What is possible and can not be washed in the dishwasher: the features of washing dishes from different materials

Household appliances for washing dirty dishes are increasingly found on domestic kitchens. The presence of a dishwasher greatly simplifies the life of the owners of the house, allowing you to get rid of the routine in the kitchen sink.

However, not all in an automatic dishwasher can be washed. There are a lot of materials, kitchen utensils from which it is worth keeping away from this unit. We will tell you that it is impossible to wash in a dishwasher, and what is allowed.

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What can not be washed in a dishwasher

Downloading in PMM You can not make plates, cutlery, other kitchen utensils from materials:

  • bronze;
  • brass;
  • Thin marine;
  • copper;
  • crystal;
  • tin;
  • carbon steel;
  • aluminum;
  • cast iron;
  • silver;
  • wood;
  • dairy, uranium glass;
  • Natural stone (granite, slate, marble).

PMM manufacturers warn that it is impossible to put the dishwasher products made from heat-resistant plastic. Not intended for cleansing in automatic dishwasher Disposable plastic plates, glasses, forks, spoons, any items from this material with glued elements.

Kitchen utensils equipped with a vacuum cover (containers, thermocruises), thermos, sharp knives and any cutting items are not washed in the device.

Details and mechanisms made of aluminum (individual parts of meat grinders, garbling), vegetable cutters and graters are wedged only manually.

Clay pots, not covered with icing, can not be washed in a dishwasher because the material from which they are made, porous and absorb foreign substances. For washing, capsules and tablets are used in the composition of which there are potent chemical compounds and components.

Chemistry together with water penetrate the pores of clay and in the future become sources of a sharp unpleasant odor, from which it is impossible to get rid of.

It is important to know! Non-stick coating pan and saucepan is badly damaged in the unit, so they can also be downloaded.

Nonnets of the oven usually have a strongly contaminated surface, so it is impossible to place in the washing machine, otherwise there will be a blockage of the apparatus lard, fat, naigar and food residues.

Sizes of dishwashers embedded: for standard and compact, which affects

First exception. aluminum

We must not forget what kindkes in the dishwasher are not a place. And the first candidate for the prohibition is aluminum. Its categorically in automatic washing can not be loaded due to its increased ability to oxidation and the ability to react in certain conditions even with water.

The heated solution of the relics of aggressive chemistry makes the aluminum be covered by a dark lead color chaff, which has a dirty hands, leaving them. By ignorance, people massively obtained from the dishwasher spoiled dark gray:

possible, wash, grater, dishwasher

Note. It has long been the harm of the dishes from aluminum and the fact that the accumulations of this metal scientists are associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It is especially dangerous to cook products in it with high acidity. If you can not fully remove aluminum dishes from the kitchen, you must at least use it minimally.

Separate aluminum products are dark after the first hit in the dishwasher. Others withstand several such tests. Therefore, some careless hostesses do not immediately come to understand that the dishes are simply spoiled.

What you can wash

It is necessary to preach to explore the instructions applied to the dishwasher, and the mass of unresolved questions will depart aside.

What an excellent assistant would not have a dishwasher, but it would not be possible to avoid fully manual washing dishes. There are dishes that categorically impossible to wash in the car. Otherwise there will be a banal spank of dishes.

Additional application

There are a number of things that do not apply to the kitchen utensils, but which can also be laundered in the dishwasher. This is:

  • Refrigerator shelves;
  • Ventilation filters, extracts, vacuum cleaners;
  • ice molds;
  • Lunch boxers;
  • Details of the structure of Lego (small need to be put in a special bag for laundry laundry);
  • car carpets;
  • Children’s kitchenware, bottles, nipples (do not use powder);
  • lattices with plates;
  • lamp lamps;
  • baking mats;
  • Mop nozzles, Toiletries, Yarsiki;
  • Scoops for garbage, brushes;
  • kitchen rods, soft sponges;
  • Makeup brushes, combs;
  • caps, baseball caps;
  • bijouterie, hair gums (you need to put in a special box, so that they do not lose and have not worked in the details of the car);
  • Rubber shoes (Vietnamese, boots, sandals);
  • bowls, rubber pet toys;
  • Leashes and collar dogs.

Dishes from any metal (except stainless steel)


  • cast iron dishes;
  • Carbon steel frying pan;
  • frying pan with non-stick coating;
  • Cookware from enameled cast iron;
  • Copper frying pan, pans and other devices;
  • Aluminum dishes, nitens and other devices.

Read more: Painting lining. How and how to cover (paint, soak, process) Wooden lining inside and outside the house, bath, balcony by and large, away from the dishwasher should be kept any metal, except for a stainless steel (and even in certain cases. corrosion). The frying pan of cast iron or carbon steel will instantly lose the protective film from the oil, which you have created for so long, and start rusting or at least lose its non-stick properties. The dishes from the enameled cast iron seems to be protected, but it may occur on it, and its edges will suffer.

possible, wash, grater, dishwasher

Aluminum does not rust, but most likely will lose its cheerful brilliance. since this metal enters into chemical reactions quite willingly, it is covered with an oxide film that will quickly disappear under the influence of detergents. Commodity type will lose and dishes from copper or brass. As for a frying pan with a non-stick coating, they basically do not require much wash, they simply wipe them (and if it does not, it’s time to replace your frying pan).

How dishwasher affects dishes?

Automatic washing is significantly different from manual. First, the temperature in the dishwasher is much higher, and the detergents have a more aggressive action rather than those that are suitable for contact with the skin. In addition, the dishes are subjected to long-term exposure of moisture, and the final stage is a drying of hot air. As you can see, risk factors a lot.

Good news: Many materials are strong enough to withstand all steps of automatic washing. Usually, there is a label on the dishes allowing it or not use it in the dishwasher. If there are no such designations, follow material.

Ceramics (except dishes with a pattern applied to the burned surface, he may crack)

Rules for use of household appliances

First of all it is important to choose the cleanser correctly. For washing, you can not use gels and powders for manual washing, they form a foam that will provoke an emergency stop of the device. For such equipment, special powders and tablets are sold. The last option is the most optimal, since the solid form of the means has the properties of cleaning, rinsing and disinfection. For fragile products use drugs with enzyme substances capable of dissolving proteins, polysaccharides.

The next stage is important to distribute the dishes correctly, otherwise it will be frightened by poor quality. First, the products are eliminated from food residues, and then tightly and compactly placed in the machine so that they do not interfere with the rotation of the mechanism, the opening of the dispensary and the free water movement.

Tips, how to wash the dishwasher kitchen utensils:

  • Fragile glass products, glasses are placed in the upper section so that they do not touch the walls.
  • contaminated dishes are installed below, since there is a more powerful water pressure. Dirty products turn upside down.
  • Cutlery put in a special tray. Plugs with spoons alternate, knives are placed by a blade up.
  • Some models of the section are allowed to shift to put vases or babysitters.

Immediately after receiving food, you can download all dirty dishes in the technique and close the lid. So the remaining particles of products will not be drunk until the new batch of plates are waiting.

The next step is poured powder or put pills, if necessary, add a rinser, salt. Next comes the choice of a suitable mode, all possible options are written in the instructions. As a rule, use the standard program. Eco or economy. If the kitchen products are very blurred, it is better to choose an intense sink that perfectly cleans. However, such a program consumes a lot of electricity and water. Delicate option is provided for cleaning fragile products. If the hostess loaded different dishes in the dishwasher, it is better to choose a gentle mode.

After the program is completed, all items will be hot, so you should not open the door right away, it is better to wait 20-30 minutes. To prevent water flowing, first remove the dishes from the lower department, then from the top. After each start of the machine, clean the filters should be performed, and the exterior can be wiped with a wet sponge.

After reading the instructions and adhering to the recommendations collected in the article, it will be for a long time to extend the life of household appliances.

Cleaning Hat with Dishwasher

Glasses and glasses are placed in the top compartment. The most contaminated dishes are placed in the lower basket. Cutlery are placed in a special tray