Refrigerator Camera do it yourself. How to make a refrigeration chamber

The process of storing a number of products, for example, welded beer independently requires some of the creation of certain temperature modes. To solve this problem, deep cellar and glaciers used, the secret of the manufacture of which is currently lost. Yes, and make a glacier in the conditions of the city apartment sometimes quite difficult. You can purchase a separate refrigerator and use it for the specified purposes, but the cost of such equipment is high enough, and the volume of the saved beer is limited.

Less costly option. collect a refrigeration chamber that uses a small household refrigerator as source of cold, with their own hands.

The dimensions of the proposed to independently produce a camera 100 × 100×120 centimeters. This is enough to store several tens of liters of fragrant drink. Frame Made from wooden regions with a cross section of 25 × 50 millimeters. Wood breed for this and other similar products big role does not play. The main aspect. the quality of the material is the absence of large bitch, wormochin, rot, which can negatively affect the mechanical properties of parts.

Pre-rigged manually or mechanical parts sprinkle in length. Then we make two frames 100 × 120 centimeters, connecting parts in the corners with self-draws using an electric screwdriver. At the corners, the received rectangles we connect to meter racks, receiving parallelepiped with the above dimensions.

Operating principle

So that freezing equipment it worked, you need to purchase a special substance. Freon. This fluid is capable of pouring under negative temperature. It is Freon that will circulate through the system during the operation of the unit.

The lower the refrigerant pressure in the connecting tubes, the less the booster temperature. All of the above items, with the exception of the chamber, are connected to each other with the help of tubes.

When the liquid boils, the refrigerator begins to work, and the temperature is lowered inside it. Next, steam from the evaporator is sent to the condenser and there again turns into a liquid.

If the installation is powerful, then you need to use a fan that helps cool the radiator.

The principle of functioning of the freezer. the transformation of the substance that circulates through the tubes to the pairs and back.

Build a refrigeration chamber from sandwich panels

If you are wondering how to make a freezing chamber of a budget option, then this method will surely fit. But here you will have to carefully calculate how much panels will be required for making a design, which one should be length.

Important! Different manufacturers make panels of different widths ranging from 1100 to 1200 mm. Relying on this and taking into account the parameters of the future chamber, first of all, calculate the length and number of panels that need to be purchased.

The process of assembly, the mounting scheme of angular and direct junctions, as a rule, is described in detail in the documentation from the manufacturer.

  • Mounting panels, avoid the formation of so-called heat bridges on angular joints, which come into contact with the outer and inner metal trim. To prevent thermal bridges, you need to perform their gaps, that is, make slots inside the metal covering of angular panels, it is in those places where they go out.

Important! Similarly, they come with angular joints of wall panels with ceiling and floor panels.

  • Those chambers in which the temperature of the zero of degrees persists is often left without heat insulating floor. This significantly simplifies the race used to load equipment, saves funds for the purchase of materials for thermal insulation. But in this case, it is recommended to install more powerful refrigeration equipment, which affects the increase in electricity consumption.
  • Operations related to the discontinuity of the thermal bridge, are also necessary when installing multisective cameras with different temperature modes. At the same time, the metal inner casing of the floor, walls, ceiling directly at the installation site of the partition. Thus, it breaks directly between the sections of the thermal bridge.
  • You need to purchase such good items as an angular profile and a nickname to bore the corner joints of the panels, as well as the sealant and, of course, the required size.
  • The door will need a special refrigeration with thermal insulation of polyurethane foam.

As soon as all the necessary details, designs, items can be used to assembling.

Important! Modern design of the kitchen interior involves mounting the freezer in various cabinets, cabinets or racks. Buying such furniture is quite expensive and problematic. But make it yourself. easy and simple. In addition, you will get exclusive interior items for the dear penny. And in order to facilitate the task, read the information on our site on how to make furniture with your own hands.

Large refrigerol room

In the role of the room can perform any non-residential premises, for example, a small shopping building, built of bricks. In this case, they act in this way:

For the construction of the cooling system, it is better to take two old refrigerators at once. Removing refrigerated systems from the equipment, they are fixed to the external wall of the future refrigeration chamber. Under them mounted fans. The freezers installed indoors are connected to systems using tubes inside. Both refrigerators “force” work shifted, such a mode of operation protects them from overheating.

Simpler (but also expensive) way. the purchase of a finished monoblock with sensors that regulate the temperature automatically. If you are equipped with a refrigeration chamber in the cellar, then work is greatly simplified: it consists in embedding the slots and door seals, but in this case the installation of the split system is necessary.

How to make a freezer with your own hands

Quite often, the sizes of the stationary freezer do not allow to accommodate all the necessary products that require low storage temperatures. To solve this problem, it is easier to buy an already finished freezer, but it should be remembered that the price of such a product will be quite high.

Optimal output from such a situation will be an independent manufacture of freezer. All that will be required for this is an old refrigerator, effort and a little time.

refrigerator, sandwich, panels, yourself

What is the equipment

To understand how to make a cooling chamber on your own, it is important to pre-figure out what such equipment is generally. This will make it possible to mean intelligently to solve the task, do not spend your time and prevent errors. Also, the understanding of the structure of such an installation will allow in the future to improve it.

The cooling chamber includes the following items:

  • Capacitor.
  • A tube.
  • Immediately the refrigerator itself.
  • Evaporator.
  • Compressor, which provides advice on refrigerant pipes.
  • Temoregulator. It supports the required temperature in the equipment. Also the thermoregulatory system is periodically turning off and includes compressor.

over, filters, dryers and instruments for automatic control and temperature control can be installed in new refrigerators. This allows you to maintain a stable operation of the device and avoid problems.

It is worth knowing! It is possible to store the finished homemade freezer in different rooms, but it is best to put it in a dry basement with a conducted electricity.

Refrigerated chamber of sandwich panels do it yourself

Caring for the safety of food with fresh long time. fee for the possibility of having them in large numbers.This question is relevant not only for those who own a small company, their selling, or farm: even the standard home frozen is sometimes not able to accommodate all that “good”, which bought the owners, having completed another raid on stores.Acquisition of new equipment. an alternative that sends few due to a considerable amount required to “throw out”. The least costly way to give yourself a necessary unit. a refrigerator with your own hands. Bonuses. savings and the level of energy consumption that is free to choose the hosts.

Close familiarity with the device and his work

  • evaporator transforming liquid into pairs;
  • The compressor responsible for the movement of refrigerant on the tubes;
  • condenser, transforming steam again into a liquid state;
  • freezer housing;
  • The temperature regulator regulating the temperature by turning on / off compressor;
  • Tubes for which “run” liquid / pairs.

Freezer from an antique refrigerator

  • Outside the unit is punctured by a foil insulation, the minimum thickness of the material is 5 mm. Dismantle and throw the freezer housing.
  • Evaporator unfold: Pre-unscrew 2 screws, located on top, then extension the mustaches. The main requirement is a careful attitude to two tubes on which it holds. The less these parts will bend, the better.
  • To protect the device from damage, it is better to release the refrigerant in advance, but such activities implies the need for special equipment.
  • The evaporator is securely attached to the rear wall.
  • The thermostat sensor “hides” into the vinyl tube, then fasten it on the evaporator.

Small refrigerator plus big camera

  • First, all the details are split. 2 frames of 1000×1200 mm are collected from the rivers. Details in the corners with an electric screwdriver fasten with self-draws. The resulting frames are connected by 1000 mm high racks.
  • Frames are trimmed from three sides OSB plate either plywood. Having done a preliminary markup, first check the correctness of all corners of the design, and only after the test of the workpiece is cut with an electroll bitch. Fixed the trim also mentioned already screwed up, as nails are not the best choice for wood.
  • The heat insulation is chosen by slab material. foam or polyurethane. Minimum thickness. 50 mm. Leave the opening, intended for a cold source. a small refrigerator. Mounted heat insulation with glue (PVA, TITAN, CERESIT, CT 84 Express, liquid nails, mounting foam) or the same self-draws. On the roof and walls it is better to use a combination of fasteners. To avoid heat loss through the seams, the big gaps blow the mounting foam, the joints are glued with foil scotch.
  • The floor of a refrigerator, intended for storing beer, isolate materials outside. At the same stage, two elements are insulated separately. the future front wall of the design and the door. Before mounting in the opening of the “freezers”, the aggregate is removed from the unit. Setting the device, the space between it and the wall isolate the foam. Polyfoam (polyurethane) is covered with finishing materials, for example, the same OSB. However, to simplify cleaning it is more advantageous to stick laminated tiles.
  • Attach the front wall, make the installation door. Its tightness is provided by gluing rubber seals.

Large refrigerol room

  • make a wooden crate to which a dense film is fixed (oilcloth);
  • The empty space is filled with foam, the joints close up aluminum scotch;
  • Make a wooden floor if in an extension it is earthen;
  • All surfaces are cut by galvanized sheets, all seams are treated with sealant;
  • Install the racks and the door, which was pre-insulated and supplied with hermetic seals.

Reliable camera from Sandwiches

  • Floor. It is assembled from the panels made of galvanized iron. All seams are treated with sealant, then the elements are tightly docked.
  • Walls. Start working from any angle. Each of them consists of 2 panels and a corner. When the first design is assembled, start moving around the perimeter of the room.
  • Ceiling. It is not necessary to do without an assistant, since the stage is distinguished by difficulty. the need for accurate connection of the slots of wall and ceiling panels.
  • Ending refrigeration “chamber work”. Installation of doors.

How to make a refrigerator with your own hands?

The issue of storing vegetables, fruits and food is of particular importance for farms, small companies dealing with products on the sale of products and even for owners of private houses. It is no secret that buying products wholesale, and even in the season brings a tangible economic effect, and for farms, a solution to the issue of storage is the way to increase business profitability.

Collapsible refrigeration chambers

There are at least two options in order to acquire a place to store products: you can independently assemble a refrigeration chamber from the sandwich panels or buy a ready-made prefabricated design.Collapsible cameras The easiest option for the arrangement of storage of vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy and other products. A large selection of such designs can be clarified by our specialists by phone number or by handling email.On our site, depending on the target challenged, you can choose a camera with a volume of three, to one hundred and more cubic meters. In addition, the company’s specialists will help with the right choice of a refrigeration unit. You can collect collapsible models as a designer in a short time. They consist of polyurethane foam sandwich panels. Includes various types of doors. rollback, swing, one or two signed, as well as all the necessary fasteners.All materials of such designs have documents confirming the possibility of their application for storing products. Another advantage of such designs is their mobility.If necessary, prefabricated refrigerators can be quickly disassembled and reinstalled elsewhere. Of course, the purchase of a finished collapsible refrigeration chamber will cost somewhat more expensive than its independent manufacture, but the extra cost pays off due to the reduction in time to its arrangement. In addition, in this case, the quality of the design is guaranteed and, therefore, the optimal conditions for storing products.

Refrigerator Sandwich Panels

You can independently build a refrigeration chamber from sandwich panels with your own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists or on the contrary, order a turnkey construction and well to save. The modern building materials market offers a wide range of this material.Sandwich panels are becoming increasingly popular material for the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures of industrial, commercial and prevalence. They have a three-layer construction consisting of two sheets of solid material, between which the insulation is located.For the construction of such “refrigerators” it is better to choose a panel of galvanized steel sheets and polyurethane foam as thermal insulation material. You can buy and structures with insulation of foam, but in this case the thickness of the sandwich should be thirty percent of the greater.

Strongly not suitable for refrigeration chambers Construction sandwich panels with mineral wool fillers.

Layers of sandwich slabs, of which the design wall consists very effective, in its useful heat-saving characteristics.When calculating the thickness of the panels, approximate temperature difference with the outside and inside, alleged humidity and, in the case of placing on the street, the possibility of sunlight getting.For example, for a medium-temperature refrigerator, which will be installed in the room, the polyurethane foam panels should be chosen. Eighty millimeters thick.The optimal thickness of the metallic leaf of sandwich is in the range from 0.5 to 0.8 millimeters. But, of course, it is best to calculate the parameters of thermal insulation to contact the specialists. The calculation of the dimensions of the camera should be based on the requirements of the volume and sizes of the panels. Many companies manufacturers of sandwich panels offer with large amounts of ordering products for the production of products with the desired size.But it should be understood that the delivery time will noticeably increase.Information about the features of the construction of structures from the sandwich panels can be found on the sites of manufacturers. To prevent the formation of cold bridges, when assembling the corners of the design, the inner part of the panel is kept in the connection site should be cut.In addition to panels, you also need nachetners, corner profile, sealant and door design.

Modern refrigeration premises

Refrigerators are widely used in stores, cafes, in warehouses, industries. This is due to the fact that standard refrigerators are not able to provide the desired capacity of products. In addition, the specific cost of the cooled space (compared to the refrigerator) is significantly lower. In other words. benefits in favor of the refrigerator.Consider the main designs: Collapsible chambers from refrigeration sandwich-panel distribution The camera of manufacturers of Polair and Ariad. Immediately note that Polair cameras are better in our opinion (the panels are easier to enter the grooves, perhaps the right and left door opening). At the same time, Ariad cameras are slightly cheaper.Refrigerated Camera with Monoblom Polair.When ordering the chamber comes a set of sandwich panels, which are connected using the spike-groove technology, the angles of the walls are connected with the help of angular elements. The kit includes a swing door equipped with a handle and lock (also installed an emergency button so that you can get out of the camera, even if the door is locked outside).

How to Add Panels To A Regular Refrigerator

The camera is assembled in the following sequence. First assemble the floor of the camera. On the floor of the room laid the floor panels of the refrigerator (they are easily distinguished from the rest, on the one hand covered with galvanized iron). The docking seams are labeled sealant and panels are connected to each other. You can help the hammer through the wooden bar.

  • First, the guide profile (as for walls of plasterboard) is awarded to the floor of the room (as for the walls of drywall) throughout the perimeter of the future camera.
  • Refrigerated Sandwich Panel Guide Profile.
  • Installation of the refrigerant guide profile
  • Further, the floor panels are stacked inside the perimeter, and wall panels are inserted into the heading profile slide (panels are inserted into each other, like spikes in the groove, but only in the same plane).
  • Installation in the level of the angle of sandwich panels.
  • Floor Laying Refrigerator.
  • Corners are tightened by temporal corners, in the future it is repaid by mounting foam. After drying the foam, temporary corners are removed, permanent decorative corners are installed on the screws.
  • Treatment of sealant joints of sandwich panels.
  • The ceiling is installed by the same scheme. All joints are filled with foam.
  • Refrigerated ceiling panels.
  • Work on the ceiling of sandwich panels.
  • On the outside of the refrigerator in the corners, decorative corners are also installed.
  • Mounting foam at the joint of the refrigerant sandwich panels.
  • Metal Corner Fastening Refrigerator Camera.
  • At the end, a special refrigeration door is installed (it is purchased separately from the sandwich panels). Refrigerator lighting can also be mounted.

Mounting at home

For the construction of a house on the frame-panel technology, there is not enough single photo, you will need a project developed in the relevant organization. We intend to miss the foundation process, we only note that for such a house it will take fine-gulled belt base, a columnar or pile-screw construction, you can use an undelated slab foundation.

It is much more important to know how to install wall sandwich panels. To do this, you should adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • First laying a strapping bar. To do this, use the product with a cross section of 25×15 cm. The timber is mounted on a ribbon base or woodlock in its central part. The horizontal element is carefully controlled.
  • In the corners, the timber is connected “in the paw” or “in Poltera”. The connection is additionally fixed by wooden brazing. Installation of the bracket is performed in the drilled holes with a diameter of 2 cm and a length of 10-15 cm.
  • The timber is fixed to the base on the anchors. Step fasteners. 1.5-2 m, and in the corners we use two mounting elements. For these purposes, we take an encirciers with a length of 35 cm and a diameter of 1-1.2 cm. Anchors heads cut into a strapping bar.
refrigerator, sandwich, panels, yourself

Floor installation

Optimally suited wooden insulated floor. From above it is covered with varnish 3 times to reduce wear.

  • The shafts of the draft floor are lagged, protective films from winds and moisture are put on it, the edges are cutting onto the walls (20 cm);
  • Between the lags, clamzit, sawdust, put a slab or rolled insulation.

After installing vaporizolation put pinned boards of the first floor, sometimes the panels of the wood-chipboard are used. Then paint the surface or finish with tiles, linoleum.