You can use a castiron frying pan on the glass-ceramic plate

Glass ceramics cooking panel. beautiful, durable, functional. Many hostess dream of installing such a slab in the kitchen, but the question arises: which dishes are suitable for use on a modern device? Is it possible to leave for cooking old frying pan and pans or when buying a new slab will have to change all the kitchen utensils?

Induction cookware: How to know what works

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The answer is unequivocal: the wrong choice of a set of dishes can lead to sad consequences. Insome spots will appear on the panel, the cooking time will increase due to poor heating, scratches will appear on the surface of the burr, various damage.

Rag Mushroom Salad?

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Casane on electric stove

I shake hands. Here is my answer, if you are brief!Classic cauldron with a spherical bottom on the electric stove can not work.Need justification?

Classical electrical stoves, it is a damn heated electrospioral. Heat from the burner is transferred to a saucepan or a pan contact. With increasing distance between the bottom of the dishes and the burner, heat dissipates into the environment. In addition, it is desirable that the sizes of the pan or frying pan do not greatly exceed the size of the burner itself, otherwise the bottom will be elegant unevenly. In this place, I urge not to dedicate the thermal conductivity of metals, if it comes to copper dishes.

In the induction slab, the requirement for a smooth bottom and a dense contact is even higher. Only halogen heaters allow to heat the surfaces to which they shine, but with an increase in the distance, heat transmission becomes less efficient.

There are caulies on sale, in which the inner surface is spherical, and the bottom. Flat, as if adapted to the electric stove and even to the induction plates. Such caulders are well coped with only one operation. Fast roasting at the initial stage of preparation of Central Asian dishes. And quenching in the Kazan filled at least halfway happening less evenly, and when the cauldron is completely filled, then its walls closer to the top almost do not heat up and do not transmit heat products in the upper layers, as it should occur in Kazan, which works in normal conditions. or less, such cauldrons are working on restaurant stoves, where the size of the burner is comparable to the size of kitchen tables. on such a big stove zerkodage and the walls of the Kazan. But to cope with the standard tasks and prevent burning on the bottom under Kazan you have to put lattices or spoons.

Therefore, my call to the owners of electric stove: You do not need caulders! Use for frying pan, for frying and extinguishing. Casserole, for cooking and cooking. Pans.In fact, the preparation of any Central Asian dish is declined to the steps and you, instead of one cauldron on live fire, you will need two or three sudines, only and everything.But if you gain enough experience, you can prepare on the flat-bottomed cauldron, only part of the operations on the stove, and part. in the oven.

Here is a roller illustrating that it is possible to achieve decent results using both a regular saucepan.

But, of course, in Kazan, all the same, it would be more convenient, and therefore, the result would be better.

How to choose a suitable dishes for induction slabs

There is marking of kitchen utensils for similar cooking surfaces. Almost all modern manufacturers of quality products put such a mark. It looks in the form of a spiral with the inscription induction and is located outside in the center of the bottom. If the dishes are purchased on the market, you can take a magnet with you and check the containers for the presence of magnetism.

Induction utensils can be distinguished from the usual even in appearance. Products are more voluminous, massive, with a thick case and are much more expensive than standard.

When choosing a container, you must pay attention to the bottom: the thicker and even more than the process of cooking.

The parameters for which you want to navigate:

  • High-quality tableware is expensive. the average price begins from 2 thousand.
  • Bottom thickness. not less than 2 mm.
  • Standard diameter. 12 cm.

When using dishes with a diameter of the bottom less than the plates recommended by the manufacturer (for example, the Turks), you need to purchase a special adapter. a magnetic disk for induction dishes. It is placed on the plate of the plate, and the top of the cooking container is installed on top.

Reference. Some plates models are adjusted for the size of the dishes, providing uniform heating.

Kazan for induction plates: What a form, size and material should be

For reading required ~ 5 minutes

The popularity of induction plates among consumers is only increasing. Such household appliances are quickly heated and also cooled quickly, allow you to save electricity. When selecting a product for such a cooking surface, you will have to spend a certain amount of time, it is necessary to pay attention to the form and material manufacturing material. Choose a frying pan or a pan is simple enough, but finding the appropriate cauldron for induction plates is very hard. Consider this question in more detail.

What should be the utensils for induction slabs

The main difference of the induction slab from other household appliances is considered to heat the bottom of the installed dishes. In the rest, heating the burner or hob.

This effect is achieved at the expense of the structural features of the equipment, the coil on which the current passes under the glass-ceramic coating of the device. Under the influence of the electromagnetic field, currents are transmitted to the bottom of the pan or cauldron with a flat bottom.

Thus, vortex currents are created that heat the liquid and other contents of the containers. Products for induction plates should absorb the current to protect the person, that is, possess ferorality properties.

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Similar qualities have products from such material:

For induction plates, old dishes are suitable, the main thing is that it would be smooth and even bottom. Skin compatibility or domestic pans check enough simply, for this it is enough to make a magnet for the bottom (he must pester). Modern plates models independently determine the desired dishes. Products from ceramics or glass The device is simply not seen, will not turn on, only gives a special beep.

There is modern dishes for induction plates on the market, check its compatibility with a household appliance allows a special icon in the form of a coil at the bottom of the product. The word induction is often applied to the surface. Such designations can be seen at the bottom of the induction cauldron.

Nuances of choice Kazan

We have familiarized with the materials of manufacturing dishes that can be used for induction plates. Now let’s talk about a specific product of the Casane. It is most often used in Asian countries, made in the form of a hemisphere, which allows you to immerse all the container in the fire. Thanks to this design, the product is achieved fast and uniform heating of fluid and other products, long-term heat retention.

This form of dishes is considered traditional, but it is absolutely not suitable for home use. For induction slabs, the preferred option will be a flat-bottom cauldron, which is more like a saucepan. The household device warms up the bottom of the capacity, so the standard caval of spherical shape on such a stove will be ineffective.

Material Kazan

There is a huge assortment of dishes, which is used for operation on induction plates. All products are made of different materials, have a different size and shape.


Aluminum Casuals are used to prepare daily traditional dishes. The process of solar food in the dishes occurs not so actively as in products from cast iron. The ideal choice is a model with thick walls (from 1 centimeter) and the presence of a non-stick coating.

Many users are asked about what causing better, aluminum or cast iron? It is difficult to say to say, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of each of the materials. Aluminum dishes with the same overall dimensions are easier twice and cheaper, but it needs more thorough care. The surface of the aluminum is destroyed when cleaning with detergents with abrasive particles. The cooked food is better not to maintain in aluminum dishes, it enters into the reaction with the metal and oxidized.

In the modern market, you can find Casans, the walls of which are made of two layers of stainless steel and aluminum in the middle. Such dishes retains warmly warmly, quickly and evenly warms up, but food is pursuing to her walls, which increases the risk of burning. In specialized stores there are pans from a different material, resembling the form of Kazan. The dishes has thin walls, can not hold heat for a long time. Pans are used for instant products of products.

Form and size

On the shelves stores can be found different for the volume of cauldron for ceramic plates. For home use, it is recommended to select dishes with a capacity from 3 to 8 liters, the ideal option will be the 5 liter product.

Most often there are caulies of spherical, oval or elongated. In Round High Models, additional ears are often provided for. Long handle is present in products with low sides. Side holders are installed and on the cover of the dishes.

Other criteria

When choosing a cauldron for a home plate, you must pay attention not only to its value, but also on the popularity of the manufacturer and user reviews. There are products of the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian production in the dishes. European production products are absent, there are no such products, only the likeness of Kazan (French brazier).

Casting dishes manufactures the Ukrainian enterprise “Siton”. The goods of this company are provided with a small range with a capacity of 3.5 to 8 liters. Cast iron products may have an enamel or titanium coating.

Belarusian manufacturer, the firm “Taratol Polotsk” received a huge number of positive customer feedback. Products of this company are provided in a wide range, the capacity of the dishes from 4 to 20 liters,

Products of the Russian manufacturer are provided in the market by aluminum models of Kazan from Tatarstan Brand Kukmara and Tima from the Balezzin Plant, which manufactures cast iron dishes The cost of products depends on the material of manufacturing and capacity.

Care Rules

Care for a special pancake or pots is little different from the care of traditional utensils. It is even a little easier: the food almost does not burn on the IP.

It is allowed to use kitchen tools from any materials. The main thing is that they do not damage the anti-peer if it is. You can go to silicone accessories. heat-resistant, hygienic and safe for protective layers. The dishes used on the induction plate are often produced with a fragile coating. granite, marble, teflon.

It is not recommended to keep an empty saucepan on the plane. It will destroy anti-gun material.

Clean the pan must be immediately after cooling. Then wash will pass faster, without additional efforts, accelerating the wear of the material.

As for washing, the dishwasher, and handmade. In the dishwasher it is better to choose eco mode or low-temperature (30 ° C for no more than 30 minutes.). When washing manually, it is worth using a non-abrasive sponge and detergent without abrasive particles, so as not to scratch the walls.

Cast iron products when stored is better lubricated with vegetable oil to protect against corrosion.

Compliance with uncomplicated rules will extend the service life of utensils. Next, we will tell about what kind of induction dishes and which brands in the leaders among goods for IP.

A little about the principle of the induction plate

Before proceeding with the main topic, you need to decide on another question. why the induction plate is generally needed special dishes? It’s all about the principle of her work.

Gas and electric stoves work very simply: they heat the bottom of the dishes using direct contact with fire or heated to Red Tan. This method is effective, but unsafe. you can easily get a burn, and the things that have fallen on the burner (for example, the curtain squeezing) can catch fire.

Induction slabs offer a much greater level of security. Even in the inclusive state, their surface remains cold and does not interact with the objects that fell on it. It’s all about the electromagnetic field created by the hidden under it coil. It can influence solely on metal objects, but not all. So that the electrons of the substance came into motion and heated under the action of the electromagnetic field, it must itself have ferromagnetic properties, that is, “stick” to magnet.

The most popular and quality are Kazan firms: Kukmara, Vari, Mayerboch, Forester. What company is better to definitely say difficult, Russian manufacturers also provide high quality of their products. Manufacturers from China often fake famous brands, not always taking care of the quality of the product. But at the same time their products are inexpensive (budget).

The rating includes the best models, according to buyers. The basis was taken reviews, description, model type, user review. With this rating it will be easy to determine what better to buy, what functionality do models have and how much is the Kazan.

With non-stick coating

Country of production: China. The porous structure of the inside provides durability to various small damage. Material is fully safe. Average

Handles (2 pieces) are made of high-quality stainless steel. Such a model can not be put on glass plates. Cost: 2590

Equipped with a thickened bottom. Perfectly suitable for cooking from any products in the campaign or on the street for the street. Optimally suitable for a small company or for cooking for a big family. Average

Manufacturer Country: Russia. Suitable for cooking in the oven. It has high wear resistance. Teflon coating.

In the configuration does not have a lid. Volume: 4 liters. Small size. Suitable for family cooking Plov and other Eastern dishes. The non-stick coating is applied by a special method of spraying, which allows to extend the life of the device.

The model is made in black. Thanks to the thick walls, it warms it uniformly, providing a high level of cooking. Convenient for the preparation of a variety of dishes.

  • It has a functional frying pan that can be used as a separate inventory;
  • domestic production;
  • Suitable for the oven.

With a lid

The model has 4 aluminum handles. Brand: Namangan. Manufacturer Country: Uzbekistan. Suitable for induction plates. Dishes in such a cauldron are not burning. Long keeps heat.

Manufacturer Country: Uzbekistan. The model optimally combines the cauldron and a frying pan that provides even greater functionality.