Top 10 best furnace fireplaces for long burning: Rating 2020-2021 cast iron wood models and descriptions of their parameters

With one mention of the word “cottage“, the feeling of relaxation and peace come to mind, and crash of firewood in a home focus.

The main difference between the fireplace furnace with a long-term burning from the usual heating boiler is that it will fully enjoy the game of flame languages.

And also fill the dwelling with warmth and comfort.

Pluses of furnace heating

Furnaces on firewood are quickly heated and distributed heat over time. The brick is highlighted with radiant energy that is good for health. In the house where the furnace is always comfortable and warm. Thanks to the pitch indoors, natural ventilation is created. In constructions, a cooking surface is often arranged on which you can cook. In addition, on such a furnace you can dry things, shoes and products.

The combined furnace is a device that has several functions. This can include the furnace-fireplace, heating and cooking and Russian oven.

The only significant disadvantage is bad heating of remote premises. That is why the entire design is trying to install in the center of the house for uniform heat recoil. In large homes, it is desirable to install several stoves that have a combined chimney. The cooking surface is usually installed by location to the kitchen.

Heating equipment differs in appearance and design.

Typically, the furnace is installed between several adjacent rooms so that they all warp evenly source Pechnoy.Guru

Typical structure of the wood structure

Heating equipment is represented in different design. Two-chamber units can be additionally used for cooking, arrangement of the heating system of the house with water radiators.

There are models that perfectly fit into the interior of a private house. Fireplaces of long burning.


Assortment of one-functional stoves is wide, but all models have a common constructive solution. This is a hollow metal case with technological holes for channels and openings under the door, internal partitions between cameras and ashtar.

Consider some design features:

  • The bottom of the hull is represented by a small compartment, the ashtel is divided with the furnace with a grid-cooler;
  • Under solid fuel, the camera occupies most of the internal space of the unit;
  • The upper chamber of the pyrolysis gas survival has the form of the dome;
  • The channel for supplying primary air is an analogue confused and / or the ash bar in a traditional one-chamber furnace;
  • The chambers doors are more often made with an insert from heat-resistant glass for visual control of what is happening inside the device, which adds aesthetics;
  • The solid fuel is taking place in the direction of the second chamber;
  • The air takes part here not only in the ignition and afterburn of the peroxide gas, but in cooling and self-cleaning of the sash (there is a small gap for its further passage in the furnace);
  • The nozzle for chimney has a cross-sectional diameter of 80-150 m;
  • Doors in the side wall of the case serve to clean the compartments, have a continuous execution without inserts.

Operation of equipment is allowed in two modes. For rapid heating of the room (for example, a country house), the mode of operation involves extending the shifting valve, open primary air access. The second option is relevant for long-term heating of the building by maintaining the constant air temperature. It is ensured by the flow of fuel and burning pyrolysis gas.

With water contour

Such furnaces are designed to maintain houses with a large area, several isolated rooms. Such designs allow you to solve the task of heating the entire object with one device. The feature of the design here is that the water heat exchanger is built into the furnace housing. Also here are 2 nozzles for the input and output of the coolant.

Consist the ovens of long burning with water loop from similar with the basic version of compartments and channels, partitions, housings with doors. The constructive solution of the heat exchanger of the heating device is presented in this way:

  • Sealed layers with water along the walls, top of the case, partitions between combustion chambers;
  • Water “shirt” from the sides and above the heat chamber;
  • Gearing grille from water circuits (allows you to use heat that is allocated during the tension of fuel).

Will One Log Last Overnight? Wood Burning Stove Burn Time In Log Cabin In The Winter Using One Log

Flanges or couplings for a threaded joint of the heat exchanger with pipes for feeding and reverse water input from the water heating system of the house with radiators (in the region of the ash bar and the top of the furnace). Additional cooling elements in the heat exchanger can be built. A series of models has a thermal insulation layer inside the hull to eliminate burns, overheating and self-burning of surrounding items or decorative trim. If this is not provided, the unit itself becomes not only the source of heat, but the element of the heating system of the house.

Overview of the technical characteristics of wood stoves

The determining criteria for choosing this or that equipment are the power, the material of the furnace and the case, the weight of the furnace. The remaining parameters are indirect, since on performance, conditions of installation and operation as a whole do not have any influence.

Most furnaces are configured to work in a gentle mode. with one bookmark for 3-10 hours. It is heated at the same time area from 75 to 250 kV.M. Steel, cast iron or metal combination, bricks can be used as materials for the island and furnace chamber.

Consider how to choose a furnace-fireplace for home on long burning firewood:

  • Heating at home. The aggregates depending on the dimensions and power can be used as the main or additional source of heat, part of the heating system.
  • Functional. The design is simple, with a water heat exchanger or water tank, with a cooking panel, a brass cabinet, water tank. Multifunctional models may include a part or full complex of listed additions. For example, a warm cooking oven with water circuit.
  • Power. The volume of heat transfer is determined by the area of ​​the maintenance room or at home.

Recommendations for the ratio of thermal power and heated area are presented in Table:

After determining with the basic parameters, the physical execution of products. The dimensions are taken into account, which will be optimal for installing equipment in a particular room in the corner either at the wall. The designer solution can also be relevant, especially if the location of the furnace in the living room or the only room at home is planned.

We will get acquainted with some features depending on the execution:

long, burning, furnaces, cottage, firewood
  • Wounded models. The dimensions of such equipment are compared with the corner, as a rule, more, the range of dimensional row is wider. Accordingly, in power, the furnace is easier to choose to hear one or another room or at home. Functional and design execution can only be limited to technical regulations.
  • Corner aggregate. often is a stove-fireplace of long burning. Characteristic features are considered compactness, relatively small power, combining the steel case with cast-iron elements in combustion compartments of fuel and pyrolysis gas. Here can be provided with a cooking panel under the kettle.


The main type of solid fuel is a tree. Firewood must be necessarily dry. Permissible Humidity Indicator. 20%. In order not to do separately drying, you can the next portion for bookmarking to put in the house in advance at least for a day.

Bottling lamps worth paying attention to the same length. You must not forget about the depth of the heat chamber. Here are laid closely, so unnecessarily long firewood is not used here.

If you compare the speed of the roar of the rounder and the chip of wood, then the first hold a little longer. Therefore, they can be left for the lower, and the second for the upper layers of bookmarks.

In addition to the widespread tree, it is permissible to use such fuels such as pellets, tiyar briquettes, brown coal. It is worth noting here that the use of fuel only one variety is permissible for the coal oven. This is justified by the limited endurance of the flue compartment from steel relative to the thermal impact. The solution can be a durable burning furnace for home heating at an angle with cast iron furnace.

Advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages Users allocate only two. Periodically there are difficulties with the smoker device. It also needs to be insulated throughout the contour. If this is not done, then hot smoke will cause condensate education. Because of it, a flap of soot is formed, which will only grow with time.

Before adjusting the furnace to the mode of pyrolysis gas, it is necessary to heat the room or house. Otherwise, the cold secondary air will reduce the temperature in the upper fuel compartment. However, much time to heat the air will not need. As a rule, the mark of 20 degrees Celsius is achieved within 30-40 minutes.

  • Fast return on equipment due to a small fuel consumption for heating at home;
  • high energy efficiency due to the most complete combustion of firewood;
  • Long working period oven with one bookmark.

It is also worth noting a wide range of. You can choose the unit for installation in the corner or by the wall, with a hob or fireplace. Also permissible to use a long-term combustion furnace on firewood with water circuit, with radiators.

Criteria for the selection of long-burning furnaces

Choosing a durable burning furnace should give preference only to proven manufacturers from various European brands, as their products are always marked by certificates of quality and safety.

It is worth noting that today there are a large number of diverse species and styles that are expanded with additional functions, they have a special cladding and are installed differently. There are various options that are equipped with fans, oven, compartments for solid fuel and t. D.

The main criterion when choosing a heating device with a long combustion cycle on solid (wood) fuel is its power.

It must match the volume of heated premises. It makes no sense in a small room to install a large power furnace, since a portion of the heating material will burn irrational. In addition, a large device will occupy a lot of space, and the room temperature will be too high.

And on the contrary, a low-power stove in large rooms will work at the limit of opportunities, which will quickly disable it.

When choosing, you should decide on the type of fuel, which is supposed to be used. firewood, pellets, coal, fuel briquettes, etc.P.

It should be aware that the moisture of wood fuel is of great importance, since the water vapor diluting gases interferes with the burning, reduces the power of the device and contributes to the formation of condensate.

In some cases, excessive moisture content of the material of the material can lead to spontaneous decay of the furnace. Firewood for long burning furnaces, for example, must have moisture not higher than 20-35%.

Metal or alloy from which a long burning furnace is made, also refers to important selection criteria. The thicker the material of the device of the device, the slower the device is cooled and the longer its service life.

Some models of prolonged burning furnaces made from cast iron work up to 50 years and, moreover, not subject to corrosion.

Elements of many modern furnaces. firebox, cooking surface, finishing, door. created from different materials (cast iron, vermiculite, steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant glass and t.P.), which allows you to increase the service life, improve design, improve usability and for a long time to preserve the appearance.

The appearance of the heating device often plays an equally important role than other factors. The furnace for residential premises should have a modern design and harmoniously fit into the interior.

Many imported models are presented on the market, among which you can choose the finished stove for any home.

All ovens are equipped with instructions, however, they are often not mentioned by some nuances that need to be considered:

  • around the furnace it is necessary to provide free space and protection against fire;
  • For convenient maintenance (cleaning), the chimney should have a collapsible design as possible;
  • pipes must be installed along the movement of gases;
  • Because of a small thrust, the chimney should not have a curved shape;
  • In the process of operation in the chimney may be condensate.
long, burning, furnaces, cottage, firewood

It should also be noted that in the crops of long combustion, it is impossible to use liquid fuel, some models are quite complex in the setting and require constant supervision.

Long burning furnaces with water contour

The heating furnaces of long burning with water contour will be the best option of heating for the house, if there is no possibility to bring gas to it, and electrical installation is too expensive.

Such heating devices allow not only to increase the interval between the fuel boots, but also make it possible to heat several rooms at once or the whole house.

Water Contour Heating Furnaces. Universal Room Heating Devices Combining Boiler and Titanium Functions. These furnaces are the optimal choice for heating country houses and cottages.

In heating furnaces with water circuit, the heat exchanger is built into the chimney channel or in the furnace. Some types of furnaces function in hot steam circulation mode, which is not available in the standard hot water circulation system.

This design is designed to solve problems with heat in homes that need autonomous heating. Due to the fact that water is actively circulating in various heat exchange systems, for example, several rooms can be heated at once in radiators, several rooms can be heated.

As a result, the whole house is ensured by heating. In addition, the use of a water heating oven can significantly save on firewood, and the room warms up very quickly.

It is worth remembering that if in severe frosts you will not make this furnace, then the likelihood of freezing the coolant is great, and this can happen very quickly.

And because in the house with such a design, no one lives on an ongoing basis, experts advise special additives to distilled water. Thanks to them, the system will not freeze.

Such heating furnaces may vary by manufacturing material. So they can be:

  • metal. steel or cast iron;
  • brick;
  • Combined. when a ready-made metal furnace with a heat exchanger for a water circuit is used as the basis, and the external body is laid out of the brick.

Advantages and disadvantages of water heating furnaces

  • Affordable fuel. If necessary, firewood can be collected in its country site.
  • Small sizes.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Firewood is considered environmentally friendly raw materials that cannot harm the human body. When they are combed, the minimum amount of harmful substances is produced into the environment.
  • Relative autonomy. In the absence of electricity, the design with water heating will warmly warm the room with a hot housing.
  • For the manufacture of a wood-burning furnace apply materials that differ in high strength. This allows the design to serve for a very long time, practically not subject to repair.
  • In addition, such a design for the house may have a cooking surface on which it is easy to cook any dish. It is heated from the direct burning flame.
  • Low efficiency. Such a design in its effectiveness will yield to diesel and gas boilers.
  • Manual control. There is no automatic fuel tuning and maintaining normal control of its operation.

When buying a water contour furnace you need to pay attention to the power of the furnace and the number of additional kilowatts from the heat exchanger. For example, for 25 cubes. M. Premises Requires 1 kW.

Analogs of stoves with water contour

Solid fuel boilers with water circuits- The use of a combined or solid fuel boiler makes it possible to damn the room with an area of ​​up to 170 kV. M. Works boiler on firewood or electricity. Made from strong steel. Equipped with built-in electrical block.

Fireplaces with water circuit and stove / oven. Solid fuel thermocamines have the ability to connect to solar collectors and other heating systems. Device combining the quality of the traditional fireplace and the functional properties of a solid fuel boiler. Designed for water heating using circulation pumps in all types of heating systems.

Hello, dear readers! My name is Vitaly Ivanovich, and I do the construction of furnaces, fireplaces and installing heating equipment.

For more than 40 years, starting back in 1977, I study this business and improving my skills. With retirement, it became more free time and I decided to share my experience with you. Read on health and ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

The models below have high quality, as evidenced by positive feedback from owners. And thanks to beautiful design, they will become a harmonious part of the interior.

Klondike HV-100

The cheapest oven of long burning in our ranking, which can heat the room with a volume of up to 100 m3, and thanks to her the owner of the cottage will not freeze in the cold season. You can turn it out not only by firewood, but also fuel briquettes.

The all-welded design is made of high temperature resistant steel and covered with dark paint. The furnace is represented by two compartments. Firewood burns in the lower compartment, and in the top there is a release of gases. Through the flue gases are moving into the chimney after the maximum heat power supply. The walls of the firebox are regularly blown away and do not hear, so the model will serve the owner up to 20 years.

Control the intensity of burning allow two dampers. For example, if you fully open the flaps, you can quickly heat the room. If you want to translate the furnace to a long-burning mode, then the flaps should be covered. In this mode, the model will maintain heat in the room up to 8 hours. With it, you can warm up not only the room in which it is, but also neighboring. To do this, wear a steel pipe to the top pipes and to spend them in other rooms.

Ermak Ermak-thermo 100

At the expense of the special design of the furnace fuel in it burns for a very long time, providing heat and comfort in a room of up to 100 m3. During operation, the effect of long burning is involved, that is, gas is created in the furnace due to the minimum amount of oxygen. Then gas is burned in the survival chamber, which allows you to get more heat.

In this mode, a comfortable temperature will be maintained to 12 hours. The firebox has an impressive power. Fuel can be fuel or wood briquettes.

Practical design will like each dacket. The model is safe to operate and, with proper handling, the emergence of a fire hazardous situation is excluded.

Vesuviy Aoogt 00

Wood furnace for giving is a all-metal construction in which pipes welded. They create forced convection, due to which the heated air is distributed across the entire area of ​​the room. Concerning the pipes of the pipe heating air passing through it to high temperature.

As a fuel, the owner can use firewood, as well as waste paper industry.

If you fully fill the bottom chamber with firewood, the furnace will provide the room with warm to 12 hours. The door regulator is located on the door, and the gasifier regulator is on the chimney nozzle.

NMK Siberia BV-100

Specialists of the NMC plant created a stove with a system of long burning, which is capable of quickly cutting the room. In its all-metal design there are 6 pipes. They create a natural convection, due to which the air heats up and then distributed throughout the space room. As the basis, engineers used the Canadian invention. They contributed to it, given the features of the Siberian climate.

long, burning, furnaces, cottage, firewood

Create a large surface of heat transfer was due to heat exchanged pipes installed in a row. Due to convection, cold air from the room goes to the lower holes of the pipes. There it is heated to about 70 ° and through the top pipes enters the room.

Outside the product is covered by heat-resistant enamel, which does not lose its properties under the influence of high temperature. The firebox consists of two cameras. The lower furnace gases are formed, which then turn out to be in the second chamber. There are under the influence of warm air they survive.

Teplodar Matrix-100

This reliable oven on firewood perfectly fit into the interior of a country house or cottage. On one fuel tab, it will work up to 8 hours. All thanks to the design features, in which there are sealed doors and a multi-turn firebox. To ensure gas hurry air served dosage.

The two-channel surgery system makes it possible to extract the maximum of the burned firewood. The model is equipped with a casing-converter protecting infrared radiation. Thanks to it there is a uniform heating of the room. The furnace can be used not only for heating at home, but also for cooking.

Has modest sizes, so it can be installed even in a small room. When creating a decorative door, high-quality heat-resistant material was used. Chimney can be displayed back or up.

TMF Fire-Battery 7 Anthracite

Excellent characteristics of the furnace managed to achieve due to the use of mathematical modeling. All its components are manufactured using digital technologies, so the negative effect of the human factor when assembling is minimal.

Thanks to elegant design, the oven will look harmoniously in the modern interior. There are no welded seams on its visible surfaces. The pop-up has a solid volume, so a lot of fuel will fit it, which will ensure long burning. The furnace has a special protection that prevents the fuel extension in the area of ​​accumulation of hot coal. At the same time, the owner can independently change the old fuel protection to the new.

Avoiding the supply of air masses to the grate of a sealant, equipped with a castle. Thanks to him, you can easily get rid of accumulated ash. The owner has the opportunity to easily change the combustion mode, ranging from intensive and ending with a full blowing fire. The flap of the chimney damper allows you to firmly hold it in the right position. There is a durable cast iron burner, so you can cook dishes on the stove using various size dishes for this. High quality model is confirmed by the presence of a diploma “100 best goods of Russia”.

From 160 m3

Below is the top giants designed for huge premises. from 160 meters.

TMF engineer

“Engineer” has a coverage area. 250 m2! And this means that even two-story penthouse. In a coupe with a system of long burning. a series can be called the best in its category.

Fire “omnivorous” and can work on firewood, albeit, wood waste and even coal. The lid is flat and heated more than the other parts of the furnace, so it can be used for cooking.

It is worth noting that the “engineer” is a relatively small stove. It weighs only 113 kilograms, which is very little by the standards of this category.

And the main advantage of the model. !

Guca Arina Low

The company “Gus” made an emphasis not on effectiveness, but design. The oven resembles an antique fireplace with a huge glass on the furnace. The coating area of ​​the model is 210 m2, which is enough for large cottages.

Solnik Retractable, so there will be no problems with cleaning. Works oven exclusively on firewood or wood briquettes.

The price is not small, which is not surprising.