Review: Nozzle-rolling for Dough Kenwood KAX970 / AT970. Well, just no words

I remember from childhood how much time and effort is ranked dough on dumplings, dumplings, noodles. Usually we did this with the whole family. Currently, I have not decided on this feat due to small children, but by buying a Kenwood KVC5030T combine Chef Sense and having received a bunch of pile of nozzles, I immediately corrected this case.

Nozzle Roller Kenwood AT970 designed to rolling the dough. It happens several modifications depending on the type of fastening. I have acquired not suitable for my car, but it can be used with a special adapter. AT970 Compatible with all Kitchen Machines Series Chef, Major, Cooking Chef, Chef Sense (via adapter) and with meat grinders.The nozzle is made of stainless steel. That’s how it looks like.

Rolling is very small. 11 sch13cmx5 cm, but heavy enough. On the site representatives declared weight in 1.4 kg, in reality it turned out a little less.

Machine is connected via low-speed drive.

Let’s start work. I have a car more.

With the help of special adjustment I choose the thickness of the test. Total there are 9 options.

Here are visible white gum, through which the dough passes.

Now I set the thickness of smaller and pump the dough again. The manufacturer provides a special handle on which you can hang dough. It is very comfortable.

Each time the dough is becoming thinner and longer.

Here is a flat and beautiful it turns out.

And here, with the help of another rolling, which will tell in another review, I made noodles.

Noodles became one of the favorite products in our family. With this nozzle, I often began to pour my relatives. I can not say from which of the nozzles I could give up, but not exactly from this.

Rating manufacturers

Among the numerous manufacturers of multi-functional equipment for the house with permanent flagships with variable leadership are known to the famous companies Bosch from Germany and Philips. Netherlands. It is their most wide range of combines of various purposes with a large assortment of nozzles and additional devices.

Full Demo SFG500B dough sheeter

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The Russian company TEKHNOPOISK LLC announced the new brand of Redmond household appliances in 2006, and today its products are included in the top three in popularity in the Russian market. In the ranking of the best mixers of 2021, the domestic model ranked second, showing excellent power and performance results, while having a small weight, but a very durable stainless steel case, as well as a pretty fashion design.

Among stationary tests that differ in the average pricing policy are advised to pay attention to the Braun model from Germany and French brand Moulinex. For consumers with unlimited financial capabilities and great passion for cool test products, as well as various home pastries should be paid attention to products from Kenwood from Misty Albion or Kitchen AID from USA.

Popular manufacturers of tastor school

One of the popular manufacturers of dough splitting devices is the Italian company IMPERIA. “Imperia” was founded in 1932. Now the plant for the manufacture of tesorColt is in the Italian city of Turin. The equipment produced at the factory is imported in 77 countries. Due to its quality, Imperia products have won recognition worldwide. “Imperia” produces both electric professional tastor ducts and mechanical with the function of cutting paste and noodles. Equipment of this manufacturer is characterized by ease of use and maintenance, as well as small dimensions. IMPERIA products have all certificates complies with world quality standards, so it can be easily acquired for home and professional use.

The company “Gemlux” appeared in Russia in 2015. The company is engaged in the release of various kitchen equipment. Products are manufactured at well-known factories of European countries, Russia and Asia. Although this brand in our country appeared relatively recently, but for the long period of work “Gemlux” has established itself as a reliable company and a wide range of products. Rolling machines will be rated both homemade hostesses and professional chefs.

Another popular brand producing equipment for dough rolling is “GastroRag”. This company has gained popularity worldwide due to the low cost of products and high quality of manufacture. At the plant “Gastrorag” there is control at each stage of manufacture, which gives confidence as the equipment produced. In the Russian market “Gastrorag” for more than 20 years, there is also a company service center. This guarantees timely customer support if necessary. Available are formed thanks to direct supply from the manufacturer. It is important to note that the range of brand “Gastrorag” is constantly expanding. To date, there are more than 1000 names of kitchen equipment intended for home and professional use.

“Gemlux GL-PMF-180” will be excellent kitchen assistant. With it to reduce the time of the dough rolling at least 2 times. This rolling device works perfectly with a steep test option. With it, you can quickly prepare the basis for dumplings, dumplings or celabureks, as well as roll out the dough for noodles.

The maximum width of the rolled dough is 18 cm, the thickness can be from 0.5 to 3 mm. There is a comfortable handle to regulate the thickness of the product that has 7 positions. Also included a removable nozzle for cutting two types of noodles. Thin nozzle allows you to cut a noodle width 2 mm., What is perfect for talolini or soups. A wide nozzle cuts a noodle with a width of 6.25 mm, this option is suitable for cooking paste and Fettucino.

The size “Gemlux GL-PMF-180” is equal to 24,519,815.8 cm., and weight. 3.5 kg.


  • Manufactured from chrome steel;
  • Has 7 positions of rolling;
  • There is a removable double-sided nozzle for cutting noodles;
  • Convenient mount.

This machine from the company “Gemlux” will help in the test of the test, when cooking noodles, pies, dumplings, dumplings and other products requiring a thin splitting. It is designed to work with a steep dough. “Gemlux GL-PMZ-180” has one pair of rolls that are powered by removable handle. There is a built-in napshire with two nozzles.

The width of the rolling can reach 18 cm. One nozzle of the built-in napsherazka allows you to make a thin noodle perfectly suitable for the first dishes or a thin paste, which is perfectly combined with bolognese sauce. The second nozzle cuts a noodle with a width of 6 mm. This variant of cutting will be an excellent garnish for the second dishes, but if you wish, you can use such a cut in the first dishes.

The size “Gemlux GL-PMZ-180” is 252014 cm, the weight of the product is 3.5 kg. Manufactured “Gemlux GL-PMZ-180” from chrome steel.


  • Reliable manufacturing material;
  • Compact size;
  • 7 provisions for regulation of rolling thickness;
  • It is convenient to use;
  • Affordable price.

This model of desktop disktacks from the Italian brand “Imperia” is suitable for both home use and catering establishments. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit even on the smallest kitchen.

With its help you can roll out the perfect dough for further cooking noodles, dumplings or dumplings, as well as the dough for Lazagany. “Imperia (LA Monferrina) SFOGLIATRICE 162” has smooth rollers, thanks to which the dough does not break, and at the output it turns out a smooth and smooth product. Roll thickness regulator allows you to choose a dough thickness from 2.2 to 0.2 mm. There are 6 provisions to regulate this parameter. The maximum rolling width is 15 cm.

In addition, it is possible to purchase various nozzles with which you can cut the noodles of different widths or prepare other dough dishes, such as Ravioli or Spaghetti.

Size “Imperia (La Monferrina) SFOGLIATRICE 162” is 20,514,514 cm., and the weight is 2 kg.


This kitchen tool from the company “Imperia” is designed to rolling the dough and slicing noodles. It can be used both at home and at catering. Made from chrome steel copper color, which guarantees a long service life and convenience when used.

Rolling shaft has a width of 15 cm. Such a product size is convenient both for the preparation of pasta and for further modeling of dumplings, dumplings, celabureks or wind pies. The thickness of the rolling can be from 0.2 to 2.2 mm. To regulate this parameter there is a convenient handle with 6 positions. “Imperia (La Monferrina) IPASTA 117” is completed with an additional nozzle duplex 217. It is used to cut the noodle width 6 and 2 mm.

In addition, the device can be supplemented with other nozzles, with the help of which you can make lazanette, ravioli, spaghetti, as well as the electric drive.

The size “IMPERIA (LA MonFerrina) IPASTA 117” is 17.520,518.5 cm, and the weight is 3.4 kg.


  • The ability to supplement the device with various nozzles;
  • Completed with a nozzle for cutting two types of noodles;
  • Has 6 provisions for regulation of rolling thickness.

This test machine from Gastrorag can not only roll out the dough, but so cut your noodles and prepare the basis for Ravioli. “Gastrorag QF-150QS” can find application, both at home kitchen and in the catering kitchen.

This model runs from manual drive. Rotating handle to the action come shafts, which ride the dough. The “Gastrorag QF-150QS” housing is made of stainless steel, and details of tempered steel. Aluminum rollers and knives. Such a design guarantees reliable operation of the tesor scribe for a long time.

The maximum width of the rolling test is equal to 15 cm., There are 7 provisions for regulating the thickness of the finished product. Each steppoint is different by 0.4 mm. At the same time, the maximum thickness is 3 mm., and minimal. 0.3 mm. Nozzle for cutting can cut a noodle width 2 and 6.5 mm. In addition, the package includes a ravioli nozzle, which cuts the dough into squares in size 4.54.5 cm. There is a roller knife, which, if necessary, you can cut the edges of the rolled product.

What to improve the functionality of the machine can be separately purchased by the electric motor. With its help per hour, you can recycle up to 10 kg of test.

The size “Gastrorag QF-150QS” is 2119.815.8 cm, and the weight is 3.75 kg.


  • In the kit there are nozzles for cutting two types of noodles and ravioli;
  • It is possible to separately purchase an electric drive;
  • Durable construction.

The device for home use that will be helper for any hostess in the kitchen. Management type mechanical, it is easy to use and care.

Country. Manufacturer. China.

Price. 1890

  • affordable price;
  • compact size;
  • table type;
  • mechanical (manual control);
  • The housing is made of chrome steel;
  • rolls the dough with a thickness of 180 mm;
  • The configuration has a noodle nozzle;
  • rolling thickness regulator;
  • Suitable for home.

Desktop device that is suitable for use in the kitchen at home or for small bakeries and pizzerias.

Country. Manufacturer. South Korea.

Price. 17 885

  • price-quality ratio;
  • Traditional installation type;
  • desktop;
  • Suitable for rolling the dough for noodles, dumplings and other products from the dough;
  • The housing is made of stainless steel;
  • There are legs that are made of plastic, do not slide, tightly fixed on the surface of the table;
  • there is a frame made of plastic metal;
  • low weight;
  • small-sized;
  • simplicity in connection to the electrical network;
  • Raspatic shafts of their food steel;
  • There are built-in knives for cutting dough on strips;
  • In the configuration, the pallet for collecting flour, which can be changed;
  • There is a roller information regulator;
  • Powerful electric drive with reducer and overheating protection.

Aggregate for rolling of blanks for pizza, tabletop, rolls the dough round shape, compact and convenient.

Price. 35 162

Country. manufacturer. Italy.

  • table type;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • compactness and stability on the surface;
  • You can use both in small catering establishments and for home;
  • stainless steel housing;
  • Polymer rollers;
  • There is an electric pedal.

Aggregate of Russian production, outdoor type, large-sized dough rolling device.

Price. 122 200

Country. Manufacturer. Russia.

  • power;
  • high quality;
  • outdoor type;
  • there is a napsherazka;
  • large volumes;
  • electromechanical management;
  • Suitable for rolling of a layer test;
  • durable design;
  • high performance;
  • The tape consists of fabric gaskets, a layer of thermoplastic PVC;
  • The device is installed on special vibration plants that absorb vibration during operation;
  • improved design;
  • Suitable for rolling enough steep dough.

The unit is used in public catering, in confectionery and bakery. This is a reliable assistant in the kitchen of restaurants and cafes, prepare different flour dishes with such an appliance much faster. The car prepares perfect layers of the test, they will be the basis for Chebureks or noodles, lasagna and dumplings.

Country manufacturer. Taiwan.

Price. 19 900

  • affordable price;
  • Mechanical management type;
  • desktop, compact device;
  • steel case;
  • Availability of test thickness regulator.

Italian production aggregate, reliable, powerful. Perfect choice for confectionery, restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. The machine copes with different types of dough, thin and smoothly rolls yeast, trimming or puff.

Country. manufacturer. Italy.

Price. 262 700

  • high quality;
  • Reliable assembly and materials;
  • Suitable for rolling from different types;
  • used at catering enterprises, bakeries and confectionery;
  • The hull is made of steel;
  • precise thickness adjustment;
  • You can change the direction of rolling of test sheets;
  • Equipped with a convenient system of lifting desktops;
  • There is a security system, protective lattices are provided;
  • Rolls are made of food, chrome steel.

Desktop unit for rolling, with electromechanical control.

Country. Manufacturer. China.

Price. 104 800

  • Ideally rolls the layers;
  • On the instrument you can make blanks for pizza and pellets, noodles and dumplings;
  • compactness and high performance;
  • saving labor costs and time;
  • economy electric consumption;
  • Electromechanical management type
  • Stained steel machine design.

This household kitchen appliances is used for uniform dough rolling, compact and convenient, suitable for kitchens at home and small catering establishments.

Country. manufacturer. Italy.

Price.12 900

  • build quality and materials;
  • affordable price;
  • Compactness and stylish appearance;
  • Prepares dough for dumplings, pasta noodle and pizza;
  • reliability and warranty;
  • significantly reduces the time for the preparation of the required type of test;
  • can be controlled thickness;
  • The housing is made of stainless steel;
  • aluminum roller;
  • When assembling an aggregate, safe and environmentally friendly materials are used;
  • high performance;
  • works from the network;
  • Easy to care
  • Whole corps.


By type of operation, this equipment is divided into non-obverse and reversible. Different machines are distinguished by the number of coming. rotating shafts. At the first type of cars, the bottom shaft is fixed, the top. moves, and so that the thickness of the test layer is adjusted.

And with reversible models, two shafts are moving, it is convenient and when the movement of the rolled test does not disturb its structure.

Distribution machines of a reversing type are fully automated, working with them. one pleasure. It is enough just to immerse the mass and include the necessary program, then all the machine makes itself.

The size

Such kitchen machines are small and large-sized.

Small sizes are conveniently used in cafes and bars, small restaurants. Such tester-based machines do not differ in high performance, but at the same time perfectly copble with their main task.

Separately, it is worth talking about the machines for cooking blanks for pizza. Choosing the device, pay attention to the shafts. if they are parallel. the form of the future pizza will be rectangular, in the case when the shafts are located at an angle. pizza will turn out round shape.

Principle of operation

Regardless of the model, on the principle of operation, such machines do not differ. In the receiver, the device for rolling the dough is fed in a certain amount that passes through the shafts. The equipment can be different, and the dough shape is also different.

The tester-based machines are different in the method of controls with them, and can be:

Undoubtedly, more technological models. automatic. Such models are not rarely equipped with a touchscreen display, and also have the function of saving the installed settings.

type of instalation

Another criterion for the review of such devices is the installation type. Buyers can purchase cars of two types:

The first type of models is more suitable for small bakeries or pizzerias. They are compact in size, differ in low levels of electricity.

The second view can be attributed to professional equipment. Without such cars, it will not cope with enterprises in large volumes of production. Such instruments occupy a large area, but also produce large volumes of sheet test. Such tester-based machines. a popular choice for medium and large loafcasts, large confectionery and dumplings.

View of rolling

By type of rolling, the instruments are also divided into types. Machines can roll a steep dough, which is suitable for baking the paws, modeling dumplings, dumplings, celabureks and man. Also cars easily cope with a rolled puff product, which is an excellent basis for pies, cakes and croissants.

Additional feature

Today, food stainless steel is increasingly used for the manufacture of such equipment. Such material has a special anti-corrosion coating, it can be safe in rooms where the level of humidity is high. Rollers are also made of steel, some manufacturers use polymer. The dough when loading into the car is easily captured by cylinders, due to their large size.

We all know about the property of the test to pour to various types of surfaces. Separate types of models are equipped with such a convenient feature as an automatic mucopper. This device is dosed with flour, thereby minimizes the risk of dough sticking. You do not have to worry about the overruns of flour, the amount depends on the width of the test of the test, the device economically spends the product.

Separate models have such an additional function as reverse rollers. Thanks to her, the dough rolls twice. back and forth. Such models of machines ride a mass in two directions to the required thickness. These cars are more often buying for cooking puff pastry.

Automatic rolling strongly reduces human costs and resources. These models, as a rule, have electronic control, remember several programs.

Buying such an assistant for a kitchen or business, decide on such questions as:

  • For the preparation of what dishes, and baking, you need a rolling machine;
  • the type with which it will often have to work;
  • How often the device will be used;
  • What performance needs, volumes.

In addition, choosing such a technique, you need to decide with the size of the unit, power, speed and model type.

Knowing answers to all questions, choose such equipment for the kitchen will be easy and easy.

As mentioned above, models of rolling machines can be mechanical and electrical.

  • easy to use;
  • no power supply required;
  • Case in most stainless steel models;
  • mounts allow you to install the unit on the table surface is steadily;
  • The test thickness regulator simplifies the rolling procedure;
  • Easy to maintain.
  • big performance;
  • the ability to get the dough of different shapes;
  • the presence of several programs;
  • Convenience and time saving.

The simplest model of such a kitchen assistant is suitable for the house, and for cafes, restaurants and bakeries. it is worth thinking about buying an electrical model.

Machine for making a paste Mercuryhaus MC-6090

Machine from high quality stainless steel has a width of rolling 15 cm. The Chinese manufacturer equipped her blocks for cutting narrow and wide noodles (3 and 6 mm). It looks classically: the hull of silver color is harmoniously combined with an elegant handle, the handle of which is made in black. The machine for pasta is suitable for the production of noodles and thin dough layers for lasagna. Buyers noted that the minimum cutting size is not three, but two millimeters. The dough easily passes through the space between the rollers. Noodles turns out sufficiently neat, does not break. Many online stores sell goods at a reduced price.

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