What tableware is suitable for induction plates

To appear in the house of the induction panel, it is necessary to prepare not only your wallet, but also the kitchen: say goodbye to the old electric or gas tiles, prepare a place to accommodate a new cooking surface and conduct a revision of the dishes. What pots and frying pans will be found in the updated space, and from what will have to refuse?

In contrast to electrical and gas plates, the induction cooking panel does not heat itself, to then pass the heat-standing pot on it. It functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

  • When the burner is turned on, the coil located under the ceramic housing of the cooking plane forms a magnetic field.
  • The vortex current comes from it in the bottom of the tableware.
  • Under the action of current bottom heats up.
  • The warmth created directly in the dishes is partially transmitted by the burner back.

In this principle, the advantages of the induction surface are based:

  • Kitchen utensils heats up very quickly;
  • reduced time for cooking;
  • less energy is consumed;
  • Safety increases, as the main part of the surface remains cold;
  • reduced risk of fire;
  • careless care is simplified, because the food that fell on the panel does not burn.

In order for the induction plate to heat any item, its bottom should absorb the magnetic field energy. Not all substances and materials are capable of it. Therefore, the utensils used on induction panels are subject to special requirements. What dishes can be used?

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Principle of operation of the induction plate

The action of such a plate is based on electromagnetic induction, at which an electric current occurs under the influence of magnetic waves in a closed circuit. As a result, it turns out that no electric stoves are prepared, but dishes.

induction, plates, suitable

When cooking, only the container is heated, not the surface. Therefore, you can easily and safely put the blade, spoons and other products on the plate, touch the panel with your hands and do not burn. In addition, escaped a broth or other liquid will not focus to the surface.

Induction electric stoves characterizes high efficiency, which is 90%. Therefore, the dishes heats up much more quickly than on the classic plate. It allows you to reduce cooking time and save electricity. At the same time, the burners work only when the panel is covered with dishes. Removed the container. the induction turned off.

It is important to take into account the fact that the burner does not heat the subject of smaller diameter. So, it will not dispel a fork, a spoon or another product that you accidentally put on the panel. Therefore, even the included slab will not harm the child or pet, which increases the safety of technology.

Due to a variety of automatic functions, you can choose suitable cooking programs, adjust the desired heating temperature. And then learn what kind of utensils for induction slab is better.

How to determine what tableware is suitable?

Check the compatibility of the dishes with the induction slab will help the visual inspection of the product and packaging:

  • Look for a spiral symbol or induction inscription;
  • Check the bottom: must be perfectly smooth;
  • Attach the magnet: if adhesive. you can take.

Ordinary tableware is not a magnetic, may have an uneven bottom (with protrusions or recesses) and not to have an induction symbol.

What requirements are presented to the dishes for induction

Optional to acquire new sets of dishes. It is important to know the main criteria, according to which, you can use homemade skewers and pans:

  • The base of the kitchen utensils should be with ferromagnetic properties;
  • The diameter of the base is at least 12 cm. On some plates, the use of products, the bottom of which is 8 cm;
  • The base thickness from 2 mm than this value is higher, the better;
  • The bottom should be perfectly smooth, without defects.

It is interesting! Today manufacturers produce models of induction cooking surfaces, whose burners are adjusted under the diameter of the dishes.

When choosing a product, it is important to know that its diameter should cover at least 70% of the burner area

What is induction technology and how it works?

Traditional gas and electric stoves are heated independently when working, while the induction cooker uses the magnetic energy generated by the electric shock. Magnetic energy connects to your pots and effectively turns it into a heat source, which makes it a very efficient and safe way of cooking. Magnetic induction is achieved only when the chain is closed by placing the pan on the stove.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to go and buy a new pan. With the growing popularity of induction plates, many manufacturers of dishes now also make them suitable for use with induction.

How the induction works?

Induction plates operate due to the magnetic field arising from their surface. The vortex currents warm up the bottom of the dishes, and with it and food, so the dishes for induction should have high ferromagnetic properties.

Only metal, which can be magnified by the desired properties.

Therefore, for induction plates are not suitable:

Aluminum without a special magnetic layer at the bottom of the dishes

But these materials are friends with induction:

Aluminum with special coating at the bottom

induction, plates, suitable

The easiest way to determine which of the existing dishes is suitable for induction. to attach a magnet to it. If it sticks to the bottom, you can use the dishes.

As for the choice of new dishes, if it is suitable for induction, it will definitely be indicated on the label. Now you can meet dishes from mixed materials: the case can be made of ceramics, aluminum, fire, but the bottom in this case will be made of metal with ferromagnetic properties.

It happens that the dishes from the “correct” material may not fit. The whole thing is that other parameters are important

The thickness of the bottom of the dishes should be from 2 to 6 mm to prevent temperature deformation.

The diameter of the bottom for the standard burner must be at least 12 cm. For small burners (diameter 15 cm) suitable dishes with Ø 8 cm.

The bottom should be absolutely flat without any relief, only then it will fully lie down to the cooking surface and provide the best heat transfer.

Why the bottom of the dishes should be magnetic: the principle of operation of the induction plate

To deal with the properties of dishes for induction plates, you should remember such a phenomenon as “electromagnetic induction”. Thanks to this phenomenon, it is possible to boil the water in a short time in a fairly large saucepan. This ensures as follows:

  • An alternating current is supplied to the inductor placed under the ceramic panel;
  • around the coil located under the voltage occurs a magnetic field;
  • When the container with ferromagnetic properties on the container, under the influence of the electromagnetic field, which occurred between the coil and the bottom of the dishes are induced by vortex currents. The highlighted heat provides quick heating of the tank.

Attention! During operation, the panel remains cold, as it is made of material that does not have magnetic properties. Electrical models are heated.

Popular manufacturers

Release of this kind of dishes, today, is engaged in a large number of manufacturers. But, unfortunately, not everyone do it with a special zeal, sets above all the quality. A wide range of store will allow you to choose exactly the goods that you like as in appearance and according to the characteristics. First of all, when choosing a product, you should give preference to proven manufacturers who are very popular among consumers.


This is a German company that has long received recognition among cooks and housewives. Their feature is the manufacture of kitchen utensils with a bias in favor of modern technologies. The product of this company has many additional functions in the form of measuring scales, sides intended for a drain and a special bottom, evenly heating dishes.

It will satisfy the tastes of any buyer. from a professional to a novice amateur.

The number of positive feedback grows every day. People prefer high-quality goods, after the purchase of which you do not have to regret.

ZWILLING J. A. Henckels

This global brand is engaged in creating and releasing the popular, and most importantly, budget and high-quality goods. Profit is not the main task of the company, since the quality of the device being created for them is much more important. Many chefs from all over the world are engaged in operation of this device. Among them are well-known.

Brand Zwilling J.A. Henckels is one of the most vintage and respected trademarks of Europe.

Is it not confirmation of the quality of products that Zwilling J releases. A. Henckels.


The manufacturer from Italy, who specializes in the production of high-quality and easy dishes. Their products are equipped with a special multi-layer bottom. Also, the company does not forget to pay special attention to stylish design. Also, the pricing policy of the company is not overestimated, but rather, even on the contrary.

Zanussi recognizable and lead brand home kitchen.

The combination of price and quality. the main advantages that should be noted after all.


German brand that prefers steel products. Their products are characterized in that it has in addition to a multi-layer bottom, durable walls. The design has a glossy coating, from which the dishes has a very stylish visual representation. In the assortment of the store you can find a rich selection of a variety of coloring. And what is the most interesting item is one of the most durable in the market and has a long service life.

Kochstar kitchenware (Germany). best in its class.


Company from France, for which the design is on Roven with quality. Accented and special attention to this aspect allows you to do one of the most stylish products throughout the market. Their dishes can be used not only for cooking, but also for decorating a festive table.

Smooth, enameled bottom allows you to use staub dishes on all plates, including induction.

Manufacturer from Germany, which is engaged in the production of products with a thickened bottom. On the market you can find such copies, the bottom of which reaches 10 mm. In addition, inside the dishes there is a special titanium-ceramic anti-stick coating, which is very difficult to find in analogues.

Cooking on induction cooking panels safely and energy efficient with woll dishes.

The technology of work of the induction plate is quite simple if you understand everything. This is one of the latest modern technologies, which is convenient and has a number of some benefits. For proper and gentle operation, some rules must be compliance. Also, the consumer does not have a strong need to buy special labeled dishes, since it is assumed to use a magnetic disk that allows you to use old kitchen utensils. This will save you a large amount of cash.

Today, people gradually began to move to the use of such technology. Every day the number of consumers who want to buy such a slab growing. This trend is quite logical, because comfort and convenience are the main needs in the life of every person. This stove will be an excellent choice that you do not have to regret.