What to do if it does not freeze the top compartment of the two-chamber refrigerator Beko

Refrigeration equipment. technique without which it is difficult to imagine life. If any of the listed faults occurs, it is necessary to immediately repair the breakdown or contact a professional.

This article is universal, suitable for one-two-chamber, three-chamber models of foreign and Russian production: Hotpoint Ariston (Hotpoint Ariston), Ardo (Ardo), Beko (Bosch), Bosch (Bosch), Candy (Kandy), Daewoo (Daewoo), Electrolux (Electrolux), Gorenje (Gone), Haier, (Hyer), Hansa (Hans), Hitachi (Hitachi), Indesit (Indesit), Liebherr (Liebher), LG (Alji), Nord (Nord), Polair (Poland), Pozis (Pozis), Sharp (Sharpe), Shivaki (Sivaki), Siemens (Siemens), Snaige (Snaig), Stinol (Stinol), Samsung (Samsung), Toshiba (Toshiba), Vestel (Mergel), Vestfrost (Westfrost), Whirlpool (Virrpul), Zanussi (Zanussi), Elenberg (Elenberg), Birca, Yuryuzan, Atlant, Ode Sviaga, Ocean, Minsk.

Do not turn on

Do not turn on the refrigerator for several reasons:

  • First of all it is worth checking the voltage in the network. It happens that there is a jump voltage and knocks out the plugs, the RCD or machine is turned off in a distribution brush. To make sure that the electricity is there, connect another equipment, hairdryer or vacuum cleaner into the outlet.
  • It is also recommended to inspect the network cable and fork. if they are damaged (multi-colored veins, bare wires, traces of animal teeth), you need to replace the wire yourself or contact the electric.
  • Button Turning on / off does not work (placing, stuck or corotite);
  • The thermostat broke. the module starts the motor in the compressor when the air temperature inside the chamber rises above 3-12 degrees;
  • Compressor defects are the most expensive repairs, as in most cases the item is subject to replacing assembly.
  • If the technique turns on, it works for a few seconds, and then the click is heard and it turns off, the reason may be in the breakdown of the starter relay.


The reasons for which the refrigerator could flow with the formation of the puddles on the floor, several.

  • Loosely covered doors or caulated seal. Warm air flows into the crack, so condensate is formed and flows into the floor.
  • The drainage system of the freezer or the main compartment clogged. They could get pieces of products, excess moisture in this case will accumulate inside the chamber and flow out.
  • Drainage tube disconnected. The problem usually occurs after the equipment is moving.
  • The evaporator heater (only in the equipment with the NO Frost system).
  • Burst the container for collecting and evaporation of condensate.

Big frost and emerges

If snow coat appears on the walls of the freezer, and the refrigerator is not equipped with the NO Frost system, it may indicate that it has not been defined for a long time.

Among other reasons for the occurrence of a defect:

  • Overlap equipment products;
  • compressor failure;
  • breakage of the thermostat or the sensor temperature sensor;
  • Contamination of the capillary tube, it needs washing and refueling refueling;
  • Freon leakage.

Does not freeze and does not cool

If the refrigerator stopped freeing or cooling, you can seek the cause in several technical nodes.

  • Incorrect temperatures on the thermostat. You can eliminate yourself by adjusting the parameters.
  • The thermostat breakdown, the part is replaced.
  • In the capacitor, pollution accumulated, because of which the passing freon does not cool the chamber to the desired indicators.
  • Wear sealant on the doors. Chilled air comes out of the chamber, and heated is accumulated inside.
  • Refrigerant leakage, arises due to the damage to the capillary system or tube.
  • Compressor failure. Detail is replaced.
  • Indoors may be too hot, which also leads to the emergence of such a breakdown. The technique is forbidden to establish near the sources of heat.

Motor runs without stopping

Under normal conditions, the refrigerator operates continuously for 12-20 minutes, then disconnected. If the technique works for a long time without breaks, it can soon break the compressor or burn the winding winder from overheating.

  • Lovely adjacent doors because of the skew loop or wear, holes or cracks in the sealing gum. Often accompanied by a pisk or other sound alert that the door is not closed to the end;
  • Express Frost Function included. Leave to work for a long time in such modes it is impossible, since the equipment works for wear;
  • failure of the thermal sensor or thermostat;
  • Incorrect operation of the main control module, it must be reflashing or replaced;
  • Freon leakage. eliminate leaks and damage in the circuit, refueling;
  • The broken compressor does not force the pressure in the system and the electric motor works in a cool.

Often the refrigerator works almost without stopping, if the room is too high.

He is very furious

Strong noise refrigerator can publish in the event that it is incorrectly installed. During installation, it is worth tracing so that the equipment stood on a solid flat surface. If the requirements are complied with, you need to look for a malfunction.

  • breakdown of the fan or the difficulty of its work due to the thick layer of ice on the walls;
  • Incorrect installation of the compressor. during its work, it comes into contact with the tubes, which causes rattling;
  • Losing fasteners compressor.

Read more about noise sources and removal methods, you can learn from this article.

Light bulb does not burn

If the light bulb does not burn in the working refrigerator, this may indicate the following faults.

  • Broke a germ or magnetic switch (can blink in the chamber). When opening the door, the network closes, light appears inside the chamber.
  • Blocked light bulb.
  • Cartridge has fallen or controked.

Bad seal

Before finding out why the Beko refrigerator began to frost badly, you need to get acquainted with the principle of the device. If the device does not cool, and the freezer works in normal mode, you need to check the temperature adjustment buttons, the integrity of the seal. The unit consists of such nodes:

In hermetically closed system, the refrigerant circulates the refrigerant characterized by low boiling point and evaporation. If the refrigerator stopped cold, the upper chamber does not work, then it is recommended to conduct primary diagnostics.

Sometimes a malfunction can be associated with connecting the device to the network, clamping the defrost button, improper installation. Self-elimination of the breakdown is allowed in cases provided for by the user manual. If the Top Camera does not freeze in the eyelidity instrument, then you need to pay attention to the state of the seal.

It is made of special rubber, serves to ensure the tightness of the cameras. In case of damage to the seal in the compartments, heat will come, and the device will work at full power, trying to maintain the specified temperature.

Damage to this part can be determined by the presence of ice on the rear wall of the refrigerator. If this structural element is signed, stopped tightly to fit, cracks were formed on it, then it is necessary to replace.

The clearance between the seal and the door is determined by the paper sheet.

If it goes freely, then you need replacement.

This repair does not take much time, you can do it yourself. In some cases, the deformed seal is restored by a hair dryer. For this, the problem of this is heated and modified manually. With a large deformation, the sealant is removed, lowered in hot water and insert into place.

Installing rubber provides disassembly using damaged part tools. After cleaning, the new seal is installed in the groove. To eliminate the formation of gaps, ensure reliable fastening, use glue. Replacing this structural element will resume device mode.

Tighten Eyelid Skin with Scarlet SRF

We offer a video overview for the diagnosis and repair of the refrigerators of the eyelids.

Beko has long been one of the leaders of the domestic home appliance market, including refrigeration equipment. The devices of this production differ relatively low cost, but sufficient reliability. Like all other equipment, the BECO refrigerator can fail and require repair. Restore refrigeration equipment of this manufacturer is easy, but to prevent repeated breakdowns need to be addressed for help to masters. Pro how to properly exploit Beko refrigerators, which models are more often buying their characteristics, as well as about why they fail, then in the material.

Drainage drinned

Refrigerant, with which the internal volume cooling occurs, is injected with a compressor into an evaporator located under the bottom of the freezer. As a result of circulation on the walls, condensate is formed, which gradually turns into ice.

The appearance of water under vegetable containers indicates a malfunction of the drainage system, which occurs when the tube is clogged:

For cleaning the tube use hand pump, syringe, soft wire. Before starting preventive work, turn off the device from the network. Cleaning is carried out with warm water with the addition of detergent.

Eliminate clogging of the drainage system of refrigerators with NO Frost technology is difficult, for this requires knowledge and experience in repairing household appliances. In the aggregates of this type, the drainage hole is located for a special partition, so specialists are not recommended to conduct independent prevention.

The reason for the appeal to the service center when a century refrigerator breakdown can be water under vegetable trays. This problem refers to machinery maintenance activities. For the prevention of clogging, it is recommended to regularly clean the walls and shelves from product residues.

CSK 38000 Refrigerator Malfunctions

Separately standing two-door refrigerator eyelid with the bottom location of the freezer is equipped with a drip defrost of the upper chamber. Freezer free from ice manually. Temperature control in the refrigerator electromechanical.

The following nodes are problematic in the apparatus:

Freon tubes are used steel. The contour stamped in the doorway, the refrigerant is gradually extended by a refrigerant, rust, after 5-7 years it will be necessary to replace the contour due to freon leakage.

The condenser grille on the body from the outside is gradually clogged, the conditional passage decreases. If it does not wash it with a frequency of 5-7 years, the productivity of the unit will fall, the load on the compressor will increase, the formation of cork in the capillary tube. This may lead to expensive repair or replacement of the compressor.

Electromechanical temperature sensor by the manufacturer is programmed for 5 years of work. If a malfunction occurs, the mode in the chambers is broken, the compressor works for wear or not turns on. Eliminate the malfunction can be replaced by the device.

The mode in the chambers can be disturbed when leucing freon. Sign. An ice coat appeared in the refrigerator and the temperature rose, and in the freezer everything is in order. Under normal mode, in the refrigerator and the mounted freezer, you must check and replace the control board.

The reasons for bad work of the refrigerator a lot, signs of faults differ in some nuances. Accurate diagnostics and repairs need to be entrusted to experts.

What to do if a refrigerator broke?

While the warranty is valid from the manufacturer’s company, repair is carried out at its expense. How to act:

  • Collect all device elements.
  • You make a claim with a description of the problem and indicating the requirements in 2 copies (and firm).
  • Send a claim and household appliances at the place of purchase.
refrigerator, eyelid, breakdowns, their

Reference! And for the time of examination and repair, you must provide a replacement, and shipping to the place of repair and back to pay.

Repair the refrigerator on warranty yourself or, inviting the wizard from the repair service, it is impossible, otherwise all warranty obligations will lose force.

Faults of the two-chamber refrigerator Bosch.

If the freezer camera stops cooling in a two-chamber refrigerator, then the door is tightly closed, as well as the cooling circuit switch. The fact is that two-chamber refrigerators have two cooling circuit that operate either from one compressor or from two. In the first case, the special switch redirects operation from one contour to another and if it is faulty, one of the cameras stops working, for example, the upper chamber does not freeze, and the bottom freezing and vice versa.

If the Bosch refrigerator implements work from two compressors, then, most likely, one of them.

Sometimes the reason why the refrigerator stopped frosting, but at the same time the compressor operation is heard. this is a leakage of freon or zoom in the cooling system. Clean the breakdown can masters from the service center.

CN335220 X Refrigerator Faults

Two-door eyelid refrigerator with a lower freezer and a system defrost NOU Frost has electronic control. The cooling complex is represented by one compressor and two evaporators. Beko CN335220 X faults are classified in several directions:

refrigerator, eyelid, breakdowns, their
  • Raising or weak temperature decrease in the refrigerator, appearance in the “Shub” camera.
  • In a cold cabinet move products.
  • Fogging and education puddle in the chamber.
  • Loud noise.

If the temperature does not hold the temperature in the cold cabinet, you must make sure that all the points of the instruction are completed. the room temperature meets the requirements, the door closes tightly, the rubber seal is not broken, the thermostat is set to the desired position. Check, it happens, internal lighting with a closed door is not turned off. Eliminating external reasons, you should make sure the thermostat is correct. If you set the task to position 0, and the compressor continues to work, click not audible. the device is faulty. The master can determine the lack of refrigerant, damage to the seal, reconfigure the temperature parameters. Sometimes a compressor replacement is required.

A very important node in the eyelid refrigerator CN 332220 x and CN 335220 x is an electronic control system. Faults in the boards will arise due to voltage drops. Therefore, it is so important to use voltage stabilizer.

Full diagnostics will be required in case of freezing products in the refrigerator. Perhaps the redistribution of refrigerant in the circuit, replacing the thermostat or the injection of freon.

Missing the walls and puddles in the chamber may appear if the power was turned off for a long time. Products are placed at a distance from the evaporator, there should be no crumbs and pieces of polyethylene in the chamber. the garbage falls into the hole for draining condensate, can score the tube, overlap the hole.

Strong uncharacteristic noise can be associated with poor fixing compressor on suspensions. you can cover the bolts, eliminate vibration. Internal noise will only eliminate the master.

Increased noise when working.

If the refrigerator Beko is noise when working, then the most likely cause of breakage. incorrect installation or twisted transport bolts.

To eliminate the lack, you should make sure that the refrigerator is firmly standing on all legs, set up by level, does not rest in the wall, and the bolts fixing the engine during transportation are released or completely removed.

In order not to encounter such problems, you can contact our company for installing the BECO refrigerator, in addition, we are repairing the Beko refrigerators, it makes it quickly and efficiently, thanks to many years of experience with this brand and not only with it.