Setting the quantity of the rinse, set the number, rinse

If a dishwasher appeared in the house, the hostess is better to immediately deal with what funds will be required for its proper functioning. You will need to buy not only dishwashing powder, but also a special salt. As well as where to fall asleep in the dishwasher Bosch.

  • Why do you need salt dishwasher
  • How to choose to choose
  • How much to rap
  • Where to fall asleep in PMM “BOSCH”
  • How to add
  • Exhibit a rigging parameter
  • Where to pour the rinser
  • Does salt need when washing tablets

Top 10 best salts for PMM


Top sales. pure granulated salt in large packaging

Heads Ranking Salt Employed FINISH Manufacturer. The company offers a regenerating salt in different packaging. Especially in demand packaging on 1.5 kg and 3 kg. The volume is smaller package in cardboard packs, three kilogram pack. in soft packaging.

FINish salt is produced in the form of large granules, so its consumption is quite economical.

Finish Salt effectively prevents the formation of the fall, protects the expensive technique from premature wear and breakdowns. The dishes are laundered well. the divorces does not remain.

Purplify large crystallized granules in the ditch PMM conveniently, salt does not wake up in the bunker.

  • Economical consumption. large granules
  • Storage duration. 2 years
  • Clean composition. 99.99% salt
  • Good softens water
  • Washed off without residue

Bio Mio Bio-Salt

Eco-Product. Universal Salt for Different PMM

One of the leaders in the production of environmentally friendly household chemicals offers an efficient salt. Bio-Salt softens the water of different quality, improves detergent action.

In the package. snow-white granules odor. The package has zip-zipper, so the salt does not fit, does not absorb moisture out of the room. Her shelf life. 2 years.

Approximate consumption of Bio-Salt. 1 Packaging on 35 washing cycles. However, the refueling frequency of the PMM will largely depend on the rigidity of tap water.

Bio Mio salt can be advised to families with children, people prone to allergic manifestations. After its use on the dishes there is no plaque, odorous smell.

  • No flavors and synthetic additives
  • Convenient package with a fastener
  • Environmental safety
  • Does not leave divorces
  • Large granules


Salt granules for PMM with antibacterial effect

The third place of the rating is given to the budget salt. Cleanfresh is also produced in the form of granules, so suitable for use in PMM of different manufacturers. Large crystals do not have a specific smell.

Weak place Cleanfresh. unpropered packaging. Pour out a torn pack salt into the cuvette is uncomfortable, the packaging itself is not hermetic. After its opening, the moisture can be absorbed into the salt, therefore it is better to provide another storage container.

salt, compartment, bosch, dishwasher

Disadvantage of application. Payback for a modest price tag. With the main tasks of the regenerating salt Cleanfresh perfectly copes.

  • Price availability
  • Large crystals. economical consumption
  • Completely washed out. no raid
  • Effective water mitigation
  • No outsiders


Effective regenerating fine grinding salt

SOMAT products trust the performance of their dishwasher many housewives. Many buyers managed to evaluate the effectiveness of salt.

Distinctive feature of the product. small grinding. Salt quickly dissolves and enters “to work”, after washing on glasses, cups and other dishes there are no raids.

Salt powder suitable for rigid water water, its use is permissible in different models PMM.

When organizing the right storage conditions (dry place, temperature from 5 ° C), Sol Somat will save its qualities for 3 years.

Cardboard packaging is not high-quality. small salt can wake up through the slots.

  • Good softens water
  • Washed away and leaves the divorces
  • Storage duration
  • Prevents the appearance of a lime


Granulated salt of domestic manufacturer

Decent place Top-10 best salts for dishwashers occupies a product of domestic production.

salt, compartment, bosch, dishwasher

Large granules at 99.9% consist of sodium chloride, there are no flavors, dyes in the product, other additives. Salt crystals are completely dissolved without leaving stains on the dishes.

Completed Salt Eonite in Double Packaging. Granules are in a plastic bag with a lock. Package itself placed in cardboard boxes.

  • Clean composition. 99.9% sodium chloride
  • Well soluble in water
  • Effectively protects dishwasher
  • Large granules
  • Double Packaging. Have a Package with Zip-Lock


Synergy SYNERGETIC fine grinding is designed to mitigate water, preventing the appearance of plaque in PMM of any brands.

Powder is packaged into a good packaging. a dense cardboard does not break during operation.

Means effectively performs the task assigned to it. Main complaints are associated with the powdered form of salt. it is inconvenient to pour it out, and the flow rate, compared with the granular salt, above.

  • Clean composition. 99.5% Sol
  • No specific smell
  • Resistance means to minus temperatures
  • Fully washed off with water
  • Suitable for children’s dishes


Tableted salt of the Russian brand of eco-friendly household chemicals

Comfortable to use tablets. such a salt is easy to pour in PMM. Molecola consumption is economical.

As part of regenerating salts. 99.81% sodium chloride. There are practically no impurities in salt, the product supports the work of the ion exchanger of the dishwasher.

Tableted salt is placed in a plastic container with a lid and carrying handle.

Paclan Brileo

Granulated Universal Salt for different dishwasher brands

Salt Paclan Brileo is packaged in packaging 1 kg. Granules are quite large, but at the same time, the tool dissolves well in water. Salt is easy to fall asleep in a cuvette through a funnel.

The tool copes with its tasks, warning the formation of scale.

Granulated Paclan Brileo tool Suitable for different brands PMM. After using salt on the dishes there are no divorces, there is no outsider.


Budget Tableted Salt for PMM

Lotta water mitigation tool consists of 99.7% of sodium chloride. Salt effectively softens water, reduces the likelihood of plaque on the dishes, work nodes of the dishwasher.

Tableted Salt Lotta in some models PMM very long dissolves. Before buying such a fund, you need to get acquainted with the instructions for the dishwasher. Some manufacturers do not recommend using salt in tablets.

How to load dirty dishes in the dishwasher?

Before loading dishes, it is necessary to remove the residues of food (it is not necessary to rinse it under running water). We choose the program according to the number of dishes and its pollution (more detailed about this is written in the instructions for the dishwasher) and launch the sink process.

Loading the lower box of the Bosch dishwasher

Loading the upper box of the Bosch dishwasher

Loading box Variodrawer Plus Dishwasher Bosch

After the end of the washing (beep, the beam on the floor) can be reached. It is recommended to first unload the bottom basket and then the upper. This is done so that the remnants of the water do not drip out the dishes in the bottom basket, while the top is put forward.

Rules of loading dishes

There is a basic rule regarding all Bosch dishwashers. In the chamber of the unit there are a rocker sprayers, through the nozzles of which liquid flows on the dishes.

So, cups and plates in boxes should be placed so that their presence in the immediate vicinity of the sprayers would not hurt them to rotate. You can not block and opening the cuvette with detergent.

The correct loading of the dishes is really important in the dishwasher, since it depends on the quality of the work, for which this unit and purchased

Before loading in the chamber Kitchen utensils, make sure that all items can be washed in dishwashers. Kitchen and cutlery that do not tolerate high temperatures, it is better to wash manually. We are talking about the objects covered with icing, about the marine, antiques and rarities, as well as about bronze products, tin, aluminum, brass and copper.

Make sure the large nutrition waste is removed. If the type of soaking is provided in the typewriter, then it is possible to use for the washing of large saucepan. If soaking is missing, food residues from surfaces are removed by brush. She is bought in household goods stores.

To increase the efficiency of washing, in full compliance with the instructions for brand machines, you can pre-equip cutlery and other dishes under hot water. Fat on the surfaces will be blocked, and it will be easier to wash off. For proper placement of dishes inside the chamber, boot boxes are provided (baskets).

With the help of telescopic guides and the RackMatic system of the box, you can move and push forward so that it is more convenient to be located in them everything you need to wash. Even in the case of full filling of the boxes, you can not worry: they will not turn over.

The dishes are placed inside the chamber in the boxes located on two or three levels, depending on the model of the loaded dishwasher

Depending on the number of mobile and folding elements, three types of boxes distinguish:

The latter in this list of boxes are equipped with additional protection for fragile dishes in need of gentle handling. In particular, on the additional shelves of the lower box, there are 12 glasses with high legs. It turns out that in these models the total number of simultaneously washing glasses can reach 18 pieces.

salt, compartment, bosch, dishwasher

Depending on the specific model of the dishwasher, the utensils in it can be loaded in two or three levels. The third level is designed to accommodate cutlery, as well as non-standard sizes.

Bosch dishes placed in the box of dishwasher, the dishes are securely protected from mechanical damage: the rounded endings of fixing lattices are one of the manifestations of such protection

Rackmatic system helps to locate the height box correctly. After all, the competent loading of the dishes allows moisture to maximally wash it from all sides. To secure glasses and cups you need to use the holders intended for them.

Manipulating holders, you can make a basket deeper or adapt it to accommodate large-sized items in it: pan and scenery.

Zout toevoegen aan een Bosch vaatwasser

If the model is provided in the model of the third top level, then the cutlery washing, which are placed in this peculiar pallet compactly and neatly

The procedure for applying baskets, changes to their location and types of boot contained in the manual of the specific model you chose. We recommend this part to learn as carefully.

How to understand that it’s time to fall asleep salt

Almost all modern dishwashers have an indicator that shows when it’s time to pour NaCl. This indicator is associated with the sensor located in the ion exchanger reservoir. As soon as the sensor begins to feel that sodium becomes a little, it sends a signal to the indicator and it lights up with a red light. Most dishwashers (Electrolux, Bosch, Hansa, Gorenje and PR.) The indicator is indicated by the symbol in the form of the letter “S” and is equipped with a red light bulb.

It is not necessary to run for salt immediately as soon as the red light caught fire. But it is desirable to fall asleep it for 5-7 dishwashers.

Sometimes it happens that even after replenishing the compartment, the indicator does not go out. There is nothing terrible. Just need to wait some time until the ion exchanger reservoir be filled with Na ions.

What to do in the absence of an indicator

In old versions, the PMM is often not provided by the salt indicator. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the frequency of the formation of plaque. If gray divorces appear on spoons and forks or glasses from transparent glass. it means it’s time to fall asleep salt in the dishwasher. To calculate, after what time after filling in the salt reservoir, it will be necessary to fill it again, you can attach a small leaflet to the dishwasher on which to write a date when salt was saved. After a couple of months, you will receive data on the average flow of sodium chloride and periods when it is necessary to replenish its number.

What amount of specialized salt is required for dishwasher

Salt in the dishwasher before the first launch. The volume of salt depends on the degree of water rigidity, which may vary depending on the region and season. You must first manually set the appropriate level of water hardness on your dishwasher. If the machine is equipped with a rigidity definition sensor, it will greatly facilitate the task. The tougher water, the greater the solo solution is required.

Salt dosage is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging of goods. The box also contains information about the corresponding amount of means at a certain degree of water rigidity. Usually, with very rigid water, 1 kilogram of a special salt in the form of powder is required. If salt in the form of tablets is used, it is covered to the top of the reservoir. When you first start, you can add some water to it. In addition, a small amount of water can accumulate in the salt compartment. This is the norm.

The main requirement for the uninterrupted work of the PMM is to use a salt that must be constantly in the tank. How to do it right? Completely spent spent rigid water. The indicator on the typewriter will notify that the salt ended.

It is not difficult to figure out how to fall asleep salt into the dishwasher. Thanks to the knowledge of the appointment of a specialized salt for uninterrupted work of household appliances and, in a timely manner using this information, you can use a dishwasher for many years without facing the need to repair.

Testing dishwasher

When the long-awaited device appears in the house, the owner wants to immediately enable it and check the performance.

Do not hurry. To begin with, you should carefully read the instructions so that the standard effects of the equipment seemed signs of breakdowns.

The only difference between the test launch of the car from the worker. the absence of dishes in the basket. Otherwise, you need to do the same: Download detergents, salt, rinser. It is advisable to check the technique on the cycle with the highest temperature

The work of dishwashers of different manufacturers can differ significantly, so manufacturers of equipment make up detailed instructions on the first launch. Do not ignore their recommendations, otherwise you can encounter unexpected problems during the operation of the device.

Objective to conduct a dishwasher

Before the first working inclusion is required, the dishwasher is carried out. one cycle is swolled without loading dishes.

  • Cleaning. After making in the factory inside parts, the new techniques remain traces of lubricants, small garbage particles. While the car stands in the store, it is examined, they touched their hands, which leads to the appearance of spots. Test launch removes dirt and prepares equipment for use.
  • Check functionality. During the first inclusion, technician manufacturing defects are manifested. If it was damaged during transport, it will also become apparent.
  • Controlling installation and connection. In life there is always a place for annoying chance. Installers could be mistaken when installing, connecting to water supply or sewage. Sometimes they just forget to remove transport elements. The test will identify shortcomings.
  • User training. Even if the first dishwasher was purchased, it still has to be found to the new technique. Machines of various manufacturers have their own characteristics, and you need to deal with them before the device will be put into operation.

For test start, you will need a start set. detergent, salt and rinse. It is either buying separately for checking the car, or the one that is planned to be used for washing dishes in the future. This will help determine the amount of salt, the type of detergent.

Already during test launch, it is necessary to do everything just like when washing dishes: download household chemicals, pick up the mode. Thanks to this simple action, you can immediately deal with the features of the machine

Sometimes users make a mistake: run the first cycle without detergents, loading only salt. So they are trying to save an excess pill or dose of gel. Do not do this. Hot water can make technical lubricant, but traces of the fatty composition can remain under the rubber bands.

Procedure for idling

First of all, the dishwasher carefully examines. You need to make sure that it is not damaged, but there are no foreign objects in the chamber. Sometimes inside the device forget foam sealing inserts, stickers and t.D. If everything is in order, you can turn on the machine to the network, unscrew the valve, overlapping water.

Salt improves its water quality. It is important to correctly calculate the amount of softener, focusing on its rigidity. To do this, use test strips included in the operational set of the machine

  • Check if the machine is installed exactly.
  • All feed and removal hoses must be securely connected, and the joints are sealed. Make sure that.
  • Open the camera door. Need to check whether the sprayer rotates freely. For this it needs to be checked several times.
  • Drain filter twisted, washed thoroughly with domestic chemistry with domestic chemistry, and then installed in place.
  • When selecting detergents you need to find such that will not damage the parts of the machine. The required amount of salt and rinse is calculated immediately to set the program for the future.
  • When all the preparatory work is completed, the car is installed on the longest dishwashing mode, without loading the basket. It is important that the temperature is as high as possible.
  • It remains only to close the door tightly, launch the dishwasher and watch out for its work. If everything goes fine, you do not need to interfere and try to improve something.

In order for the regenerating salt did not stick during the operation of the machine, an approximately liter of pure water is poured into a blank compartment.

Only after this procedure it can be filling. Recommended amount of liquid. 300-500 g.

If the dishwasher does not disconnect from the network, the specified parameters (type of chemistry, the amount of salt, rinse) will remain unchanged. But in case of termination of electricity supply, this data will have to enter

If the dishwasher itself does not define chemistry, you need to manually enter the type of funds and the salt supply mode. Modern machines remember the entered parameters.

Requiring attention aspects

While the cycle of the dishwasher in test mode lasts, you need to check such functions:

  • Water supply. Normally, it goes smoothly, the car does not stop;
  • heating. you should make sure that the TEN is in order; It is impossible to check in the store, so malfunction is able to identify only a test launch;
  • Drain. water should flow completely and without delay;
  • Drying. you need to check whether there is moisture in the chamber after the end of the cycle.

Where to walk

Before the first time you turn on a new dishwasher, you need to familiarize yourself with the instruction that goes complete with the unit. There is a new dishwasher owner will be able to find specifications, as well as operational devices.

Under the lid: the container where you need to fall asleep salt for dishwashers.

Salt covers in most dishwashers is located under the compartment of dishes.

For example, this location can be found in Bosh, Electrolux or Siemens models. After the compartment is open, it will be necessary to unscrew the plastic cover, after which fall asleep salt into the holes. At the end of the procedure, the cover is spinning back.