How much should the refrigerator work without disconnecting. problems and solutions

In this article, we will analyze the question how long the refrigerator should work without turning off. Tell how to know his efficiency coefficient. You will know why the refrigerator compressor often turns on or for a long time, possible causes of problems and their symptoms.

Refrigerator Heart. Compressor. It is periodically turned on and disconnected by supporting the desired temperature. It measures the sensor installed inside the main and freezer.

When the temperature rises above installed (cold), the sensor gives the signal and the compressor turns on. Gradually the camera and products in it are cooled. When the temperature becomes below, the compressor stops.

You set the temperature in the refrigerator 4 degrees. When it rises to 4.5, the compressor starts working. The refrigerator chamber is cooled, the temperature drops to 4.25, then up to 4. The compressor stops.

Error dilettanta

Often we ourselves and we are the reason for misunderstanding, why does not turn off the refrigerator or often and constantly turns on and is rarely turned off. We, not wanting it yourself, we exploit the unit incorrectly, allowing the simplest mistakes. For example:

  • The freezer includes quick cooling mode or Super Freeze mode. Options for managing these modes. manual and / or automatic. Electronics must turn off the compressor after 8 hours, and manual control. it is manual: you can forget, and then the refrigerator will work as long as you do not disable it yourself;
  • Summer heat. no reason to set the reduced temperature in all cameras. The refrigerator is assembled, like a hermetic device, and can constructively withstand a large temperature difference. But, the wider the temperature of the temperature inside and outside, the less often the thermorele will turn off the load;
  • Do not put too hot food into any compartment. Hot items will heat it, and the supercharger, accordingly, will work even more intensively and less often disconnect.
  • Standard manufacturers recommended temperature regime in the main refrigeration chamber should not exceed 4 ° C, in the freezer should be kept about about about about.18 ° C and below (-20 ° C-22 ° С). In the summer it is recommended to set a temperature of 2 ° C-5 ° C.

Worn of the seal

Sealing gasket in modern refrigerators is made of soft magnetic rubber, so that the material lies tightly throughout the perimeter of the door. If the strip rubber gave a crack or broke, repair it will not come out. you need to buy a new seal.

If there is a slit, the compressor can work constantly, but the cold will go through the slot, and it will not freeze the unit at the proper level. Do not go out on cheap offers, it is better to buy an original gasket that will surely serve much longer than fake.

Increased and unnatural stiffness of the sealer may occur from old age or from contact with cleaning agents. Replacement is not required. you can try to return the plasticity of rubber with homemade methods. It may be faster and cheaper than contacting the service center. After dismantling the sealer, do the following: hot water heat rubber for 15-30 minutes.

To remove the seal and not damage it, first find out how it is fixed. Often it is fixed on glue or a special mounting foam, and then it can be simply torn off without damage. Second case. rivet fastening or other types of hardware. The method of dismantling should be selected on the spot. cutting rivets, cutting into a chisel or cut off the corner grinder.

The refrigerator is very much frost

Strong frosting the upper refrigerator chamber

If the refrigerator has become too cold, at the first moment you need to check whether the regulators are set correctly. What if the camera is frozen, the compressor works, despite the switching of the blade of the regulator to the zero position? Stop the refrigerator, independently change the thermostat or cause masters. In the refrigerator with electronic control used air sensor. Should be changed specialist.

It happens too much frost too much, and in the freezer puts meat. What to do if at the same time the compressor works without stopping? Presumably, a capillary tube has occurred due to oil decomposition and refrigerant. Eliminate the blockage or replace the capillary specialist.

The refrigerator began to frost strongly. the food freezes

Genuine disaster for users will be if the refrigerator is very frosting. What to do if the cavity inside is frozen a fur coat, foods touch ice, lose taste, move. First of all you need to find a disaster.

  • check the setting of the parameters and refrigerator modes;
  • make sure the door closing density;
  • Clean the drain hole if it is clogged with ice;
  • Make sure the thermostat is working, the team reacts.

Check how electronic control works, only the master can be opened and debug. In the meantime, you need to push the products from the walls, shifted to the warmth, closer to the door.

The refrigerator is very freezing and not turned off

If the refrigerator does not turn off and frost is very much, there are several reasons:

  • There is no command to shut down due to the fault of the sensors or the thermostat relay;
  • Selected mode “Superzarozka”;
  • Control board malfunction;
  • loss of compression in the unit;
  • Malfunction in any of the elements of the heating circuit.

Modern refrigerators with electronic control complex. The best thing you can do is free chambers from products and call a specialist. Before you need to check, signs of faults set out in the instructions.

Refrigerator nou frost strong frost

A complex system of cold transmission from the evaporator to the chamber is considered to be NOU Frost. The radiator of the evaporator is located behind the wall, there is also a fan, which forcibly blows the air from the chamber through the gaps between the cold tubes, selecting the cold. Cold air enters the camera, and heated, with moisture, comes to the evaporator, leaving the frills on the tubes. When the compressor stops, the TEN periodically turns on, the dropping water is removed to the drainage.

Why a refrigerator with nou frost begins to frost? The evaporator and the entire air cooling system are in the freezer compartment. Cold camera gets cold over an air duct with damper. If the defrost of the evaporator tubes does not work, it becomes ice, heat exchange decreases.

In the upper chamber of the cold lacks, the compressor will work, the cold air does constantly. At this time in the refrigerator, freezer is frozen. Why? The compressor works for a long time. Later will stop the fan, its blades are icing or his jam. Temperature will start climbing in both chambers.

In the upper chamber, the temperature for knowing the frost may fall, if the drainage hole and water does not go away. The refrigerator will be too cold. On the walls of the air will begin to condense the drops and freeze, refrigerated by cold air. The temperature in the plus chamber will drop to 0 0 s and below.

Why the refrigerator began to frow much

The heat selection system in the refrigerator with one compressor is dynamic. This means a decrease in temperature in both chambers is possible for a short period. After all, the compressor did not become more powerful, the refrigerant was not added. The influx of cold is ensured by the continuous operation of the compressor. This will happen if the thermostators in the chambers are simultaneously delivered to the superfolder and rapid cooling. The refrigerator is very frost, but not long. If you forgot to turn off the intensive mode. everything will move.

Refused the electronic control unit, the air sensor was faced with the refrigerator can be very cold, and he can warm up. Why and you should call a specialist for diagnostics. everything is not obvious. The harder the technique, the more options breakdowns with similar signs.

It happens, in the refrigerator it frosts the freezer. Need to check whether the mode is switched to fast freezing. Another reason can be the redistribution of refrigerant through a magnetic damper into one of the chambers. In a malfunctionable state, it will cause the refrigerator very much frost, and in the freezer heat.

If the refrigerator began to frow much, not tightening, you need to contact the service. Increased load on the nodes will cause an accident. Instead of refueling, Freon will have to change the compressor.

What to check first

If the refrigerator is not turned off, then the following steps should be performed first:

  • Check if the door is not open;
  • Clarify whether the superflow mode is not included;
  • Find out if there is no high temperature indoor.

The easiest situation is the open door. Because of the plate or pan, it sometimes flies loosely. This leads to the fact that the cold begins to leave the camera.

If indoors are high temperatures (over 35-40 degrees), then the refrigerator becomes more difficult to cool the internal compartments. Because of this, he begins to work more intensively. Also the refrigerator heats the room itself. It becomes uncomfortable in it.

Causes of continuous refrigerator operation

Unsatisfactory operating conditions or incorrect settings often lead to the fact that the engine works continuously.

  • The device is installed in such a way that its rear grill relates to a wall or is located almost close to it;
  • The refrigerator is too close to the hot radiator or another heating device;
  • indoors where the device is located is too hot, the requirements of operating conditions are not followed;
  • The built-in super-freezing function is enabled, which should be turned off manually or for some reason does not turn off in automatic mode;
  • The thermostat is set to the minimum position, and the ambient air is too warm.

How To Fix Your Samsung Fridge

All these situations are associated with violation of heat transfer regime.

Between the walls and the housing of the refrigerator must remain a ventilation gap. Cannot be installed refrigeration equipment next to the aggregates generating heat, the distance to the radiator should be at least half a meter

Located next to the battery, the device does not produce cold. The principle of its action is based on constantly selecting thermal energy inside the refrigerator and transmit it to the surrounding air.

If the air is too hot, heat will not be absorbed. The refrigerator compressor will continue to work, unsuccessfully trying to reach a temperature set on the thermostat. As a result, the main working body of the technique quickly exhausted its working resource and will come to unsuitability.

samsung, refrigerator, frost, turned

At the same time, the more difference between the temperature inside the refrigerator and the outside, the more heat energy you need to move, and the more difficult the equipment to achieve the desired indicators. For example, in super-freezing mode, heat exchange must be performed very intensively.

If the heat does not have time to leave the refrigerator, the thermal sensors do not fix the specified cold level program, the command for shutdown compressor will not arrive, the equipment will continue to work.

If the compressor engine works continuously, you need to look for the causes of the heat exchange disorders between the chamber of the refrigerator and the space surrounding it

Other reasons for breakdowns of this kind related to the wear of individual parts of the device are possible. For example, if the integrity of the rubber gasket on the door of the refrigerator is damaged, this will lead to a disruption of the tightness of the indoor space.

It turns out that refrigeration equipment selects thermal energy from the chamber, but heat seeps inside through low-challenging gaps.

To properly perform some repair operations, for example, refueling refrigerant, you need to use instruments for diagnostics and professional equipment

And although the air inside is felt as cold, the sensors comes with information that the temperature is not low enough. The compressor continues to work without stopping.

Next reason why the refrigerator can function in a similar way. a breakdown of the refrigerator thermostat that transmits the control center incorrect information. Finally, the compressor itself can be caught and working with insufficient power without ensuring a sufficient temperature decrease.

Another reason why the refrigerator is not turned off, it is a leakage of freon. The refrigerant performs in the system the role of “carrier” of thermal energy.

It absorbs the scattered particles of heat inside the refrigerator, then moves it outward. If the amount of freon in the system is insufficient, then the cooling rate will slow down, as a result, the refrigerator will work constantly.

Compressor. the main element required for normal operation of the refrigerator. With strong wear, it is not operating enough intensively, the device is required to replace

You should not wait for the time when the sound of the engine of the operating engine becomes permanent. If breaks between the disconnection and the inclusion of the compressor were significantly reduced, and the periods of work increased, most likely, it’s time to think about refueling equipment by Freonon.

The owners of modern refrigerators are somewhat easier to deal with the definition of the problem if the unit is built in the unit of self-diagnosis. The breakdowns can be reported to the marked codes that are displayed on the control panel.

For detailed diagnostics, the refrigerator breakdown will have to turn to the experienced master who has the equipment necessary for such a survey

To decrypt the message, you need to use the instruction manual, where there is a detailed information. However, you should not blindly trust this information, sometimes to accurately identify not only the problem, but also its reason, you need to conduct detailed diagnostics of the device.

On the control panel of some modern refrigerators, not only current information about its condition is reflected, but also the codes of possible breakdowns

Usually, the operating cycle of the compressor lasts 10-30 minutes, after which the device turns off in about the same time. If in the room where the refrigerator is worth, for some time the temperature has noticeably increased, the work cycle may be a little more.

But if the compressor continues to work in abnormal mode and after a decrease in the outdoor temperature, it’s time to diagnose the state of the device.

Repair Samsung Nou Frost With Mechanical Control

First of all I want to talk about icing on freezer evaporators. It often happens that in the refrigeration chamber it became warm, but in the freezer, the products are frozen as if nothing happened to the refrigerator. Unlike the crying system, in the refrigerators of Nou Frost, there is only 1 evaporator, and thanks to the fan, the cold air is injected into the refrigeration compartment, that is, in these refrigeration units, all the repairs are connected only with the freezer, the temperature in the refrigeration chamber depends on it. I will now answer frequently asked questions, my customers, I think it will greatly explain many moments associated with faults and breakdowns

I have a two-chamber refrigerator Samsung, worked for more than 5 years, without a single breakdown. Last Developed 2 or 3 years ago. Literally recently stopped the top camera, where there are main products, in the freezer, everything is fine, all products are frozen, as before. There are no normal masters in the area, as we live on an elevation, 80 km from the district center. The master who serves our village, said that freon leakage occurred and we need to carry a fridge to the district center. We tried to defrost the refrigerator, left it with open doors for a day, but when turned on, the situation was repeated. there is no cold in the refrigeration compartment, and everything is fine in the freezer. Walking through the Internet, I found out that Freon’s leak on Nou Frost, it happens very rarely and the smell is no hear. Tell me can we just change the thermostat or some more detail

To determine, freon leakage occurred or not in the refrigerator Samsung know Frost, it is necessary to make 2 simple things. First, try the sides of the refrigerator, if they are hot, then there are no leakage. Secondly defrost the refrigerator and here many make a big mistake and now I will tell you what it lies. Defrost such aggregates, it is necessary not 12 hours and not 24 hours, but at least three days and only then include and watch how the refrigeration unit will work. If after two or three hours, the refrigerator does not get the resulting temperature, then you can talk about leakage or scored capigillary. To the words, the refrigerant leakage, in such colders it is extremely rare, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the problem in a faulty defrost sensor or a clock mechanism. see photo 2 and 3. Here with these details we will understand

How to check the samsung refrigerator defrost sensor and mechanical control sensor

Timer can be checked right on the refrigerator. To do this, do the following actions. On this time mechanism there is a twist (selector), it can be twisted only clockwise. First, turn off the refrigerator from the power supply, turning the selector clockwise, you will hear a click, this click means that the timer turned on the defrost mode. Turn again, this selector clockwise, until the moment, slightly until it clicks. Turn on the refrigerator, after 20-30 minutes, it must turn off, while you must hear a click that will mean that the refrigerator got into the defrost mode. The defrost mode lasts about 30-40 minutes, that is, after 30-40 minutes, the refrigerator must turn on if this does not occur within hours or 2, then the timer is unsuitable. Here it is necessary to notice such a thing as 90%, such a check does not mean that the clock mechanism is working. The fact is that when tested, he can show absolute performance, but in the work it will be buggy

SAMSUNG refrigerator timer

How to check the samsung refrigerator defrost sensor

The defrost sensor in the refrigerator Know Frost, stands on the freezer evaporator, in order to get to it, you need to remove the front panel. Below I removed the video in which the Samsung refrigerator is described in detail. With a decrease in the temperature in the freezer, the sensor contacts are closed, after the timer hit to the defrost mode, to the heating element, that is, the TEN, the voltage is supplied through the sensor. After the TEN heated the evaporator, the defrost sensor opens his contacts and the TEN stops working, but the clock mechanism starts working. That is, the defrost sensor is a kind of current switch, with a Tan on the timer. Here it is necessary to figure it out, I will now list what will happen if the defrost sensor is incorrect

  • The tan defrost will not include, as a result, the evaporators will remain on the freezer, which will later be accumulated to such an extent that the refrigerator will simply stop disconnect and refuse normally
  • Do not turn on the refrigerator, this will happen if when the temperature is raised, that is, when the defrost works, the sensor does not switch to another mode

Check the defrost sensor 100%, almost impossible, just like a timer, that is, its check may show that it is absolutely working, but it does not guarantee its performance during the refrigerator process. From practice I can say, I always change everything together, that is, I take the sensor, I take a timer, a fuse from overheating and just throw out, and for the place of all these items I put everything new. Believe in 5-6 years, the whole mechanical part in such aggregates is simply scattered, so there is no need to cheat and greed

SAMSUNG refrigerator defrost sensor

Ten defrost for refrigerator samsung know frost

Watch video Pro Repair of the refrigerator Samsung NOU Frost with a mechanical thawing system

After we met with some details of this refrigerator, you can sum up. In 90% of cases, cold and frost disappear as a result of not the correct operation of the test of defrost, which leads to the icing of the freezer evaporator. In general, if the refrigeration compartment ceased in your refrigerator, turn off the aggregator to three days, do not forget to open the doors and to the other chamber. Then you launch it if he scored the cold, as it should be, then first, check the TEN defrost, if in order, change the defrost sensor and timer. I am here and words did not say about such details as a fan and thermostat. Come out of order, these parts are very rare, in the video above there is information about this, I recommend to see. The article simply turns out and so big, and about these items it is necessary to tell for a long time, I think about this I will write another article

SAMSUNG refrigerator NOU Frost

For a start, let’s see what this is for such a system defrosting Nou Frost and what it differs from crying. If you translate No Frost into Russian, then the phrase “without Inea”. In the principle of operation of this system, the coercive air circulation on both refrigerator cameras is laid. In short, one or more fans blow freezer evaporator, penetrated cold air in the freezer and refrigeration chamber. Now it is necessary to say about the condenser (heat exchanger, radiator, like anyone), in domestic refrigerators, it is made in the form of an iron lattice and stands behind the refrigerator. In the car technique, this thing is located in the refrigeration housing. On the one hand, this is good, and on the other hand, in some cases, it is very much hampered by repair work, I wrote it for what you would understand why SAMSUNG sideways. General concepts were now proceeding to list the faults and how to eliminate them

Samsung know frost with a mechanical control system

In the repair of such a type of refrigerators, there is nothing complicated at all, as a law of 90% is lit 2-3 spare parts

These parts, you need to look first. The fact is that the main problem is related to the wrong regime of exhausting the freezer evaporator. Perhaps the most important question is due to the fact that the refrigerator does not show the refrigeration department. I chose one of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев here, on my YouTube channel, the answer to which many incomprehensible moments will explain

Hello Dear Masters, I have a two-chamber refrigerator Samsung know Frost, the problem is that the refrigeration chamber ceases to work, if earlier products in it were quite cooled, now in it the same temperature as in the room. In the freezer, the temperature is normal, but I noticed that the refrigerator became less likely to disconnect

Now let’s look at the causes of this malfunction. First of all, you need to turn off the refrigerator for 2-3 days, in order to fully disappear the freezer evaporator. After that, turn on the refrigerator if in the freezer and in the refrigeration unit, the desired temperature appeared, then we are not talking about freon leakage, but about malfunctions in the defrost of evaporator. There is no need to wonder to make repair with your own hands. To begin with, you need to get to the most freezer evaporator, then check the tan of defrost, for this set the multimeter to the call position. If a tan is a whole, you need to replace the defrost sensor and the fuse, as well as with these parts, I change and timer. Of course you can change one detail, and then another, but from practice, I can say that it is better to replace everything at once, it is somehow more reliable. Read more about the repair of such a refrigerator, you can see in the video that I posted in this paragraph

samsung, refrigerator, frost, turned

I still want to add a little bit, about the leakage of freon, such a trouble happens extremely rarely, well, if this happened, then you need to call the wizard, without his help you will not cope

Samsung know frost with display

The same eggs, only in the profile, that is, the system of defrosting or cooling (as anyone) remains the same, but instead of mechanical management, the electronic with its not necessary bells. In general, I am extremely negative about electronic management. Not only because our power grids wish the best, but also due to the fact that these aggregates are picked up with any crap so much that then hell will you try, which has done, but still calculate the faults quite possibly, even a novice master. I will not tell a lot about the ways to eliminate breakdowns, as the article and so long, I propose better to see 2 videos. In one I change the tan of defrost, and in the other I tell about the fault

Watch the video why there is no cold in the refrigeration department

Watch the video how to change the dance of defrost on the refrigerator Samsung

Useful advice

In order for your refrigerator to work as long as possible:

  • carefully examine the instruction manual;
  • comply with the recommended temperature modes;
  • choose the installation site of the unit;
  • timely to defrost the refrigerator (for those models that do not automatically do) and carry out wet cleaning;
  • Connect the refrigerator to the supply network through the power stabilizer or filter, this will protect the device from voltage jumps.

Compliance with these rules will extend the life of technology and help to avoid expensive repairs.