Why the washing machine lg jumps during annealing

The washing machine is currently the main household assistant. During operation, the washing machine can move a little or vibrate. But if you noticed that the washing machine LG jumps in annealing or loudly noise, then it should alert.

First of all, the reasons should be established why the washing machine jumps during annealing. Conditionally, they can be divided into two types: the causes associated with the incorrect operation of LG washing machines, and the causes associated with the wear of the internal parts.

Causes that are not related to breakage of internal nodes can be eliminated independently without the involvement of specialists from the LG service center. Consider in more detail, which leads to the fact that the washing machine begins to jump and what to do with it:

  • If an absolutely new washing machine started vibrating hard and loudly, then the transport bolts are most likely not removed. Transport bolts are a fastening mechanism that holds the tank when transporting and protects it from swinging, shocks about the wall and damage. If you do not remove them, the washing machine will work, but it will be strongly vibrating, and the vibration of the washing machine will accelerate the wear of the internal nodes. To remove them, you need to get acquainted with the user’s instruction to the washing machine, in which how many bolts are indicated and where they are located.
  • The next step is needed to check the installation of the LG washing machine. Incorrect installation causes shake. Paul under the washing machine should be even, the smooth coating is checked using a construction level. At the same time, if the floor is lined with glossy tiles, it is better to use special linings on the legs of a washing machine so that it does not slide during spinning. Also make sure that the washing machine is steadily on four legs, it is better to exhibit too by level.
  • If you once noticed that the washing machine jumps, check if there is no linen imbalance in the drum. The imbalance may occur if the weight of things exceeds the permissible norm or vice versa was loaded too few things. If the overload happened, the drum may not rotate with the necessary speed, but the entire weight of things presses on the lower portion of the drum for a long time. When underwear, underwear threw sharply throughout the available drum area, which rocks the washing machine LG. Also check if all underwear has not confused in one large com (for example, when smaller things fall into a duvet cover), then all the weight of the wet linen falls on a small section of the drum in which it hits. And as a result of this, the washing machine swings heavily when. To correct the situation, stop the washing process, distribute uniformly underwear or divide it into two washers. Most often, the self-diagnostic system will issue an error code at an imbalance on the displays of the washing machine. UE or UB.
  • One more of the reasons why the washing machine jumps can be washing sports shoes with a spin. Sneakers will strongly beat on the walls of the drum of the washing machine, which will lead to its teaching and displacement from. Washing sports shoes is carried out by a mode without press.
  • And the last reason that can be eliminated independently. an extraneous subject stuck between the drum and a tank. To detect the subject, you need to slowly scroll through the drum, simultaneously highlighting yourself a flashlight. Objects are used through the bent hatching cuffs of the washing machine, you can use tweezers. In rare cases, to get a subject, a partial dissection of the washing machine will be required and the extraction of Tan. Keys, coins, buttons, bones from bra and even pebbles can act as foreign objects. To avoid a similar situation, you need to check the s before washing things.

All other searches and solving problems are better to spend at the LG service center or call the wizard home, as it takes a collection of a washing machine:

  • The first part of the service center specialists will check the depreciation system, which consists of dampers, which are located under some slope under the tank of the washing machine, and the springs that are above the pot of the washing machine and hold it. Shock absorbers, quenching oscillations, eventually fail. The tank will begin to make so strong fluctuations that will fight the wall of the washing machine, and it will start jumping. It will be necessary to replace parts for new.
  • The next thing to be checked. counterweight. This is a weighing, located on top of the tank. He stabilizes the position of the tank of the washing machine and does not allow him to be fluctuations. Rarely, but it happens that he can shift. If the counterweight looses the mount, pull it up. The breakdown of the counterway is evidenced by the knocks and vibrations without a grincping.
  • If during the operation of the LG washing machine, you will notice the creaking and severe vibration during annealing, then, most likely, the bearing will be required. If they do not replace them in time, then the problems will begin not only when annealing, but also at the stage of washing. And over time, the bearings will destroy and damage the important details of the washing machine.
  • When the engine is worn out, the washing machine makes jerks during annealing or completely stops. With the crafts of the engine washing machine, it is better to immediately contact the LG service center and do not try to eliminate the problem yourself, as special equipment will be required.
  • Another reason that makes the washing machine sharply jump, applies only to the washing machine with belt transmission. In washing machines with belt transmission, the vibration is more intense, the direct drive in this case wins, since the straight-breed washing machines initially vibration is less. And with time the belt can stretch, and then the rotation of the drum becomes uneven. The pulley sometimes scatters on large circulation and then not only strong vibration appears, but also a sharp bouncing of the washing machine. Solving the problem is only one thing. replacement of the belt to the new.

Since any problem is easier to prevent, than to eliminate the consequences, it is necessary to comply with simple rules when choosing and operating a washing machine:

Technique can make sounds. it’s fine

It is worth understanding that the washing machine, like any unit when working still creates some sounds. In particular, you can hear:

  • the sound of pouring water during its set;
  • noise of the working drain pump (pump) on the descent of water;
  • engine sound when the drum rotation;
  • the noise of the drum at high speed during the spinning;
  • Clicks if the machine switches modes, for example, transfers from the washing phase to rinsing mode and T.P.;
  • Water heating noise, like in the kettle, in the washing process.

Do not worry, these sounds are not breakdown.

Why the car start jumping?

Reasons for jumping and increased noise. Here are the most common of them:

  • Fit minor items between the tank and the drum. For example, we often laid clothes with paper clips, pins or coins. Prevent these items from entering the use of a special laundry bag.
  • When transporting washing, transport bolts were not unscrewed.
  • Incorrect laundry distribution in the device drum. This problem concerns old models of Washing. New modifications are equipped with a function of automatic laundry distribution in the drum.
  • Fleece of electric motor.
  • Incorrect installation of machine on supports.
  • Bearing failure.
  • Fault or strong wear of shock absorbers and springs.
  • Deformation of a counterweight or weakening fastening.

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Weakening attachment of counterweights

Problems most often arise with concrete counterweights because over time they crumble. Also, in consequence of constant vibration, it is possible to weaken the fastening bolts. Access to the counterweights can be obtained by removing the top and front cover. If the problem is in bolts, then they need to be simply tightened. If the contralls burst, then it needs to be replaced by a similar. Strengthened vibration. the main cause of the ambulance of the washing machine parts.

washing, vibrates

The counterweight makes the washing machine as stable at any intensity of operation. By and large, he adds her weight, and so that to confront the vibration of the drum. As a rule, the counterweight is made of concrete or cast iron. It can be located both under the top cover of the typewriter and in its lower part.

Special weighteners made of concrete, cast iron or plastic are installed on top and bottom of the washing machine. These weights are needed to stew vibration when washing. If the counterweight cracks or weakens its fasteners, then the goods will only enhance shake.

It is necessary to tighten the fixing bolts of the weighting agent. If they are not twisted, you will have to replace them. In the event of the destruction of the counterweight itself, you should buy a new one and install it yourself or with the help of a professional.

Direct drive and belt: Are there any differences in the causes of vibration?

LG company produced Washing machines with direct drive and belt transmission. Due to the design features in straight factory laughing, vibration is less.

washing, vibrates

In the strails with belt transmission. more intense, since the transmission of the rotational movement goes with the help of a belt.

If the belt stretches, and the pulley sometimes skips on large turns, the rotation of the drum can be then jerks.

How to Prevent a Washing Machines Shaking and Spinning Noisily

With uneven motion, not only vibration arises, but also a sharp bouncing of the entire washing machine. Solution. Replacing the belt to the new.

No washing machine is insured against vibration and bouncing. When they appear, the device should be inspected. What if there is a strong vibration of the LG washing machine during annealing, read here.

Where to seek breakdown

As you see, the reasons can be completely different. To correctly reveal at least one of them, you need to come together with all seriousness to this issue. Where to seek the cause of the car malfunction, what to do when it starts to jump much when the spinning function is working? First of all, the simplest reasons should be deleted.

  • You exceeded the norm on the permissible volume of the loading of the drum, the things should not fill the drum more than two thirds;
  • Exceedable weight linen;
  • When pressing underwear gathered in a lump, small garments got into a duvet cover.

If you have acquired techniques recently, and this is one of the first styrics, the occurrence of strong vibration in the process of spinning says that the transport bolts are not removed for safe transportation. Usually bolts are attached in the amount of four pieces.

Another simple reason why the washing machine jumps during annealing. these are violations in the installation technology. While the technique is turned on, try to shake it. If at the same time it moved from the place, it means that it was unstable. This fact provokes a strong shaking machine. Also to clarify the reasons to use the level by specifying the distance error when installing the machine.

To check the space between the drum and the tank for the presence of items stuck there, shine the lantern inside the drum. Twist it by changing the position if the stuck item has a place to be, then you will easily find it.

Having made the primary inspection to identify the reasons why the washing machine in annealing jumps and shifts, and without rearing it, go to the search for more serious breakdowns. If the work of flavors either springs inside, then, along with the shaken, the knock of the drum will be heard driving the machine housing. The same sound causes a weakened counterweight. If the reason is in the worn bearing, then in this case the details of the details will be heard in.

accurate diagnosis at home requires removal of the top cover. If the verification of the above elements did not give results, only two reasons remain at which there is a strong vibration when annealing the washing machine:

Causes of vibrations in the washing machine

It is quite simple to use the ladle, and the device itself is complex from the engineering point, therefore it should be revealed to reveal the possible reasons for the vibration of the washing machine during the press.

First of all, it is necessary to think when a strong vibration of washing was noticed for the first time:

Next should be remembered, do you read carefully with the instructions, developed by the manufacturer, are all the requirements allowed when installing the mechanism.

Important! Each instruction has a list and possible ways to eliminate the washing machine breakdown.

The reasons for the vibrations of the washing machine during annealing are divided into two groups. household and technical.

  • left transport bolts;
  • incorrect installation;
  • uneven laundry distribution in the drum during annealing;
  • non-compliance with the rules of operation;
  • enter the small object in the space between the tank and the drum.

Important! Household problems are eliminated independently.

Technical problems are associated with wear or breakage of the parts of the unit and require a call to the house of the profile wizard for repair.

Shock absorbers

If the washing machine is strongly vibrated during annealing, it may cause a shock absorber malfunction.

These details work on the principle of machine. Device for amortization with time wear out. Sometimes there is a need to replace them.

Therefore, if you found that the car vibrates very much, it began to jump and audible knocks during the rotation of the drum, it means that they need to be replaced.

Shock absorbers are not refundable. They only change to a new detail.

What to do to fix the washing machine:

  • Put the unit face down. Remove the rear wall. It is easily removed, attached on the bolts. Some models need to remove the front wall.
  • After that you will appear dampers. Lower bolt on which the shock absorber is attached to unscrew. Take him in hand Try to squeeze and dismiss. If the shock absorber is tightly walks, the reasons for the vibration of the washing machine during annealing is not in it. If it is easily suggested, it means that replacement is required.
  • To stop bouncing and vibrating need to unscrew the damper from the tank.
  • Then install a new shock absorber, acting in reverse order.

Vibrating after replacing the device for damping (prevent) oscillations to a new part should stop. To make sure in the serviceability of the machine, put in the drum underwear and try to wash.

Carefully trace how the device moves whether the technique has become better to work better when washing and annealing.