Bosch refrigerator does not cool, and the freezer works: why and what to do?

Compressor malfunction can lead to a variety of problems. The refrigerator does not turn on, does not cool until the desired temperature, turns off after a short time of operation, noise.

Most often to breakage of the compressor gives a jump in the network, but sometimes the reason can be wounded in the factory marriage. Repair of the compressor is best entrusting certified service centers, as this will eliminate the possibility of repeated breakage. Repair of the refrigerator city of Saratov from.

If the breakage was triggered by a voltage jump, then you should think about buying a voltage stabilizer or at least a network filter.

What kind of compressors for the refrigerator exist?

Compressor. an important structural element of any refrigerator. You can meet the aggregates equipped with both one and two superchargers. The second option is now produced much less frequently.

  • Linear. In it, the electromagnetic field is created by the engine windings and ensures the movement of the pistons in the same plane. The relay sensor analyzes temperature indicators. If its enhancement is fixed, the sensor makes a signal. Compressor turns into operation. Refrigerator cameras begin to cool. The sensor does not stop its work and continues to compare temperature indicators. When the desired mark is reached, the compressor is turned off. All these cycles progressively replace each other throughout the work of the refrigeration unit.

Among the shortcomings of the linear compressor, its strong heating is celebrated. It negatively affects the state of the refrigerator. High load is created on the electrical indoor network. Due to the high speed compressor, electricity is spent in large quantities, which is not very economical.

The advantages of the linear compressor include environmental friendliness, since safe refrigerants are used during operation. Also consider it enough quiet. Strong vibration at the time of starting and stopping the compressor in the refrigerator.

  • Inverter. In this type of compressor, there is no peak increase in power and load, as well as its regular turning on and off. The inverter system converts the current first from the variable to the constant and vice versa. At the same time, there is a change in its key parameters: strength, frequency, voltage. Refrigerator chambers are cooled due to a decrease in compressor revolutions.

Among the advantages of the inverter compressor, a small electricity consumption is celebrated. Also he is very quiet because it turns on once. Long operation is ensured by the absence of amplitude jumps. Consequently, the mechanism is dismissed slower.

The disadvantages of this type of compressor include its high cost. However, it is worth understanding that it is compensated by a reduced electricity consumption over time. Current interruptions can easily withdraw an inverter compressor. To reduce the probability of breakage, it is equipped with a special sensor that translates the refrigerator into the “sleep” mode. After the resumption of electricity supply, the compressor resumes its work.

If the NO Frost system is installed

Almost all of the complexity described above touch and models with the NO Frost system.

  • Freon leakage.
  • Breakfast compressor.
  • The outflow of thermostat.
  • Tan Malfunction.
  • Fire freezing.
  • Incorrect operation of the control unit.

In order not to damage anything else, it is advisable to contact a specialist. DIY repair should be attempted only if there is at least initial knowledge in this area.

Conclusions and useful video

A selection of plots to determine diverse problems with refrigerators of different brands and the process of eliminating faults.

Search for the cause of the absence of cold in the refrigeration compartment of the ATLANT aggregate with a freezer camera. An example of a diagnosis of a closure in the compressor.

Indesit refrigerator: Search and eliminate leakage in the heating circuit in the video:

It must be remembered that the correct operation and timely quality maintenance of the refrigeration unit will retain its performance for many years.

If one of the departments of the refrigerator still stopped entering the cold, then it is necessary to figure out the problems that caused this breakdown. Knowing it, you can try to correct everything on your own.

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Call masters

To eliminate the causes of such a malfunction as a non-working refrigerator, it is better to contact the service center. As it was labeled above, when repairing may require completely different spare parts and design details. Private masters often sin by installing universal spare parts, neglecting the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

Repair from a private owner although it will be cheaper, but not always cheap. it’s high quality and for a long time. Consider a refrigerator in the official service more expensive, but at the same time parts will be original and the warranty for the work done also plays a big role. When one of the cameras ceases to function. This, as a rule, a sign of the upcoming expensive repair, so before applying to a specialist should think about the feasibility of restoring the refrigerator. Often such repairs can cost up to 70% of the price of the new device.

Bosch refrigerator not cooling

Choose a new refrigerator from Asko

Asko company. One of the European leaders in the production of high-quality household appliances for the house. Asko refrigerators have a large work resource, which is achieved by using proven spare parts and very high assembly quality, which is controlled by electronics. Also, the ASKO technique has a stylish design that allows it to apply it in a wide variety of interiors. Through the use of modern technologies, refrigerators consume significantly less electricity and at the same time emit much less noise.

You can choose both detached refrigerators and embedded models that are easily installed in the furniture and can be perfectly fit into any interior solution due to the possibility of installing any facade panels. In the assortment of our store you can find high-quality single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators. Fans of refreshments should pay attention to the models equipped with ice generators. The user can choose classic form factors or refrigerators equipped with an additional freshness zone. Asko cares about all buyers, so offers to choose a model equipped with a drop-down defrost or NOFROST technology that works only in the freezer. Also available models equipped with a “Full Nofrost” system.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator with NO Frost

The refrigerator with the NO Frost system is very convenient in use, it is not necessary to periodically defrost. Products in the chambers of such a refrigerator are cooled with circulating air, which cools when passing through the evaporator. The evaporator is located behind the freezer panel of the freezer and is a radiator. It is a fan that blows the air of refrigeration and freezer through the evaporator. In this case, the air is cooled and sent to products.

The main part of the cooled air goes to the freezer, smaller. on the additional channel enters the refrigeration. Temperature adjustment in the refrigerator is carried out by overlapping the cold air supply channel from the freezer evaporator. The channel is overlapped with a special damper, the position of which determines the refrigeration compartment thermostat.

The refrigerator is turned off the thermostat of the direct method of temperature control, T. E. After measuring the air temperature. The thermostat capillary is in the freezer.

Problems with door

Often the product signals that cold air leakage occurs due to a faulty door, there may be several options.

  • Door loosely closed. cold air leakage occurs through the slots, which immediately reports the product. It is necessary to carefully examine the rubber of the sealer throughout the perimeter, perhaps the problem occurs due to the rubber defect. Check the arrangement of tanks on the shelves. it is possible that the protruding handle prevents the closure.
  • In some cases, the straight wines of the seal rubber. over time, it loses its elasticity, there is deformation at the place of clamping to the refrigerator housing. We have to change the rubber seal.
  • When closing, the door closing sensor button is not pressed or it has failed. From long use, the button may not be able to sleep, so the system includes all types of alarms, and leakage does not happen. no contact. There are two options here: Replace the faulty sensor or in contact site paste a small segment of rubber for the implementation of sustainable contact.

You can easily eliminate small defects only after a warranty, otherwise call the service, they will send a master who will quickly correct the problem, will replace broken items.

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