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What is Loc on the oven Gorenje

LOC value on the brass cabinet display means blocking it. you can try to remove the closet fork from the outlet. Wait 10-15 minutes and turn on again. blocking will take off.

Clock regulation at exact daytime is performed by simultaneously pressing on the extreme left buttons 1 and 2 (0.00 ignites, only AUTO flashes); Subsequently, using a rotating switch (extreme right on the timer panel) you need to configure the daytime (at that moment the AUTO symbol.

Oven Electric Burning Loca Error

The following reasons arising in the case when the oven kitchen plate does not turn on, are indicated from the most likely to the least probable. Check or test every reason since most likely reasons.

oven, electric, burning, loca, error

Cause 1 Lower Heating Element

When the lower heating element (TEN) is heated properly, it is repeated to red. If the item is not rolled, it means that it does not heat. Often, if the heating element burns out, it will be noticeably damaged. Inspect it for holes or hubbles. To determine if the lower Ten is burned, use the multimeter to check it on continuity. If the continuity of the TEN is broken. Replace it.

Cause 2 Lighter (igniter)

Built-in lighter (igniter) is the most frequently broken part for heating the gas oven. Lighters have two main functions. First, it serves a current through the oven safety valve to open it. Secondly, the lighter is routing enough to light gas in the oven. If the lighter is not working, it will not be able to open the safety valve correctly. If the valve does not open, the oven ovens does not heat up. To determine whether the igniter is defective, observe it when the oven oven is turned on. If the igniter (lighter) is glowing more than 90 seconds without gas flame ignition, it means that the igniter is too weak to open the valve, so it should be replaced. If the igniter does not shine at all, then use the multimeter to check its integrity. If the continuity of the igniter is broken, then replace it.

Cause 3 sparkle electrode ignition top and bottom burner

For ignition burner oven uses spark electrode ignition. The electrode is located next to the burner and works as an ignition candle. When it passes the current, then the spark is sparking from the spark electrode tip to the electrode screen, thereby burning gas. If the electrode is broken or worn, then the spark may not slip. Visually inspect the electrode node for the presence of cracks in the naval case or damage to the tip of the electrode. Keep in mind that the correct grounding and the correct polarity of the incoming voltage in the slab is necessary for the electrode to detect the presence of the flame after the burner ignition. If the burner was extinct after ignition, then check the correctness of the grounding and polarity in the outlet.

Cause 4 Upper Heating Element

It is possible to overcome the upper heating element (TEN). When the upper tan is heated properly, then it is repent to red. If the element is not late, then this means that it does not heat. Often, if the element has blocked, it will be noticeably damaged. Inspect the TEN for the presence of holes or progars. To determine if the top shade burned out, use the multimeter to check it on continuity. If the continuity of the Upper Tan is broken. Replace it.

Cause 5 incoming current problem

Electric stoves require 240 in voltage. Gas stoves require 120 voltage. If the plate does not turn on, then the problem with the incoming voltage, which should be checked by a multimeter on a wall outlet. Cause 6 Thermal Structure

If the plate overheats, the thermal stitch is triggered to turn off the power of the plates. If the thermal consistency is blown, then the stove does not heat. However, this happens not often. To determine if the thermal configuration is not damaged, use a multimeter to check its integrity. If the continuity of the thermal consistency is broken, then replace it. Thermal stitch cannot be turned on again. if he overwhelmed, then it must be replaced.

Cause 7 Wiring Rip

It can overcome one of the wires supplying the current to the heating element (TEN) or the igniter. These wires usually burn out near the heat source. To determine if the wire burned out, check the wires leading to the element or igniter. If the wire blocked, it is usually noticeable with the naked eye.

Some kitchen stoves have a relay board. The relay board has several relays that control the flow of current to the heating element. If one or more relays on the relay board do not work, the plate does not heat up. However, this is rare, so check first all other heating components of the plate. If they are all right, then the relay fee is faulty, and you need to replace it.

Cause 9 Kitchen Stove Control Panel

On the kitchen plate control panel there are relays that feed the current on the chains of the lower and upper heating element (TEN) in accordance with the user settings and sensor data. If the control board is faulty, it will not be able to serve the current on the heating components. However, it is rare. Before replacing control board, first check all heating components. If you decide that all the heating components work correctly, then replace the slab control board. Since checking the control panel is not easy, you will have to replace the control board if you suspect it is faulty.

Cause 10 Safety Valve

The safety valve of the gas stove works with the igniter (electricity) to ensure gas supply to the burner. If the safety valve fails, the oven does not heat up. However, it rarely causes malfunction. Before replacing the safety valve, first check more and more often broken components of the plate, especially the igniter. If all other heating elements work correctly, then use a multimeter to check the safety valve for continuity. If the continuity of the safety valve is broken, then replace it

Cause 11 Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat controls the temperature inside the oven and cyclically heats up when the temperature in the furnace becomes too low. If the temperature control thermostat does not work, then the oven does not turn on. However, this is rare. Before replacing the oven thermostat, first check more often the broken components, in particular, the igniter and heating elements. If these components are not damaged, the temperature thermostat can be faulty. Temperature control thermostat can not be easily tested. If you suspect that the thermostat is faulty, then replace it.

How to turn on the oven

You have already checked the wires for integrity before installing. Now it is time to make sure that the characteristics of the voltage and frequency of the oven are suitable for your socket. Compliance with electrical safety measures is very important. If the power supply is in some removal, look at models with a suitable cord length. After switching on the equipment on the control panel, sensors should light up.

So, the oven is installed and connected. Now open the operating instructions for Gorenje’s ovens. In any case, give the technique to stand in your home at least two hours, it will allow it to take the room temperature. Open the door, make sure there are no foreign objects, packaging. Rinse the inner surface and all the nozzles with warm water with detergent. Then rinse clean water. During the first warming up (put on 180-200 degrees), start burning the factory lubrication. Therefore, there will be a specific smell. Just ventilate the room.

Which means Loc on the oven Gorenje?

LOC value on the brass cabinet display means blocking it. If you caught fire this icon. it means you are inappropriately pressed on his sensor. you can try to remove the closet fork from the outlet. Wait 10-15 minutes and turn on again. blocking will take off.

To turn on the lock, press and hold the 5-Watch Sensor 5 seconds. On the display for 5 seconds the inscription “LOC” will burn. Meaning that changing parameters of functions is impossible. To turn off the lock, press and hold the Lock clock sensor for a few seconds.

How to unlock the oven AEG?

On brand brand brand Bosch, blocking is installed using a key icon key. Just click on this button and hold for a few seconds. To cancel the blocking, you need to act as follows: Click the “key” button for a few seconds, while the key will disappear on the screen, the key image icon.

How to turn on the pyrolysis in the oven bosch?

The oven turns off. Double-click the 0 button and turn off the function selection switch. Click the “Clock” button 0. Change the cooking time with the “” or “-” button.

How to restart the slate chant?

Disconnect the power of the panel at least by half an hour (disabled by not the button, while turning off the outlet), then turn on, and do not touch for 1.5 hours at all. During this time, an automatic reboot and calibration of the module will occur.

How to restart the slate chant?

Disconnect the power of the panel at least by half an hour (disabled by not the button, while turning off the outlet), then turn on, and do not touch for 1.5 hours at all. During this time, an automatic reboot and calibration of the module will occur.

Gorenje cooking panels

The error definition function has helped many owners of cooking panels, both to fix a malfunction and better know your technique.

All surfaces for cooking Gorenje have detailed instructions and a technical passport, where, in addition to the description of the functions and recommendations for inclusion and care, there are descriptions of malfunction error codes.

Brand Zorene releases the cooking surfaces of several species. Combined (gas with electricity), induction, electrical and gas panels. Some of these error codes coincide, others differ in virtue of another source. We will try to consider them all.

Noises when working induction burner.

Cause: Induction heating sends electrical waves to the bottom of the dishes, which makes the surface to vibrate.

Remedy: This is a normal working noise that means some kind of malfunction.

Unpleasant, low sound similar to the operation of the transformer

Cause: High power burner work.

Remedy: reduce the level of heating or turn off the working area.

Reason: This noise is created by dishes made from the layers of various materials.

Elimination: Replace dishes or change the product that it is prepared in it. No matter how incredibly it sounded, but the type of product is also one of the factors affecting the sound published by the panel.

Cause: All induction cooking surfaces are equipped with a fan producing a cooling panel and its parts. Depending on the degree of heating and the number of working burners, the noise level depends.

Remedy: Even after the device is turned off, the fan will work to cool hot areas.

The device is equipped with a sensor to protect against overheating, so the burners, like the panel itself can be disconnected for a while.

Error code Cause Elimination
ER03 or continuous signal sound The control panel is dirty, water broke on it or lies the subject. Clear surface / remove foreign object
E / 2 Device overheating Do nothing touch and give cool
E / 3 The dishes lost ferromagnetic properties Use suitable dishes

Sensors do not react to pressing and other actions

Cause: System failure or overheating due to long work.

Remedy: Disable the cooking panel for several minutes from the power grid, then connect again and press the on./ OFF.

Cause: Panel Polluted / Powerful External Flashing Light.

Remedy: Clear the panel and check that it is dry / eliminate the source of the external light or install the panel outside it reach.

The panel turned off by itself and an unfamiliar inscription is displayed on the display

Cause: The device is contaminated / spilled water / lies an extraneous subject.

Remedy: Clean the surface / wipe the dry cloth / remove all unnecessary from the panel.

f09 error code on lg electric range

Electric cooking surface

Cause: On all the burners installed the degree of heating 00 / control panel is dirty, water is spilled / lies an extraneous subject.

Elimination: If the heating is not installed on one of the burners, it turns off / clean the panel and wipe it with dry matter / remove the subject.

Reason: overheating panel, contamination and t.D

Elimination: Disable the device from the mains, wait a few minutes and turn on again.

Disable panel and flashing symbol F

Cause: any of the sensors activated more than 10 seconds.

Remedy: Turn off the panels and start working in normal mode.

Gas and combined cooking surface

Due to the features of the energy used (gas), urge you not to repair yourself and contact the service center! Great probability of explosion!

Even in the case of a small breakdown (handles fell off, the burner and T.e) call a specialist by calling the warranty service number.

All of the above error codes typically do not carry a special threat to the device and man. But as practice shows the main reason for their occurrence. it is neglecting the care of the panel and not familiarize with the instructions after the purchase.

To avoid faults and challenge a specialist, read the safety measures and the description of the device issued when purchasing. Clean the surface from carbon and pollution regularly. Do not put foreign objects and do not spill liquids by watching its dryness and purity.