Electric flow and accumulative water heaters. Which to choose?

Centralized hot water supply. It is certainly good, but when the for hot water are becoming more and higher, the time of water supply is less and less, the accident and preventive work is increasingly, and cold the hot water crane is cold, then in captivity they think about other ways to get hot water. And in the private sector, or in the country, where even gas supply is far from everyone who wants to warm the water on the stove is becoming less.

The only thing that is practically in any residential building. it is an electricity supply, and in construction stores. a large selection of electric water heaters, so more and more people enjoy such an opportunity. At the same time I want to buy the best and cheapest water heater, but which of hundreds of the proposed models is better, depends on the specific conditions.

Electric water heaters There are 2 types: cumulative and flow.

What a water heater is better? All water heaters are divided into four main types.

Cumulative boilers. There are both gas and electric. The most popular type of boilers is electric. Represent hermetic containers with a tank of at least 10 liters. The device heats the cold water received from the water supply system and then supports the specified temperature. As water consumed, the water heater automatically fills the new.

The principle of operation of an electric water heater

  • Provides water all the apartment or house. bathroom, kitchen and t.D., no binding to any single water intake point.
  • Economy. While flowing water heaters (about them just below) spend from 3.5 kW and up to 27 kW (!), accumulative boilers even in the case of 300-liter models, the flow rate does not exceed 3 kW. And in the main mass hesitated in the area of ​​1.5-2.5 kW.
  • High Energy Efficiency. With high-quality thermal insulation in accumulative boilers, the temperature loss is only up to 0.5 degrees per hour.
  • In the past, the minuses of such boilers were pretty large. To date, the market presents a variety of types of buildings (“barrels”, flat, slim versions) and installation options (horizontal, vertical). This allows you to choose a boiler depending on the installation site so that it will not “eat” a lot of space and interfere with the consumer.

Cumulative Water Heater with Flat Type Tank from French ATLANTIC Company

  • Depending on the volume of consumed water, it takes time to heat the fluid in the tank to the desired temperature. But waiting is usually not more than 10-20 minutes depending on the power of the TEN (tubular electric heater) and the tank capacity of the boiler.
  • Not that this lack, let’s say so. the inevitable feature. The accumulative water heater requires the consumer responsible relationship to regular maintenance. Depending on the type of Tan, it needs to be done once or two years. Otherwise, consequences may occur: from the failure of the Tan before leakage and the need to replace the tank.

Flowing water heaters. Work both on gas and electricity. In contrast to accumulative, flow water heaters provide almost instant heating passing through the water device. The main advantage is to be very rapid obtaining hot water, without the need to pre-expect heating. The main minus of such boilers is high electricity consumption and binding only to one water intake point.

Principle of operation of the flow water heater

  • Low.
  • Miniature sizes, simple installation.
  • The user gets hot water almost immediately after turning the crane handle.
  • Limited application, work only on one mixer. Provide hot water all the house. it will not work.
  • Because of the enormous energy consumption for the adoption of the shower, the flow water heater will not fit. Is that for morning wash and washing dishes.
  • To be completely accurate, the flowing boiler is designed rather for obtaining warm and not hot water. Depending on the pressure from the tap and the power of the water heater, on average at the outlet, we obtain the liquid heated to 25-30 ° C. While hot water, for example, for the shower is a range of 36-40 ° C. Either choose a powerful flower apparatus for 6 kW for 10 thousand. But we are preparing for spacecraft for electricity.
  • Due to high power, flow models cannot receive power from a regular outlet. Requires a straight liner with a separate line to the electrical tailor.

Thermex flow water heater with a capacity of 15 kW. With such a shower you can take. If not frightening the coming bill for electricity!

Water heaters combined and indirect heating. Such devices are most in demand in private homes. The essence of indirect heating boilers is that the device directly does not spend energy to heating water. The device is connected to the heating boiler from which hot water enters the water heater and passes through the coil. So the fluid heating in the tank of the device.

The principle of operation of the boiler of indirect heating

Combined models. more advanced due to the fact that contains a TEN. Therefore, water heating is possible and its own forces, for which you only need to turn on the boiler into the outlet or connect gas.

The principle of operation of the combined boiler differs from indirectly in that it can warm the water in the tank not only with a heated liquid from the heating boiler, but also through its own Tan

The electrical model is better than gas?

In urban apartments, it is not necessary to choose between two types of devices, as they usually use electrical, more secure models.

The exceptions are apartments in which gas columns are installed in the process of equipment of the premises when renting at home. This refers to “Khrushchev”, “Stalinkam” and some types of panel houses built in the 60-70s of the last century.

Gas column scheme. The necessary condition for its operation is the water pressure of at least 0.25-0.33 atm (approximately 1.5-2 l / min), otherwise the heating elements will not be turned on

In country houses heating water more often occurs with the help of a powerful floor boiler, but some prefer to use the gas column.

Its applying is appropriate when chimped heating or with a warm climate, which does not require installation of heating equipment.

Wall gas flow-type heaters, t.E. Gas speakers installed in urban apartments and houses with an area of ​​up to 150 m²

Gas heaters are forbidden to install in rooms without a direct message with the street, if the supply and exhaust ventilation is not organized in them

To drain the combustion products, gas appliances are equipped with a chimney emerging in the general ventilation channel or to the street

The gas column is connected to the cold water supply line and to the gas supply branch passing from the centralized network, the Gazagolder or gas cylinder

Electric drifts are more secure, although their operation costs more than the use of gas columns. In addition, with gas heating, extractor and reliable ventilation is required, otherwise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning will appear. Plus, the savings are considered, since gas rates are lower than electricity.

In the houses of the old building there is no possibility to use a powerful electric type device (above 3.5 kW), so you have to do without a weak water heater, or a gas column. Thus, if there is a choice, consider the state of electrical networks and ventilation, water pressure, the cost of fuel (gas or electricity).

Electric flowing heaters no installation restrictions. They do not need boiler and organized ventilation

When installing indoors with unstable and high humidity levels, moisture-proof outlet are used

The main drawback of electric drocks is that when damaged wiring, they become a serious threat

The circuit of connecting the electric water heater is extremely simple, it is connected only to water supply and power supply

With the water heater selection guidelines, we invite you to familiarize yourself in the article dedicated to these issues.

The main characteristics of the accumulative heaters (boilers)

As we mentioned above, the boiler is comfortable in case there is a need to stock large amount of hot water. In addition, such a heater will become the only solution in the case when setting the flow boiler is not possible (for example, due to the fact that the wiring will not cope with the load).

One of the key characteristics of boilers is the volume. The second most important is power, and, as a result, the time for which the device can heat the water to a given temperature. All these parameters can be found in the technical documentation for the device, so you choose a boiler exclusively in appearance. not the best idea.

For one person, economically consuming water, will be quite a boiler with a volume of 30 liters. For two people, it is recommended to pay attention to the models from 50 liters, for three. from 80 liters and T. D.

THERMEX ERS 80 H Silverheat with a volume of 80 liters

The cumulative boiler does not have a large load on the network, consumes less electricity, and most importantly. does not need a special connection if its power is less than 3 kW. In many cases, it can be included in a conventional outlet, without making it difficult to carry out a separate electric line (although, of course, if the boiler installation is scheduled at the repair stage, it is better to provide for the ability to safely connect in advance).

The boiler installation is also uncomplicated: it is necessary to be grounded, in some cases. reducer to compensate for increased pressure in a plumbing line, as well as install a safety valve to protect the water heater from excessive pressure in the tank and for draining water. Note that all these elements are likely to be purchased separately. In case the boiler is not used for a long time, it is recommended to merge water from it.

The boiler is designed so that cold water goes through the pipe below, after which it heats up in a tan to a given temperature and “Suggested” from above. The temperature of the water coming from the tank turns out to be stable. The heater of this type is independently turned off when the water is heated to the desired temperature, and turns on again when it is cooled.

The thermal insulation of the device plays a big role. it depends on how soon it will be necessary to warm the cooled water.

Modern boilers can be managed by a mechanical way (such a solution is the simplest) or electronic. with the possibility of “smart” control of heating control, automatic switching on and off and t. P.

Water heater accumulative Ariston Velis PW 50 liters

maximum, water, heating, temperature, flow, heater

The durability of the boiler depends on a number of constructive features. First of all, it is, of course, the material from which the inner capacity of the heater is made. The most simple boilers are made of metal, others may have a protective enameled coating. Glass-ceramic is used to protect. “Weak” place in many boilers is a welded seam. it is in this place that the leaks often happen. Alas, but predicted regarding the reliability of this element of the connection is unlikely possible: when choosing a model or another, you have to be guided by personal experience or user reviews that have already acquired such a boiler earlier.

The boiler’s heater consists of, actually, the Tan and the thermostat responsible for temperature control. TEN can be both open (and directly in contact with water) and closed (protected from water contact). They are also sometimes called “wet” and “dry”.

Open TEN will provide high heating rate of water, will be affordable, as well as is often universal and suitable for different boiler models. But it forms a scale, and therefore it will require periodic cleaning or replacement.

The closed Ten will provide a longer period of work and is safer in terms of the potential hazard of the lesion of the current (for example, in case the drift boiler). Such a TEN is placed in a special flask filled with quartz sand or oil. Closed Ten has a greater operational period, but also significantly increases the cost of the water heater.

The thermostat allows the boiler to automatically turn on and disconnect. On the front panel can sometimes see the water heating sensor. It happens electronic or mechanical (in the form of an arrow). So you can always find out what the temperature of the water inside the boiler.

An important element of the boiler is a magnesium anode. a metal pin with an applied magnesium alloy. This element protects other parts of the boiler, taking over the main “blow” when combating poor-quality water. it neutralizes the water, taking into the salt and converts a flap into a soft scale. Otherwise, the scale would have settled on Tan.

When operating a boiler from 15 months, an anode should be removed and check it on wear. After this period of operation, the anode is likely to be quite worn out and it should be replaced. Note that, as a rule, the anodes issued for one model of the boiler will not suit another model. “Wet” Copper Ten. this is something like a boiler, it is quickly covered with a scale, lowering its thermal conductivity.

Heating element complete with anode

Finally, we mention about the existence of compact non-patible bullets of a small volume (for example, 5 liters). Such cumulative water heaters in most cases are needed for systems where water is supplied with pumps as it turned on (for example, in the country house). That is, water pressure inside the tank does not exceed the external atmospheric pressure. Such a boiler is mounted directly under the sink and easily capable of providing a warm water of one point.


These specifications concern the water heater tank. Volume is measured in liters. This value is most significant for cumulative units, since the water heating rate depends on the volume. It ranges from 30 liters (if it is a kitchen appliance) up to 350 or more liters (if it is a gas storage device). ARISTON NHRE 60 model in 22 minutes is able to heat 350 liters of water. And some models of indirect heating boilers have tanks of up to 1000 liters.

The dimensions are the size of the water heater housing (height, width, depth), which is measured in millimeters (mm). They are needed so that you clearly imagine how much space he will take. Such a characteristic as weight is also important. Many walls are simply not able to withstand the severity of 300 kg, and it must be taken into account. About 10 kg weigh kitchen and flowing units, and the thermack model Light MS 15 weighs only about 4 kg.

Type implies a water heater location principle: vertical, horizontal or reversible. The inconvenience of horizontal models is expressed in the fact that they often mix hot water with incoming cold.

Review of manufacturers of accumulative types of aggregates

Manufacturers that have long deserved consumer confidence, first of all, can be attributed to Ariston. Accumulative water heaters at a completely democratic price, differ in stylish design, have an impressive list of additional functions, a high degree of security.

From electric shock with a tank trial protects the mechanism of auto power supply, there is a special valve that is triggered at elevated pressure.

ARISTON VELIS PLUS INOX Water Heater Model Attracts Elegant Design. It is equipped with two stainless steel tanks with individual heating elements, touchscreen display.

The leading place also occupies the European manufacturer Thermex, in particular, the model ID 50 V uses in great demand. She has compact dimensions, good design, small power. There are reverse and safety valves. This model has a serious drawback. the tank is subject to corrosion, t.to. he has a weak anti-corrosion coating.

boiler temperature. how to make your boiler more efficient.

The name of the company Bosch in many causes an association with the concept of reliability. Its products are always headed by water heaters ranking tables on the world market. The devices of this manufacturer are distinguished by durability, convenient settings, optimal power and appropriate price, justified high quality.

There are 3 categories of Bosch products :: Basic, Comfort, Top, distinguished by both excellent performance and price.

Czech manufacturer of drazice storage water heaters manufacturer also have positive feedback. They are intended for water heating to 95 degrees with large volumes. at least 90 l at the same time. Models have high-quality corrosion protection, low heat loss.

DRAZICE has released a new line of water heaters OKHE SMART. Their main feature. the presence of a “smart” thermostat

Electrolux Swedish company also produces water heaters with excellent performance characteristics. The model CENTURIO EWH 80, equipped with a spacious stainless steel tank (80 L), tubular heater. It is distinguished by magnificent thermal insulation and stylish design.

There is only an anode that protects the tank and the heater from corrosion. Stopping the choice on ELECTROLUX models, you should make sure that they are not assembled in China.

Types of water heaters on the source of energy

Before choosing a heater for hot water, it is necessary to decide on the heat source for heating. Most often it is gas or electricity.

But the aggregates working on liquid or solid fuel are possible. Only one heating devices will cost more than the first two options.

Gas is cheaper than electricity, but gas water heating equipment is more expensive than electric in installation and operation. choose such a technique follows

By type of energy used, water races are divided into:

In the first two cases, water is heated as a result of gas burning or by the work of Tan. The third option is a system of boiler and connected to it through a boiler-drive coil. At the same time, the main boiler equipment in such a bundle can be gas, solid fuel, electric and t.D.

Among the advantages of gas use are:

But for these advantages, you have to pay the need to invite wizards to connect gas equipment and the obligation to arrange the chimney. Plus, it will be necessary to connect to a pipe with a gas. Connect the water heater from the cylinder is not recommended. Balloon fuel knowingly more than a pipeline analog.

Gas water heaters are with an open atmospheric and inflatable burner. The first traction is natural, and the second is forced. Any of these options requires large initial costs of equipment and installation, but then quickly pays off due to the cheapness of natural gas.

The advantages of the electric water heater should be allocated:

  • relatively low cost of equipment;
  • low weight and small water-grade dimensions;
  • minimum risk of fires and explosions;
  • The ability to independently install the heater.

The main minus waterfront on electricity. capacity limit. If the water heater is required for a family of 4-5 or more people, then it is better to prefer gas equipment.

If a gas heater is selected, then maximum attention should be paid to automatic security systems in it. Gas is explosive. the more in such equipment of the elements of protection, the better

Features of the choice of gas water heater

The operation of gas equipment is presented serious safety requirements. Gas columns are source of direct open flame, “feeding” main gas. It is important not only to choose a reliable, safe model of the heater, but also to make it work safe.

Coordination and compliance

Installation of the gas column can only be engaged in a licensed specialist. The room where the heater will stand must meet the requirements:

The presence of ventilation adhesive opening windows or window.

Ceiling height from 2.2 m and above, room area from 12 kV.M. In practice, columns are put in smaller premises, provided that they are not extended. That is, in the kitchen 8 square.M. You can deliver the device if there is no door.

For the coordination you need to contact Gorgaz. For registration of documents, you will need a passport for equipment, examination of the state of the chimney, those.Project and application.

Chimokhod equipment

Gas column with an open combustion chamber connects to a separate chimney with natural ventilation. The discharge tube must be well fixed to the wall, without saving. The material from which it is made, is needed heat-resistant, capable of withstanding high temperatures. The chimney parameters are prescribed in the instructions for the heater, they are required. Elements of chimney, leaving the limits of the room, must be insulated.

Connect to the gas highway

The rules for connecting the column to the highway are registered in the joint venture 62.13330. The hose for connecting the heater with the gas pipe must be purchased special: rubber, reinforced with textile fiber, sulfonic or in a protective metal overall. The distance between the column and the scene to the highway should not exceed 2 m. Work is conducting a specialist.

The flowing heater will help solve the problem with hot water in different situations: in case of accidents and prevention on CHP, if there is no other way to warm the water in the house. If there is gas, then the gas column is the optimal option. It is inexpensive, energy is also inexpensive. Electric heater more versatile. It is easier to establish it, special permission is not required. And the variety of models will allow you to choose the best option for any requirements.