Cookware for the glass-ceramic plate: what is suitable and how to choose, need for ceramic glass-ceramic

What tableware is suitable for glass-ceramic plates?. with such a question almost every mistress faces, setting this equipment in your kitchen. When the new stove of glass-ceramics with glitter flashes on your working surface, it seems that disassembled in a huge assortment of the dishes will not work at all.

This article will help you choose exactly the option of dishes for a glass-ceramic hob that will not damage the stove, and will explain why an old dishes for the electric stove is not suitable for such a kitchen device.

Types of glass-ceramic plates

Before we find out which kitchen utensils is suitable for glassceramic plates, it is worth finding out the types of this technique, which criteria they distinguish them?

Here are 3 main factors for the separation of these devices:

Of course, dishes for glass-ceramic surfaces are selected depending on these factors.

Today in the assortment of techno shops there is a detached type of technology and embedded models. Detached are usually universal. they include and the cooking panel, and the oven.

Embedded models are most popular in modern kitchens and in the interior design, as they look aesthetically. Embedded devices also have their own classification: dependent and independent. Dependent models near the cooking panel must be placed a brass cabinet, since they have a combined control panel. Independent devices can be without an oven at all and you can accommodate them away from the oven, which, too, most often choose modern designers. it is convenient to integrate the oven at the level of the person’s eye, and not downstairs, as was customary before.

Different types of burners are distinguished: Rapid, halogen, with a ribbon heater (so-called high-lite) and induction.

In glass ceramics, whatever the burners, are heated and cooled, they are still faster than on a regular plate, and it is easier to manage them several times. Also, the speed of heating and cooling affects the selection of a saucepan and frying pan for glass-ceramic plates. it is important that the bottom of the pan closes the entire surface of the burner. Today, household appliances manufacturers in order to “facilitate” the lives of their customers also offer devices with different forms of burners, which can also expand or decrease depending on the mode.

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There is a set of various useful functions for which glassceramic plates are distinguished. We list several popular useful features, including they will help to decide which kitchen utensils for a glass-ceramic plate will be needed.

Cookware recognition feature for glass ceramics. This feature avoids the inclusion of the device, if the saucepan is not put on the burner or its bottom does not correspond to the diameter.

A system that many manufacturers are called “Autofocus”, allows you to recognize the model of the dishes and automatically connects a large or small surface of the heating of the burner.

AutoCillion. This feature allows you to set a timer to shut down one or immediately multiple burners, some models have all the burners of the timer, others have one or two.

File defrosting, “Cleaning”.Pause, time suspension mode, automatic boiling. all these functions can be useful in the modern kitchen, although they do not have the effect on how to choose the necessary items for cooking.

Is it possible to put a cold saucepan on a ceramic slab?

Glass ceramics is not afraid of heating, but may suffer from a sharp temperature drop. Cold Water Contact Contact (which will immediately turn into pairs) can lead to cracks or change of surface color.

It is believed that the bottom should close the workplace at least than 70%. The smallest hill of the induction plate takes only 15 cm, so it can be put on a saucepan with a diameter of a minimum of 10.5 cm. When the circle is much smaller, the electronics does not recognize the subject, and the electric stove may not work.

Convenient functions of modern glass-ceramic panels

From electrical fellow, they differ from the perfect smooth surface and external design of the burners.

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Manufacturers offer a wide selection of models that can be purchased depending on preferences: the number of burners with different heating elements, complete with an oven and different set of functions.

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The stove heats the bottom of the kitchen utensils, due to which the heat is evenly distributed throughout the container.

Cookware for induction plates

Induction cooker runs from a magnetic field that heats up metal dishes. Assistant when choosing a magnet. If it sticks to the bottom. in front of you a suitable frying pan for induction plates.

Aluminum utensils (if only a non-stick or ceramic coating is not applied to the bottom), glass, ceramics, fire, copper is not suitable at all. Need utensils from stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum with ferromagnetic bottom.

Pan for induction plates in diameter cannot be less than 12 cm, otherwise the surface of contact will be insufficient; DNA thickness. from 4 to 8 mm. The same requirements must be consistent with the pan for induction plates.

Such dishes can be used on other plates. What can be said about the choice of kitchen utensils in general?

Observe the principle of matching the diameter of the bottom and the burner. Preferrate a dish with a thick heat dissipation bottom. Cast iron dishes are heavy, absorbs odors, but it is very eco-friendly and keeps warm well. Aluminum dishes created by casting and with a non-stick or ceramic coating is also well suited for all types of plates. Stainless steel utensils sometimes provokes allergies, food in it can burn, but it does not oxidize, it is easy to clean and convenient in circulation.

Can I leave the dishes on the glass-ceramic plate?

Scratches may form. So that there are no cracks on the surface, it is impossible to put a wet dishes on it if they bury to the surface, it can lead to the appearance of scratches, stains or raids. Turn on the burner after the dishes will already stand on the stove.

Plate manufacturers recommend using stainless steel kitchenware (chromium and nickel alloy). With caution, such dishes need to use people with skin diseases or prone to food allergies: nickel can cause dermatosis.

dishes, glass, ceramic, plate

Is it possible to put on the induction slab a pan from the refrigerator?

Food products prepared in stainless steel tanks retain the lion’s part of the beneficial substances. Such dishes can be placed in the refrigerator. It will not change the taste and flavor of food. From the refrigerator, the stainless steel immediately put on the induction slab.

You can prepare on the induction plate only in the dish with a ferromagnetic bottom during cooking heats only the bottom of the dishes and, accordingly, the food located in it, but not a cooking surface. Therefore, if a piece of food falls on the burner. nothing terrible.

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Useful tips for the care and use of dishes for glass ceramics

In order for the dishes to prepare delicious and useful dishes and pleased with their appearance, it is necessary to care for her correctly.

Black matte bottom warm up better than glossy and light.

Several tips who can use the hostess.

  • When buying a new dish, it is necessary to rinse with a soft detergent and dry before use.
  • Keep kitchen attributes clean, this is especially important for coating the plates of glass ceramics.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products that scratch the surface. Products with non-stick coating are especially sensitive to abrasives, scratches are formed on the surface, and it is impossible to use such dishes in preparation. Stainless steel saucepan will be dim and lost its shiny surface.
  • When cleaning surfaces, it is better to use folk care products. With the cleaning of almost all pollution, the food soda and mustard powder are perfectly cope with and for your cooking panel.
  • Do not allow the stove of empty dishes on the plate, the overheating is dangerous not only by your saucepan, but also. It is desirable that the saucepan is filled with 4/3 volume products.
  • Avoid setting on a preheated hob of a wet bottom of a pan or pan, ceramics resistant coating, but with such contacts may form microcracks that reduce the service life of the hob.

Some modern models simply do not turn on when there are inappropriate dishes on their surface. These include: glass, aluminum, brave items.

Correctly choosing kitchen attributes in the store, you will use your favorite saucepans for a long time and do not damage the beautiful surface of the glass-ceramic panel.

Before purchasing a sudine for glass ceramics, read the useful information in Internet resources or consult the seller before buying.