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Girsutism in women is an excess male type extension. Contrary to popular belief, the disease can occur in men, but only the female option is considered in this article.

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According to statistics, signs of girsutism are about 10% of US residents and Nordic countries. For the rest of the regions of the world, there are few reliable information.

removal, hair, face, cream

Whether cream depilators can slow down hair growth?

Depilation means contains chemical compounds that dissolve creatine in hair rods and slow them.

Also, such a cream does not have undesirable effects on the inner part of the hair luckers. The effect after such a shave lasts about 2 weeks, as the cream removes not only the outside of the hair, but also partially subcutaneous.

Contraindications for the use of epilation cream

The cream can not be used by those who have skin diseases (eczema, acne, rash, acne, furuncula, etc.). Contraindicated to use cream women during pregnancy and lactation. It is impossible to remove hair in such a way in areas of the skin, where there are various neoplasms (warts, papillomas, moles). This epilation is prohibited by those who have detected malignant education. It is not recommended to use cream to people suffering from allergies to the components that are part of.

The cream includes active substances that can harm the skin in the form of burns and irritation. Use the epilation cream on the face is needed with extreme caution, since these sites are close to the mucous membranes, the cream hit which is strictly prohibited. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to use this method of hair removal in a deep bikini zone. In addition, due to its composition, creams can whiten the tan and have a sufficiently unpleasant smell.

Despite the simplicity and saving use of creams for epilation, they have a lot of contraindications and not in all parts of the body can be used. In addition, the problem of hair growth is not solved. After epilation with cream, the skin remains smooth only for several days, which causes the procedure only slightly less than the usual shave, and the chemical composition has adverse effects on the skin.

To get rid of the hair forever and not injure the skin with chemical components included in the cream, it is worth trying laser hair removal in the clinic network “Laser Doctor”, which, unlike the cream, can be done on any part of the body without complications in the form of chemical burns and allergic Reactions.

Care after epilation

To prevent the appearance of the enemy and remove the redness immediately after the procedure, the beautician causes a remedy for skin irritation. Within a few days after epilation, you need to mitigate and moisturize with a laser-treated zone with light cream or lotion.

In the event of burns (it happens very rarely) processing the skin with special means. bipantine, pantonol.

Also within 7-10 days you need to follow the recommendations:

Limit a visit to the bath, sauna, solarium.

Do not take antibiotics, hormonal preparations, neuroleptics and other medicines that can slow down the healing of the skin or cause pigmentation.

Do not go out without use for the treated sunscreen area with SPF-30.

removal, hair, face, cream

Tradition with deep roots

Have smooth skin. the dream of many women. But from nature, few can boast of it. Especially the yuzhanki whose hair is thicker, darker and thicker than nigeon and Asian. It was not for nothing that it was in Arab countries such ways to get rid of excess hair like shugaring and a triding, which are still in demand today. Than only women do not remove hair in beauty and home salons: hot and cold wax, resin, thread, pembassal, sugar, caramel and, despite the existence of long-term ways to combat excess vegetation, a variety of depilation methods (mechanical removal of the visible part of the hair).Ged to find fans. Well, every one. After all, according to the beautician Maria Lebedeva explains: “With constant mechanical removal, the hair is thinned, become softer, lighter and less often, and grow slower. But there is at depilation and substantial flaws. After such an impact, the hairs start to grow into the skin, and subsequently have to deal with the problem of the challenge hyperpigmentation “. In addition, this method is hardly suitable for hair removal on the upper lip. “When pulling hairs on the face,” says Maria Lebedev. they can, on the contrary, to strengthen, their growth becomes more intensive. This is due to the development of collaterals in the microcerculatory bed after damage to the vessel, feeding hair “.

Unlike depilatoris (hair removal creams), the actions of which are enough for a week, exist hair growth inhibitors. Their huge quantity, but only one cream is officially proven effect, which contains emphlorinitine hydrochloride. It does not remove the hair, but significantly slows down their height. This tool can be used both in itself, and in combination with other methods. In folk medicine, with the same purpose, the curkum and the unripe fruits of walnuts are used, but, of course, their action is not officially proven. Effective method for removing single hair (especially bright or gray) is an electrophalation. The method is based on the action of electric current (the needle through which the discharge passes is introduced into the hair follicle and destroys it). However, it is impossible to use this method on large areas of the body. it is too long this process. And besides painful, few people can withstand it. In addition, this point technique requires a high-qualification master, virtuoso skill and experience, otherwise you can get burns, scars and pigmentation.

Bikini-design. Art of seduction.

The natural view of the bikini zone was in fashion during the Hippie. Now every woman knows. to be neat and well-kept needless everywhere. That is why bikini design is a completely ordinary procedure, which can be carried out both in the beauty salon and at home. Brazilian hair removal, geometric pattern, or intricate pattern. Fantasy women are limitless. And to embody these fantasies with comfort at home, it is worth purchasing a trimmer for grass for intimate haircuts. Simple and comfortable in use The machine has several types of nozzles, both for smooth shave, and to create patterns. The machine for intimate haircut perfectly cuts off the hairs of any length and leaves irritation.

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How to prepare for photoepilation

One photoepilation procedure takes a total of 15-20 minutes. This allows it to conduct it at any convenient time, even in a lunch break. However, the procedure must be prepared in advance to minimize the emergence of a negative reaction.

Before the first session, ideally visit the dermatologist. It will examine the skin, using the device will define its type and select the ideal parameters of the light wave.

A month before the procedure, vegetation on the body is allowed to delete only a razor. Contraindicated to make wax and laser hair removal, including Elos, electroepilation, shugaring. A couple of weeks before the session should stop visiting a solarium or exposing the skin to the natural tan.

The consequences of improper skin care after the first epilation

Cosmetologists are not in vain recommend not to injure irritated skin after laser hair removal hot water, ultraviolet and incorrectly selected cosmetics. Otherwise, the epidermis has undergone illuminated treatment can heal much longer, and it will not look too beautiful.

So, non-compliance with the correct care after the first epilation by the laser may lead to the following consequences:

    The appearance of red or brown spots on the skin;

If the listed symptoms do not pass a week later, even subject to skin care rules after epilation, it is important to contact the beautician who has conducted a procedure, or a dermatologist.