Mobile air conditioner Timberk does not cool

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In this section, we will try to describe the most common faults of air conditioners, as well as to which consequences this malfunction can lead and how this conditional malfunction is eligible.

We consider the most common types of air conditioners, split-system, as well as consider malfunctions of mobile air conditioners.

Mobile air conditioner is a completely complete device that does not require the collection of parts of the device into a single unit. For proper operation of the mobile air conditioner, it must be correctly installed.

The first sign of the normal operation of the air conditioner is the presence of condensate if there is no condensation when operating the air conditioner, it means that the compressor does not work. If the air conditioner ceases to calm down, and after 10-15 minutes, it starts to work again, a possible malfunction of the compressor overheating and its emergency disabling.

In the first case, an in-depth diagnostics of the air conditioner is necessary, in the second it is necessary to install air conditioning so that it would not overheat, if it does not help, it is necessary to check the air conditioner for the current consumed (possibly closure of the compressor windings) or the control board fault.

Mobile air conditioners do not require refueling of hoodogen, as an exception, this is a leakage of the system, (factory marriage), refrigerant leakage after 1-2 years of operation.

Air conditioning is working, but you used before it is air conditioning at a significantly smaller temperature on the street and air conditioning capacity is simply not enough to cool the room.

The air conditioner is faulty, it is possible to make maintenance of the air conditioner, or in the air conditioner something failed and it is necessary to repair the air conditioner.

If the air temperature is on the upper boundary or higher, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the air conditioner.

Check whether there is a constantly compressor in the external air conditioner unit (if you do not constantly determine the cause).

Check the air conditioner settings, the temperature and operating mode (turning on the cooling mode COOL, and not drying DRY, or HOT heating).

After checking this test, you can judge the condition of the air conditioner, of course, to be sure about the health of the air conditioner, the diagnosis of air conditioner is necessary by specialists, and perhaps the reason and what is the other and need to repair the air conditioner.

Dust and mud radiator of an external unit, due to insufficient heat removal by the external unit, the compressor overheating and its shutdown occurs. It is necessary to make a sink of an external block (high-pressure washing) to remove dust and dirt deposition inside.

If refueling the air conditioner is refined, the amount of refrigerant is more refilled, the compressor works with overload, the balance in the contours of the evaporator and the condenser is disturbed. It is necessary to measure the operating pressure in the air conditioner, in the case of excessive pressure, it is necessary to store Hladogen.

Disposable to the capillary tubes in the air conditioner, (since the tube has a very small section) with a bad installation it is possible to enter the dirt, moisture, moisture tube, chips when cutting the copper tubes of the freon highway. Troubleshooting consists in replacing the Capillary Tube.

Disposal of the drain filter, the reason may be similar to the one in the previous paragraph. Troubleshooting consists in replacing the drain filter.

How to Fix a Portable Air Conditioner that doesn’t blow cold air the EASY WAY!

Freon Entering the evaporator expanding cool and moisture in the air is condensed on it. Water flows into the pallet of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, and from the pallet on the drain tube it flows beyond the limits of the room. The drain tube is clogged (moss grows in it or insect insect in the tube), this reason occurs in 90% of cases, the remaining drain is clogged in the pallet of the indoor unit of the air conditioner. In the first case, the elimination of this defect is not complicated, the connection is connected near the inner block (the rubber tube overlooking the air conditioner connects to the plastic drain tube) it can be separated and blowing the tube. In the second case, it is necessary to get the pallet and clean it.

Tube in the air conditioner type split system frosts if the air conditioner system is not enough hladogen. Hladogen coming from the external block into the tube is not expanding not in the evaporator of the inner unit, but in the tube. For air conditioning it is bad, the performance of the air conditioner decreases, the compressor is faster. Air conditioning must be finished with cold bogen and the faster the better.

This malfunction requires the diagnosis of air conditioner by a specialist since the reasons may be very much. You can divide them into two main categories

Air conditioning does not cool but the compressor of the external unit works as a rule, this situation indicates that there is no absence in the Hoodogen system.

Timberk t-pac07-p09e reviews

Advantages: price, evaporation of water inside, do not pour.

Disadvantages: cool is very weak even 4kq storage room.m, noise and vibrates, no inclusion on schedule (only timer on switching on or disconnection)

Comment: I took a storage room for ventilation in the house, brought the pipe to the street. Air blows weakly cooled even at the minimum temperature, I do not recommend. For an apartment 100% will not suit.

Disadvantages: noisy, plastic rattles, inside no attempt at noise insulation and sealing

Comment: Noise like all mobile air conditioners. Cool room in 20 kV.M. Size a little less cooler for water. In the heat saved from overheating)

Advantages: Cools well, condensate evaporates himself.

Comment: In general, it is better than the fan, but as the air conditioner slag. All spoils the volume of the boarding aircraft when working

Advantages: Cools noticeably, at a temperature of 35 outside the window in the room stable 31. Not the Arctic, but noticeably and you can exist.

Disadvantages: uncomfortable to clean the lower grille.

Comment: A week later, they noticed that he began to work worse: barely pulled out cooling for 1-2 degrees. As a result, gathered a Chinese wand riveted dust on the lower grille and sucked the vacuum cleaner. Again, stable 4-5 degrees of cooling issues.

Advantages: in small rooms cools

mobile, conditioner, timberk, does, cool

Disadvantages: very very noisy. It is not possible to work.

Comment: For small rooms. copes. cool. You need to be sure to window. But very noisy, did not expect so much.

Comment: It works, but the price is too high, thousands of five to seven, but not 15

Advantages: Works and this is the main thing

Advantages: Compact enough for this type, well cool.

Disadvantages: severe, very noisy, the difference between the fan modes is not noticeable.

Comment: Under my tasks came well, but I think that it is uncomfortable to be with him in the same room because of noise, and I suppose, I suppose is impossible at all.

Advantages: good goods for their 12 thousand, noise is acceptable, it does not cool. The contactless pyrometer was able to spoke from 1 meter temperature in 16g, 2 years warranty

Disadvantages: noise was declared 65 decibels, I measured only 53 from meter, which is very cool. Of course 16 grams do not wait for it in the room, the temperature of the output flow is indicated on top, and not how it becomes in the room

Comment: A room at 10-15 m square, will cool in half an hour when the street was 30gr and at home 29, this model cooled for 3 grams, it became at home 26 that is quite comfortable, but we live on the sunny side, on the top floor, advice: Corrugation is better to twist at least and put the congregation closer to the window so that hot air is more efficiently leaving, I advise you to buy!

Advantages: can be transferred to any room

Comment: Normal solution as a fishing for those room. For the room too noisy

Advantages: for its price good. The room cooled in the area more than stated in the characteristics. Very well drains the air, in such a fuohot, it became really easier to breathe.

Disadvantages: noisy, but this is the problem of all such air conditioners

Timberk t-pac09-p09e reviews

Comment: I bought for the summer because there is an animal that does not tolerate the heat of “Chinchilla” worked all summer

Advantages: Compact. Room 5×4 normally cools.

Disadvantages: noisy. At first stood in a meter from home workplace and it is impossible to live with him. Although as far as I know, this is the problem of all similar monoblocks. I decided this moment in the placement of the Condeya on the balcony outside the door, and in the room it blows through the homemade tube and the hole at the door, it became much quieter.

Advantages: gives a cool breeze

Disadvantages: Very uncomfortable to organize an exhaust. The plank for the window is very uncomfortable, almost useless. Exhaust pipe is very hot. Requires air flow from the street. Accordingly, do not expect any significant cooling.UPD: Two months have passed and laid vibrations began and, accordingly, noise. It is impossible to sit in one room. The rating changed from the four on the top three.

Comment: Conclusion for yourself: 1. Good for generating a cool wind (for example, in a commercial premises) where the air is impossible to cool.2. Perhaps if you make a fence of air from the street for a run through a hot outline and exhaust, too, on the street, t.E. The entire bottom of the apparatus is not reported to the room, it will turn out a real condo, but manipulations for this need to do a lot.General: life will save, but little comfort.

Advantages: cool cools, quiet

Comment: Lovely air conditioning. Bought after the first wave of hellish heat literally miraculously. Put in the door of the balcony. Cool room 15 meters by 4-5 degrees. Live much easier. Quite quiet. It is not heard at night at all, and at night you can sleep at night. Maybe about the bed of course will interfere, but in my conditions. just great. Cooling perfectly, at night I even frozen. Not a minute regretted that I bought.

Advantages: gives a cool breeze

Disadvantages: Very uncomfortable to organize an exhaust. The plank for the window is very uncomfortable, almost useless. Exhaust pipe is very hot. Requires air flow from the street. Accordingly, do not expect any significant cooling.

Comment: Conclusion for yourself: 1. Good for generating a cool wind (for example, in a commercial premises) where the air is impossible to cool.2. Perhaps if you make a fence of air from the street for a run through a hot outline and exhaust, too, on the street, t.E. The entire bottom of the apparatus is not reported to the room, it will turn out a real condo, but manipulations for this need to do a lot.General: life will save, but little comfort.

Advantages: not so noisy as I imagined. On hot days literally saved us. I did not want to put air conditioning.

Disadvantages: his pipe is small and constantly falls out. So I put it straight on the windowsill “Poy” in the window. In general, for this price of norms, if there is no possibility / desire to put a normal air conditioner. But, by and large, of course, nonsense))

Disadvantages: no heating mode, no clear installation instructions in the window, noise at night does not decrease, only 2 fan speeds, price.

Comment: Air conditioning is not bad, cooling normally, noise is acceptable. The output of hot air has made a balcony (cutout in the door). Hoses are not standard, it is difficult to pick up in the same leroy adapter for output, I had to do from the existing. The room cools normally, but not long. hour and temperature rises again, but it is probably due to the sunny side. The biggest Beach. Instruction and price. His red price in the market day. 10K, considering that splits can be bought 9-ku cheaper it

Advantages: like everyone else, we also went nuts from the heat this year. Suffered a week, did not stand and ordered mobile air conditioning. Condes works well, it has become much better in the room. I will not say that it also copes well as a split system, but when you go out of the room in the corridor, you understand the contrast that the room is still a buzz. In the characteristics it is written that the area of ​​the room has to work up to 20 m², and perhaps it is really its maximum. We have a room of 18 m², for 5 hours of operation, the air has been cooled by 5-6 degrees. Not enough, but more powerful models are from 60 thousand, so in our case the price / quality correspond to.

Disadvantages: I would like the air temperature after all the same descended to declared 16 degrees, unfortunately this air conditioner does not cope with this task.

Advantages: relative mobility. Cooling air.

Comment: Requires hot air and influx into the air room from outside. But this is a problem in general mobile air conditioners.

Advantages: Compactness. Easy to transport, not large dimensions.Easy installation. you can do without attracting specialists to collect and run for an hour. Management on the principle. turned on and forgotten.No condensate problems, it evaporates with the flow of hot air.

Disadvantages: specifically this model. noise at the level of the working hair dryer. In the afternoon it does not bother, but at night without a plump for the ears to fall asleep.All other disadvantages are peculiar to all mobile air conditioners.The main thing is that the pipe for the exit of hot air is needed to bring out the place of the room, think over it in advance.Efficiency of the mobile air conditioner 2 times lower than that of the split system, the whole noise will be in the room, and not on the street

Comment: I bought in this store just before the start of heat, the price was 18500r, a week later I decided to write a review and saw the price blocked very much, well, as the market law speaks.I bought specially in the country’s mobile condo, the main task was this opportunity to quickly install and launch himself, about all the shortcomings of this type of Kondev knew in advance why they did not become a surprise for me. In the kit there is a corrugation adapter from the corrugation diameter to the gap in the window and the plank itself for the insertion in the window. Planck this is designed for sliding windows, as in England or America, under our swinging does not fit. I so took a piece of org. Glasses and drank in it the corresponding slot and brought into the vehicle for ventilation (see. a photo). The air duct adjusted with ordinary pipes for sewage, corrugated the corrugation for the toilet, here it was necessary to wind a little scotch. I looked the reviews and noticed that some people simply throw out the corrugation to the balcony and twin with a dense curtain, I think this option will also work. The room 12m2 cools quickly for 10 minutes at a temperature overboard 35 steadily holding 24 (it did not work below). Stably worked for a week in 9 am Start mode and up to 9 pm, it turned off at night as it was cool and noise on the street.Included there is a remote, it did not need it, all controls on the top panel, in principle set the temperature (I put the minimum 16) and the start, well, all the device all day taut.The timer also did not need.Condo on wheels so that moves quite easily, but interferes with corrugations, and then for transportation of its weight 25 kg. Also in the manual it is written if it was transported not in a vertical position, then it is required to withstand in a vertical position of at least 2 hours.

Clean the pledge of heat

It happens that the air conditioner warms well, but bad blowing. Possible cause. clogging of filters. They are under the front panel. Open it pulling over two protrusions along the edges and look at their condition. If necessary, remove and rinse them with a detergent for dishes.

If the air conditioner blows well, but the insufficient temperature may have closed the evaporator radiator. It is located in the internal air conditioner unit. Such a problem is often found in the technique installed in the kitchen.

Check your condition is simple. open the front panel by pulling two latches around the edges. Then remove the filters. the radiator is under them. If it is contaminated, clean it with a brush. If there is fatty or solid deposits on the lattice. use dishwashing liquid. Read more about cleaning in the article “How to clean the air conditioner at home yourself. a step-by-step instruction”.

The cause of insufficient cooling will install a master

We looked at typical cases when conditioner cools worse. In fact, the reasons for bad cooling are much more. For example, the wear of the compressor or its valves, the elevation of the copper pipe, the air from the refrigeration circuit, the electronics failure, turn off the compressor due to the overflow of the drainage pump Our wizard on site will determine what happened to the air conditioner and be sure to wait for it!

mobile, conditioner, timberk, does, cool

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Situations in which the solution to the problem is only a specialist

Unfortunately, not all malfunctions arising during the operation of air conditioners can be solved on their own. In some situations, the help of the repair masters is simply necessary.

Freon evaporation or leakage

If there is a violation of the integrity of the system, Freon evaporates rapidly.Freon. substance, due to which climatic equipment cools the air. Even if the integrity of the system is not violated, it is normal, it evaporates from air conditioners to 7% per year. It is possible that for several years without maintenance, the split system lost a large number of freon.

After breaching the integrity of the system, the air conditioner begins to blow with warm air, and then stops turning on at all.

Solution: In the case of natural evaporation, a specialist conducts refueling by Freon. If there is a depressurization of the system, the master finds the place of failure, eliminates flow, and also holds refueling by Freonon.

Castle of capillary pipelines

Due to the zero of the capillary pipeline, there is a difference of pressures at the entrance and the output of the capillary tube. As the result, Freon evaporates, giving the cold before he goes into the evaporator. Cooling capacity drops, the compressor is attempting to compensate for it with its continuous work.

Solution: Depending on the degree of contamination of the capillary tube, it is either purified by purging or solvents, or replaced with a new.

Cleaning the switching valve

Switching valve controls the operation of climatic modes. If the technique has ceased to cool the room, then it cannot switch to cooling mode.

Solution: Valve Replacement. It is also possible to repair, after which the equipment begins to work only on cooling. It is much cheaper than replacement and profitable for those who do not need heating function.

In cases where there was a breakdown of other components of the air conditioner, they need their replacement for new: as a rule, they are not subject to repair.

Principle of equipment

Split system is a climate or industrial climate technique, consisting of two blocks: internal and outdoor. Each of the blocks has its own purpose and consists of different elements.

The inner part contains an air filter in its housing, a powerful fan and a serpent, which allows you to cool the air. The outer part consists of a compressor, capillary tube, fan and condenser coil.

Split The system is attractive for owners of large and small rooms. She does not take a lot of useful space. And the modern design of the equipment allows you to add the interior of any room

All split systems have the following classification:

  • Wall-mounted. their power is up to 8 kW;
  • Outdoor ceiling. their power is up to 13 kW;
  • Cassette. their power is up to 14 kW;
  • Channel and columns. their power is up to 18 kW.

Less often used central and roof top (roof) installation.

The compressor of the climate equipment contains freon. this is a working fluid serving for air cooling. It is served by thin tubes from copper. In the inner block, this liquid cools the air supplied from the inside of the room or outside.

In case the split system is translated into heating mode, the freon will already evaporate in the outer block, and conditioned in the internal.

Timberk AC TIM 07C P8

Air conditioning with high performance does not cause complaints from the owners, because it works quickly and efficiently.

It has 2050 W power and not too much energy consumes, working in different modes is the first to indicate consumers in positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

over, among the advantages are:

As for the minuses, they call the lack of opportunity to control the technique remotely, as well as the Table of Inclusion and Disable.

Timberk AC TIM 12C P8

Similar with the previous air conditioning is also sold at quite an adequate value, but it has a good functionality.

It looks stylishly, it works high quality and creates the most pleasant setting in the room.

  • Weak noise during functions,
  • Small weight design,
  • Comfortable dimensions,
  • Fast air connection to the desired temperature.

There are simply no shortcomings in this device, because for the reasonable cost, the buyer receives a functional and efficient device.

Rovus Arctic Air Cooler

Maximum Compact Model for Small Premises Processes an area of ​​about 20 kV.M.

This device is one of the cheapest, and therefore it is hardly able to cope with heat hardly. It is more intended for use in the end of spring.

The main advantage of the technique can be called no loud noise when working. But no less pleases and the presence of as three modes of speed of operation.

Ballu BPAC-07 CE

Functional air conditioner with swivel bumps provides uniform air cooling indoors.

It is characterized by optimal energy efficiency, minimal noise, sleep mode, as well as a very good accessory kit.

In addition, this model is easily installed and moved if necessary, for which it also often gets praise from consumer mass.

Separately, it is worth noting the auto power supply of the device, which is triggered when the capacitance is overcrowded by condensate. the red light bulb will additionally light up, notifying the time of drainage.

The disadvantage is considered the absence of a Wi-Fi module, although in such a device he does not need.

Chigo CP23C

Compact and powerful air conditioner completes the list of leaders worthy.

It is equipped with convenient rollers, due to which the design is not hard to move around the room. over, people like the original design and availability of display on the inner block.

Unnecessary noise during the operation of the device from it not to hear, so it can be used to use even at night.

In general, the cost of this technique fully complies with its capabilities, so negative points here will be facilitably.