Unable to connect the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 to home Wi-Fi

I ask for help in the following question. Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 International can not be able to context with Mihom app. The application is loaded on iPad, home Internet via ASUS RT-N11P router. In the Mihom application automatically, the vacuum cleaner is not visible, it is possible to hook in the manual, but at the station connection to Wi-Fi writes “5G Wi-Fi is not supported”.

In Annex Mihom and Russia and other regions have been secured. Home Televisions, Tablets and Other Devices work with Wi-Fi for a long time and smooth. Thanks!

How to configure Wi-Fi connected Roomba

Irobot has several different models of ROOMBA vacuum cleaners, but ROOMBAS connected to Wi-Fi is definitely one of the most convenient. You can run or plan cleaning from your phone, call in Roomba from your phone, if you can’t find it, and even start cleaning with Alexa or Google Assistant. If you just got ROOMBA with Wi-Fi support, this is how to do it.

To start, download the IROBOT HOME application for iOS or Android. When you first start the application, select your country and language, and then click “Accept Conditions”.

Next you will need to either create your ROOMBA account, or enter it. If you have an existing account, click “Log in”. If not, click “Create Account”.

On the next screen, click the type of device that you have. If this is a vacuum cleaner robot model, select ROOMBA. If you have a brawa jet robot, click on it below. After that click “Set up a new room”.

At this stage, the application will guide you through several basic steps setting in your home. First find the docking station supplied with your ROOMBA, and connect it to the wall. Place the station close to the wall in the place where ROOMBA can easily get to it and leave the way to it free.

Next Turn the ROOMBA and delete all plastic tabs or packaging.

Then install your ROOMBA to charging docking station. It will need to charge a few hours before his first launch. You can continue the installation process on your phone while your ROOMBA is charging.

Returning to the phone, the application will connect your ROOMBA to the Wi-Fi network to which the phone is currently connected. Please note that if you are not in your own Wi-Fi home network, you need to switch to it before continuing. Click “Continue” and on the next screen Enter your Wi-Fi Password and click Continue.

On the ROOMBA itself, press and hold the buttons with the target icon and the home icon until ROOMBA erupts the beep. Your vacuum cleaner will take a minute to connect to your Wi-Fi network. As soon as it is done, you must see the screen similar to the screen shown.

On the next screen, you can anthropomyize your vacuum cleaner, giving him a name and even confirming it “Birthday”. Happy birthday, buddy.

After short playback of the video, introducing you from ROOMBA, you will fall on the main screen application. You can click a large round button “Clear” to start cleaning now (although you should wait a while to charge the vacuum cleaner), or press the middle button at the bottom of the screen to schedule daily cleaning.

Your Roomba can work mainly unattended, but remember that you still have to collect things and keep the floors mostly clean, if you want it to be effectively cleaned. Vacuum will spread around most of the disorder (until he can fit under the ROOMBA itself), but it will be another point that your robot cannot clean. While your roomba is charging, clean the rooms in which your bot will vacuum.

How to manage the cleaning process?

The application opens several basic functions:

  • “Clean”. mode that allows you to choose the order of cleaning. That is, where to start and how to continue.
  • “Doc”. Returns the robot vacuum cleaner in place if cleaning ended earlier than the appointed time.
  • “Timer” mode. allows you to set the time to clean the room, as well as the cleaning period.
  • “Cleanup Mode”. makes it possible to set the desired method of cleaning from four options. Adjusts the choice of intensity, which affects the effectiveness of cleaning. Controls the level of equipment noise when working.
  • “Remte Control”. mode in which manual control can be configured and manage the vacuum cleaner from the gadget.

Also equipped with additional information about the degree of quality of work, life and t.D. Access can be opened in the option “Care”.

How to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to phone (mi home)

Congratulations to buy Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaner. Below you learn how to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi through the app on Android or iPhone. And at the end of the page files for download: Synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with the application and instructions for the robots-vacuum cleaners (by clicking on the link, select Your Model).


To connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to iPhone or Android you will need the MI HOME application. With the help of which from your smartphone via Wi-Fi network, you will choose a smart vacuum cleaner. Links to download from official resources (opens in a new tab):

Apple, iOS 9.0 or later. Android, version 4.3 and above
Link to the App Store, ~ 467 megabytes Link to Google Play, ~ 88 megabytes

We advise you to download via Wi-Fi, the files weigh a lot, especially for iPhone and iPad.

Smartphone Connect to Wi-Fi networks at frequency 2.4 GHz. Go to the MI Home app, log in or register (if for the first time). Press the plus sign in the upper right corner “”.

Before connecting the robot vacuum cleaner xiaomi mi home app make sure it is charged, t.to. When you first turn on it can be updated.

Now turn on Bluetooth, and look for a firmware nearby. If for some reason it was not possible to find the device automatically, then you can make it manually. In the Household Appliances tab, select Your Model. If it is not in the list, then change your region to “China”.

Next addition to ask to perform a reset, for this heal 2 of 2 buttons or 2 extremes of 3, depending on the model; Wait for a voice signal in Chinese or Anline. All, the FIU is dropped.

Choose your Wi-Fi network in the next tab, excellent. Synchronization and update of the smart vacuum cleaner. Well, then the setting to taste.


On the main screen of the application, the room is displayed in the center, compiled by a robot vacuum cleaner and its current position location. At the top of the vacuum cleaner and the current cleaning mode.

Information about the distance traveled, temporary cleaning range, battery level at the bottom of the screen.There you can start or stop cleaning.

  • Button “Go”. send a robot to a certain place for unscheduled cleaning.
  • Button “Dock Station”. send to charge station for charging.
  • Button “Clear” launch sequential cleaning.
  • Button “Zoned Cleaning”. choose the specified area of ​​the room you want to remove.
vacuum, cleaner, robot, does

In the upper right corner there are three points, they open additional settings.

Additional settings

  • “Timer”. set the time interval, in the range of which can be cleaning automatically.
  • “Voice and volume”. changing voice packets and volume voice notifications.
  • “Cleaning Mode”. choose the intensity of cleaning of the room: quiet, turbo, balanced and turbo mode.
  • “Cleaning History”. Record Cleaning Information. Removed area, beginning and end of cleaning time.
  • “Remote control”. manual control, if necessary or have fun.
  • “Card save mode” Adding virtual walls.
  • “Carpet Mode” specifically for improved carpet cleansing.
  • “DND mode (Do Not Disturb)” in the selected period of the vacuum cleaner will not perform cleaning and publish voice notifications.

Now you know how to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and all its functions.

Good to know

  • Can be managed with the help of the voice assistant “Alice”.
  • If it fails to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi. the document below describes the tips, how to solve this problem.

How to manage a vacuum cleaner with a smartphone

Well, now go to the most important thing. Only connecting the phone to MI Robot is not enough to carry out full cleaning vacuum cleaner. MI HOME application is intended to configure equipment and proceed to manual control mode if necessary.

The interaction with the vacuum cleaner is carried out using several menu items MI HOME:

We tell about each section in more detail. Clean allows you to set the schedule of cleaning. That is, the vacuum cleaner will work on the specified schedule automatically.

Timer allows you to edit the frequency and duration of work. DOC button forcibly sends a vacuum cleaner for charging. Finally, 2 final sections CleanUp Mode and Remote Control. The first varies parameters MI Robot, including suction power level. In the second, the manual cleaning mode is activated.

vacuum, cleaner, robot, does

Understand the modes of work is quite easy, but at first it is necessary to set the basic settings. We are talking about coordinates with which the vacuum cleaner will create a plan of the room:

Then the vacuum cleaner will start to fight the entire territory of the house, along the way, creating his card. The principle of movement at the device Zigzago. At first it can face obstacles in the face of tables or walls, but from the second launch it will pass.

After performing test cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will probably go to the charging station. The host at this time is recommended to study the plan of the territory, which built Mi Robot, as well as change the basic settings like the distribution of rooms or the device name.

The remaining settings also matter. After all, the user can immediately ask the time of future vacuum cleaner. over, this process is distributed to all rooms or only a few.

Special mention deserves manual control mode. With it, the owner can plunge into childhood with machine on radio control. That’s just as a toy will be used expensive robot vacuum cleaner. However, it will not hurt to manage it like a machine.

The manual cleaning menu is available in two ways:

In the first case, Mi Robot moves around home or apartment depending on how the owner moves the point on the screen of the smartphone. The second option has three buttons (forward, left, right).

Due to the weak responsiveness of the sensor, a more convenient layout is a button. First, manual control may seem quite an interesting occupation, but then the awareness still comes to mind that automatic cleaning becomes more attractive. It is recommended that it is recommended to use on an ongoing basis.

Installation of interaction with charging base

Before moving to the synchronization of the robot vacuum cleaner and your mobile device, you must configure the interaction of the apparatus with the base station. This requires the following actions algorithm:

  • Connect the charging database to the electrical network and remove the excess cable into a special jack.
  • Note that the dock station is correctly installed: the front distance of 100 centimeters should be on the front from the charging base, and the left and right. 50 centimeters. If the rear contacts are installed correctly, the light bulb will flash on the top panel.
  • If the light bulb does not flash, and the light burns constantly, it will mean a complete charge of the battery. For further operation of Xiaomi, you must click the robot-vacuum cleaner.
  • If the light bulb is white, then the battery is sufficient, yellow. up to 50%, red. less than 20%.

It is also important to consider that before the first use of the robot, you need to remove the padded cables and minor items from the floor so that they do not prevent the movement of your smart vacuum cleaner.

Next, consider how step by step connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the Mi Home application on Android and iOS.

Orientation problems

The orientation of the robot vacuum cleaner in space is based on the functioning of the navigation block. In budget models, it usually consists of side sensors of obstacles and sensors against falling from height. In more expensive models, navigation is carried out thanks to the laser range finders and the operation of the built-in camera. This elements tend to fail, after which the robot-vacuum cleaner does not see the obstacles, twitches, stops in the middle of the room, it works half an hour and leaves for the database, it goes only in a circle one space.P.

When the device constantly drives in a circle in one place and not at all oriented in space, it may mean a malfunction of the side sensors of obstacles.

If the device stops sharply during operation and beeps, then the case may be in the output of the battery, the navigation block failure, or in simple confusion in the wires and other foreign items on the floor.

A malfunction in the form of the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is simply riding the back, either rides back and turns off, can be eliminated by removing the front wheel and its cleaning from dirt. It may also be in the sensors that need to be cleaned from dust, or replace the failed LEDs. If it does not help you, and the vacuum cleaner also goes only back, probably the problem lies in the device board.

Also, the reason may be in poor quality assembly. For example, at the factory, some kind of cog had no unfounded, with the result that he got into the mechanism and contributed to overheating of motors. On the video below it is clearly shown how to repair the ILIFE vacuum cleaner robot, if it is moving back and turns off:

Black floor. weak place of most automated robots cleaners. Almost every user can be heard that their robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor and does not see dark furniture, constantly cut into it. Also, the minimum number of products can focus in the dark. This feature of smart vacuum cleaners cannot be called a breakdown, rather, it is more lack of all robotic devices.

So we considered typical faults of robots-vacuum cleaners, the reasons for their occurrence and ways to self-eliminate. If you are just going to buy a household robot for helping the apartment or at home, we advise you to prefer to famous firms with service centers and warranty support. In most cases, failure is due to the malfunction of electrical nodes, which is unlikely to repair a person without experience. We hope you have become clear why the robot vacuum cleaner does not work, it does not charge or does not find the database. You can also describe your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, our edition will try to help solve it!

Computer master. Robot vacuum cleaner, and all-in-one printer are not connected, guess who is to blame again?))

About technical support that does not want to delve into the problems of customers at all.

The client moved to a new apartment, connected the Internet like Akado, and they put her router like TP-Link Archer A5 or C5

The Internet on phones and McBook flies under the 200mbit, but the robot of the vacuum cleaner and all-in-one printer, connect to the network, do not rather want. The provider says not our problems, but we can send a paid master, and honestly warn that the average check for departure is 4.5-5 t.R., For honesty them Respect and respect.

I come to do diagnosis, and my theory is 100% confirmed.

You probably have already guessed what was the problem??

The problem on the surface, the router dual-band, phones and MacBook connected to the Wi-Fi 5GHz network with which everything was ok. But network 2.4Ghz who tried to connect All-in-One Printer and the vacuum cleaner, worked unstable, as it turned out the marriage of the router transmitter.

Fortunately, the client had an old good asus RT-AC56U with an old apartment

There was no circus from the provider, a Static IP connection was used, and when I registered the addresses, the Internet in the new router did not appear, I call in those.I ask support “You have exactly bindings on the MAC address?”” Should not give me those support, everything should work, check the numbers. introduced probably incorrectly “

And only the third call was caught an intelligent employee who said “Mac bindings”, but there is a binding to the session, and that the old session is over before connecting a new router, turn off the cable for 30 minutes, or call those.Support and we reset the session manually “

The first installer did not check the work Wi-Fi 2.4, and the second and third, were not aware that it is necessary to force the session during the replacement of equipment

Question to the author: why did you have to tear the session? Well, they would leave TP-LINK (not to night be remembered) as a router (NAT, PAT, DHCP and AP 5GHz), and asus in it with a cascade as a separate AP 2,4 GHz. And network would have been separated, and Mac would not change. 5 Ghz. This is a good range, free, you should not neglect them if you can. True, the question of whom the platform is routing freeze and more stable. at Ashusa or Pupolinka? Probably, Archer (without a mat, you can’t remember) the hardware will be better.

So you can all this can be thrown out for the cost of the visit of their masters to stick a two-range gigabit mikrotik (they right now rubles 4 stand, 4-nuclear, all things you need. Google), however, the technineex with the setting of IPTV comes in the kit, but the Archer can proudly return the provider.

What is the ASUS RT-AC56U old? He has a speaker, it means not old. Old this DIR-320

To the question of complex microbe setting: http: // demo.Mt.lv /. According to the link of the demo muzzle of the router type Hap Lite (very simple). Log in with an empty password. Page is not fast, waiting for patient. We look at the right upper angle: “Quick Set”, “Webfig”, “Terminal”.

QuickSet. This is just a web-muzzle with a visor stage for quick and easy setup without selego. If you can easily in the network. Watch out. Not? Well, minimum goose. In reality, everything is much clearer, because in the demo network details WAN are already set, they cannot be changed. Everything else is very clearly: both Admin password, and configuring Wershits, and DHCP, and reset to defolutions. everything is.

Webfig. This is an inteeis that we will see connecting through the Winbox utility (yes, Winbox will have to download separately, although before, it seems, even 951th microtic gave it as a file server). There are all-all-all settings, but without half a liter and tyrnet, or a senior and experienced comrade-network-custody will not understand. But right here is the mouse, yes, the mouse can be on the buttons, and you can open the console. You can even ester an analyzer there to find, see how no longer is your ether, and choose the most free range for “waffles”.

Terminal. he and in microtate terminal. Text console. For those who know how.

Come on all sorts of XXX-Link`? Well, pussy in Quick Set. cope)

Tell me how you found that 2.4 module is defective?

Question master- Is it possible to use DSL modem as a router for ordinary internet? (Not DSL)

T.E. in Lan port stick cable with an Internet and distribute on. (Internet from Bridge)

How to resolve connection issues with Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL

If I were on the site of the author, I would leave TP-Link (in photo C5), and ASUS set up as a second router, Wi-Fi amplifier. Nahuya change the router that sets the session? Why these dances with a tambourine? Router plug as an IPOE cable in Tplink and it distributes 2.4 to which these devices connect.

“Fortunately found an old asus” fucking, he flew everything to you, dick you at all took

With this Wi-Fi in an apartment building straight trouble. All channels are ridden. 5 GHz somehow kicks back, and Connect for 2.4 straight sluggish. On this even in the 144r video on YouTube, you will not see much, loading half an hour as in 2007. Routers have changed once changed, with shaman settings, the automatic channel change is determined depending on the fill. And neither Figa

And how to be if the Wi-Fi router laptop and the Android phone fly, and the iPhones slow down and the applications and the Internet. 5g did not try, only 2.4?

It’s not a static and white lists. Three provisions changed until the session falls another networkwood will not slip.

And you can consult. There is a Wi-Fi wireless TL-WR740N router in a candle house, on the floor of 6 apartments. Happy Wi-Fi flies. In the evening full seams. Chose free channels, overloaded. Does not help. What to do, where to pick?

The friend had an ancient comp, the level of K2D, sat playing, the network worked, but the speed of the announced 200 was about 10-12BS on the speedtest. He is extreme man, decided to deposit the computer on the KSEON E5 from Aliku (I helped him to collect conferment and risk in this). I arrived to him all collected everything, I rolled Windows (if it’s important 10 64 pro, I don’t remember the assembly, it seems to be 1607) (if there are bores, then through the old computer flash drive), the computer starts, everything is super, the Chinese SSD plows, Hard Vidyuha, rolled firewood on mother from disk. Prix ​​wire in the network. 0 Emotions. writes induction and merges, there here, downloaded new firewood (Realtek 667), installed. 0, insert the wire into the old computer, there is an Internet, in a new? NO! Calls to MGTS Zhipov did not give the girl’s results (Standard Reset Settings, put auto IP and DNS), translated to the actor adequate. he since the fly, the wire of the huyeva! you have a wire from the router that it was included? Yes, throw out, and about the miracle All 200 issued on Chinese PC, we create an application for passing? Yes!