rules, complications may arise in the form of allergic reactions and painful sensations.

To get a silky on the sight and touch the skin, you need to understand that after the procedure it is possible, but what can not. To rejoice in the result, and not eliminate negative consequences, it is important to take into account contraindications and implement the recommendations of the cosmetologist. This is our article.

Symptoms of ingrown hair

The following “signals” appear in the list of basic signs, which gives us the body:

  • Solid education appear, small, sucking reminiscent cones, their scientific name. Papula,
  • Inflammatory process in the formation zone (redness), the suppuration can begin,
  • It is preceded by itching, dryness and discomfort in the inflammation zone.

Immediately warn you that it is undesirable to scratch the place of inflammation, you can comb the place to injure the skin and incur infection.

Ingrown hair after epilation in the photo look not very aesthetic. In fact, the body demonstrates us that something is wrong. If you feel pain in such sites, it is necessary to get worry and consult a doctor or cosmetologist. In addition to the general inconvenience and itching, the inflamed bumps look not too nice and beautiful. In addition, launched uluses can deliver a lot of reasons for anxiety in the future: for example, it is possible to get dirt in the wound. As a result, the suppuration will increase, damage to the deep layers of the epidermis will begin, scars and scars may appear, even because of one small point.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s of Post-Wax Care? | Starpil Wax

This phenomenon has a certain name and called pseudopholliculitis. Dermatologists and cosmetologists use this term, but for ordinary people. it’s just ingrown hairs and inflammation because of them. Do not take it for a dangerous disease. To avoid such unwanted difficulties, we recommend pursuing manipulations in the clinics of aesthetic medicine. This will help a specialist to make preventive processing of space before and after the procedure. We will talk about it a little later.

Epilation is hurt?

The issue of epilation soreness is worried about many women. Everything is determined by the selected method: the stronger the impact will be, the more pronounced sensation. Also plays the role of an individual threshold of sensitivity. what is very painful for one, another can not feel at all.

Types of epilation of pain in the order of reduction:

Thus, the most painful epilation is electrical and wax. Taking into account the fact that electronicization involves the processing of each hairs separately, it is it ranks first in the rating of pain. When shugaring hair removed in the direction of their growth, which reduces pain.

painless epilation. Elos and laser. Paints in this case are related to the fact that the leather procedure absorbs a certain part of the energy and heats up. But much also depends on the equipment and professionalism of the master. Modern lasers are equipped with a cooling system, which makes it possible to make epilation painless.

The severity of pain is determined and part of the body, where hair removal will be carried out. The most sensitive sites are a bikini zone, as well as face.

If you make hair removal in the cabin, how to anesthetize the skin before epilation, Master must take care. Usually, the anesthesia is required when processing the most delicate skin sections. But at the request of the client, anesthetic for epilation can be applied to any section.

The method of anesthesia is determined by a specific zone. So, on the face, including the region over the upper lip, exclusively creams are applied. For other parts of the body, a spray for epilation with lidocaine is usually applied.

Skin preparation steps to wax epilation

Step 1: Time Selection

Do not expose the skin of the epilation on the eve of the solemn event. The skin can react in different ways, including redness, irritation, allergic reaction.

Do not make the procedure in critical days, since the pain threshold is reduced at this time. Ideal time. 10-14 days after the start of the cycle.

possible, bath, epilation

Do not spend a lot of time in the sun a few days before and after the epilation. No need to double the stress for the skin.

Stage 2: Skin Preparation

The principle of preparation for any type of epilation is approximately the same.

Clean the skin intensively by freeing it from dead cells of the horny layer and pollution. for greater availability of hairs.

Moisten carefully to make more stressful impacts. Use moisturizing water based water, without oils.

Make sure there is no irritation and inflammation. Otherwise the procedure will have to postpone.

Creek mole plaster and pigment stains before applying wax so as not to damage them.

Stage 3: Moral Training

It will hurt. But besides the boning “beauty requires the victims” you will calm down a little: with regular epilation, the hairs become thinner and weaker, and the passage of the procedure is easier.

Lifehaki to minimize stress associated with epilation.

possible, bath, epilation

Take the epilation at least one and a half or two hours. Most likely, it will take less time, but to quietly do this important thing, it is better not to hurry.

If you make hair removal at home, turn on relaxing music, you can even spin the aromas. Than you are calmer, the lower the degree of stress for the skin and the faster it will restore.

Stage 4: Skin Care after Procedure

Sighing with relief, proceed to post-epilatory care.

Calm the skin with mitigating and anti-stress effect. Essential oils you are not helpers: these are very active ingredients that can even more irritate sensitive after the epilation procedure. Your choice. formulas with chamomile, aloe, allantoin, vitamin B5.

Put on light loose clothes, let the skin breathe.

After the epilation of the armpits, do not use deodorants within two days if there is no label “for sensitive skin” and “suitable for use after epilation“.

Discard the next couple of days from sunbathing, baths or other thermal impact on the skin. Also undesirable to visit the pool with chlorinated water.

2-3 days after the procedure, use the scrub to prevent the hair rustling.

What can not be done before and after laser epilation

On the eve of the procedure, follow the following rules:

  • On the day of the procedure, do not break the zones where you are going to clean the hair with a laser;
  • The future laser processing zone can be shaved no later than 24 hours before the procedure;
  • It is forbidden to use alcohol-containing means.

For the prevention of redness after laser hair removal, do not use Panthenol spray and do not wet the treated skin area during the day. Means containing fats are also not recommended.

After home removal of hair, apply a soothing remedy to remove the razor irritation. It must be done even in the absence of side effects.

When identifying the first signs of irritation, contact a specialist who conducted the procedure. A visit to the doctor is especially indicated when the temperature is raised in the epilation zone, itching, burning and strong redness.


In the bikini zone, the wizard works hot wax because it has a sufficiently dense structure to cope with hard hairs in this area. In addition, the wax neatly sparks the skin, opens the pores, as a result, the hairs come out easier. To make bikini epilation, you only need three stages:

Applied method

Preliminary skin treatment. The master degreases the depilatted plot, sprinkles with a talc or powder to ensure the maximum adhesion of wax and hairs.

How does this happen?

Wax in the field of bikini is applied with a spatula, because it is pre-heated quite strongly. to 40-60 degrees. The master distributes the composition of a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Next, the master covers the wax woven or paper strip and smoothes.

possible, bath, epilation

Effective result

After a minute and a half, when the wax in the bikini area is free, the master sharply breaks the strip against hair growth. To reduce pain before removal, you must neatly pull the skin area of ​​the bikini, and after. to press the purified portion with your fingers

After completion of the procedure, the residues of the composition are removed with a napkin, and an antiseptic and soothing agent is applied to the skin.

Skin care before and after laser hair removal, as well as during procedures

Laser hair removal, albeit, is gentle and safe way to remove hair, but after it, the skin should receive the necessary care:

Within 6 weeks before and after it is important to abandon sunbathing and sunbathing in solarium.

Preparations for laser hair removal provides for the refusal to receive drugs with reflective effect, and drugs that dilute blood.

Within 6 weeks before the procedure, you can not resort to other types of epilation: Shugaring, Vaxing, using the epilator or tweezers, as they remove hair with the root. Otherwise, the laser will not be able to recognize the hair onion.

Within three days after epilation in the zone where the hair was removed, massage and rubbing should not be done. Also need to abandon the adoption of hot baths and visits to the sauna. This slows down recovery, and high temperatures negatively affect irritated skin.

3 days before epilation, it is impossible to use cosmetics, which includes stimuli, for example, alcohol.

For the period of laser hair removal, you can not attend the solarium and use cosmetics for auto market.

So, the procedure should be approached more responsibly as cosmetologists and patients. And then laser hair removal, the consequences of which will be insignificant, will delight high efficiency and cause a desire to leave only the best reviews.

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How to prepare for the next hair removal procedure

After 3-4 weeks, the procedure is recommended to repeat. the hair has already been sharp enough, and the skin recovered.

How to understand that the skin is ready for the following procedure?

Leather restoration

You can talk about it when reddening, rash and so on. On the eve of Shugaring, stock skin, inflicting hair growth, take a shower and use a softening lotion and cream.

Sufficient length hair

So that the procedure has passed successfully, the hairs must be long enough. no shorter 5 mm.

Regular scanning

Body scrub can be considered prevention of ingrown hair, not to mention other advantages of leather exfoliation. But they should not be abused. one or twice a week is enough.

Moisturizing skin

To easily transfer all aesthetic procedures, the skin should be moisturized. Only moisturized skin is able to fully function and cope with stress.

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