Common faults of the Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaners

Any, even the most advanced technical products and devices, cannot be insured against annoying failures in their work, faults or breakdowns. And the more difficult their design, the greater the possible and varied problems of problems. Robots vacuum cleaners are no exception. This article contains the basic breakdowns that may arise from Roborock E4 vacuum cleaners, S5, S5 MAX, S6, S6 MAXV.

Models of the Chinese brand Xiaomi Roborock are known in the global market, as one of the most reliable robotic vacuum cleaners. However, they happen to problem moments when cleaning the premises. Most problems Robot are able to diagnose independently. it displays them on the display, in the MI Home mobile application or voiced through the speaker.

But here’s how to do when, for example, Roborock does not drive and does not respond to commands from the application? About the causes of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them below.

First charging of vacuum cleaner

Everything is extremely simple, and we omit such elementary actions like unpacking the device and unwinding.

  • Connect the charging station to the outlet and hide the cable surplus in the appropriate
  • Place the database so that it is 50 cm on the sides of it and is 100 cm in front of it.
  • Put the vacuum cleaner on the station. If everything is done correctly, the indicators are fogged on it.
  • If the indicator on the device is lit, not blinking, the battery is charged and ready to work. Press the power button.

The charge level below 20% is shown in a red indicator, less than 50%. yellow, and the white LED is lit with a sufficient charge.

Mi Robot dimensions allow him to drive under the bed.

Not charging

Often the owners note that their robot vacuum cleaner began to charge badly, he keeps charging during the entire cleaning cycle, or does not recharge at all.

As we have already described above, if the robot vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped charged from the base or the network does not turn on, then it is possible in the battery malfunction. Even lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are wearing in 2-3 years, they begin to keep the charge badly, the robot even after complete charging is quickly discharged. Therefore, if you quickly get a battery and other signs of its degradation appeared, just replace the battery for a new.

If you are confident in the battery, it is possible to break the charge connector on the docking station, the failure of the charge cable itself or the problem with the base board. Rarely, but the management fee is also found in the robot. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner does not charge the battery. To resolve the problem, it is necessary to carefully examine the device for mechanical damage, to diagnose and repair the knocked elements. It will also not be superfluous to clean the charges for the best robot dock with the base.

Feedback: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot. I can not even imagine how we lived without it before! But 29.03.eighteen. He became even better!

High-quality cleaning. Builds a map of the room, there is a “zonal” cleaning and departure to the specified point. The ability to start from anywhere where there is internet. Acceptable level of noise.

ATTENTION!Important addition at the end of the review!

Hello dear readers.In our age of scientific and technological progress, they are not tired to be surprised by the development pace and diversity of all sorts of techniques to facilitate the life of a modern person.

While as a schoolboy, I considered an electronic clock with a melody, the game “Well, wait” and the scientific calculator of the vertex of engineering thought.

The computer at the time was the size of the room, we could hardly perform the simplest computing, and the computer network consisted of a couple of such rooms at the same time it worked all this somehow, and it did not work at all.

But now we have already begun to exploit robots for cleaning the room.Excuse me for my little lyrical retreat.

So: I present to you our Assistant Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

The first-generation robot vacuum cleaner is designed for dry harvesting of residential premises maintaining cleanliness in them both in manual and fully automatic mode.The robot is designed and manufactured in China Xiaomi, enters the smart home.

I will immediately say that the robot in its capabilities and the functionality competes and even exceeds many Western models of robot vacuum cleaners, for example, the same ROOMBA.

The robot is equipped with sensors has some intelligence.His work is not at all similar to the work of other robots. which are blind kittens in different directions and fight in the walls and furniture.

Here all this is not.The robot is meaningfully moving around the rooms, commemorative route, for sure that he is located. Conditionally breaks the room on the zones of cleaning, moves from one zone to another, sometimes comes back to where it was not.

At the same time, the plan of the room on which denotes the route of the following, leads counting the retractable area and time spent on cleaning. Maximum cleaning area up to 250 square meters on one charge.

The robot vacuum cleaner is a white-colored disk 34.5 cm x 34.5 cm x 9.6 cm.Has weight 3.8 kg.Built-in battery lithium-ion at 14. 4 volts, has a capacity of 5200 milliam per hour.Battery capacity is enough for 150 minutes of working robot.Capacity of the dust collector. 0.5 liters.

The robot has a built in all sorts of sensors:

robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

The main. Scanning Laser Fallen Infrared Range, in common. Ladar.This powerful laser scanner is located in the robot tower, which is constantly rotating while working and movement.

The principle of working Lidar is well described in various articles, so we will not be in scientific philosophy. I will say simply. Lidar consists of self-serving and adopted eye.The laser beam is reflected from all sorts of objects, it falls on the lens reception, after which the robot electronics produces the calculation of the distance to the object and lines the room plan.During operation, the glow of the laser is not visible in neither the dark.

Odometer. Sensor for measuring the number of revolutions of the wheel.

Gyroscope. Watching the position of the robot vacuum cleaner on the working surface.

Accelerometer. Measures the projection of the apparent acceleration.

Electronic Compass. For the orientation of the robot in space.

Mechanical front and side bumper. Prevents dangerous collisions with the object. The robot is only slightly touching the object, as if confirming the received data on the obstacle from other sensors. Also with the help of bumper, a robot can detect some low or narrow obstacles (slippers, feet of table, etc.)

Frontal ultrasonic sensor. Located in front of a robot on the bumper, close the decorative grid. Helps to determine the robot an obstacle ahead and silent.

Infrared height difference sensors are located on a robot belly prevents random drop from steps and other surfaces with a height drop.

Side infrared sensor. Located on the side of the bumper allows the robot to drive up to the wall at the maximum close to 10 mm distance.

Magnetic traffic limiter. will help limit the zone of cleaning or eliminate some rooms from visits to their robot.

At the bottom of the robot you can see: 1. Two main drive wheels.2. Main brush.3. Side brush.4. Front swivel roller.5. Four infrared height differences sensor.6. USB compartment cover.

The robot has two leading wheels with independent drives, allowing wheels to rotate at different speeds even in different directions. Thanks to which the robot can move forward and backward, and also unfold on the spot.Chassis are arranged so that they can raise a robot on a small height above the floor.It is necessary to overcome obstacles to 2 cm. So the robot will easily take it on the carpet or will drive out of the room in the room even if the floor indoors are not at the same level. In addition, wheels have a rubber coating with a deep tread, so that they will not slide almost on any surface.

Ahead is one swivel video. Rubber roller, easily rotates in the bus.

The main brush has rubber petals and bristles.

Feedback: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot. Live differently! Lifehak. About failures. Who to take, and who does not? About opportunities.

Vacuuming. Noise level adjustment (watch video). Cleaning schedule. Control via phone. Cleaning modes (point, zonished). The volume of garbage container. Building a room map. Quality cleaning.

Does not cope with carpets. A map of the room is knocked down. Sometimes a docking station is looking for a long time. Sucking socks. There is no Russian language in the list of standard. Brand glossy surface.

And so, I will start with the fact that in my house there are no carpets, any thresholds between rooms, under the furniture there is enough space for unhindered maneuvering of a robot vacuum cleaner. Almost perfect qurestams for harvesting by a robot. I wanted a robot vacuum cleaner for several years now, that’s just all around said: “They only deliver dirt at the corners”. However, with the Chinese brand Xiaomi, everything is completely different.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum invalid home assistant to which I am very and very glad.

Initially, I want to note how it was nice to unpack the box with a vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. Each thing has its own place, everything neatly packed, there is a different kind of instruction. Summary iPhone in the world of vacuum cleaners.

Instructions in English, but all highlights are illustrated (in the MI Home App application there are videos, overlooking all aspects of the use of a robot vacuum cleaner).

Included with a robot vacuum cleaner:. charging docking station;. a brush that helps clean the bristle of the basic brush of the vacuum cleaner from the garbage and stood on her hair / threads.

Intelligent building map.Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot is equipped with 12 sensors (including wall detection sensor, dust accumulation sensor, electronic Compass, accelerometer, odometer, gyroscope, ultrasonic radar sensor).And now, more about some:

Laser sensor. The sensor, thanks to which the robot builds the map of the room, it is located on the painshche itself and highlighted with orange.Collision sensor. It is a floating head of the front body of the vacuum cleaner, and smoothes the strength of the blow from collisions with objects.

Sensor preventing falls. It will not allow to fall the robot from the height (but after all it was settled in an apartment with the floors of different levels).

The main brush of the vacuum cleaner in orange colors is pretty much, which positively affects the quality of cleaning. The bristles of medium stiffness, and from time to time requires combing the brush-running bundle. It is recommended to change it every six months.

The side brush of the vacuum cleaner helps to be removed near the walls, fading the garbage to the main brush. It is recommended to replace it in 3-6 months.

The height of the vacuum cleaner. 10 cm. In situations, when you need to move through the obstacle, the hull of the vacuum cleaner is raised due to the raising wheels. Wheels, rubberized, and do not create additional noise.

The air duct is located at the back, dynamics, as well as charging contacts that the robot is joined with the docking station. Returning to the base, the robot vacuum cleaner starts dancing, as if flirting with the docking station, this funny process can be viewed on video.

To clear the container, it is necessary to raise the cover with a slight movement, for this there is a special finger recess.

Next, using non-cunning manipulations, we take out the container with dust and shake into the trash can.

SIM room map view. represents the projection of your apartment on the screen of the smartphone. Thanks to the room, the user opens a large functionality.

The room is displayed on the room:. Cleaning area, battery charge level and cleaning time;. the path of the robot vacuum cleaner (in real time);. docking station (green circle with an electricity icon);. walls and legs of tables and chairs are highlighted by light shades of blue Colors;. zone on which furniture is worth, highlighted with dark shades of blue (emptiness). For example, in the middle of the apartment are visible large and small emptiness. These are those sites under which the vacuum cleaner could not spend pressure due to the lack of space between the floor and furniture (sofa, chest).Thanks to these sensors, the vacuum cleaner is focused in space and even if you are staring into your legs and starts to ride them, and you will go away at this time, it is oriented and supplied to the place where you stood.

The problem is weakly served water on the napkin

Well, finally, I would like to tell about another situation with which the owners of the robots-vacuum cleaners are faced. weak wetting of the napkin. If you need a robot abundantly witting the floor, with this your robot is arranged in such a way that water is fed to the napkin drip, there is a very simple solution to the problem. Instead of valves installed in the tank, you can use a super-slam cigarette filter. Diameter most often suits 1 in 1, in the extreme case you can cut or take cigarettes Slim and use their filter. Just cut the filter to the desired length and install instead of the old valve instead. As a result. water enters the napkin is richly with minimal intervention in the design.

If you like article articles, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will tell more about tricky ways to solve certain problems, as well as upgrade your robot vacuum cleaner. All successful shopping!

Information about robot

Laser rangefinder to determine the distance to objects. 2. Collision Sensor to determine collision with objects. 3. Ultrasonic radar for drawing terrain. 4. Air duct for air suction. 5. Speaker to play system signals. 6. Height Sensors. Prevent the robot from falling from height, for example, will not allow the vacuum cleaner to fall from the stairs. 7. Swivel wheel for maneuverability. eight. Side Cleaning Brush. nine. Main brush for capturing polluting elements. ten. The lid for the brush serves as a holding mechanism. eleven. Drive wheels. 12. USB connector for debugging robot through a special device.

Clean the floor part where the robot charging station is installed. On the sides of it should be free distance in 0.5 meters, and in front. more than 1 meter (preferably 1.5 meters).

Next, install the station, we attach a regular cable to it and connect it to the power supply.

Turn on the robot while holding the power button, and put it on the charging station so that the indicator displays the charging process.

The next step is the synchronization of the robot with a smartphone and home Wi-Fi. To do this, download the MI HOME application. It is available according to QR codes, or in app stores.

My Roborock S4 failed to find it’s charging base & wigged out! I fixed it!

Next, you should enter the application and synchronize with the robot vacuum cleaner. A detailed description will be available at this link

Service Container and filter must be cleaned after each cleaning.

To do this, open the hatch of the vacuum cleaner and remove the dust collector from the compartment by clicking on the groove.

Open the container cover in the specified direction.

To maintain the normal operation of the filter, it is recommended to lightly knock on the garbage from the garbage to get rid of the remaining particles. Wash the filter is strictly prohibited! The filter is recommended once every 3 months to maintain a high degree of efficiency. Basic (central) brush

Click the stops to remove the cover of the main brush.

Remove the main brush and clean its axis using a special tool.

Cut the scaved hair using a special tool.

Put the refused main brush and cover.

Note: For efficient cleaning, it is recommended to replace the brush every 6-12 months depending on the intensity of use. Clean the brush is recommended once a week.

3) Insert back and secure the side brush.

Note: It is recommended to replace the side brush every 3-6 months to ensure efficient cleaning. And it is recommended to clean the brush once every 3-4 weeks.

Sensors located on the housing of the robot vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to wipe as contamination or once a month.

Clean the Docking Station Charger Connector with Dry Soft Cloth.

Provide free space 0.5 m on both sides and 1 meter from the front side, then connect the docking station to the mains.

Note: Do not install the charging station in direct sunlight, as well as next to foreign objects in the dock area. Otherwise, the robot will not be able to return to the charging station automatically. We recommend cleaning once a month.

The robot has a built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery. In order to keep the battery work, we recommend charging the robot after daily cleaning.

Note: If you are planning not to use a robot for a long time, please turn it off and charge at least once every three months to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge and subsequent loss of tank.

Poorly oriented

The minimum set of sensors in a full-fledged device. surface sensors that do not allow the robot to fall from the height, the sensors of the obstacle in front and side of the sides that help avoid collisions and contact sensors of the collision in a movable bumper, allowing you to “feel” the wall when cleaning along them. Advanced models are equipped with cameras or laser rangefinders that allow you to build a room map and navigate it.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not see the obstacles or demonstrates other oddities in behavior, probably the sensors contaminated. This also includes the following problems:

  • twigs;
  • Fits back, with harvesting rides back;
  • rides back and turns off;
  • stops in the middle of the room;
  • Rides only in a circle or one place;
  • crashed into the walls not slowing down.

The problem of popular Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Black floor. The robot vacuum cleaner does not work on a black floor or coating because it does not detect such surfaces under the wheels and considers them a break. Help all sensors on the bottom of white paper will help.

Be careful, covering the surface sensors, you deprive the device to protect against fall, and it can fall from steps.

Another common problem. Does not see Dark Furniture or Mirrors. In this case, the easiest option will be a virtual wall or magnetic tape installed in front of an invisible obstacle to the gadget. If you want to find another option, fantasize. Someone attachs the bar to the furniture so that the cleaner groped her and did not go further, someone paper strip to the mirror, pre-picked up the desired height.

If the robot vacuum cleaner rides and turns off, it may have jammed the supporting roller in front. Disassemble and clean the roller according to the instructions. When driving in a circle or in one place, see whether both leading wheels rotate freely. Maybe one of them is blocked by the wound garbage. Heavier cases when the gearbox or motor of one of the wheels. We have already written in the article, what to do in such cases.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor. this is normal. The problem in the surface sensors, as written just above. You can try to stick them with white paper, but we will not give the guarantees of normal operation, and your assistant will lose protection against height, be careful.

Now you know what faults have a robot vacuum cleaners and how to eliminate them. Do not be afraid of a big list, remember how many problems are from the same machines. Any complicated technique requires attention to itself and proper care, receiving which will be correct to serve the owner for many years.

Wanting to get rid of hassle as much as possible, choose a vacuum cleaner with the official warranty in the country and service centers in your city. And remember even buying such, you must regularly clean it from garbage.

Did not find your problem in the article? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, let’s try.