Rules wash jacket parks at home

In recent years, the park has won the hearts of many fans of stylish winter clothes. Extra long jackets especially accounted for young people. Park with pleasure wear young people and girls. In other words, it is Mast Hav in the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista. She also conquers an impeccable ability to protect against dampness and cold wind.

But, like any other outerwear, the park requires careful and timely care. Otherwise, the favorite thing will quickly become unsuitable. only pleasant memories will remain. So that this does not happen, you need to know how to empty the park at home.

Certainly, to put in order the park is much easier than a fur coat or rabbit, but still there are certain rules that should be observed when washing such clothes. These little tricks will allow maintaining the initial appearance and the form of the park.

The undoubted dignity of the elongated jacket is that it can be erased both manually and with a washing machine. Basically, the second option is the most practical and convenient, because you have a long and tight thing with your hands very difficult. First, this will require a lot of patience and physical effort. Secondly, the quality of such washing is not always able to satisfy the owner of the park.

In any case, both washing options have a place to be. Let’s go directly to them.

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We erase according to the instructions

Instructions for washing spring and winter parks are based on a single principle. the most gentle conditions and non-aggressive cleaning products. For most, a delicate mode is suitable with a minimum spin and temperature range up to 40 °. The last item is very important, since too hot water spoils synthetic and cotton fabric, making it unattractive and unes-resistant. Machine drying is useful if it is envisaged in the washer.

Important! If the label has an image with a basin and a fat point in the middle, then the washing is allowed only in cold water up to 30 degrees.

This is a general instruction from which there are some exceptions:

  • Only special powders are used, since the usual leaves strong divorces;
  • White and light cotton products are erased only using non-aggressive bleach;
  • With the presence of colored tissues, gels and powders that do not allow molting are needed;
  • If the filler is synthetic, then a program for synthetic and the appropriate material of a gel or powder is required. The spin and drying is prohibited, and after washing the jacket is pressed manually.

The case is more complicated with a down filler. First, special or tennis balls should be used, which, moving on the drum, do not give the fluff. Secondly, choose a delicate washing with 30 degrees, and after the end of the cycle, we get and squeeze your hands. Thirdly, we repeat the occasion, bay in the gel tray for down jackets and disconnecting the spin.

Can I wash the park in a washing machine and hands?

Park is a warm outerwear with a hood of various cut. It is sewn both in a winter version with a lining, fur edge in the hood and the inner insulation, and in the autumn. a shorter product without lining and fur. Consider how to wash the park washing machine and manually, so as not to spoil the fur and other elements of clothes.

Selection of the mode and method of washing

Cotton parks are simply dismissed even with hands

You can erase the winter park both in a washing machine and manually. The method of washing determines based on the materials used for the sewing of the product. Basically, it should be interested in fabric products, filler and the presence of fur edge on the collar.

Park from membrane fabric on a holofiber or natural pollow is better to clean manually. The membrane refers to delicate materials that do not require deep cleaning and using strong detergents. Top winter clothes made from polyether and nylon erased in manual mode.

Facial material / filling Water styretemper, ° C

possible, wash, park, washing, machine

Singry procession, Natural Pooh Machine and hand washing up to 30

Products with fur inserts, with a fur collar or edge on the collar erased manually. over, the fur is desirable to clean with natural absorbents and solutions for outdoor application.

For greater clarity, we have made a consolidated table from which you can learn the washing rules and the temperature for various materials.

How to wash in a washing machine and hands?

Try to apply only detergent in liquid form

Before, making the park in a washing machine, the machine will need to carry out a small preparation of the product. Carefully check the contents of all s.

After inspection and cleaning, all s are fastened, turn the park on the wrong side and take care of twice. If there is a big bag for delicate washing, then you can put a thing in it. This will exclude any damage to the fabric during machine cleaning.

The process of automatic washing will look like this:

  • Download park or bag with park in a drum washing machine. You should not wash outsiders with top clothes, as it can paint the product or lead to overload by weight.
  • Exhibiting careful or delicate washing mode. You can use manual mode and independently set the temperature of water heating no more than 30 ° C. For thin cotton parks, you can set a 2900 rpm. For other fabrics, the spin and drying mode is disabled.
  • Add 1-2 dimensional containers of a liquid detergent. It is not recommended to use a universal washing powder in granules, especially for products with a down filler.
  • After washing, we open the drum and pull out the park. If you can see that the product is very wet, then you can wait for 2-3 minutes while the remnants of water are glasses independently.

For safe and fast squeezing, you can use thick cotton fabric, a terry towel or bathrobe. Thing it is necessary to put between a clean cloth and slightly give up. During the piping, try not to deform the park too much, as some types of fillers in the wet state are not sufficient enough.

For drying it is enough to hang the product on the shoulders and hang on the clothes rope, a balcony or a loggia. If you dry out on the street, make sure that the sun’s rays do not fall on the thing. When drying indoors, do not place the wet item near heaters and batteries.

If there are strong folds on the front fabric, they can be dissolved while the thing is still wet. To do this, during drying, periodically wet the place with a fold or flicker of the fabric and spend the wet hand on it, carefully pulling the cloth.

To perform a manual washing of the winter park, you will need to fill 1/3 of the bath volume with water. Bathroom is pre-wedgered by economic soap. Next in the water dissolves a little detergent in liquid form and the product is immersed.

During washing, it prohibits the thing to rub the thing with a brush or other infrident means. You only need to go through a slightly dirty plots: collar, neck, sleeves and cuffs, planks, s.

Use shower for rinsing. First we rinse well in warm water and wash most of the detergent. Next rinse the park for 2-3 minutes in cold water. Press the thing is not necessary. gently spread the park on the bottom of the bathroom and leave for 15-20 minutes.

After it is necessary only to live the area with the largest cluster of water, wrap in a towel for 10 minutes and hang dry at room temperature.

How to remove strong spots and clean the fur?

Soda and starch allow you to safely clear any fur

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Parks with lots of fur inserts and lush collar is most problematic to wash in a typewriter. From such cleaning the fur can fuss and become tough. The most rational way is to carry out dry cleaning with a long-hand washing of the product.

To clean the collar, we recommend using starch, which you need to mix with water to the state of “thick casis”. This mixture is evenly distributed on the fur and leave until complete drying. Next, we delete dry starch with your hands, and the residues are combed with a soft brush.

If there is no time to wait, then you will need to take the usual soda and sprinkle the fur in the same way. Cleaning time 20-30 minutes. After shaking the collar and remove the remains of soda using the brush. To eliminate fat spots from the parks use an oxygen-containing stain pressure or ammonia alcohol. The stain remover is applied to the thing according to the instructions.

Alcohol will need to add to the water at the rate of 2 tablespoons by 0.5-0.7 liters of water. You can apply a regular cotton wool or cotton swab. Treatment time 2-3 minutes, after which the contaminated area is wetted by a wet sponge. Vasharyar can be replaced with vinegar solution and use in the same proportions.

With a manual washing, the parks with a fur not detached collar will need to protect the element using polyethylene, which is put on a hood / collar and tightly dragged at the base. A small amount of water that fell through the package when washing, will not hurt the fur.

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The expression “soap opera” (“soap”) occurred not by chance. The most first TV shows and the audience of which were women, broadcast on television at a time when housewives were cleaning, ironing and washing. In addition, to attract spectators to the screen on the air often scrollled remotional rollers of detergents: soap and powders.

There are a variety of balls that are used in a washing machine. Antistatic will not give fabrics sticking to the body after washing, balls with special hinges “will make it hiking” and prevent the appearance of rollers, and silicone with pimples will not allow the fluff when washing the outerwear.

The first official patented washing machine was made of wood and was a box with a frame, filled to half with wooden balls. Inside loaded laundry for washing, detergent and with the help of the lever moved a frame, which, in turn, forced to move the balls and sorted underwear.

For washing small things on the road or hotel it is convenient to use the usual plastic bag. Socks or tights knead inside the tied package along with water and a small amount of detergent. This method allows you to pre-dock things and perform washing, without damaging the fabric and without spending a lot of powder and water.

There is a washing machine “For bachelors”. Linen, fenced in such an unit, do not need to iron! The fact is that the device does not have a drum: some of the things can be placed inside the container right on the hangers (for example, jackets and shirts), and smaller things (let’s say, underwear and socks). on special shelves.

The stories are known for the fact that the kitten got into the drum of the washing machine and, having passed the full wash cycle on the program “Woolen things”, got out of the aggregate as a whole and unharmed. The only trouble for a pet was allergic to washing powder.

In the XIX century, the laundry of the ladies took place. The dresses were pre-broken, and then washed and dried each part separately so that the fabric is not deformed. After washing, the clothes were sewn again.

Washing machines are related to the emergence of “Missing Money”. In the 30s of the 20th century, American gangsters used laundry network as a cover of their illegal activity. Giving revenues from criminal activity for revenue received from cleaning clothes, they turned “dirty” money into “clean”.

Cosmonauts, being in the Earth orbit, solve the problem of dirty things with the original method. Clothes are discharged from the spacecraft, and it burns in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Secrets of washing membrane jackets

Membrane clothing is popular with active people. It is distinguished by strength, convenience and good thermal insulation properties. In order for the product to save its qualities, it must be used correctly.

So that the membrane jacket saves its properties, it is necessary to wash it with extreme caution

General recommendations for the care of the ski or snowboarding jacket with headphones:

  • Avoid lengthy soaking;
  • do not twit, do not twist and do not stretch the product after washing;
  • Do not use stains, bleach and air conditioning. If the question arose than to clean the white jacket from casualization and stains, seek help from specialists in dry cleaning.

It is better to wash such a jacket manually. First of all, remove the fur and fittings, button all the zippers and locks. In a larger capacity, dial the water to 40 ℃ and dissolve gel in it. Lower the jacket into the soap solution and start the wash. To remove the soothed or emerged spots, read the place of pollution with a brush. Avoid strong friction and long-term contact of the product with water. At the end of the washing, we rinse the jacket under running cold water and dried with napkins.

Deciding on the “desperate step”. washing machine-machine. Place the product in a special bag for delicate things. This will reduce the aggressive effect on the fabric and will save the product from damage. Select “Delicate” washing mode and set the temperature of 30. Use only permitted detergents, and disconnect at all.

Dry membrane clothes in vertical form and under natural conditions. The effects of heating devices or ultraviolet rays will damage the product.

How to wash Omni HEAT from Columbia

The type of membrane jacket is the winter clothes of the famous Columbia brand, which is sewn using Omni-Heat technology, due to which the jackets retain heat, protect against moisture and wind. Such products also require special care.

In order to wrap a down jacket Columbia Omni-Heat, prepare it to the process: Lightning and buttons button, remove the logging, drain the stains with economic soap. Fold the product and place it in the drum of a washing machine. Set the delicate washing mode and add a special liquid detergent. The water temperature should be no more than 30, and the laundry duration is minimal. At the end of the process, we rinse the product several times to get rid of white divorces.

Wash membrane jackets and clothing best with special liquid means (ask brand stores)

Manual washing of such a product has its own characteristics. Prepared clothing hang on the rope above the bathroom and water the water from the shower. Wipe the product with a soft sponge dipped in soap solution

Pay special attention to the attention: sleeves, collar, s. Spend such cleaning with the outer and inside of the jacket, and then rinse it well with cool water from the shower

Dry vertical, waving on my shoulders.


Washing jackets at home. this is a difficult, but solvable problem, which is under the power of every mistress. Use the presented recommendations and take into account the designations on the label to save the initial view and properties of the product.

At what temperature to wash the park

On the product label, the water temperature is indicated at which you can wash the park. In violation of the manufacturer’s recommendation, the product may lose a commodity view. In cold water, pollution will not be completely removed, it can get a cloth in hot. Materials and fillers that erase only at 300:

If cotton or polyamide was used for the top, the product without deformation of the fabric can be washed at 40-600.

Preparation for washing

Do not doubt whether it is possible to wash the park in the machine, or better to give it to dry cleaning. Machine washing is quite admissible, the characteristics of the process will depend on the quality of the jacket of its filler. Exceptions are only products with non-removable fur hoods and lining.

In other cases, it is possible to use a washing machine, a possible risk will be minimized if adhere to the following recommendations:

  • before downloading the product in the drum washing machine, you need to sweep all the removable items, button all the zippers, buttons and velcro and carefully straighten the laces on the sleeves, the Podol and the Park Hood;
  • Then the jacket must be turned inside out so that the locks and buttons of metal or plastic do not damage the fabric and machine during machine washing;
  • It is better to wash the jacket in a special bag. Neighborhood of other things she does not need, the park must freely rotate in the drum of the washing machine.

Now you need to determine the type of fabric from which the park is sewn to choose the blend mode. Polyamide jacket is erased at a temperature of no more than forty degrees, cotton parks can be wrapped in water to the temperature of up to fifty degrees.

As a cleaning agent, you can use the usual powder, for products of light shades, it is not forbidden to add a bleach, but only without chlorine. Spin and drying is not recommended to apply.

A separate question. how to wipe the park from the membrane material. This is a porous, breathable fabric impregnated with water-repellent composition. Machine washing can break the structure of the fabric and wash the protective composition. Because such products are better to wash out separately by hand. Dry cleaning in this case also does not fit.

What to do if the fluff got lost

Not always tennis balls prevent fluff knocking. If you find that after washing, your filler changed the volume or moved around the edges of the cells, there is nothing terrible. After complete drying, you can fluff over the fluff through the cloth, and then shake the jacket. The filler will quickly return the form.

In addition, the down jacket can be treated with steam if you have an appliance device. But it is impossible to iron a jacket. It hurts not only the flock, but also the tissue itself.

Experienced hostesses are wary in the drying down jackets in cars. High temperatures spoil the filler, so it is necessary to prefer drying on the street.