Sink Over Washing Machine. Views, How to Select, Installation and Installation

An increase in the useful area in the bathroom. not just a whim of modern owners. This is an urgent need. When on three or four square meters it is important to place both a bath, and a toilet, and a washing machine, you do not pay attention to fashion trends. But when a new repairs and construction becomes the center of the bathroom, grab it for this opportunity, as for the straw. One of these rescue circles is the installation of a wobbut box over the washing machine.

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Sink over the stratic strokes and cons

Good afternoon! I plan to repair in the bathroom and I want to make her over the washing machine instead of the cabinet. Tell me, who has such an option. conveniently or still better classic?) Is it easy to clean siphon. When clogging? And which model is better?

Relatives husband is so done. We are high, we are normal to wash your hands, the child will be high. I will not tell the drains on the plums, but only yesterday I talked with a designer, so she says: if there is an opportunity to do that, then it is better not to do. But if without options, then the sink over the washing

Beautiful and convenient, but we abandoned this option, were afraid of vibrations from the machine, and that it grows the sink.

We wanted to make a wardrobe above the machine. in IKEA there are such cabinets, and also have not yet decided. We flew out of the interputric seam, flew from vibration, on high speed and with full load.

I seem to have no strong vibration and I looked. between the typewriter and the sink distance is not to touch.

We specifically left a small stock so that the machine does not touch the siphon. Literally centimeter. Everything is fine, but the machine is rarely jumping. If only the blanket is washed.

Need to adjust the car. When it costs it right not jumping completely.

Sometimes the transport bolts are not unscrewed, it can also vibrate too much.

I had a not one machine and not in the same apartment) Experience Jumping is very diverse) from real races and decent movements comparable to hurricane. To calm)))

Now the machine is in the niche between the locker and the wall. And there is not a centimeter of free space. Does not vibrate at all, stands like a discharge))

So write, the secret of calm washing. the machine in the cord!)

I didn’t pay much attention not to her minor moves. And that seams without grouting, I was not alert. While once did not post the blanket. I look, the car went to the exit. I thought, probably, my husband was looking for something for her, maybe dropped what. And he thought I moved her. At that time, the locker was pondered there. So everything turned out.

So no) the secret is in a flat field and properly adjusting the legs, then you mean the correct installation!

And when it is correctly installed, then it is possible without gaps, nothing lies and does not jump))

How not to do in the picture. Between the washing and sink will be a gap in cm 10-15. This is due to the fact that the siphon is also over the sink. We are medium height, we are fine. Now low shells seem uncomfortable because they have to bend. For 6 years, the siphon never clogged., Therefore, I do not know about cleaning. Models little. Before was 2 total. We took Russian, because there were doubts, and Finnish cost 5 times more expensive. In the end, I liked it and decided not to change already on more expensive. Siphon was planted for sealant, because in the reviews I read that the gums are bad in the kit and can flow. The sealant was replaced after 5 years, as it began to pinch. If questions are, ask. I can make a photo if interesting.

Make a photo, if you can) And the siphon is not at the back of the machine goes, it seems, too, the distance should be?

Shell over washing machine

Designers successfully win the battle for each closure of free space, coming up with combination devices. Sink over the washing machine. another stage in this struggle. How to combine these mutually exclusive aggregates, learn from specialists.

Pros and cons of combining shell and washing machine

As they say, not from a good life designers are solved on such combination. The main advantage of the placement of the washbasin over the washing machine is a significant savings of space. For close small apartments it is very important. Sometimes there is a problem before the owners. where to put a washer? In the bathroom, she turns out a passage, the kitchen is also small, there is no place in the hallway.

But under the washbasin, the place is usually empty. accommodate the chest there, the shelves or a small locker is not always. Free space needs to be used rational. So the idea of ​​combining the shell and washing machine was born. Such an approach helps to save space, make a bathroom more spacious and functional. Over the sink, you can hang a cabinet with a mirror, and then even more space will be released.

Why did this method not become generally accepted, because its advantages are obvious? The fact is that the combination of the washbasin and washing has weighty cons. These include such factors:

All these problems can be solved, but it will have to thoroughly prepare and carefully think over all the details of such a design.

Selection of washing machine

An unpleasant surprise for many owners of apartments will be the fact that the standard washing model is not suitable for combining with sink. She takes too much space. We will have to select low and narrow aggregates. Such companies are manufactured by Candy, Zanussi, Elektrolux, Samsung. In small washing, it will not work out load more than 3.5 kg of linen. Some consolation can serve that many models are equipped with additional options, such as drying linen or multiple prescript modes.

The height of the washing machine should not exceed 70 cm, and the depth should vary in the range of 35. 45 cm. Such restrictions are necessary because a washbasin will hang over the unit. Between it and machine need to leave at least 7. 8 cm of technological gap. It turns out that from the floor to the shell, the distance will be about 80 cm, and this is quite a lot. Little children and low adults will be difficult to wash hands and brush teeth over such a washbasin.

The depth of the typewriter should be chosen taking into account the width of the shell. The unit must be completely hidden under the washbasin. It will protect the electric and electronic details of the washer from splashes and water drops. It should also be borne in mind that the device should not fully interleve the wall. there will be pipes, fastening connections and engineering communications.

Not so easy to find a typewriter meeting all these requirements. However, some manufacturers offer combined model of the washbasin and washing, which meet the necessary standards.

The usual washbasin with a rounded bottom above the washing will not put. the bowl will be too high from the floor, to use such a sink is very uncomfortable. We will have to look for special models that are called water lily. They are distinguished by an almost flat form of the bottom, so they deserved their name. only the ponds of the pond are visible on the surface of the pond, the stem is hidden deep under water.

Typically, such washbasins have a rectangular or square form, but there are round and oval models. Material for them can serve ceramics, lads, plastic. The fashion trend is the production of water lishes made of polymer concrete (molding marble). Washbasins can be built into the worktop or overlap on the horizontal support.

Washbasins-pitfalls are unusual and in their design. for example, there are no holes for the mixers in them most often, the plum is located in an unusual place. For narrow washing units depth to 39 cm, a bowl of up to 50 cm wide is suitable, fully overlapping the top of the machine.

pros, cons, shell, washing, machine

A big role is played by the type of shell‘s drain. it depends on how well water will be out of the bowl, as well as the selection of components for connecting to engineering communications. On the washbasin, a pitcher can be two types of drain holes:

In connection with the design features, it will not work vertically fasten. It is installed on two brackets located on the sides of the washbasin. Installation of the shell consists of three main stages:

Consider a sequence of work Read more:

Marking on the wall. There is a place of the upper edge of the washing machine, it is made of an indent 7. 8 cm. There will be the bottom of the shell.

Takes up the washbasin, the holes for fastening brackets are shown and drilled.

Requirements for the installation of the shell over the washing

There are several requirements that should be accurately observed when installing the sink located above the washing machine. The bowl is set in such a way that her edges appear for the edges of the electrical appliance at least 2-5 cm, even more.

Drain nozzles of the device in no case can be placed on the machine. They are placed behind the equipment. It is necessary in order to prevent fluid from entering an electrical appliance in case of leakage or hose integrity disorders.

If the sewage output is located in the wall directly behind the device, then the minimum width of the sink should be 58 cm. In the case when such a conclusion is in another place, the minimum bowl width can be 55 cm.

Front Load vs Top Load Washer. Selecting a Washer Shouldn’t Be Confusing (Updated)

How to choose a sink-pit.

The optimal option is to select a washing machine and a washbasin at the same time. But when the technique has already been bought, you do not have to choose. However, it should be borne in mind that not all cars are suitable for installation over them. For example, the depth of the device should not exceed 43 cm. Otherwise, it does not fit under the bowl, and the view of the general style of the room will be spoiled. The control unit must be placed on the facade of the device.

Bowls designed for this installation, have a flat form resembling the leaves of the pita. Hence their specific name. For installation above the device fit exclusively sinks with straight plums. In this case, the hole in the cup will be not in the center, but as close as possible to the rear wall.

Distinguish two types of drain: round and slotted. In the water lugs there are both, but the second variant, located directly on the connection of the bottom and the rear wall, will provide high-quality drainage of water and reduce the likelihood of fluid from entering the electric device in case of leakage.

Sweatshirts are made from various materials. You can purchase models from acrylic, but glass, ceramic bowls and products made of polymer concrete, imitating natural stone, give the room a special charm.

Usually people choose rectangular washbasins, but they are also released oval and round shape. As for the size, the width of the sink must match the washing machine, and at the depth to be 3-4 cm more. It will help protect the device from splashes.

Do not forget that the technological gap for the siphon should remain between the machine and the wall. Consider this by choosing the size of the bowls.

Shell over the washing machine

As far as it is convenient? What are the minuses? Girls, share, please experience.

We came out of the position setting around the perimeter, except the place under the machine brick plafhmy. So there was a small hole in terms of a little more typewriter. Then they installed the sink and at the end put the machine in the niche.

Here read, http: // ideas.VDolevke.EN / POSTS / 30589 / A-U-NAS-MONDRIAN / Here I saw that the sink and the machine cost closely, without a gap

We really wanted to save in the bathroom in the bathroom, but. decided that it will be too high. Left the classic option.

It is convenient for us, legs do not interfere, We have a slightly drowning machine, the sink is not huge, and 60×50, to the altitude accustomed to the week. I have a height of 170, the daughter is lower, but it did not feel any discomfort. But in the kitchen instead of the typewriter there will now be a table-cabinet. Here, look at my post https: // www.Babyblog.RU / COMMUNITY / POST / HOUSEDESIGN / 3205543

With such sizes of the bathroom there are no minuses! business habits) baby is getting on his chair. And it is also temporary) but in the kitchen (also small 6 kV.M.) The place was released for PMM. under the sink there is a place for the organizer where you can store the necessary things

For high people, it is convenient, but if the middle growth of a person is not comfortable. You will stand as if a little behind, that is, to wash it will be necessary to stretch and lean.

Cons: the sink is huge, you get drunk in the machine, the machine itself. Only limited models (types of Candy) Plus: saving space

Here we have. Sink at a standard height, but takes more space than single.

The place was sat down at the expense of a non-standard bath (narrowed from one end).

Tell me, please, where they did a countertop? What about what is height and what length it turned out? Satisfied?

The sink was taken from the manufacturer (Color-Style in the search), there are different sizes and types. Height of 5 cm above the standard washer, the length of us is 151 cm, there is less, it seems. I am satisfied. The husband was worried that a shallow, but I don’t see the difference with the usual, although I have two children)))

Everything is relative. Inconvenient to approach the sink, Legs below rest in a typewriter and high shell. But you get used to it. Not much time you spend in the bathroom. Wash, wash your hands-normally. I, for example, a sore back and sink in the bathroom suspended, above the standard 15-20 cm. It is convenient for me, I do not lean in three deaths, and the children with the stand climb.

Uncomfortable, but when there are no other places where to place cm, then it is better so. There are special cars under the sink, they are lower than the usual, exactly from Candy and Eurosoba. And the sink itself must be with a flat bowl.

We had such in the previous apartment. but we put one of the cheapest and it is set slightly higher than on your photo because of the siphon or the machine should be narrow and should stand ahead. We had a narrow machine. Highly, but get used to. better such a sink than no. Now in the new apartment there is a little wider and we still have a sink above the washing woman, but now we have a tabletop and overhead sink a little on the side.

And my husband also offered me a narrow car. But I also watch you, too, two and the volume of washing we probably do not particularly differ)). So with a narrow, I would probably be murdered.

here we have. Plus for our small apartment of course in saving space. still children when they bathe on her sometimes put their toys. by the way between the sink and the machine we have more space. and I hold all sorts of rags there in the support. and how in the picture it seems to me and do not put anything and the dust will accumulate and it is difficult to wipe. minus. Highly, yes. but at 170 cm I do not feel this and the child and so on the stool. we have a Khrushchev and a little differently done, but a couple of cool creams I have buried the machine ((hurt. So the cabinet with an angular shelf above the sink is not the best option. And I also look there is a socket under the machine below. With two kids, this is not particularly (. We have from above.

Installation of the shell over the washing machine

Regardless of the version of the sink-pitcher, on which you decided to stop your choice, you still need to remember the following important points:

pros, cons, shell, washing, machine
  • Particular attention should be paid to the parts of the shell kit, first of all, drain pipes that should not be adjusted to the washing machine. It is dictated not to the danger of closures, and first of all vibration. If the nozzles are shaking for a long time, then in the end it can lead to their breaking.
  • When installing the sink of the pita, it is necessary to take care that the latter lightly goes forward over the washing machine. So you reduce the likelihood that water drops may accidentally be on the surface of the washer.
  • It is necessary to ensure that all the wires of the washing machine have no damage and were protected by reliable insulation. It should also be remembered that in the case of proper execution of the installation on them can fall droplets.
  • Even before starting the installation of the Washingle, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for it. So you will figure out how safely this device is very close to the sink.

Minuses of this combination

Disadvantages of such a decision also have. They are insignificant, so for someone, the installation of the shell over the machine is a real find in terms of saving space. However, this is what the user claims are:

  • Height of the installed shell. If you consider the size of the washing machine, the sink itself and the distance between them, then the height is more than a meter. It is not very convenient to low people and children. Even those who have a big height, at first unusual. But after a few weeks, the discomfort passes, so this is just the first time.
  • Limited selection of models. Yes, there is internet and huge supermarkets in big cities. But in the outback to find a similar washbasin, you need to try and, if you find, take what is. And the choice in the online store is bad because I want to see the product to live (at least for the presence of defects) and fairly expensive. Ordering through the site, buy almost a cat in a bag.
  • When a siphon breakdown, it is difficult to find a new replacement. Unlike the standard plum, which is sold in any sanitary shop at the house, for such a sink, the siphon will have to be ordered and buying again on the Internet. If you install the siphon right to the top cover of the machine, it may be damaged over time, it can from its vibration. Therefore, it is worth retreating 2-3 centimeters.
  • Small washing machines. Even if the depth of the sink is 60 centimeters, then the machine will still have to take. Some forget that the pipes and hoses from the sink and the washing machine will be just for the typewriter, and they will take the distance of 10-15 centimeters from the wall. Therefore, the maximum depth of the washing machine will be 50 centimeters. This means that the full-size car can be forgotten about the maximum load too. Yes, and there are narrow options for the slightly cheaper full-size.
  • There is a small discomfort when working. A little annoying when you wash up, and under your feet vibrates the device. But this inconvenience is individually: one is not comfortable, others are normal.
  • The machine is an electrical appliance, any of her contact with water is a danger. If there is a leak in the siphon, the moisture can spoil the device.

The method of installing the shell over the washing machine is relatively young. he is not more than 10 years old. Those who made a similar combination do not regret our decision, because the saved space overlaps all the flaws. Those who are only plans to repair in a small bathroom, it is worth considering this option.