Refrigerator Bag: Useful accessory for a hike. Several simple tips, how to make it yourself

Some thermoshams can save heat, and others. cold. Despite the difference in functions, they have the same device, of course, if there is no possibility to connect to the electrical network. Speaking of thermal holder containers, it can be noted that they are made of two layers of tissue or plastic, between which the layer of foamed foam or polyethylene is installed. Sometimes the wall thickness reaches 4 cm, which will allow you to save the desired temperature even longer. The similar principle is equipped and the cover of thermo.

The main components of such household appliances are special batteries filled with dry saline or liquid solution. Before use to maintain the cold, place the batteries in the freezer for several hours, then immerse yourself in a refrigeration suitcase along with pre-cooled products. If you have a bag playing the role of the heating, then, on the contrary, you need to lower the capacity in the water with a solution that supports the temperature, then put them inside the bags for hot meals. For several hours in such thermos you can store just cooked pizza, pies, second dishes, coffee or tea.

Materials required for manufacture

Understandable thing, not everyone’s hands will have everything necessary for creating thermosum. But to buy them is easy. the main thing is to know what exactly. So, so that the refrigerator bag made by its own hands appeared on the light, it will be necessary:

  • Actually, the bag itself, on the basis of which the final product will be created, by sewing in it of thermal insulation materials. If there is no available, you can sew a simple bag of necessary sizes. In this case, it is better to take care of the manufacture of it from a dense and durable material. jeans, tarpaulin, parachute silk;
  • Heat insulation material. In this case, the foam is also suitable, but it is better to buy a specialized building insulation, such as foamed polyethylene with a layer of braided foil. You can buy it in any construction store or in the construction market. The amount (length and width) depends on the parameters of the bag. it should be enough for the full sheaving from the inside, including the covers;
  • Bilateral scotch, which will be needed for the initial fastening of the insulation to the walls of the bag;
  • ordinary scotch.

We make a portable version of the refrigerator bag

To ensure the quality of the portable thermosum can be using correctly selected materials.

Fundamental choice

In the manufacture of portable refrigerator, we will take into account that it should be convenient for carrying a product. Therefore, a spacious bag with reliable handles will be needed as an external cover. Good suitable for this household, sports, road and even beach bags.

Important! Choosing the foundation for the refrigerator bag, give preference to bags of durable water-repellent materials.

It is necessary to check the reliability and strength of the zipper: the refrigerator bag should be tight.

Size lifting and painting

Featuring a bag suitable for a cover, proceed to the manufacture. Inside the container must repeat the form of the selected bag, but do not coincide with its size, but be less. Then it will be conveniently placed in the case. Avoid mistakes with sizes helps pattern. All components of the existing bag are measured: bottom and top, front and back, sides. The quality of the entire product depends on the measurement accuracy.

Attention! The inner surface makes less than the external. To do this, from external measurements of each detail, it is necessary to take 5-7 cm.

Then make up the scheme that in the finished form should have the shape of the cross. All blocks of patterns are made in the form of rectangles.

  • Center. 1 Rectangle: bottom.
  • On the right and left of the center. 1 rectangle: Boca.
  • At the top of the center. 1 Rectangle: Front.
  • Below from the center. 2 rectangles: back and lid.

Selection of materials

Ensure the reliable saving of cold helps the correct selection of materials for the manufacture of the refrigerator bags with their own hands.

As an affordable and high-quality insulation, folgisolone has proven well. It consists of special foamed polyethylene, a foil is applied to the surface of which with one or each side. For the bag it will be suitable for any kind, but the two-way will fulfill the process of saving the cold better.

You can connect the internal parts of the bag with any scotch. convenient if it is bilateral. And the use of metallized tape having an additional layer of foil will allow not only to bind the parts of the bag, but will become the heat transferser.

Think in advance how your bag will be closed. To do this, it is best to use zipper.

You can also make an additional valve on the top of the bag to apply it to the front side and fix on velcro. The valve must be made on the pattern in the form of an additional rectangle that connects to the lid of the bag.

Connect parts of the bag

Prepare materials and pattern of the inner container of the refrigerator bags, go to the main part of the work.

portable, thermos, refrigerator, yourself
  • By pattern cut out of the bag from Isolon.
  • We transfer to the insional the inner side of the rectangles indicating where the parts of the bag are connected: the center with the side part, the rear part. with the top and t.D.
  • Bend the carved material on the internal lines applied to it.

Important! When using one-way pholoisolone, make sure that its surface with the foil has become the inner surface of the container.

  • When using zippers, sew it to insulation.
  • Connect parts of the resulting isolon box. It is best to “hang out” first: to gripe the sewing pins and give the product form. Then copold the joints with the help of a scotch.
  • Strengthen the joints. To strengthen and impress the shape, each joint can be additionally sampled by the Scotch layer from the inner and outside. You can also pre-strengthen the joints of the insulation strips, which remained after cutting out the pattern. They are fixed with the help of bilateral scotch. Additionally, you can once again deal these strips from above scotch.
  • Insert the inner block into an external case and gently spread. The resulting portable refrigerator can already be used!
  • In conclusion, you can fill out the available free space between the case and container material: syntheps or a Vatin, and you can even use pieces of an old blanket.
  • The finished type of product will give fastening of external and internal parts. They can be sewn or tightly combined with double-sided tape.

Tools and Materials for Work

The foam box can serve for storing products over the years if the design is collected taking into account certain features.

For construction, not only basic materials will be needed, but also auxiliary tools:

  • Plywood or tree to create a support frame;
  • food foam;
  • Polyethylene film and light reflector;
  • nails for fastening;
  • a hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • PVA glue;
  • Building tissue, construction scotch.

List of tools and fixtures can be increased. For example, for measurement and creating patterns will need a long ruler, marker, as well as roulette. Before proceeding with the cutting of foam, often make patterns from paper to clearly imagine a scheme of future assembly.

Information! The homemade box of foam with ease will replace the refrigerator shopping bag.

What we need?

As the basis for thermosum, it is best to take a standard travel bag that you no longer need. Especially comfortable rectangular bags. However, if you do not have a ready-made option, you can come up with an alternative.

If there is no ready-made base, herself! As a reference point, you can take a pattern from the master class by sewing bags-carrying, replacing the mesh with a cloth. Or pattern presented below.

If you have plywood or wooden panels, roll the base box. As a reference point, take the pattern presented in the previous paragraph.

The basis for thermosums decided. Now you need to measure its parameters and record on paper. Suppose it turned out 25 × 40, height. 35. Do not add parameters to take into account the allowance. It is important that the gasket from the foil insulation came into a bag free.

Build pattern. Option for rectangular bags you have already seen just above.

Cut the base of foil and fold the edges. At the same time, the white part should remain outside, shiny. inside. Bonding edges with each other so that the foil is inside even in the seams.

Connect edges in several ways. However, scotch is better not to use. it is unreliable. It is preferable to bage the box in the stapler or simply sew a part of each other. As a result, you will get a box with an untrined lid. It can be simply wrapped in inside, but if you are waiting for a thermosum of really worthy of work and plan to use it not one year, then open lock.

Now you need to just put foil into the finished bag.

Our accessory for a picnic is ready, it remains only to “charge” with it with warmth or cold. Put “batteries” need inside, right to products. So they will remain cold (or hot) much longer.

Step-by-step instruction

Believe me, it’s only at first glance it seems to make a refrigerator bag yourself very difficult. In fact, it is clearly following the instructions, you will quite create such a “masterpiece” with your own hands.

First you need to prepare a base bag. From the inside, all s, partitions and other elements are removed. We leave only the “Corps”.

Especially comfortable rectangular bags.

Now you need to make a pattern, exactly repeating all sides of the base, but about 0.5 cm less (so that nothing inside nothing). Do not forget about the lid. If you decide to make a tab on velcro, then the lid should be larger in size so that it can be fixed inside. The process of creating patterns is extremely simple: apply all sides alternately to the paper, and with minor amendments, blaming the pencil.

At the same time, the white part should remain outside, shiny. inside.

Using the resulting pattern, the parts are cut out of foil polyethylene and glue them with scotch, so that some kind of box with a lid. To more conveniently glue, the parts are pre-connected with the help of tailor pins.

It is preferable to bage the box in the stapler or simply sew a part of each other.

The resulting container is inserted into the foundation and here the heatmosum is ready. Important moment: if there is space between the basis and the “container”. it is not scary, but it is necessary to fill in foam rubber or cotton.

Thus, we got medium in size, and a very universal software option.

Accessory for a picnic is ready, it remains only to “charge” with its warmth or cold.

To make a bag for shopping hikes, you will need a base of slightly smaller size than in the first case (in principle, it can even be a very dense polyethylene package) and foil polyethylene also in a smaller volume. And the manufacturing process remains all the same.

Put “batteries” need inside, right to products. So they will remain cold (or hot) much longer.

To make a “forage” to transport products in the car trunk, you will have to find a more volumetric basis. Often for this purpose use a box of plywood or dense cardboard. To enhance thermal insulation properties, inside the box is tinted with thin foam, and only then the layer of foil foam rubber. The latter is fixed on the upper perimeter of the box with a tape. The same approach is used for the manufacture of the lid. Well, as well as just to transfer the box is extremely inconvenient, often for such a “heat storage” separately made a case with handles from durable fabric.

If you have plywood or wooden panels, roll the base box.

So, the bag is ready, but in itself storing the cold, it will not be able, need special batteries. These “devices” can be purchased in stores, and you can make yourself.


Conditionally such bags can be divided into three groups:

In winter, it will save your products warm, in summer. cold. Listed options differ from each other by form, sizes, and materials that are used for the base bag and to save the temperature mode. The degree of heat or cold preservation in any of these bags is the same.

The bag can be used to save the dish warm or cold for several hours.

Product from Karenta

Most of the Karemate people know people who are often in campaigns. Karemt resembles a rug with good thermal insulation. It is used as a litter in a sleeping bag.

First you need to prepare a mixture consisting of water and ammonium nitrate. The latter can be taken with you in a dry form. The cover in the bottle needs to be thoroughly spinning.

DIY USB Hot Water Bottle

Karemt will act as thermal insulator. It needs to be collapsed into the pipe. Inside, put drinks and a cold battery. Holes in the pipe should shut clothes (this will allow to keep the temperature in the inside of the refrigerator).

Accuracy when dealing with ammonium uniforms will avoid fires and explosions. Interactive stocks can cause strong poisoning.

When using this method of creating a refrigerator, you must eliminate contact with the products. After the preparation of the solution should be thoroughly rinsed hands.

Picnic in nature. an event that will remove working fatigue in adults. Children play out in the fresh air and taste tasty reserves made by mom and dad. And the refrigerator made by your hands from the primary means will perform its functions and will save the family budget.

Like all working moments on the manufacture of the bag itself, the refrigerator looks in fact you can see in the applied video.

Cold Batteries. Required Refrigerator Bag. And what’s the usual diaper? All Answers in Video Tutorial.

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Foam box come in handy anywhere. How to do it. everything can be seen with your own eyes.