What will happen if pouring Fairy‘s dishwasher?

What to do if she accidentally flooded “Fairi” into the dishwasher? If you poured the dishwasher to handmade dishes, it will begin to form an increased amount of foam, which can lead to breakage. Once you have found it, the dishwasher must be disconnected immediately from the mains.

In any case, the dishwasher cannot be poured in dishwasher (type Fairy or T. P.), t. to. Many foam will be formed.

Basic rules of care

When operating this household appliance, follow the following rules:

  • So that the dishwasher serve you for a long time, more often check water intake hoses. If necessary, clean them with toothpick.
  • 1 time in 2 months dry the rubber gasket in the door.
  • Dishes before washing necessarily clean from food residues. Try the car do not overload.
  • So that the dishes glittered cleanliness, choose the well-cleaning agent for cleaning dishwashers. Check if the nests for glossomy and salt are well filled.

To clean the dishwasher was easily and it did not fail, note that it is impossible to wash the following dishes:


  • Cutlery made of wood (partially or completely), as they lose their product view, and the adhesive used in the manufacture of such dishes does not withstand high temperatures;
  • decorative products made of glass that are very sensitive to external influence;
  • Rare lad in or ancient dishes of special manufacture;
  • disposable plastic dishes;
  • crystal with lead particles;
  • products from synthetic materials sensitive to the effects of high temperatures;
  • Copper and tin dishes;
  • stainless steel items;
  • articles of applied art;
  • Old dishes, in which the coating is not heat-resistant;
  • products with inserts of silver and gold, since when washing it can change the color and the dishes fishe.

Is it possible to use Fairy in a dishwasher

Against the background of the economic crisis, I really want to save our person a little. Oh well it would be a constructive savings, but sometimes in the desire to maintain a couple of extra cents in his wallet, the citizen will impert himself in monstrous waste, and all due to lack of information. In the network, “Fake” is already walking for a long time that the dishwasher can be added instead of a special means of ordinary Fairy for manual washing dishes. We are still pulling it. And indeed, let’s find out if you can pour Fairy in a dishwasher.

Is it dangerous to pour fairy?

From an economic point of view, the prospect of more than tempting. Bottle Fairi for washing dishes manually costs cheaper fairy capsules for washing dishes in dishwasher. In addition, as advertising tells us, for washing the whole mountain, dishes need only a few droplets of this. To reduce two facts, it was already easy to make an opinion that when adding a few drops of Fairy in a dishwasher, all dirty dishes happen perfectly, while you can save greatly. We will not make preliminary conclusions, but check it in practice.

The experiment participated: two masters from our service center, Bosch SMS24AW01R dishwasher, a bottle of Fairi, two dozen artificially contaminated plates. Purpose of the experiment: Check whether the dishwasher dishes with a few drops of this detergent and will not harm the technique.

  • A few droplets of Fairy added to the powder compartment. To the tool does not flow, the wizard smeared Fairi on the inner surface of the compartment.
  • Launched a conventional washing program.
  • Upon completion of the program, the dishes was removed and placed to verify.

What is the result. Plates were laid pretty bad. Pollution washed only partially. Simple too, the machine was soap without any detergent. Obviously, the forces of several drops of Fairi are not enough to launder the dishes in the dishwasher. In this case, the tool was well dissolved, this is evidenced by a pure powder compartment, on which only light foam traces remained.

It turns out, use Feiry makes no sense, since it does not wash the dishes at all in the dishwasher? Let’s not hurry with conclusions and continue the experiment. We decided to repeat the experience, while instead of several drops of Fairi added a complete tablespoon of this tool. What gave an increase in the dosage tools?

After 35 minutes of washing from the gaps of the dishwasher, foam climbed. The sink had to be stopped because the threat of foam hitting the control module. So our experiment is inspired and ended. It turns out if there is little Fairi into a typewriter, the dishes will remain dirty, and if a lot, elevated foaming can “kill” the electronics of the dishwasher. Make conclusions.

Repair of the control module can stand half the cost of a new dishwasher.

Fairy All in 1

Capsules consist of three substances: powder and two compartments with gel of blue and green (sometimes yellow) color.

What promises a manufacturer when using universal capsules:

  • Higher quality washing;
  • Fat laundering;
  • removal of old pollution;
  • imparting a brilliance of dishes;
  • The effect in water of any temperature, even in cold;
  • rapid action due to self-spinning packaging of each individual capsule;
  • Care of silver and glassware;
  • The effect of anti-drug;
  • Regenerating salt and rinse.

Instructions for use says that tablets need to be loaded into a specially provided cell on the door of the PMM bunker. If the compartment is small for the capsule, you can put the Tablet All in One in the basket with cutlery, without installing the pre-washing function.

Important! Tablets are suitable for use in regions with water rigidity less than 21 DH. To check stiffness, use special test strips. How to find out the rigidity of water, we wrote in one of the publications.

In the manual, it is indicated that when the indicators of the rinse and salt can be not panic. the components are ideally able to mitigate the water and rinsing the dishes in each capsule. You should not use capsules for washing the label or crystal dishes. Uploading silver in the dishwasher, it is necessary to ensure that silver utensils do not touch metal parts.

Important! Store tablets for the dishwasher need not under direct sunlight, in a dry place, at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees.

Packing All In 1. Soft Waterproof Packages with ZIP clasp 26, 39, 52 or 65 pieces.

How to choose the right tool for cleaning PMM?

With a question where to buy a cleaning agent for dishwashers, problems usually do not occur. Affordable products can be purchased in household appliances stores, in the economic departments of supermarkets or order online in the online store. To eliminate the error when choosing, it is recommended to study in detail the characteristics of the funds offered, read the reviews on the Internet.

To resolve the issue, what company it is better to acquire a cleaner and how much it costs, and there is a review containing a detailed description and functionality of each position.

When buying does not need to save on quality. The average price of any detergent is much lower than the cost of repair or purchase a new dishwasher. And regular cleaning from fat and lime will save the performance of the PMM for many years.

According to buyers, the main criteria for choosing a dishwasher cleaning. is the efficiency and simplicity of use.

But allocate some other parameters, for example:

  • Price. Cleaners may differ significantly at the price. But you should not choose the cheapest, it can have a limited functionality, that is, it can eliminate it or only fat, or just screamed, or act not so effectively. You should also pay attention to the volume of packaging and how many applications it is designed. It happens that expensive goods turn out to be more economical, but disposable.
  • Manufacturer. Popular brands are responsible for the quality of their products. And buying their original products, you can not doubt the achievement of the desired result from using. Although many new products have emerging recently, it is not inferior in quality to the quality of the market leaders.
  • Form release. Recently, preference is given to the means packed in the plastic bottle with hook for hanging on the basket. But some choose products in the form of powders that are poured right on the bottom of the dishwasher. Each view has its pros and cons. Powder needs some time to dissolve, and the wax cork is not always melted on time, or falls earlier than the machine turns out to be finished.
  • Universality. With similar problems of the accumulation of lime and dirt there are housewives when using washing machines. Copper is able to deal with any household appliances with a heating element. Well, if the arsenal is a product capable of getting rid of limescale and dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Security. Caring for your own health and environmental protection cause a reasonable choice in favor of non-toxic and biodegradable drugs. Ecology in the modern world is becoming increasingly value. It is necessary to give preference to products on natural or harmless to nature. Such information manufacturers are required to post on packaging.

Any, even the most popular dishwasher models require regular care. To do this, you need to know which cleaners are and how to choose the best. In the rating of high-quality cleaning agents below, you can find both inexpensive and premium facilities, learn all the characteristics, to get advice and recommendations on the use.

When choosing household chemicals, you can navigate the popularity of models, customer reviews, and you can learn the rating presented and then to know exactly what to pay attention and eliminate errors when choosing.

How much money goes over the year?

Savings. one of the arguments to the creation of “folk recipes”. What amounts are we talking about? Costs depend on the type of specialization:

  • Tableled drugs. 6,000;
  • Gel or Powder Product. 2000-3000. But when they are used, you need another rinser. plus 1000. TOTAL 4000-5000.
possible, fairy, dishwasher

The same in a small family goes to pay for electricity for six months. There is a reason to think about savings.

Fairy Platinum All in 1

Fairy Platinum”. tablets-capsules, as part of which is both powder with gel and components that prevent the formation of scale and plaque on the dishes. The second task of Platinum tablets. Protection of parts PMM.

Glass protection, steel, control of corrosion. all this is indicated on the package. What can be detected in? First of all, these are the ingredients:

  • phosphates up to 30%;
  • Surfactant up to 15%;
  • bleach;
  • phosphonates;
  • Enzymes (split organic compounds: proteins, carbohydrates, fats);
  • Fondes, Limonen and Linalolol.

You can find packages from 20 to 70 pieces in one. Choose a version “Lemon” or odorless.

Important! The latest versions of the funds are released without phosphates in the composition!

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How to put the dishes in the dishwasher?

Dining knives, forks and spoons fold on a special tray horizontally or in a basket. vertically. At the same time, the first should stand handle up, and forks and spoons down. It is recommended to install the devices in the afternoon, so they will not turn each other.

Many hostesses do not know that dishwasher household appliances can dose the rinse independently. It should be pouring as much as it does in a special compartment. The tool is poured simultaneously with the detergent powder before running the machine.