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Replacing batteries in a Philips HQ8505 trimmer

I have an old wonderful cordless grass trimmer Philips HQ8505. It is used not only for its intended purpose, but also for constant shaving. But here’s the trouble. regular built-in non-removable batteries slowly began to lose ground. fast self-discharge, drawdown of revolutions under load, short duration of operation. And the grass trimmer itself is livelier than all the living. it works fine from the network adapter, but it’s inconvenient. you quickly get used to the good. Time to change his batteries! The grass trimmer

The device is very easy to disassemble. No tricky latches. everything is on screws with a cross slot. I open the lid, and it’s somehow empty there And that’s all? I thought it was a sinful thing Two AAA NiMH 750mAh batteries soldered to the board with welded petals. Bullshit question, solder and change. I turn it over, and there I looked at all this for a long time, trying to understand why there is so much stuff here. I started to remember if there was a built-in Bluetooth, radio, TV and remote control 🙂 I didn’t find anything like that, I solder the old batteries, take out my favorite LADDA AAA 900mAh, solder the wires to them and solder them in place. Why didn’t I weld the plates? During the time I will get the welding and prepare everything, I will have time to solder the batteries, solder them in place, assemble the grass trimmer and shave 🙂 So that the batteries do not move during operation, hot glue is dripped under them.

After reassembly everything worked normally. Thank you for your attention 🙂

About Phillips. I took a male styler with 6 nozzles in 2013 (I still use the battery and haven’t changed it yet) — there was lithium, now it’s two. brother took the styler, only nickel! models with lithium are no longer produced.:). I add, my model is QG 3270, a 15-volt power supply unit 3 meters wire (it works from the mains and does not require oil. high-quality knives), inside, apparently, a polymer battery for 12.6 volts (the pen is skinny, even 3 AAA will not fit). In short, even though Philips household remained Dutch (the rest was sold to China a long time ago), but the quality is falling.

Definitely approves! Although, the mind refuses to understand why manufacturers need these dances with batteries (using the example of a grass trimmer and a razor from Panasonic, I got acquainted with a similar problem) instead of a simple “pull-insert” procedure. For example, as it was in DECT phones.

what do you mean why? most will buy a new one instead.

in the same Panasonics with their welded pips and low-capacity batteries at an exorbitant price, although you don’t need to solder, you still need to understand how it understands, what and where it snaps off and what you have to unscrew. most of it will cut off no worse than soldering.

Well they also want to eat. That same HP dug a hole for itself at one time. Now even in the business segment, their office equipment is a disposable product. As a simple example, somehow collided at the collapse. The guys said that I can’t do the back yet, only the front, because the cable was just bought, but it already broke. I looked. a whirlwind, yes DB9 connectors. I went quickly and made them a couple of 10 meters. They were very surprised that I was even able to find such special cables so quickly in our seedy it turns out that manufacturers / suppliers directly stated that the cable is special, you can’t buy it anywhere and you can ruin equipment from using another. And the thing is that the wiring is not direct, but cunningly done and from where do the guys at the service station know what a whirlwind is and well, in short, it turns out that they have already bought 3000 cables 3 times in a year.

In the instructions for Panas razors. there are drawings of a complete disassembly (I already use 3 razors. now GA 21 more than 20 years, in the first 8 series I changed 2 Ni-Mh ordinary AA batteries inserted into the sockets without any pins. everything worked! ):. Native batteries and Panas’s consumption are really expensive (a native razor brush costs 400). But everything pays off, I recently changed the grid to GA 21 (the old one was enough for 4 years. shaving with foam-), I took it not far by self-pickup in DNS, my own for 800, in China a fake is more expensive.:).

Direct Power from Charger | Trimmer Working | How to remove Rechargeable battery of Philips Trimmer

Now many will already buy Xiaomi for 15 instead of Panas for 150 with a consumable for another 100. You can buy a new Xiaomi for 10 years in a row.

And yes, in my Panasonic razor there is just such a battery with a pip, and I took it apart for more than one day. But in the end, the problem was not with her, but with the tactile button, which I resoldered in a few. But sayomi shaves better, so now I use only her.

I recently stopped washing mouse pads, I just buy a new one every 8-9 months and that’s it. About 10 years ago, I would have twisted it at my temple if I knew that someone was doing this. Play mats, of course, with a quarter of a square in size, 100-300 carpet)

And what, it was possible? I consider the difference already in my income, maybe not all, but about half. Washed the rug. earned two hundred.

All the same, you won’t soak it like a factory one. And still they wear out and don’t look the same anymore. Plus what’s there, 200. half an hour of work)

Previously, in terms of a normal carpet, it took 1.5-2 thousand times a year 2-3.

Carpet wears out in 8 months. And why buy such guano? Savsem poor-YES? I even have plastic gel ones (those that are disposable) served in games for a couple of years.

really is (well, or it was about 8 years ago). along with the addition that you don’t need to do this yourself, this is fraught with the defeat of email.current and ignition, but you need to go to the sc. and description of required spline types omitted. so it doesn’t change the essence in any way. the design is not intended to be replaced by the user.

The design of Panas razors and the disassembly drawing are in the instructions for the razor and suggest an independent, walking, replacement of batteries. Go to the Yandex market for Panas shavers, read Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews on different models 90% of people change batteries themselves. According to the drawing, the disassembly and assembly of Panas is elementary! :).

how many buyers write reviews on Yandex? percent? hundredth of a percent? and why did you decide that this sample is representative? what those who have something to say write is quite logical. only. In general, “An Internet survey showed that 100% of people use the Internet” (c)

Replacing batteries in K2 heated ski boots Therm-ic

Some K2 boots have built-in heating from Therm-ic. For me, such a function is a godsend, My paws are always cold when skiing. I myself ride the K2 Spyne 120 Heat and am very pleased. The other day I discovered that the batteries in the boots had lost their capacity, and one even swelled up. Everything is clear: it’s time to change them. I could not find replacements on the Internet, and eBay offers batteries from 4200 per pair, excluding shipping. At the same time, you need 4 batteries. (2 per shoe). The boots use PowerGloves batteries and search for “Therm-ic gloves battery” or similar. Good. You need to change, the toad is strangling, batteries. they are batteries in Africa. Here are the heroes of the occasion, already in 2015:

The easiest way to find a similar battery is by its size. We measure the original: 8.8x34x50mm. To find the desired model. remove the points and “x” from the measurements and get the search string: “883450”. We will take the standard for 3.7 volts, with 2 wires and a PCB protection board: it protects against short circuits, and with luck, from overdischarge / overcharge. If not needed, tear. It’s easier than looking for a board for the right size later. There are few things on Aliexpress for search, but there is a bunch of everything for “803450”, t.e. the battery will be slightly smaller. Well, we search in Yandex and stumble upon the manufacturer Robiton, which makes batteries in exactly the right size. Plus, we find a specification that says that the ambient temperature during discharge can be from.20 to 60 degrees. Exactly what is needed! We order 4 pieces, we are waiting for the courier. Hooray!

Here is a comparison of original batteries and purchased:

Let’s take a closer look at the original. We arm ourselves with a knife, cut off as many as two heat shrinks and find that inside there are ordinary lithium-ion batteries for 3.7V, 1300mAh capacity, equipped with PCB board. Super, we have the same, only a little more capacious, 300 mAh. A bonus of 600 extra mAh per boot will give us another 10-30 minutes of heating. I also checked the capacity of one battery with smart charging. it turned out 1540 mAh. Quite to yourself. New batteries are equipped with some kind of wiring. We will redo.

Here the question arises: what is this strange connector that connects the battery to the boot? It is marked: LHE. We are looking for and finding the LHECN company, which makes these connectors, mainly in the OEM version (t.e. supplies to manufacturers in batches). We look at the full name of the connector: “C2001C2002 (5100551006) Connector 2.0mm Pitch”. For C2001 and C2002, Aliexpress is not looking for anything, but for 51005, it’s quite. 180 for 10 pieces? Write to my account! I was curious, I googled and found that C2001 / C2002 is the LHE nomenclature, and 51005/51005 is the Molex nomenclature. Who stole the design from whom the story is silent. The parcel is coming, but I don’t want to wait. Let’s try to use the existing wires!

Soldering iron in 40-60 W. with temperature control, thin sting; flux; tin; soldering accessories.

Insulating tape or heat-resistant tape. By the way, it’s called “kapton tape”.

Tweezers, grips, clamps, third hands. to taste. Using conductive tweezers. be careful not to short anything.

Our task: unsolder the wires, solder the wires to the new batteries, connecting them in parallel.

Photo of process steps below. After soldering, from each pair of batteries we get a pair of wires. To make my life easier, I first twisted the wire with the connector and the wire to the second battery and irradiated them. After that soldered to the first battery. Then to the second. I used heat shrink on each wire, and also reinforced the connector with it. Soldering the wire from the connector to the first battery first, and then the wire to the second battery is more difficult.

We mercilessly tear off PCB boards from old batteries, we dispose of the batteries:

Connecting wires, tinning, planting heat shrink. Do not confuse polarity! As a result, we get the finished wiring. Cut off the excess length of the ends in place.

We solder the wiring in place (in the process it is important not to short anything), and the final stage: wrap everything neatly with electrical tape to prevent short circuits and increase strength. You can put heat shrink on the entire battery. this was done on standard batteries. I did not do I do not want to expose them to additional thermal stress. Here is the result:

We insert our Frankenstein into boots, we check. Heating works, charging with a standard controller and wire works. Everything is great! We are great!

Total: something around less than 2000 r. for batteries Kapton tape with delivery. The rest of the consumables I had. 180 for connectors I do not take into account, they have not arrived yet, but the result is already there.

Philips shaver charger

Charger, power supply unit (adapter) for Phillips QC5115 QC5125 QC5130 QC5135 QG3322 electric shavers, etc.



Charger for phone Remax RT-SP01 Black ( shaver 1xUSB 2.1A 3-in1 car adapter)






Charger for Philips vacuum cleaner FC6822 FC6823 FC6826 FC6903 FC6904 XC8147 FC8149 AT 30V 500mA


Charger for Philips vacuum cleaner FC6724/01 FC6725/01 FC6726/01 FC6727/01 FC6728/01 FC6729 ON 29V

Review: Hair clipper Philips QC 5339. Good machine. Sad story with a happy ending.

We used it not so actively, somewhere 2-3 times a year. And recently, in the middle of 2017, when the time came to use it again, she suddenly refused to work. Only 1 year warranty. So, neither repair, under warranty, nor return, nor exchange, there is no possibility.

It’s a shame, of course, because it turns out that we used the machine at most 15 times. Used very carefully. After each use, cleaned, washed, dried, put back in the box and never dropped. But the machine still stopped working. T. e. simply did not turn on when once again we took it out of the box.

All those few times that we used it, we did not regret the purchase. The machine can be completely washed even under running water. This is especially true when cut and chopped hair clips stick strongly to the electrified plastic. The ability to wash it greatly simplifies the cleaning process. I think that. just a need for clippers. By wetting the body of the machine with water, we rid it of excessive static electricity, and even small hairs cut into bristles are washed much easier.

The design of the machine is such that the cutting head, from a slight pressure, easily and simply leans back, exposing the internal mechanisms. What is important, she does not lose details. And they can also be brushed and rinsed with running water.

Nothing more convenient, in terms of cleaning, I have not yet seen. Although, I confess, this is our first clipper. Also, this machine does not need to be lubricated. Generally. Nowhere and never. On the box there is even a sign, on the likeness of the road, belonging to the category of prohibitions, where the maslinka is crosslinking. So, in addition, the machine is very unpretentious in maintenance.

As unpretentious as it is, it is just as easy to use. Nozzles are attached to the machine very easily and simply. And also just taken out of it. Easy to clean, wash. My sponge with soap. The nozzles have markings in millimeters, for easy adjustment of the desired length. Two attachments available for short (3 to 22 mm) and longer (23 to 42 mm) haircuts. Without attachments shear to zero.

Cuts great. The main thing is fast. Hair does not chew or pull. Buzzing and vibrating not much. The client does not irritate and, on the contrary, calms. 🙂 The machine does not overheat and does not stink even during long work.

The on/off button and the regulator are not small. They have a convenient location, on top of the body, right under the thumb. The button is fairly easy to press. The rubberized knob turns easily even in wet hands. Reliably and clearly fix the desired height of the nozzle.

The size of the machine is quite suitable, not large. Its weight and vibration, when working, do not strain. Comfortable form. The slope of the ring head, without nozzles, in relation to the handle, successful. I, in any case, convenient. Nozzles have the simplest floating mechanism, smoothly changing the slope of the ringhead in the process.

Case machine consists of two halves. Top and Nizhnya. On the connecting seam has an insert, rubber strip. In my understanding, it has the following appointments: gives anti-slip properties of the handle and additional waterproofing of the case. The handle part of the case, as the aluminum, sits in the hand. Very pleasant in circulation machine. Looks like sports strictly but attractive.

It is capable of working from batteries and from the network.

And it is very cool. We always rely on it. We use it not often, 2-3 times a year, the batteries for such a long time are discharged. Charging takes 8 hours. T. e. you need to take care of charging them in advance. But, if you suddenly felt like getting a haircut, the machine was always ready to work, because it is able to work from the network. The charger cable is very long. And the connector in the machine sits securely.

It’s been that way for 5 years. They used the machine for their joy and did not know grief. And yesterday, she refused to work, both from the battery and from the network, at the same time. T. e., when the machine was connected to the mains, through a special charger attached to it, the machine did not show signs of life. Even the charge indicator did not blink, as it happened before. For the sake of decency, they left it to charge for a couple of hours, but the picture has not changed. I had to climb inside.

This task was not an easy one. There were no screws on the case. I had to rack my brains on how to open it. Thank you found a video on the Internet, where it is described in detail about this “fascinating” process in sufficient detail and with all the subtleties. Pecks, otherwise not to say, at the beginning, the bottom, black, half of the case. The process is very similar to the opening of the oyster shell. With the help of a flat dumping, we attribute this half of the housing throughout the perimeter. Gone naturally not immediately, t. to. the body is assembled very tightly, reliably.

Do-it-yourself Philips clipper repair

In detail: do-it-yourself Philips clipper repair from a real master for the olenord

The simplest models of cutting devices are arranged in much the same way as Soviet-style razors. The difference between them is that in modern models of machines a pendulum-type vibrator is used, so the trajectory of the blade is not horizontal, but arcuate. But even the highest quality and most reliable electrical appliance tends to break down over time. Article topic: clipper. do-it-yourself repair.

The design of these devices does not differ in particular complexity, so there are no special difficulties in repair. Here are the main components of such a device:

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. If the breakdown is not very complicated, you may be able to handle the problem yourself and do not have to contact the master.

Consider what it takes to fix a hair clipper. The most common reasons that the device refuses to cut are as follows:

Important! In fact, if the knives are blunt, the machine works, but does not cut, but simply tears the hair. All that needs to be done in this case is to sharpen them.

Before you start repairing the device, carefully inspect it. The order of inspection is as follows:

  • Inspect the cord: is it damaged, is the plug detached. If there is damage, it is much easier and safer to replace the cord.
  • Check the voltage on the block built into the case.
  • Call switches and circuit breaker. If these parts fail, they must be replaced.

The most typical malfunction is the arrival of the coils. There are 2 repair options: rewind or replace.

Important! Of course, it’s easier to replace, but you need an absolutely identical coil with exactly the same number of turns as it was in the unit originally. It may not be on sale.

Rewinding is a matter that requires patience, but feasible even for a schoolboy. Rewinding can be done with a drill or even manually. The biggest difficulty is not to make a mistake with the number of turns.

Important! or fewer turns can adversely affect the power of the device.

As for power outages. believe me, in many cases the problem is not at all in the machine. If your device is running on battery power, it may be time to replace it. If the machine is networked, then the following options are possible:

  • Make sure the apartment has light.
  • Plug the appliance into a different outlet.
  • Inspect the plug and cord. If necessary, replace them.

Important! After the repair is successfully completed, do not forget to adjust the position of the knives. To make the process go faster and the result is of high quality, use our instructions for setting up a hair clipper.

For sharpening, you need a special wheel with an aluminum disk. The procedure for this is as follows:

  • Wash and dry the surface on which you will sharpen your knives.
  • Pour abrasive on the prepared surface, level it.
  • Put the knife strictly along the radius of the disk, clamp it in the clamp, then start the circle.
  • Treat the knife with a special solution and lubricate.

Important! There are other ways to sharpen. You will find step-by-step master classes and useful recommendations for solving this particular problem in a special article of our portal of useful tips “How to sharpen clipper knives?».

If the head is set incorrectly, the machine works, but very poorly. Here’s what to check in this case:

  • Knife movement amplitude.
  • The location of the knives relative to each other. You can adjust them using a regular screwdriver.
  • Blade guard alignment.

Important! Don’t Forget About Prevention. If the device has a simple device, then it will rarely break. This fully applies to clippers. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require any maintenance. They need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

If it turns out that the device cannot be repaired, do not rush to throw it away. In a separate publication, we outlined some interesting ideas that can be made from a hair clipper.

As you can see, you do not need to go to the store for a new device at all. In case of any malfunction, you can fix it yourself. You just need to understand the cause of the breakdown and allocate time to repair the clipper.

Simple models of clippers are practically no different from the usual razors of the times of the USSR. The only difference is that in modern models of clippers, the vibrator is pendulum, so the blade does not move horizontally, but in an arc.

Before you fix the hair clipper, you need to understand the internal structure of the device. At first glance, the design of the machine is simple, without technological bells and whistles, so there are no difficulties in the repair process. The internal structure of the hair clipper:

philips, clipper, power, supply
  • voltage transformer;
  • steel core;
  • two stator coils;
  • vibrating mechanism;
  • cutting unit with self-sharpening blades (includes movable and fixed parts).

The pendulum or the wings are fixed with springs on the sides. Plus, the pendulum is mounted on a bearing (one of the weak points that can easily crack). The moving part of the cutting mechanism is made light, thanks to the combination of different materials. plastic and metal.

The device of the coils is simple, any boy can handle winding them. You just need to buy a wire of the required length, make a primitive device for rewinding and start repairing. The coils lie evenly from one edge to the other, they do not need to be fixed. If a person has minimal knowledge in the field of electronics, it will not be difficult for him to independently repair and assemble a hair clipper. It will be more difficult for people who do not know the rules for handling tools for electrical work. But having studied the theory, you can safely proceed to translate your knowledge into practice.

The hair clipper is an indispensable tool for both professional hairdressers and “home hairdressers”. These clippers are divided into domestic and professional. But both of them, sooner or later fail. Usually this unit is repaired by power tool repairmen, for example, in a household. But some faults machines can be fixed with their own hands. Before you start looking for breakdowns, if your tool does not work well, you need to have an idea of \u200b\u200bthe internal structure of this clipper.

Power adapter for electric shaver, crp136/01 Philips.

Original charger (power supply). type HQ8505 (CRP136/01), replacement. HQ8000, HQ8500 and others with the same connector. Used for most models of Philips electric shavers and trimmers, also suitable for some models of epilators, instead of white charger with the same connector For series shavers. RQ10, RQ11, RQ12 for the charger, a charging stand is required, which, if necessary, must be ordered additionally, in accordance with the shaver model. Charging cradles and cases are no longer available for RQ10 and RQ12 series models.

Delivery is carried out in Belarus (Belpochta) and Russia (Russian Post).

How to buy with a discount. see here.

Main characteristics:

Output voltage 15V
Colour Black
Manufacturer Philips Electronics N.AT., Amstelplein 2, Breitner Center. PO Box 77900, MX 1070 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Country of Origin China

GUARANTEE 100% compatibility! Won’t fit. we will return the money! About warranty and return.

Suitable for models:

  • , HQ8885, HQ8894, HQ9020, HQ9070, HQ9090, HQ9160, HQ9090, HQ9160, HQ9170, HQ9190, HS8420, HS8460, PT710, PT711, PT715, PT720, PT723, PT725, PT727, PT730, PT731, PT735, PT736, PT737, PT849, PT860, PT870. RQ1180, RQ1185, RQ1250, RQ1260, RQ1261, RQ1275, RQ1280, RQ1290, RQ1295, S1100, S1310, S1320, S1510, S1520, S3120,S3510, S5110, S5310, S5420, S5530, S5550, S5620, S7370, S728, S738, S7510, S7530, S7720, S9031, S9041, S9111, S9151, S9511, S9521, S9711, SW6700, YS53
  • trimmer for grass and clippers Philips: BG2025, BG2036, BT3216, BT5200, BT7085, BT7210, BT7215, BT9290, BT9297, HC3400, HC3410, HC3420, HC3505, HC3530, HC5438, HC5440, HC5450, HC5610, HC7460, HC9450, HC9490. MG7730, QC5115, QC5126, QC5130, QC5132, QC5315, QC5330, QC5339, QC5340, QC5345, QC5350, QC5360, QC5365, QC5370, QC5375, QC5380, QC5390, QC5530, QC5550, QC5570, QC5770, QG3270, QG3320, QG3371, QG3380. QG3391, QP2530, QP2531, QP6505, QP6510, QS6140, QS6141, QS6160, QT4015, QT4019, QT4022, QT4050, QT4070, QT4075, QT4090

Shop in Minsk

About delivery in Minsk, Belarus, Russia

You can order the AC adapter for the Philips HQ8505 electric shaver on the website through the shopping cart or by calling:

375 29 690-29-68

375 33 690-29-68

375 25 690-29-68

Top 12 best Philips hair clippers 2021

Place Name Price
TOP 5 best Philips hair clippers by price/quality for 2021
one Philips HC5100 Series 5000 Ask for a price
2 Philips QC5125 Series 3000 Ask for a price
3 Philips QC5115 Series 3000 Ask for a price
4 Philips QC5130 Series 3000 Ask for a price
5 Philips HC3505/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price
TOP 4 best Philips professional hair clippers
one Philips MG7735 Ask for a price
2 Philips HC1091 Ask for a price
3 Philips HC5650 Series 5000 Ask for a price
4 Philips HC5610 Series 5000 Ask for a price
TOP 3 best Philips beard and mustache trimmers
one Philips HC3510/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price
2 Philips HC5612 Ask for a price
3 Philips HC3530/15 Series 3000 Ask for a price

Philips QC5125 Series 3000

An economical haircut option tops the list. Equipped with 40mm wide self-sharpening blades. Blades do not need to be lubricated. Has one nozzle. 10 cutting levels available. The length is set by the regulator. from 0.8 to 21 mm. Works from the network. Comes with a cleaning brush.

  • cuts with high quality;
  • copes well with thick hair;
  • many length regulators;
  • there are no heaps of nozzles and accessories, which is not convenient for storage;
  • without a nozzle, it cuts to zero, you can even shave your beard;
  • works quietly;
  • small vibration;
  • the cord is long enough;
  • light weight, sits comfortably in the hand;
  • low cost.
  • a hard cord that falls out of the connector (you need to remove the wire from the socket less often so that the connector does not loosen);
  • removable elements look flimsy;
  • the knives are very thin, can lift the skin, you need to adapt.

See also. What is the difference between a grass trimmer and a clipper

Philips HC1066

Universal device in a pleasant color scheme. white and blue. Can work from the outlet and independently for 45 minutes (charging 8 hours). Has a charge indicator showing the time of its end. The blades are made of ceramic, the ends are rounded, which makes it possible to use the device for cutting children. There are three nozzles and 12 length levels (1-12 mm). Can be cleaned with the brush included. Possibility of wet cleaning.

  • pulls hairs less than a conventional machine;
  • works silently;
  • long work without a network;
  • compact, convenient;
  • safe ceramic knives;
  • can be washed under water;
  • there is a special comb for the contour behind the ears;
  • does not vibrate.

Philips HC5100 Series 5000

The model is equipped with stainless steel knives 41 mm wide. They have rounded tips for safety, do not require sharpening. Works from the socket. There are 7 nozzles and 8 length levels (0.5-25 mm) that can be changed with a regulator. Can be used to trim beard. The kit includes a comb, scissors, cleaning brush, oil for lubricating the blades, a cover to protect the cutting parts.

  • light, comfortable;
  • beautiful view;
  • many combs;
  • long fixed wire;
  • the blades are made so that they do not accidentally cut themselves;
  • does not make noise;
  • made from quality materials.

Philips HC9450 Series 9000

Machine for home use with titanium self-sharpening blades 41 mm wide. Has three attachments and 400 length settings (0.5-42mm). There is a memory function of three modes for each comb. Provided for operation in turbo mode. Can cut from the outlet and from batteries (independent operation. 120 minutes, charge 1 hour). Has a battery level indicator.

  • modern stylish look;
  • digital touch interface;
  • easy to adjust the required length;
  • Works for a long time without an outlet, charges quickly;
  • cuts hair well, does not pull out, does not scratch the skin;
  • the working part does not vibrate;
  • fairly quiet operation;
  • just clean;
  • does not require lubrication;
  • combs are easy to change.
  • It is not convenient to cut yourself;
  • If the battery is completely discharged, it does not work from the outlet;
  • Hair falls under the comb;
  • high price.

Tips for choosing Hair clippers

All cars look equally, which complicates the choice when buying, if the user does not know the subtleties of the device. Therefore, I propose to familiarize yourself with the rules that will help you buy the desired model: