Samsung washing machines error codes

This table contains the codes of all models of the SAMSUNG with the display, so almost all of the faults are specified immediately for several codes. In the following sections of this article, their codes will be shown for some Linek. Error codes starting with the letters “E” were used in old models SAMSUNG.

We also pay attention to the fact that for one fault, several codes can be specified within one error numbering system: for example, HE, HE1 and HE2 codes are combined into a common group of product heating problems in the tank, although their exact causes are many different. This is done to reduce the description of a large number of error codes; In addition, the details of the errors still do not know much for an ordinary user, see the master who you will most likely call, there are more detailed technical descriptions.

  • Something prevents water to leave the CM: a defect or blocking of the drain hose, the hydraulic system of drain pump clogged. All this is quite forces to fix yourself
  • Opening in the wiring or moved contacts in circuits from the controller controller to the pump or the press service; A similar problem can be with a pump power supply chain
  • A drain pump or his impeller broke: it is necessary to call a specialist to check it and replacing the winding or the entire engine
  • Water level sensor (press service) failed: diagnostics with subsequent replacement
  • Managing Controller Failure: Professional diagnostics and replacement required if the board is faulty
  • Several exotic situation, but anything happens: the car was stored in the cold and the water frozen in the tank

As you can see, the reasons for the appearance of this error code is quite a lot, so it is better to call a qualified specialist.

  • In the power grid, too low voltage: if in the outlet really low voltage. Call an electrician
  • First, make sure that the wiring between the thermal sensor or the Tan and the controller controller is in order that all contacts and connectors are securely fixed
  • The absence of a signal from the thermal sensor can mean its fault: a defective sensor change
  • “Pilot” Relays of Tan: it should also be changed
  • The heating element burned down (TEN), for example, due to a thick layer of scale on it: Ten only change
  • Open in the supply chain of the Tan: check the wires and contacts
  • Oddly enough, water may not have time to warm up due to the fact that see in a cold place. Rarely, but it happens
  • Electronics problems: thermal sensor, relay, controller

As a result, electronics blocks the start of washing. Possible reasons:

samsung, washing, error, codes
  • To begin with the most obvious: closely close the door
  • Then we are convinced that no items interfere with the closure of the door: if the error remains, it means that something broke
  • Communication breaks between the control simistor UBL (Luke Lock Device) and Controller Controller: Clear Chain, Check Contacts
  • Something broke into the UBL, for example, a castle, or looped weeline: In principle, the castle can be fixed on your own, but Ubed. complex block, including electronics, so it is better to contact the service
  • Door closing sensor faulty: replacement
  • Problems in the management controller UBL: Diagnostics and replacement
  • Water does not enter into cm: blocked the water supply faucet, weak pressure in the plumbing, defect or zoom of the hose, the input valve clogged and T.every all this is quite possible to fix yourself
  • Forgot to close the door of the hatch and electronics blocks the launch of the washing program
  • The input electroclap was broken: it will have to replace
  • Faulty water level sensor (press service): diagnostics with subsequent replacement
  • Open in the wiring or moved contacts in circuits from the controller to the input valve or the press service
  • Managing Controller Failure: Professional diagnostics and replacement required if the board is faulty

Increased foaming can cause the following:

  • You use a powder that is not suitable for this washing mode, for example, a powder for manual washing: try changing the detergent
  • Too much detergent was falling asleep: Try with the next wash to reduce the dose
  • Water is badly merged from cm: See the error description ” 5E ”
  • Faulty water level sensor or breakdown in its circuit: ring chain, check and replace the sensor
  • The same for the foaming sensor, if installed
  • Managing Controller Failure: Call Masters
  • Perhaps the tank laid too much or, on the contrary, too little linen
  • It is possible that you incorrectly located underwear in the tank, because of which there was an imbalance
  • Cm installed not strictly horizontally: check by level
  • Damaged motor drive belt cm: Replacing the belt
  • Violations in wiring CM: call, repair problem areas, check and tighten the contacts
  • The drum positioning sensor is faulty: diagnostics and sensor replacement
  • Same for a tachogenerator or Hall sensor
  • Something broke in the electric motor: the brushes erased, the bearing jammed. Call a specialist
  • Problems with the control module: Call the Wizard for Diagnostics

Problems can be in the following nodes cm:

  • To examine all the places in the CM, where water can flow from: filling and drain hoses, hatch and its cuff, dispenser, inner nozzles, tank
  • The drain pump flows: it is unlikely that it will be able to fix it, you have to change
  • Many foam is formed: see the error description ” sud ”
  • Malfunction or breakdown in the control circuit of one of the sensors: Pressostat (water level), leak control (Aqua Stop)
  • Incorrect installation or connection of the drain hose to sewage
  • Failure of electronics
  • Loaded too much linen, which is why the engine is overloaded
  • Violated Wiring in Taxo Chains or Contact Weakening
  • From the tahogenerator jumped the washer, fixing the coil, because of which the sensor jumped out of the landing socket
  • Tacogener itself is defective: it is required to replace it
  • Motor can be broken: It is necessary for its diagnosis and repair or replacement
  • Problems at the other end of the chain Taxo: something happened to the controller controller

Deciphering errors, causes appearance

Let’s start with error DE, it is associated with a hatch lock device. This error may occur if:

  • The door was opened with excessive effort.
  • Deformed lock lock hook.
  • Luke door shifted from high temperature or pressure, usually happens during the boiling process.

Error E2 in the Samsung machine informs the user about the impossibility of draining waste water or slow plum, the spending time is exceeded. The causes of this error can be:

  • clogging of the drain filter;
  • trash hit in a drain pump or his breakdown;
  • Voro in the pump nozzle;
  • sewage plum;
  • defect in the water level sensor;
  • Malfunction of electronic board.

In some models of washing machines, there may be no error E2 at the same reasons, but an error 5e.

Error codes of washing machine associated with water bay

  • Invalid hose connection (hot and cold water is confused).
  • There is no connection from the hose to the dispenser. It is possible to shift or flows hose.
  • Violated contact valve contacts.
  • In the bulk valve penetrated the foreign body.
  • Water that comes during the performance of the drying mode is too hot (more than seventy degrees).
  • Error connecting hot and cold water (hoses need to be swapped).

Causes of UE errors

No less often in the washing machines Samsung appears, an indication associated with incorrect or uneven lurking loading. UE error appears when ticking up linen. Too major linen or other causes lead to slow rotation of the drum. At that moment, the washing machine is trying to distribute the lingerie, and the explicit time does not change. As a result, the spinning process does not complete and the message UE appears.

Causes of this message:

  • Loading a pair of light things, or room in a tank 1 heavy and pair of lung things. In such a situation, the machine can not be measured in the drum by pressing linen in the drum, the entire load will be flounded in one drum part. In this case, it is possible to launch washing without pressing, or at the same time to reduce the frequency of revolutions. The main recommendation is the loading of at least 3 things of approximately equal weight;
  • Some SAMSUNG washing machines are not equipped with mixed lingerie washing mode. In this case, the occurrence of the UE error affects the different type of fabric due to different absorbing fluid. Loading of diversity linen affects the process of laundry distribution in the drum, so cotton things are erased separately from terry or denim;
  • However, the error may occur when washing bed linen due to the twisting of things or their clogs in a duvet cover. So that this does not occur, the drum should always be put on no more than 2 kg of things, and the speed of revolutions during annealing should not exceed 800 per minute;
  • With a significant overload of lurps. It is worth noting that the drum should not score 5 and more kilograms. when the water set, they become much harder, as a result of which the washing machine is unable to accommodate lingerie on the drum.

When an UE, UB or E4 errors appear, you should open the door. Samsung washing machines can unlock it within 5 minutes after an error appears. If it is not unlocked. the typewriter should be turned off button off. and disconnect from the outlet. After that, after 5 minutes, the door can be unlocked. If this did not happen. the water breakage should be made.

Constructed linen should be delivered and one uniformly lay out on the drum. After you can start the press mode. If you have doubts about the serviceability of the machine, it should be launched in test mode without linen by selecting the functions “Rinse” and “Spin”. If the codes of the UE, UB or E4 are not disturbed. everything is in order with the technique.

Open the door evenly distribute underwear turning off

Width check

Prevents full-fledged plum and blocked impeller. Forgotten in your key or jumped out a bone from a bra can screame pump blades and suspend the work of the washer. Fortunately, to detect and eliminate the malfunction of such a plan is easy.

In most cases, the repair is without the parsing of the washing machine. It is enough to unscrew the drain filter and enlighten it the landing place with a flashlight. At the end of the “tunnel” will be visible the impeller of the pump. plastic wheel with blades. Slide your fingers into the hole and try to run it in motion.

  • If the impeller does not rotate, you need to grope stuck item. Very often in his role there is a lump of hair or wool, a coin, said bone or wire. As soon as the foreign body is removed, the problem will decide.
  • If the impeller is spinning, but periodically slows down, then the problem is in disturbing or weakened contacts. Also negatively affects the “Wheel” rotation and a defective control board.

When the inspection did not give results. the impeller rotates freely or stands, but without visible interference. you will have to disassemble the washer and get the pump. For further diagnostics it is necessary to take a pump in hand.

Samsung washing machines error codes

Samsung washing machines models (Samsung) with display, have a function of displaying an error code when some faults occur and failures in operation. Sometimes, understanding what the code designation means, the user is able to eliminate the malfunction or breakage, without resorting to the call to the wizard from the service. For your convenience, Introducing SAMSUNG washing machine error codes with decoding each specific error code. The table includes a description of the error, the causes of its occurrence and possible elimination methods.

Water Level Sensor Error

one.Part of the level sensor tube, damaged (punctured). 2. The tube is clogged with a strange material or shifted.3. Tube is not joined.4. Sensor fault (sticking). 5. Malfunction of contacts and level sensor connections.6. Module malfunction.

Error motor tachogenerator

Malfunction of contacts and engine connections.2. Engine winding damaged (short or cliff).3. Malfunction of contacts and connections Tahoe.4. The engine is blocked by unauthorized objects (for example, bolt).

The engine is overloaded due to too much linen.2. Malfunction of contacts and engine connections. 3. Tacogenerator malfunction

Weak signal from the tachogenerator, bad contact in the relay, and t.D.

This is due to the erroneous operating signals coming from the tip. 2. Fault of contacts and connections on the control module. 3. Large gaps on a direct drive engine, offset parts.

Malfunction of contacts and connections.2. Tacogenerator malfunction.3. Engine fault.

Foreign object falling into water bay valve. 2. Malfunction of contacts and bay valve connections (valve winding is not connected). 3. Incorrect connection of hot and cold water (on the contrary).4. This happens if there is no connection from the drain hose to the detergent container. Check if the transparent hose is remembered or not torn.

Cold and warm water filming hoses are confused. 2. The temperature of the water supplied through the valve during the drying cycle, higher than 70 ° C.

On the programs “Wool”, “Delicate washing” The temperature of the supplied water is more than 50 ° C.

Damaged impeller pump. 2. Incorrect voltage of installed components. 3. Fault components 4. This is due to freezing in the winter season5. Drain hose scored (shift).6. Plum tract zoom (coins, gum and t.P.).7. Malfunction of contacts and connections

This happens when the engine rotation is impermanent, because the engine is not running 2. Malfunction of control circuits. 3. Malfunction of contacts and engine connections.

If the supply voltage is equal to or less than 176V, or equal to or more than 287V, then the washing machine will pause to protect its electrical components.2. When the voltage is restored to the normative (187V. 276V), the cycle will resume automatically.

No signals between the control and display module.2. Check the connection between the control and indication module, check the correct connection of the connectors. 3. Replace control module, indication, check brake defects.

Switch Error (Relay Error)

Hired network button (pressed more than 12 seconds). 2. The button is constantly pressed due to the deformation of the control panel. 3. This error may occur when the screws that hold the control panel are twisted too much.

Error Codes Of Samsung Top Load Washing Machine | How to Rectify Them With Subtitles

Buttons (except the “Power” button) are continuously pressed (more than 30 seconds).2. Deformation of internal plastic parts.3. The screws that hold the control panel are twisted too much.

Relay on the module control short-circuit. 2. Incorrect Relay Connection (contact is melted in the connector, no connection).

This happens when the temperature of the washing machine is more than 55 ° C, and the plum cannot be performed. (Cause: If hot water falls on the skin, it can cause a burn).2. This happens when the water temperature for some cycles exceeds 55 ° C. In this case, the water will be drained to the reset level.3. Thermal sensor error or any incorrect connection of items.

Switch contact error due to the deformation of the door hook.2. When the door is closed, opened by force.3. This may occur with a boiling cycle if the door is shifted due to the pressure drop from internal temperature changes.

Lock lock connector is incorrect. 2. Lock lock connector damaged. 3. This happens periodically due to damage to electrical insulation.4. Faulty control module.

This happens if the switch spontaneously turns on-turns off and strongly heated due to vibration. Rare mistake.

The condensive connector comes out of place when installing the top cover.2. Fan wiring damaged. Therefore, the fan does not start. 3. Fan blades blocked or no lubrication in bearings. Thus, the fan does not turn on. 4. Fault of a trigger condenser. In this case, it is not possible to detect a malfunction using the tester. Replace the starting condenser.

TEN is short-circuit or in the cliff. 2. Tan Malfunction. No contact, temperature sensor malfunction.3. If the sensor detects the absence of water or water temperature 100. 150 “C, to prevent overheating, the washing machine turns off the power off.

This error occurs when the red temperature sensor in the center of the drying heater is triggered (at temperatures higher than 145 ° C).Corrective Action. Press the messenger button in the center. Washing machine will work as usual. Or replace the temperature sensor if the temperature measurement is incorrectly due to the functional degradation of the sensor.

This happens when the steam function does not work normally.2. This error does not occur in existing cm with drum. Check if the model supports the steam function.

Leak because of the Ten (released from the attachment).2. The air hose is pulled out, and water leakage occurs during spinning.3. Tank damage at the place of fastening of transport bolts.4. Water leakage occurs in front with foam due to too much detergent.5. Water leakage occurs because the connecting hose for detergents is connected incorrectly.6. Filter cover of the drain pump installed incorrectly.7. Water leakage occurs through the drain hose. eight. Damage to sealing washers. nine. The aperture of the nose is installed in the opposite direction, or rubber gasket is omitted.ten. Water leak occurs because the screws that hold the tank and the front panel together are fixed incorrectly. eleven. Malfunction of the leakage sensor.

Water plums problems (E2, 5E or 5C)

It happens that the incorrect operation of the washing machine is manifested by draining water in it not working. At the same time, the following notation appears on the display: E2, 5E or 5C.

If it is difficult to drain water from a washing machine, then it is necessary to check the production of a drain pump: it can be scored garbage and outsiders

Such an encoding draws our attention to the possible availability of the following problems:

  • Water plums from the hose is opposed to some physical obstacle: it is clogged or shifted;
  • The hose connection to the machine is incorrect;
  • failed the unit of the aggregate;
  • The internal wiring is broken somewhere;
  • The clogging could not occur in the machine itself, but in the sewage, as a result of which the draining was impossible;
  • Plumbing devices were operated with a violation of the temperature regime, and the water in them could simply freeze.

To drain and further worked properly, it follows one after another to eliminate the possible causes of problems.

Need to check the passability of the sewage, sniff, it does not smell the burner wiring, check the hoses and change the pump, if it does not work.

Sibalance error codes (E4, UB or UE)

If the E4, UB or UE inscription lights up on the scoreboard, then disruption of the device balancing.

samsung, washing, error, codes

The imbalance during washing can significantly reduce the life of your washing machine: distribute linen inside the device as uniform

It should be evenly distributed inside the drum all linen, as well as, acting according to the instructions, try to balance the device.