How to warm up coals for hookah?

How to warm up coals for hookah? Probably everyone came across this question, wanting to smoke a hookah at home or in nature. Today we will look at all possible ways to warm up coals to enjoy delicious and smoky hookah.

  • Electric tile. Perhaps this is the most convenient and easy way. Tile is used in all hookah. It is about 400 p., and benefits is colossal. Heats coal quickly and after you do not need to clean the ashes, just shook the tile and can be searched for smoking.
  • Gas stove. An excellent way for those who do not have tiles. It is enough to put coals on the edges of the burner and wait about 10-15 minutes. Of the minuses, only the fact that after you have to wash the slab from the ash.
  • Gas-burner. Dissage coal is necessary outside. Put coal on a concrete surface. Adjust the strength of the pressure with which the fire will be fed and turning the corners to full heating.
  • Bonfire. For this method, you will need nippers, or branches that you can get coal. Just put it next to the fire, and when the coal turns, get. Coal ready.

How to Light Natural Hookah Coals

This is one of the most popular options, how to ignite coal for hookah. There are also more sophisticated methods. Consider their details.

Coconut coal

As we have already found out earlier. to properly ignite corners for hookah, you need to know their appearance and basic properties. Knowing the coal with which we are dealing. you can easily regret it, while applying for a minimum of effort.

Coconut coal for hookah. one of the most popular types of coal. It is made from the coconut shell, by pressing it. In this way, you can get a great product of burning, which will highlight a large amount of heat, while maintaining the dence to a long time. For high quality coconut coal, the manufacturer often asks a higher cost, compared with other species.

How to braid coals for hookah on the street

When leaving the nature of the risi, coal produces the most natural way. through open fire. If such trips are frequent, and the fire is not always bred, the optimal solution is to purchase a gas mini burner. Her, can be 100 p.

Razhigig in nature with a burner and a gas can

Cutting on a metal or stone surface of coals evenly warmed the jet of the flame. On average, it takes 3 minutes. When working, it is important to follow safety rules:

  • Send the spore nose always from myself and away from flammable items;
  • As soon as the coals bloom, t. E. It is enough to warm up, cross the gas;
  • After cooled the burner, disconnect the gas cylinder.

Bone or Mangal

When kebabs or grilled dishes are preparing in the recreation area, they use a fire or brazier. In this case, the coals for hookah are simply put on a closer to the flame and follow the heating, and if necessary, they turn them. Working tongs.


Use the usual lighter instead of the burner problematic. It is warmed up to such an extent for a minute that requires turning and interrupting the process. But for heating the self-radiant coal, it will fit perfectly.

Self-radiant coals. a quick way of ignition hookah

Such pills are impregnated with alcohol or saltier. The main advantage is fast ignition, literally from one match. But before being sent to the device, you need to wait until the impregnation is unworn.

Real connoisseurs of hookah do not take them: in the smoking process they do not like the bare odor. If with raw materials competently handle, you can minimize unnecessary flavors.

The most comfortable and safe sources of heat deservedly consider special electric shield in the apartment and gas burner in nature. To avoid burns on the hands and fires located nearby objects, carefully contact open fire and with raw materials. Tongs are required for any means of ignition.

How to ignite coals for hookah house

To understand how to ignite coal for hookah with homemade devices, you need to find out all the features of coal and their varieties. Today, the hookah market offers such species as:

  • Fast-incinerated coal with dry spirit or silted alcohol;
  • Pressed coal from coconut shell;
  • Charcoal from various tree breeds.

If you choose fast-incinerated coal, it is a tablet from 35 mm in diameter. Some manufacturers create them in the form of a ring. This is done so that the coal contacted with the air is not through the end parts, but through the central part of coal. It provides a more efficient warming, and it goes into the bowl. They are easiest to use it, as there is a special flammable ingredient in its composition. Problems with how to ignite coal for hookah at home can not have anyone. It is enough to take with the help of special forceps and bring to the included gas stove. He will not be spoken, and the gradual fire process will begin. As soon as it becomes red, it takes 2-3 minutes at him so that the tablet is completely fused and only then bring to hookah. Waiting is necessary to burn out chemical components that can affect the taste of cooked hookah.

coal, hookah, electric, stove

With coconut coal, things are a little more difficult. It is created from the shell of nut and is pressed by coal. This allows him to form a large amount of heat and coal for a very long time, which makes the smoking process. Pressed coal suitable for true connoisseurs. Each Master and Specialist knows how to disperse coal for hookah at home. It also burns down on both sides and must take red. During the procedure, the smell will not be formed. Houses for ignition use gas or electric tiles. On it such coal is burned in just 10 minutes, and maybe less. It all depends on the size of the cube of coal and its component components. Each company manufacturer uses different raw materials, which affects further use.

Charcoal to ignite the house is very difficult. It is best to do in nature, that is, on the fire. The smoker should not apply coal for barbecue or mangala for hookahs. You should buy only those options that are suitable for smoking. To replace the fire, you can use turbo beams that function using liquid gas. Gas to buy very simple. It is sold in special balloons, as for lighters. These tips should not have problems with how to ignite coal for hookah at home.

Some nuances

When choosing a plate for hookah, pay attention to its design, warranty from the seller and some other nuances. Not always a high price is the key to the long and high-quality work of any device. And on the contrary, you should not wait for high quality cheap goods, especially if this product is Chinese production.

We advise you to buy products of domestic production, tested by time and a large number of positive feedback. You can always replace the burnt item or without regret to throw an unsuitable device.

Important recommendations

If you failed to purchase coal from coconut walnut, coals from bones of olives, lemon wood, and from other fruit trees and shrubs. Most often use products made of lemon wood. They have no smell, and due to wood coal, the optimal temperature for tobacco is provided. The disadvantage of charcoal type is their size, so before using them you need to crush and change that it is not always convenient for the user. However, he holds the heat for a long time.

This product is represented by a wide range of large supermarkets and specialized tobacco stores. All coals can be divided into three groups:

For ignition, you can use the usual, woody. Often it is made from:

It provides a sufficient combustion temperature. The only disadvantage is a big granulation of such coals, which requires the preliminary crushing in order to use

It is necessary to take into account that it is always necessary to calculate the required number of corrugations in you. If we are talking about coconut “fuel”, which is initially pressed into square forms of the same size (regardless of the manufacturer’s company), then for a large cup of hookah, three coal is used for cups of smaller size and one.

In any case, you should never forget that tobacco in a cup due to excessive temperature can be burned, so in the presence of a bitter taste of hookah smoke, it is necessary to reduce the heat, published by coal.

Thus, you will have to constantly control the number of coals, trying to find a thin line between well-haired and not tough tobacco, otherwise you risk getting or too small, or too bitter smoke.

If we talk about the necessary quantity of fast-flameled coals for hookah, then you need to consider: since they are sold mainly in a tablet form in the form of a round disk, the area of ​​one such coal must be enough for one cup of hookah.

How to ignite coal on the street or nature

If you decide with friends to enjoy smoking hookah on the street or nature. then this is a great idea. Emotions from the total pastime outside the four walls will be quite a lot, and enjoyment of a pleasant aroma will scratch this leisure. Only the question. how to ignite coal for hookah on the street or nature without gas or electric stove?

In this case, there are several very effective ways that will not deliver inconvenience for you. One of the easiest and most qualitative is the acquisition of a portable gas burner. without a replaceable gas cylinder. The gas cylinder can be purchased for 80-120, which you will be enough approximately for 2 weeks, with the condition that you will defam the corners every day.

The sequence of actions during the risi of coal on the gas burner is slightly different from the ignition on the tile:

  • We lay the coals on a flat, fireproof surface (for example asphalt or concrete);
  • We connect the burner with a cylinder. usually the balloon is fixed by installing it until it stops and scrolling clockwise. However, the design may differ. it is recommended to first get acquainted with the instructions;
  • Open the valve so that gas began to go out. send the nose of the burner away from yourself and other people;
  • Gently set on the exit gas. In many specialized burners, equipped with piezoejig (serve the spark, when you click on the button). If this option is absent in your burner, you can use a lighter or matches. Light the flame and carefully bring to the nose of the burner, while not substituting the hands and other items along the movement of the gas;
  • As soon as the burner caught fire, adjust the optimal filing of the flame and direct it on the coal. Turn the coals with the help of forceps as they are heated;
  • As soon as the coals bloom from all sides. shut down the gas supply using the valve. As soon as the burner cools down. for security purposes, remove the balloon.

If you don’t have burners, it is worth thinking about electricity nearby. often the outlets are installed in public places. If there is access to electricity. you can use the portable electrical tiles, which I wrote about. Its cost is not so high, besides, she will serve you for a long time.

If no way is suitable for you, it is worth thinking about manual risi coal. This is a difficult way to have to tinker, it may remain unpleasant smell and a taste. In addition, he is unsafe and use it only at his own fear or risk, or with full control of the situation. For him, we need a liquid for burning barbecue, paper and various twigs.

  • We put coals to the fireproof surface;
  • We put the twigs and paper on top;
  • All this is a bit pouring fluid to ignite;
  • Gently install the design. carefully, a large flame may form;
  • As soon as the fire appeared, we support it with a liquid, as far as there is a dump;
  • Periodically inflate the coals to speed up the ignition process.

And finally, if you are in nature, then there is one right way to ignite coals for hookah. To do this, it is necessary to ignite the fire (as without it in nature), this can help the gas burner if you have. As soon as the fire broke out. put coals from the edge of the fire. Remember that coals should be in the firefish, at the same time, at the distance that you can easily get.

Support the flame and time from time to time. Check the corners for the ignition. As soon as they redden, even partially. you can shift them on a hookah. Remember. an open-air coal burns better than indoors.

How to warm up the corners for hookah without a stove

If the hookah is going to smoke in nature, you will have to master the coal warming methods without using the plate (Figure 4).

  • Self-radiant coals: it is released in the form of plates or tablets. Coal take tongs, laid on the surface and ignite. After a couple of minutes, the coal can be shifted in a hookah. In the process of the tablet, it is necessary to blow up to accelerate the combustion and destruction of the chemical shell
  • Gas burner: Before starting the ignition, coals are placed on asphalt, concrete or any other surface that will not ignite. Flame burners direct right on the coals. As they warm up, they need to periodically turn over. When they split from all sides, they are shifted in hookah.
  • Bonfire: The easiest way to ignite coal for hookah in nature. To do this, it is enough to put them from the very edge of the fire, so that after heating them it was possible to get calmly.

In the extreme case, you can use the ignition fluid. But it should be borne in mind that the finished hookah as a result can acquire an unpleasant taste.