Bosch dishwasher does not gain water. causes

It is easy to understand that the dishwasher does not gain water easily: after launching nothing will happen, only a deaf taine behind the door. about problems with a set of water can show Error E3.

The main reason that causes such a problem is a faulty water level sensor and an inlet valve. In its structure, Bosch dishwashers are very similar to the wasy machines. Therefore, the fault of the water level sensor or the filler valve can cause certain problems with water bay and washing dishes.


Device device

Before you figure it out why there are problems with water from the dishwasher “Bosch”, it is necessary to learn how this device is arranged. Immediately it is worth paying attention to the fact that the design of the device is not easy. The manufacturer recommends independently performing only some steps: Clearing filters from pollution and additional setting. In the remaining cases, it is recommended to contact the service center with all the problems. But if the dishwasher owner has certain knowledge, then repair can be tried with your own hands. To do this, you need to know how the principle works the device. For one cycle washing dishes, several actions are performed:

In order for the device to work, it must be connected to the power grid. After that, water fence occurs. This action is performed automatically. Water passes through a special salt softener in order to prevent scamps. After it under pressure through the intake valve penetrates the inside of the machine. Adjusting the amount of water is carried out using a special float. Also in the dishwasher there is a pressure switch. It is intended to turn off the water pressure when its level reached the maximum mark. Only after that the heating begins and the soaking of dishes itself.

Permanent set and draining water dishwasher: solving the problem

Permanent set and plums of PMM is one of the common breakdowns.

Possible cause can be:

The breakdown itself is accompanied by a permanent set and drain, the appearance of a code of one or another error on the indicator, constant noise of the variable liquid and the room of the drainage pump.

The problem is solved by replacing the device’s failed module

Advice. To eliminate the system failure when set and plum, you should turn off the dishwasher from the network, give it a rest of the short time and run again. Lack of positive effect will talk about a serious breakage.

We offer to see the video of the elimination of the reasons why the dishwasher BOSCHEDITION 45 Silenceplus does not gain water:

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Because of which the dishwasher does not gain water

In each model, the PMM programmed a certain time in order for the reservoir of the desired amount of water for washing dishes. Typically, this time period ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. If the water level sensor (the press service) does not report during the set time, the control unit for the achievement of the desired volume of fluid, the machine stops performing the program.

As you can see, any person will cope with the diagnosis and elimination of problems, even completely unprepared. But there are situations requiring a small or more complex repair. These include the following possible damage:

  • In the intake mesh filter formed a blockage, due to which water supply from the water pipeline is difficult. Usually in the mesh, pieces of rust and another garbage, which spreads along with tap liquid.
  • There was a leakage and the water got into the pallet, which caused the activation of the “Aquastop” system and the appearance of the error code. Perhaps failed and blocked the water supply of the electromagnetic valve of this system built into the filler hose. There is also the likelihood of system sensor breakdown
  • The latch in the PMM door does not work and does not send a signal to the control module that the door is blocked and you can start working.
  • The intake valve that works from the signals of the electronic control unit (ECU), has failed or there is damage to the ECU, although such a probability is small. Perhaps the contact in the cable connections of parts.
  • The press service is faulty, feeding incorrect information about the number of water gained. If he informs that the tank with water is full, although it is not so, there will be no liquid. Sometimes happens on the contrary. the ECU receives information that the water is not enough, although the tank is already full. It ends with overflow, leak into the pallet and the activation of the Aquastop system.

If you extract and check the filling filter on the interface, each owner can test, then test the “Aquastop” system, inlet valves, a door latch and cable wiring condition will be more difficult. To do this, in addition to a set of tools for disassembling the case, you must have a multimeter.

water, supply, bosch, dishwasher

In which cases the dishwasher does not gain water

Sometimes there are situations where the dishwasher cannot dial the required amount of water for a certain period of time installed by the manufacturer (for example 10 minutes). In such cases, PMM stops working, sometimes buzzing, and the display of the alphanumeric error code is reflected on the display. For example, the dishwashers of Bosch and Siemens firms sign about such an abnormal situation with codes E3, E8 or E15.

E3 and E8 error codes appear in the case when PMM does not gain water

The liquid may not enter the dishwasher reservoir for reasons that simply find out and eliminate themselves:

  • There is no water or its pressure very small in the water supply. Determine this simply. turn on the tap in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • The shut-off plumbing crane is closed, located at the entrance to the apartment or at the output of the tee, through which the liquid is fed to the dishwasher.
  • Cardless handling of the door led to the fact that the blocking sensor did not work. In this case, the liquid will not be supplied to the PMM, until the door close the door tightly.
  • Clear the filler hose through which water enters the dishwasher. This may happen due to the permutation of furniture or for other reasons. Check and restore his passability is quite simple.

If you pull the plugging hose, it will overtake and will not pass water

In the listed situations, restore the water supply and the performance of the PMM is quite simple, and it can make each. But there are more complex problems, the elimination of which requires certain knowledge and skills:

  • The flowing or input filter of rough cleaning. As a rule, the intake filter element is located at the junction of the filling hose with the dishwasher housing.
  • Worked or failed the protective module “Aquastop”, overlapping the water supply, if liquid leakage occurred in the dishwasher (error code in the PMM Bosch, Siemens. E15).
  • The device stopped working blocking the front door of the dishwasher. In this case, the electronic control unit (hereinafter also. the ECU) does not receive a signal of closing the door and stops working.
  • The inlet valve does not open (the breakage can be caused by a blockage or hydroedar in the plumbing system). Perhaps there is no control signal from the ECU.
  • The water level sensor is faulty in the PMM tank (hereinafter also. the press service). It can serve an erroneous signal in the computer that the liquid is already typed.
  • The electronic dishwasher control unit failed and does not produce a control signal for opening the inlet valve.

In the dishwasher Bosch worked the Aquastop system, which reports to water leakage (Error code E15)

Dishwasher does not merge water: reasons

When a dirty liquid costs “in traffic”, without having the opportunity to go into the sewer system, the main reasons can be:

  • Zavor filter elements. the most common malfunction. It happens when users neglect the cleaning of dishes from food waste before downloading it into the dishwasher or not clean the filter itself.
  • The inflection in the drainage hose, which is the consequence of the unsuccessful installation of PMM or the permutation of kitchen furniture.
  • Zooming the drainage hose or pump, which occurs when the garbage somehow across the filter got into other details of the drain system.
  • Damage to the pump or control unit is also able to lead to similar consequences.
  • The failure of the water level sensor (hereinafter also. the pressostat). It is not part of a drain system, but may incorrectly inform the software module (hereinafter also. the control unit, the ECU) on the level of water in the chamber.

In any of the above cases, the PMM requires cleaning a drainage system or repair

water, supply, bosch, dishwasher

Watch the video on the disassembly of the Bosch dishwasher:

Do not close the door

If you do not hear the characteristic click when closing the door of the PMM, it is possible that the lock is defective. This breakdown must be confirmed by the appearance of the error code. For example, in the dishwashers Siemens and Boschn the display in this case, the E6 combination appears.

Replace the lock is easy: it is enough to remove the facade if the PMM is built into the furniture, then the control panel. After that, unscrew the lock and replace it with a new. Do not forget to pre-de-energize the device.

Replacing the intake valve

Bay valves can not be called very reliable devices, they often burn. The breakdown can be noticed at the initial stage of working on the absence of the sound of the flooding water. In addition to the valve breakdown, there is a circuit breaking from the control unit.

Valves are damaged due to the cliff of control coils. How to remove and check the solenoid valve, readers can learn from this video:

As you can see, most of the problems with the bay of water can be eliminated independently, without spending money and time to call the master. To do this, there will be enough ability to handle the standard set of tools and a multimeter.