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Rubber nozzle for a drill and a peuorator will collect dust and chips when drilling

PEORTOR is very often used to process materials, when drilling or dropping, a huge amount of dust stands out. These conditions contribute to the tool wear, its aggregate parts. It is in order to reduce the negative impact on the perorator and the dust collector. If we talk about factory devices, then they are active and passive. Active have their own drive, but the value of the instrument increases, and significantly. Passive take power from the engine.

Everyone decides himself, put dust collectors or not. Some enjoy a vacuum cleaner, but it is not always convenient, you have to keep the perorator with one hand. There are many other homemade devices that we will talk about below.

Kraspopult or roller?

Many masters who make independently repairs in their apartment use ordinary rollers. But manual painting has several disadvantages, if you compare this process using collapse. For example, such evenness and subtleties of the coating, which gives a special sprayer, it is impossible to achieve when using a roller.

But this is not the only positive side of the use of collapse. With its proper use, the surface will be neat and smooth. Such an effect cannot be achieved when using a roller, from which VILLINs and other shortcomings often remain. This trash can, from which to get rid of it is very difficult, is often strongly striking and spoils all the overall impression of repair.

In addition, you should not forget that the kraskopult makes it possible to apply the paint not only thinly, evenly and neatly, but also as quickly as possible. For people who appreciate their time, it is an important plus. You can also forget about the need for careful cleaning of space around the treated surface. With the use of roller, situations often occur when the paint drips on the floor, remains on the furniture and T. D. The paintopult makes it possible to carry out the surface coloring procedure at times carefully. However, especially valuable things and items that will not be possible after losing, it is worth removing away. In the process of applying the device, a cloud of paint particles is often formed, which can be seen not only on the surface in the surface, but also beyond. Nevertheless, when using nozzles for the collapse, you can achieve excellent results, and cleaning after painting work will be minimal.

Device and principle of operation

The principle of operation of collapse is similar to an aerosol cylinder or sprayer. Paint from the nozzle is sprayed under pressure. The paintopult consists of a container, sprayer and air injection devices. For feeding the coloring composition you need to click on the device lever.

  • Coloring of hard-to-reach and large surfaces.
  • Pokes with minimal splashing.
  • Use to apply stencils.
  • Cover surfaces of any form.
  • Painting accuracy.
  • Application rate.
  • Coloring in several layers with their minimum thickness.
  • Easy work.
  • Saving staining substances.

What the kraskopult looks like

How to connect the nozzle to the vacuum cleaner

Plastic nozzle will perform the role of a dustmaker, but it does not fit tightly to the surface treated, you need to solve this problem, and also attach the nozzle to the vacuum cleaner hose.

Additionally, take it by the same tape, securely fixing on the housing, but so as not to close two side openings for engine ventilation. If you close. the device is simply braid.

Nozzles for small garbage and cleaning narrow slots

Now. a pair of options for finished nozzles that you can do for your home or workshop.

Create a paintopult with your own hands from girlfriend

The advantages of spray collapse in front of the traditional methods of applying paintwork are indisputable. Paint is applied with a smooth layer, without incl. Equally well stained both flat and embossed surfaces. Painting penetration in hard-to-reach places do not cause difficulties, unlike a brush or roller work.

However, any convenient adaptation costs money. Knowing the device and the principle of operation of this tool, you can make a homemade spray gun literally from the girlfriend, which you just throw away as unnecessary.

Gravity feed

The principle of operation is similar to the previous mechanism. Only the tank is located on top of the nozzle, due to which the coloring composition falls into the formation chamber sprayed under the force of gravity. You can vary the form and saturation of the torch, to control the volume of the flow of the coloring composition. Such a paintopult allows you to pour a thicker solution.

The liquid in the reservoir should not contain large particles and lumps of undisturbed paint. The cost of the design is somewhat higher. Disadvantage. the volume of the tank is limited because it is uncomfortable in hand. Such a design was obtained the most distribution in the car service.

The simplest airbrush

For simple aerographic work or instant tints of small surface areas, you can make an elementary paintopult from a bubble and ballpoint pen. The device is so simple that it can be simply drove after one-time application.

Just take an empty bubble from the medicine, disassemble the ball handle, and further. as shown in the picture. Serve air can be simply mouth or pear from medical enemas. The second option is made from the usual tube from the bottle and two suitable tubes. for example, the same rods from the fountain pen.

Now consider the option of airless collapse. The manufacture will require a few more time, but the quality of painting will be higher.

Sprouting for vacuum cleaner: types and manufacture

Prashopult. a tool working on a pneumatic principle. It is used for spraying paint materials on synthetic, mineral and water basis for the purpose of staining or impregnation of surfaces. Paint sprayers are electric, compressor, manual.

Testing and operating rules

In the process of checking the homemade paint sprayer, attention is paid to the tightness of the compounds and the quality of splashing of the colous fluid. If necessary, leakage must be eliminated. Then it is worth putting the optimal level of spraying, scrolling the tip in different directions.

Using water, you can estimate the characteristics of the “flame” of the sprinkler, without spoiling any finishing surface. These data will help to continue spraying paintwork with the greatest success.

After that, the quality of the pressure reset valve function is checked. Since the manual sprinkler works only at the time of pressing the trigger, the pressure created by the vacuum cleaner can become redundant when this lever is pressed.

The successful use of self-made spray collars is ensured by compliance with some rules of operation:

  • The working fluid should be carefully strained;
  • Flushing of all conductive channels is performed regularly (before starting work and at its end);
  • It is important to avoid turning the spraying unit at the time of work;
  • Do not abuse the work of the device “Freshly”, overloading pressure reset valve.


The described ink model has a disadvantage: the impossibility of starting and shutdown by pressing the trigger lever. In order to use it, you need to activate the vacuum cleaner, and then click on the descent. If this press does not produce, the pressure in the system will increase. Pressure reset valve is designed to eliminate its excess, but this is not a full solution to the problem. In the case of its unfavorability or failure, the internal pressure can destroy the design of the pulverizer or create an excessive load on the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner.


The problem is solved by installing the additional option. the on / off buttons. The latter is a “key” of a chain that will be closed at the time of pressing the trigger. The button must work without fixing in any position.

To implement the automatic switch-on / off function, it is necessary to carry out the adjustment of the additional electric pipe into the network cable of the vacuum cleaner. The insert discovers the zero cord century and displays the point of its closure to the button mentioned above.

The button is located under the descent lever. At the moment of clicking, he presses on it, the electrical chain closes, the vacuum cleaner starts to work, pressure is injected.

Manufacturing process

With a circular drill with a circular nozzle, you need to cut a hole in the Hand Spray Capacity Wall. The location of the opening is determined individually based on the factor of convenience, currently relevant to the user.

Plastic tube is inserted into the hole. Inside the tank should not be no more than 30% of the tube. The rest of it remains outside and serves as a point of connection of the vacuum cleaner hose. The place of contact with the tube with the wall of the capacity is sealed with cold welding or hot glue. The probability of “fistula” should be excluded.

It is allowed to install the check valve at the point of contact of the hose and tube. His presence will provide protection against fluid in the suction hose and other vacuum cleaner systems.

Using the knife or drill of the corresponding diameter, you need to make a hole in which the pressure reset valve will be inserted. In the process of its installation, rubber gaskets and washers are used, designed to compact the place of contact of the valve with a tank. These seals are seated on the sealing agent.

The vacuum cleaner hose is connected to the tube installed in the wall of the tank. Their connection is compacted with the help of a tape or scotch. In the case of serving the collapse, the hose and sprinkler contact assembly should be collapsible.

At this stage, the paint sprayer is ready for testing. Performance testing should be carried out in open space using clean water as a tank filler.

Preparation of vacuum cleaner

At this stage it is worth minimizing the load on the engine of the dust collecting unit. To do this, remove the garbage bag, if any. It should be removed all the filtering elements that do not participate in the protection of the electric motor from dust. Air will be easier to pass through the suction system of the vacuum cleaner. It will be thrown with more power.

If the vacuum cleaner has only suction function, and the outlet for the air is not equipped with a mechanism for connecting a corrugated hose, you will need a partial upgrade device. It is necessary to redirect the air flow so that it began to leave the pipe through which it was suused before. You can achieve this in two ways:

The first way is suitable for vacuum cleaners of earlier releases. The design of their engine allows you to reverse the direction of rotation of the shaft reverse. Enough to change the contacts in places through which the power is supplied, and the engine will start rotating in the other side. Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with new generation motors. inverter. In this case, the change of contact positions will not give the desired result.

The problem is solved by changing the position of the turbine blades regarding their rotation. Usually these “wings” are exhibited at a certain angle. If it is changed (“reflect” on the contrary), then the air flow will be directed to the other side. However, this method is not applicable to all models of vacuum cleaners.

It is important to consider that any interference in the design of the vacuum cleaner automatically removes it with warranty (if any), and may also lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to use for spraying paintwork liquids, only the used vacuum cleaner, which is already unsuitable for the target use.

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