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Which is better: take a shower before or after depilation by wax?

You do not need to have a special shower; The usual one is suitable. However, try not a shower immediately before waxing. Take your shower for a couple of hours or at least half an hour to what is the wax of a business date, a meeting. This will give your skin time completely dry and help to normalize body temperature.

Similarly, how many times you need to apply wax before the hair stops growing?

“People usually come every six weeks of treatment, but this is too long if only your hair grows abnormally slowly.”. Gilliland says. “In fact, you must get wax every three to four weeks, while armpits and face care should do more often”.

In addition, with which side should be used wax strip? Place the wax strip side down. For example, a wax strip is applied on the legs should be used with pressure moving down, because the hair on the legs grows down. You want to press hard on the strip, cools the skin to wax.

Which is better gel or wax?

If you have curly or incomprehensible ends, the wax tame them very well. When comparing vsgel wax, wax offers more accurate control, while gels is all together. Gel will give you strong and hard hair. Poems of lipstick or wax, it is stronger, but at the same time does not look natural.

Always use wax in the direction of hair growth, as this allows wax to adhere to more fully. After spreading to the exclamation of a strip of fabric on the wax and tightly press on it, using blows in the same position. direction as hair grows. Leave the strip for a few seconds so that it froze.

What is depilation?

Depilation is the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of excess vegetation on the body using a razor or special cream. During the procedure, the hair is removed exclusively superficially, the hair follicle is not affected, and hair growth does not stop. This is the most important difference between depilation and hair removal, the purpose of which is to “paralyze” and ultimately destroy the bulb.

Having figured out what depilation is, it is easy to guess about its advantages and disadvantages.

The obvious plus is the ability to get rid of vegetation:

independently, without resorting to the help of the master in the cabin;

For example, immediately after laser or photoepilation, the result is not very impressive. dead hairs do not fall off immediately, but for several days. But after depilation, the skin instantly becomes smooth and tender to the touch.

On the other hand, after a few removal procedures (especially laser), you will forget about the growth of excess hair for a long time, and after depilation, the result will have to be maintained constantly, since the hair bulb is not affected.

Types of depilation

We are in the editors of tend to think that hair removal is the most progressive and effective way to make the body smooth for a long time. However, if there is no time and money to go to the beauty salon, then razor machines, depilation strips or cream, home wax. all this comes to the rescue when you need to quickly bring your legs and armpits in order. We will tell you a little more about different types of depilation.


The most popular way of all possible. You will need a machine with a sharp blade and a fairly thick foam so that it easily glides on wet skin. However, modern machines for women are usually equipped with a gel strip that serves as an alternative to foam. Minus, perhaps one hair after shaving grows quite quickly.

Depilation with a special cream

Cream hair depilation or armpits is another common way to get rid of excess vegetation. The formula of such a cream is based on calcium thioglycolate that dissolves hairs. The composition is applied to the skin for several minutes, and then washed off with water. It is worth warning that for sensitive skin such a recipe is not very suitable, because quite often irritation is observed in the form of redness or itching.

Why cream depilation is needed? Still, this is chemistry The beauty is that, unlike shaving, after such a procedure, the hair does not grow for about a week until the bulb is restored. And in the composition of such creams, manufacturers already include softening and caring substances. So if there is no allergy to any of the components and the skin is not too sensitive, this is a very convenient option.

Previously, hair removal by depilation was limited to shaving and using cream. However, as technology develops, new methods of hair removal on the body have appeared, in which follicle is not destroyed, and hair growth is ultimately restored. Telling what depilation is, we decided to touch on these methods, especially since they are all available at home.

Hair removal by an electric power

With the help of an electrical device in which small rotating tweezers work, you can quickly and effectively remove hair with the root. The process is not the most pleasant, but for people with delicate skin very painful, especially in the sensitive zones of bikini and armpits. Of the minuses, you can note the hair of the hairs.

Wax depilation

What does wax depilation mean, described in this article. This is hair removal with a wax tape. You will need a set: a device for heating wax cassettes and tape. It is unpleasant, a little painful, but the result is smooth skin for almost 3-4 weeks (due to hair removal).

Depilation of sugar paste

About depilation of sugar, or rather shugaring, we have already written here. Recall about the advantages of this species: you can process in this way any part of the body and even face. This is one of the safest procedures, since, unlike wax, sugar does not heat up above body temperature and there is no risk to earn a burn.

How to prepare the skin for the exposure of the epilator

For some, the epilator is a torture tool, for others. a useful gadget. This device pulls out the hairs with the root. And yes, it hurts, no matter what the beauties say in commercials there. The first experience of positive emotions will most likely not bring. But the skin will remain smooth for a long time.

Over time, with the regular use of the epilator, the hairs will become thinner and weak and will be much easier to remove with the root.

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Preparing the skin for the hair removal procedure using the epilator looks like this.

Select the time when the length of the hairs is 5-6 mm. This is the optimal indicator for the home epilator.

Refrain from tanning for several days before hair removal. The effect of ultraviolet radiation is stress for the skin, and tanning is a form of inflammation, which makes the skin more sensitive.

The day before the procedure (by no means on the day of hair removal), use the scrub, paying special attention to areas of alleged hair removal.

After scrubbing, moisturize the skin well. Most importantly, do not use body oil or oil.based cream. This will complicate the process of hair removal. Choose light textures (lotion, milk), which are quickly absorbed without leaving film.

Immediately before hair removal, take a warm bath or at least a shower so that the skin will steam. This will facilitate the process.

Some epilators can be used directly in the water. But more often the skin is still wiped and moistened with light milk without oils in the composition. Shaving gel is not suitable: it will only complicate the capture of the hairs.

Stages of preparing the skin for hair removal

Stage 1: Time choice

Do not expose the skin on the eve of the solemn event. The skin can react differently, including redness, irritation, allergic reaction.

Do not do the procedure on critical days, since at this time the pain threshold is reduced. Perfect time. 10-14 days after the start of the cycle.

Do not spend much time in the sun a few days before and after removal. There is no need to double stress for the skin.

Stage 2: skin preparation

The principle of preparation for any type of epilation is approximately the same.

Explorely cleanse the skin, freeing it from dead cells of the stratum corneum and pollution. for more accessibility of hairs.

Moisten carefully to make more resistant to stressful influences. Use water.based moisturizers, without oils.

Make sure there is no irritation and inflammation. Otherwise, the procedure will have to postpone.

Came the moles and pigment spots before applying wax so as not to damage them.

Stage 3: Moral training

It will hurt. But besides the annoying “beauty requires victims,” you will calm you down a little: with regular hair removal, the hairs become thinner and weaker, and the passage of the procedure is easier.

Life hacks to minimize stress associated with hair removal.

Take up to epilation at least one and a half to two hours. Most likely, you will need less time, but in order to calmly do this important matter, it is better not to rush.

If you do hair removal at home, turn on relaxing music, you can even light up flavoring. The calmer you are, the lower the degree of stress for the skin and the faster it will recover.

Stage 4: skin care after the procedure

With a sigh of relief, proceed to post-epilation care.

Calm the skin with softening and anti-stress effect. Essential oils are not assistants to you: these are very active ingredients that can even more irritate the skin sensitive after the procedure of hair removal. Your choice is formulas with chamomile, aloe, allantoin, vitamin B5.

Put on light free clothes, let the skin breathe.

After hair removal, do not use deodorants for two days, if the label does not label “for sensitive skin” and “suitable for use after hair removal”.

Refuse the next couple of days from tanning, bath or other thermal effect on the skin. It is also undesirable to visit a chlorinated water pool.

possible, shower, hair, removal, features

2-3 days after the procedure, use the scrub to prevent hair survey.

How to care for skin after depilation?

Depilation is a way of hair removal, in which only the visible part of the hair is affected, and the root and follicle remain not touched. However, with any depilation technique, we affect the skin, as a result, it becomes dry and sensitive. Light erythema or even irritation and microtrauma may appear. Therefore, after the procedure, special care is required. What is it. we will tell in our article.

Organic Scrub gel-scrub

Sensitive skin scrub (hommate) Delicate Scrub with D-panthenol

Sasha Enzymal peeling Enzyme Scrub gel-scrub, 10 ml, 1pc

Moisturizing agents

After depilation, the skin needs moisturizing. For this, means of light texture with a calming effect are ideal. For example, with D-panthenol and plant extracts in the composition. Emulsions are well suited, as they protect the skin from moisture loss and help restore the lipid layer.


Scrubs will save the skin from keratinized cells and prevent the appearance of ingrown hair. Start using a scrub 1-2 times a week 5 days after the procedure, when irritation and redness pass.

Hair grown.up products

If the hair is still growing, use a special cream after depilation. He simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.

What should not be done after depilation?

Steam the skin

Refuse hot bath and visiting the sauna for 24 hours. Also, do not visit the pool at this time, since chlorine can cause irritation.

Engage in physical activity

With active loads, we sweat. The formed sweat captures microorganisms from the surface of the epidermis and can bring them into open pores. If you are still sweating, take a cool shower.

Wear synthetic linen and tight.fitting clothes

Such things create friction and prevent the skin from “breathing”. And lack of oxygen prevents the process of restoration.

possible, shower, hair, removal, features

Apply a deodorant to processed zones immediately after the procedure

Deodorant is a fairly aggressive factor for sensitive skin. In addition, after depilation, the skin does not need it. The procedure is closed with a special cream that calms and disinfects the skin, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.


The effects of UV rays on sensitive skin can lead to irritation and burns. Therefore, postpone sunbathing and visiting a solarium for 48 hours. Please note that the article provides approximate time limitations, since the speed of skin restoration after depilation depends on individual parameters. Observe the skin reaction for several days and remember the care.

Skin care after wax removal

Irritation is considered normal after hair removal with wax, but the skin needs to help recover. Therefore, the question of how to care for the skin after wax hair removal is relevant for everyone and always. For this purpose, you can use antiseptic agents, applying a small amount to the irritated area. But it is best to take care of the skin condition in advance to prevent irritation.

Sometimes it is not possible to get rid of irritation after hair removal for quite some time. Inflammation, redness, itching does not pass, in spite of any measures. Perhaps this type of irritation is caused by an allergic reaction. This happens mainly after wax depilation. In addition, some cosmetics can cause such phenomena. In this case, skin care after waxing includes taking antihistamines and using only children’s hypoallergenic cosmetics that does not contain dyes and flavorings.

It is easier to prevent such violations using the correct means. In the EPSOM catalog.Pro presents hypoallergenic products for skin care after waxing, with which you can prepare the epidermis and restore after hair removal.

Overview of scrubs for skin care after hair removal

A common side effect of hair removal is ingrown hair. When they break out with the root, new ones must grow back and find their path to the surface of the skin. If the epidermis is dry or there are a lot of dead cells on it, then the hair follicle is clogged. In this case, the hair can get stuck under the surface, which will lead to its growing.

It is very important to take measures to minimize dry skin and the accumulation of dead cells after hair removal. For these purposes, it is recommended:

  • Moisten the epidermis within 24 hours after epilation. But do not apply the cream immediately after the procedure. You have to wait an hour or more to exclude the likelihood of an inflammatory reaction.
  • To prevent further irritation, it is best to use a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol and fragrances.

To eliminate the dead skin cells, it is necessary to exfoliate it about 2-3 days after using the epilator. This is necessary so that the irritation is completely subsided, and the pores are closed. It is necessary to exfoliate the skin every 2-3 days to prevent ingrown hair.

For exfoliation, it is recommended to use scrubs developed on the basis of natural salt. The natural product is suitable for sensitive skin type. The advantage is soft exfoliation without trauma to the epidermis. The scrubs include English salt, which actively eliminates edema and redness, relieves inflammation, exerting a regenerating and antiseptic effect. Essential oils and natural components nourish the skin, which becomes moisturized, elastic and smooth.

Natural scrubs against ingrown hair:

    Cleans the epidermis of keratinized particles, aligning the texture and color of the skin. Particles of natural coffee contribute to getting rid of ingrown hair, and English salt relieves inflammation of a delicate agent that provides delicate purification. The scrub softens and moisturizes the skin, activating the regeneration processes at the cellular level. The product is indispensable for thin and sensitive skin.

Among effective procedures from ingrown hair, dry massage with natural pile should be isolated. The accessory gently exfoliates the dead particles of the epidermis, restoring blood circulation, removing excess fluid and relieving swelling. Natural brush is indispensable for the skin. With the help of dry rubbing, it is possible to forever solve the problem of ingrown hair. The cactus processed in a special way make the skin of a fit and smooth, pulling up the body contour.

Review of home.made skin care products

For skin care after shugaring, you may be useful:

We raised several funds. the most effective, according to the editors of

Scrubs and peels

Body scrub “Precious Scrub of Beauty”, enriched with oils, feeding, garnier

Contains argan oils, macadamia, almonds and roses. Gently exfoliates, carefully cares for the skin, making it soft, tender and radiant.

Double face scrub “Endless freshness. Rose Lotus “for normal and mixed skin, l’Oréal paris

Contains extracts of rose and lotus, carefully cleanses and matters the skin, giving a feeling of freshness and updates.

Soft face scrub, La Roche-Posay

It has neither soap, no alcohol, no dyes. The scrub gently cleanses the skin of contaminants, noticeably smoothing it.


Night soothing care for hypersensitive skin and eye contour Tleriane Ultra Nuit, La Roche-Posay

In addition to thermal water, contains allantoin, vitamin E, squale and carnosine, soothes the skin, gives a feeling of comfort.

Hydra Zen, SPF 15, Lancôme Cream

Light cream for all skin types, including for sensitive. Effectively soothes the skin, gives comfort, makes it smooth and radiant, moisturizes it.

Moisturizing face-cream for dry and sensitive skin with pink water, Garnier

Calms the skin, gives her a feeling of comfort. The antioxidant contained in the cream protects the epidermis from negative environmental factors.

Moisturizing calming gel for sensitive skin Phyto Corrective, Skinceuticals

Gel enriched with hyaluronic acid, the gel fills the skin with moisture, levels the complexion. Optimal for sensitive, requiring special care or problem skin.

Cyc-cream for sensitive skin, kiehl’s

Contains Panthenol and Centella extract. components that soothe the skin. Actively moisturizes and gives incredible comfort.

Restoring hand cream “Intensive Care”, Garnier

The formula with maple, glycerin and allantoin intensively nourishes, soothes and restores even very dry skin.

Moisturizing face and body cream, Corave

Cream with delicate texture intensively moisturizes the skin: hyaluronic acid saturates it with moisture. Designed for dry and very dry skin and body skin.


Ball deodorant for sensitive skin, Vichy

Calms and reliably protects the skin from sweat. Suitable for sensitive skin and skin after hair removal.

Deodorant antiperspirant body spray for Mineral “Antibacterial Effect”, Garnier

Contains tea tree extract, which destroys bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor, and perlite that absorbs moisture.

DEO Pure, Biotherm deodorant antiperspirant

Does not contain ethyl alcohol, effectively protects from sweat and unpleasant odor.

Block deodorant for sensitive skin Bocage Deodorant, Lancôme

Quickly dries, without leaving the sensation of stickiness, protects from sweat and smell. Suitable for skin after hair removal.


Sunscreen fluid with 100%mineral filters and a universal tone Mineral Radiance UV Defense, SPF 50, SKINCEUTICALS

The formula with mineral filters provides reliable protection against sunlight and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Sunscreen fluid for the face and skin around the eyes Anthelios, SPF 50, La Roche-Posay

Light, weightless, invisible texture on the skin. The formula reliably protects from exposure to sunlight, suitable for sensitive skin.

How to prepare for the next hair removal procedure

After 3-4 weeks, it is recommended to repeat the procedure-the hair is already quite grown and the skin has recovered.

How to understand that the skin is ready for the next procedure?

Restoration of the skin

You can talk about him when redness, rashes and so on. On the eve of the shugaring, scrape the skin by applying a hair against hair growth, take a shower and use a softening lotion and cream.

Sufficient hair length

For the procedure to go successfully, the hairs should be quite long. not shorter than 5 mm.

Regular scrubbing

Body scrub can be considered the prevention of ingrown hair, not to mention other advantages of leather exfoliation. But it is not worth abuse-one or two times a week is enough.

possible, shower, hair, removal, features

Moisturizing the skin

To easily transfer all aesthetic procedures, the skin should be moistened as it should. Only moisturized skin is able to fully function and cope with stresses.

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Garnier Body Scrub “Precious Beauty Scrub” enriched with oils, feeding, 200 ml to see

Hand cream `Garnier“ Skin Naturals` Intensive Care with Allantoin (Restoring) 100 ml View

Garnier Feet Cream “Intensively Care, Nutrition” with maple juice and allantoin, restoring, for dry skin, 100 ml to see

L’Oreal Paris Cleaning Facial Scrub “Endless Freshness”, for normal and mixed skin, 150 ml, with extracts of rose and lotus view

Garnier moisturizing face-cream for the face “Pink Water”, soothing, for dry and sensitive skin, 50 ml to see

Garnier deodorant-antiperspirant body spray for Mineral antibacterial effect 48h, female, 150 ml view

What to do before epilation

The most important thing is that you should understand before hair removal is that the skin will be injured and you need to prepare it for the procedure, namely. do not injure. Cosmetics such as scrubs, the sun, cuts. all this and many others injure the skin and it needs time to restore.

  • Take care of the desired hair length. wax will be able to tear the hairs 4-6 millimeters. Wax wax hairs will not “hook”, and removal of longer will be more painful;
  • Is it worth shaving before hair removal? If this is your first visit to the master, then most likely you have been shaking the region for several months or years. If this is not your first visit, then you should not shave. First, there is a great risk of injuring the skin. make cuts, and then hair removal will be impossible. Secondly, hairs after waxing are weaker. They are lighter and thinner, and after the razor they will again become dark and gestured;
  • Hair removal is best done 3-4 days after menstruation, then the pain will be less noticeable. This is especially important if we are talking about removing hairs in such sensitive zones as armpits or a bikini area. By the way, the procedure directly during menstruation is most painful;
  • A week before visiting the master, it is worth walking in the processed zone with a hard washcloth or scrub. So you can remove the keratinized layer, that is, dead cells, which will help to carry out the procedure as comfortable and quickly as possible;
  • The day before the procedure, you should not use any cosmetics that contain oils, otherwise they will prevent the wax with the wax completely;
  • A couple of hours before hair removal, you can take a warm shower or take a bath, cleanse the skin;
  • 3-4 days before hair removal, do not sunbathe or visit the solarium, since the skin will have to “move” from ultraviolet radiation;
  • It is also worth coming to free cotton clothes for the procedure, so that immediately after the procedure the skin is in contact with a natural cloth that will not rub or promote sweat.

Skin care after hair removal

Despite the fact that the wax removal procedure seems quite simple, experts give some advice to everyone who has made epilation:

  • On the first day, it is better to abandon sunbathing and tanning;
  • It is also worth abandoning the use of public reservoirs such as a pool, solarium and sauna;
  • The first day it is worth abandoning sports, as sweating can provoke an infection of open pores;
  • Within one day, it is better not to apply deodorants and perfumes on the skin, since they can cause irritation, redness, itching and dryness;
  • Epulated zones can be moistened with special creams or gels, but they should be light, not oily, to allow the skin to “breathe”;
  • A week after the procedure, it is worth starting to apply a scrub to the skin or wash it with a hard washcloth. That is how dead cells covering the skin will disappear and allow new hairs to “break through” through the skin without problems. Otherwise, the risk of ingrown hairs is possible. If after epilation the hair grows up, then this means that they are weak to break through the skin. Read more about why the hair is growing and what to do.
  • Experts have no special recommendations after the first epilation. So if the procedure was carried out for the first time, then follow the same advice of the masters.

What is not after laser hair removal

There are quite a lot of prohibitions after epilation. It is forbidden:

  • Massage the skin for 3 days. It is better not to touch the zone exposed until the healing process is completely completed.
  • Take a bath or shower within a day after the procedure. This is fraught with the occurrence of infection.
  • Remove hairs with wax or powdered sugar, pull out, shave them. After the procedure, the girls often notice that there were charred hairs. It is forbidden to touch them.
  • Visit the sauna, bath, take sunbathing for tanning. The ban remains for at least 3 days.
  • Apply cosmetics to the zone exposed to. Creams or scrubs fall under the ban, which include glycolic acid, retinol, large abrasive particles. The use of ethyl alcohol.based products is unacceptable.
  • Remove the crusts formed. If you break the ban, this is fraught with the appearance of age spots.

Care after laser hair removal

Within 5 days, the cream must be applied to the treated area. It is important that they have healing and soothing properties. Additionally, moisturizers can be used. They will prevent excessive dryness. The skin is recommended to be treated with sunscreen with SPF factor from 30. This will protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Laser hair removal raises many questions. In order not to encounter possible difficulties and find out in advance how to act in a particular situation, you should disassemble the features of care after the procedure and study in detail the list of prohibitions that arise.

Is it possible to use the epilator after laser hair removal

Using the epilator after hair removal is strictly prohibited. This approach reduces the effectiveness of the procedure. The fact is that the epalator removes the hairs with the root. As a result, the laser will not be able to have the proper effect and prevent the next hair growth. If unwanted vegetation has reappeared, it is necessary to sign up for a re.laser correction session. However, its conduct is permissible after 3 weeks.

Is it possible to take a bath after laser hair removal

The bathroom after the procedure is prohibited. The ban remains for at least 3-4 days. The fact is that after epilation, the skin is damaged. Hot water has a steaming effect on it. As a result, the healing process is significantly lengthened.

Additionally, the risk of infection increases. Dirt may fall into the advanced pores. She is able to provoke inflammation. Often, after visiting a hot bath, small acne occurs. This indicates the development of local inflammation. They are not dangerous, but they look unaesthetic. Therefore, it is better to lay off the bath for the period after healing.

Is it possible to take a shower after laser hair removal

You can’t take a hot shower. The ban lasts at least 3 days. However, you can still refresh. But the shower should be cool. It can be visited a day after the procedure. Additionally, you can’t stand under the streams of water for a long time.

Is it possible to massage after laser hair removal

Massage after hair removal is not extremely recommended. However, the ban applies only to those zones that have been exposed to. Massage other areas of the body is permissible.

Massage after hair removal is prohibited because the skin from laser exposure is still slightly damaged. She needs time to recover. While this process is going on, it’s better not to touch the zone. The fact is that there is a chance to incur infection. Additionally, crusts may appear in the healing process. If you massage this area, there is a high probability of removing them. As a result, the skin will be damaged, and the healing process will be delayed. Therefore, it recommends to refuse a minimum of massage for at least 3 days. If possible, it is better to transfer the procedure for 1-2 weeks. During this time, the skin will have time to recover.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

After laser hair removal, it is recommended to refuse to refuse. It is better to wait until the skin heals, and irritation or other consequences of exposure passes. Otherwise, there is a high probability of burns.

In the process of laser hair removal, they affect melanin. It is located in deep structures of the skin and hair follicle. As a result, the bulb is destroyed, its nutrition stops.

A number of negative consequences arise. In particular, skin sensitivity increases. If it is tanned, the amount of melanin increases. Additional exposure to ultraviolet radiation will warm up the surface. This will entail an increase in sensitivity. As a result, burns, overheating, hyperpigmentation may occur.

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It is extremely problematic to achieve a good tan after epilation. It will be uneven. Additionally there is a risk that the skin will be covered with black dots. Therefore, you need to wait until the healing process is completed.

How much you can’t sunbathe after laser hair removal

So that the negative consequences do not occur, it is necessary to give the skin time to restore. The term depends on the following factors:

The minimum waiting period is 2-3 weeks. Better if this period is longer. So, in girls with thin bright hairs, the rehabilitation period is delayed. It takes about 40 days. If the hairs are thick and dark, it is much easier to remove them. The recovery period in this case will be about 15 days.

It is not enough to fight unwanted vegetation of the 1st session. You need to visit a specialist about 5-7 times. The interval between the effects should be 30-60 days. Therefore, it is better to carry out laser hair removal in winter or autumn. This will allow the skin to recover before the summer season.

Bath after laser hair removal

Like the bath, the bathhouse after laser hair removal is contraindicated. The ban is also associated with the effect of steaming. As a result, the risk of infection increases, and the healing rate decreases. It is necessary to let the skin recover for at least 3-7 days.

Pool after laser hair removal

At least 5 days are recommended to abandon the pool at least 5 days. The fact is that water in it is disinfected by chlorine and other drugs. Their effect on damaged skin can cause irritation and allergies. Additionally, there is a probability of infection. This is fraught with complications. On the first day, the skin area subjected to exposure is generally better not to wet.

Sauna after laser hair removal

Visit to the sauna is prohibited within 7 days. This is due to the fact that the skin under the influence of high temperatures is steamed. As a result, there is a risk of infection, as well as damage to the crusts that have occurred. Therefore, it is better to refuse to visit the sauna until complete healing.

Sport after laser hair removal

Before and after the procedure, it recommends reducing physical activity. You can return to them in a week. This is due to the fact that in the process of playing sports, a person sweat. Sweat is on unhealed skin. This slows down healing. In addition, sweat is a favorable environment for infections.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal after tanning

It is better to refuse laser hair removal after tanning. You need to wait at least 2 weeks. Otherwise, the hair removal session will be ineffective. Additionally increases the risk of burns and severe irritation.