Errors TC, EC, TC: Error codes on Samsung washing machines

You decided to wash things, closed the door, but then a TE error appeared on the indicator, and your washing machine became a stupor. Or the machine pumped up water, turned the drum and stopped after 5-10 minutes when it began to wash, showing the same thing. TE error is usually found on all cars, indiscriminately.

If you have an old.fashioned Samsung machine, then it will pay attention to the possibility of indication. The temperature LEDs “BI 60 ° C” and “60 ° C” will glow, and shine the indicators of washing modes.

Frequent errors on Samsung and decryption of error

In addition to all of the above, it can also show the TE1 / TE2 / TE3 code. Only cars with drying, and shows these problems, and shows after the spin, before the drying option for things.

TE errors in the Samsung machine make it know that there are problems with the thermal attach. Your technique does not “show” it at all, or accepts the wrong data. For he does not “know” how and what.

In theory, the TE error code is a temperature sensor error. EC error is a copy of TE for the Samsung technique, the old year of release. TE errors information, with tenses of the temperature of less than 0.2 c for more than 4.5th century.

Samsung with the possibility of drying, except for the problem of water TE, has problems with other thermal attitudes. TE1, TE2, TE3. Notifying problems with drying indicators, being at any time of the drying mode.

  • TE1 votes the error of drying the dryer, the unit takes an emergency message or the termistor “shows” the wrong data.
  • TE2 speaks of problems of the fan body sensor, does not urgently notify or the temperatures are very high.
  • TE3 testifies to the error of the condensation sensor, which is when drying. Giving out a daring temperature through a chur or does not mean anything at all.

5E Error Fix | Samsung Washing Machine

The main variety! TE error shows immediately when the machine is turned on or at the first stage of washing before heating water. TE1 / TE2 / TE3 codes are shown only at the end of washing and spinning, before or during drying.

According to the experience of the EU / TE / TC / TE2 / TE3 service specialists, it usually verbs about the malfunctions of the machine, only in rare cases it is possible to change something yourself.

Your actions when the code of error appears 5e on the Samsung washing machine monitor

Problems with the drain system can be caused by a number of reasons, some of which can be eliminated independently without involving specialists. First of all, it is necessary to force water forcibly in accordance with the instructions and free the drum from the laundry. Then you need to perform the following actions.

It is necessary to restart the Electronic controller of the Samsung washing machine, turning it off the network for 10-15 minutes. If there is a random failure of the control module, after inclusion, the work will resume in normal mode.

If the washing machine was subject to external influences. rearrangement or transportation, it is likely that the connection of the wires is broken between the drain pump and the electronic controller and, perhaps, it will be enough to correct them, pressing more tightly at the place of contact.

The drain hose in the washing machine should not have excesses. It is necessary to install it so that they cannot arise in the process. This is especially true for long hoses, it is more difficult to tightly fix them in the correct position. Also, the hose must be checked for the presence of a blockage.

To eliminate probable clogging, it is necessary to rinse the drain filter. He is located in a hatch, usually located in the lower right corner on the front of the washing machine. The filter is unscrewed counterclockwise and after that is removed. In this case, a small amount of water from the hole formed flows, this is normal.

It is necessary to check and rinse the siphon through which the drain hose is connected to the sewer system. Perhaps the problem lies in the sewer itself. This can be checked by turning off the drain hose from it and directing it into any container, for example, to the bathroom, a basin, etc.D. If when the machine is turned on, it will work and drain the water, then it is working and you need to do the cleaning of the sewer.

If after checking all the above parts the error code 5e does not disappear, then the machine requires professional intervention.

Calling a professional when samsung error

There are a number of breakdowns, the repair of which, followed by a guarantee, can only be carried out by a specialist. Below, the table contains a list of possible causes of error 5e and the of work to eliminate them.

Repair of the microcircuit or replacing the control module if it is not possible to replace the failed parts by soldering.

Replacement of wires, if it is impossible to qualitatively restore the connection with a twist

Please describe your problem, the exact name of the model of the washing machine and leave your contact details.

The specialist will come to the time you have chosen from 9.00 to 21.00, will identify the cause of the malfunction, calculate the cost of repairing your model of the Samsung washing machine and will carry out all the necessary work to eliminate error 5e. In case of your refusal to repair the call, the specialist is not paid.

The reasons for the appearance of an error

Lack of water supply that provoke a 4e error in the Samsung machine for the following reasons?

  • There is no cold water supply at the room in the room.
  • In the valve for the intake of tap water is an extraneous object, clogging the drain.
  • The unit is connected to water supply with an error.
  • The water supply has too weak pressure and pressure.
  • The hose is not connected to the detergent container of detergents.
  • The filter that cleanses the supplied water is very contaminated, and does not pass the liquid.
  • Failure in work.

How to find and eliminate a malfunction

What to do if an error 4e appears in the Samsung washing machine? We determine the reason and do everything that is needed to eliminate the problem:

How to reset samsung washing machine

samsung, washing, machine, shows, error
  • First, we are convinced of the presence of water in the tap. A weak pressure or its absence means that the washing machine cannot pick up water. We wait until the water is turned on and turn on the wash.
  • It is possible that by mistake the valve is blocked, which blocks the supply of water to the device. Check. it could be closed or open to the end.
  • When using the pouring hose-Akvastop, he could get damage. A red indicator on the water area will indicate the presence of leaks. In such a situation, it will be necessary to replace the hose entirely, and only after replacing the water supply to the washing machine will be restored.
  • The filter that protects the machine from small debris from entering the inside and not even miss water. It is located in front of the intake valve, in the place where the hose is connected to the device. To clean it, block the valve, unscrew the hose and carefully remove a small net with pliers. The filter is cleaned with a simple needle, after it is washed under the pressure of water. It will be possible to eliminate a strong scale with a solution of citric acid-just put a mesh there for half an hour or an hour.
  • The first emergence of an error can be provoked by the failure of the unit software. It is worth trying to turn it off the network for 15-20 minutes, and then try to start the wash again. Such a reboot will eliminate the failure, and if the difficulty of gaining water consisted in it, the process will start without problems.
  • A malfunction may consist in the departed wires connecting to the control module. You need to check their condition, and if necessary, return them to the correct position.
  • If the 4e code appears after the washing machine collects water and immediately drains it back, then most likely the drain is connected to the sewer incorrectly. It is likely that the drain is connected to a level lower than the tank itself, the hose itself will bend at the floor level and does not make the loop before going to the sewer. Here it is enough to retake the unit correctly so that everything works.

If no point could help, the breakdown is serious. You cannot fix it yourself, you must contact the repair service.

Error 5E (SE) in the Samsung washing machine

Error 5E (aka SE) on the Samsung washing machine can occur quite often if the owners do not carry out proper care, and sometimes when normal care is carried out. Deciphering error 5e is quite definite, however, it does not answer the question of what exactly has broken in the Samsung washing machine. It only determines the possible list of reasons that we have to talk about within the framework of the article.

Error 5e is usually displayed on the display of the Samsung washing machine at a time when the program has already completed the washing and tries to start rinsing underwear. At this moment, according to the program, the machine should drain dirty soapy water, which was used for washing, and pour clean for rinsing. This is where the problem arises. The system simply cannot drain dirty water and the electrocontroller gives an error 5e.

This error occurs due to the impossibility of draining water. This is how this error decrypts. What are the possible causes of this error, which is why the system cannot drain dirty water? There are three main reasons:

  • The drain filter was so closed that the water simply does not pass through it in the drain hose;
  • In the drain hose, blockage formed, or at the junction with the filter or at the junction with a siphon;
  • water does not pump out due to a malfunction of the drain pump.

note! So that unpleasant blockages do not occur in the typewriter, check the s of things laid in the drum before washing, pull out a trifle, keys, etc.

On some models of Samsung washing machines, instead of error 5e, the ND or SE code may come up, keep in mind that this is all the same error. Do not confuse with the code E5. It means a malfunction of the heating element of the washing machine.

We are looking for an error source: action procedure

If the machine suddenly hung during washing, and the 5e code was displayed on the display, the first thing you should do was check the garbage filter, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the machine body. This is the most common procedure that is described by the manufacturer of the washing machine in the instructions, and if you do not know anything about it, then you have never cleaned the filter. Clean the filter if the error of the washing machine 5e will continue to come up, then you need to look for further.

Next, you need to check the drain hose, perhaps the blockage formed in it. Pull all the linen from the drum, then remove the drain hose from the siphon or from the sewer pipe and throw its end into the bath or sink. So it will be clearly visible to the outgoing water. After that, start the washing program and observe. If the pump tries to pave water through the hose, but it barely runs, then the blockage is in the hose.

Samsung washing machines work quite quietly, but if during the drain of water to listen to their work, then you can distinguish the specific sound made by a working drain pump. So, if you threw the end of the drain hose into the bathroom and after the end of the washing, water does not run at all, while the specific sound of the drain pump is not heard. most likely the problem in it!

Important! Damage to the drain pump of the washing machine is considered a rather serious problem. It is likely that it will not succeed in solving it on your own, and you will need to contact a specialist.

The reason for the error is defined: how to fix it?

The easiest way is to solve the problem if the cause of the 5E of Samsung washing machine is a contaminated filter. How to quickly clean the filter?

  • In the lower right corner of the machine case, find the plastic cover protecting filter and a hose of emergency plum. Open it.
  • Take a suitable container for draining dirty water from the drum (a basin is best suited).
  • Remove the plug from a small rubber hose and drain all the water into the container.
  • Without removing the container, turn the filter screw for half a turn counterclockwise and remove it.
  • Inspect the hole for the presence of foreign objects, pull out everything that is stuck there, including lumps of fluff and hair.
  • Plunge the screw into place and insert the cork into the hose of emergency drain of water, and then close the plastic lid. The problem should be resolved.

You can find out in detail with pictures and video about cleaning the filter here.

If the cause of the 5E error has become a serious blockage in a drain hose, then you need to disconnect it from the washing machine, and then rinse with powerful pressure of water. Washing the hose with water, you can simultaneously bend and bend it, so the mud cork will jump out more likely. It is also possible that the blockage was formed in the depths of the sewer pipe or in a siphon. In this case, dirty water will cease to leave not only from the machine, but also through the drain drainage.

You can clean the blockage formed in the siphon manually by unscrewing the plug and washing its internal parts, but with the sewer pipe, you may have to tinker. It is best in this case to turn to plumbing, which will quickly and professionally clean the pipes, but you can try liquids for removing blockages such as “Tiret turbo” or “Mole”. If the liquids do not cope with the blockage, try to enter a long steel wire with a slight hook at the end into the sewer pipe, even a dense blockage can be removed with its help.

note! Do not use aggressive chemistry when cleaning the drain hose of the washing machine, this can damage it.

In the worst case, error 5e can be caused by a breakdown of the drain pump. To get to it, you have to deploy a machine and remove the back wall. It is easy to determine the location of the drain pump. Look at the valve to which the drain hose is connected, and this valve, in turn, is connected to the drain pump. As we have already noted, it is not worth it to repair the drain pump on your own, in extreme cases, you can independently replace the drain pump.

Summing up, we note, the error SE on the Samsung washing machine (or error 5e) is not as terrible as it might seem at first glance. It is possible to find and eliminate its causes in most cases. But if you do not want to mess with suckers or are not confident in your abilities, contact specialists.

Code 5e or SE in the Samsung washing machine often occurs. It appears due to the impossibility of draining water during washing. There are several reasons, and if there is no breakdown in the device, then the malfunction will be possible to eliminate without the help of masters.

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What does error E1 (E7) mean?

The occurrence of the E1 or E7 code on the electronic display means incorrect operation of the sensor that monitors the water level in the drum. Pressostate. It generates the wrong frequency that does not coincide with the normal washing cycle. Because of this, the machine reacts to the process incorrectly, and in order to avoid problems it starts a pump that provides fluid drainage and stops washing, issuing a message about the problem.

note! Code E7 appears on old Samsung models released before 2007. The error is processed in the same way as in new machines. if the frequency of the press start of less than 15 kHz (indicating a complete drum) or more than 30 kHz (empty drum) lasts more than 5 seconds.

The display code can appear at any time of washing. But more often this happens in situations:

  • During the preparation. while the device fills water into the drum and washed out washing powder from the tray.
  • Когда машина начинает повторно набирать воду для осуществления полоскания отстиранного белья.

In new models there are other codes, for example, 4E, 4C and 4E. This is especially true for units released after 2013.

The reasons for the appearance of an error

The reasons why E1/E7 error arises on the Samsung typewriter. At least at first glance it seems that everything is simple. So, the oat Samsung can give out E1 (E7) for the following reasons:

  • There is no water in the pipeline. Unexpected disconnection of water at the time of washing coincides infrequently, but such probability exists. Sometimes the error is provoked by a covered three-tape on the pipe, which the user forgot to open before washing.
  • If the system of Samsung is installed in the Aquastop system (protecting the washing machine from leaks), then E1/E7 may occur due to its operation.
  • The pipe of the press starting off or leaned over.
  • Blocking in the filter of the inlet valve. Before entering the bulk hose, water passes through a small net. Over time, she may clog, which will slow the pressure of water, which enters the drum. As a result. the machine gives an error E1/E7 or it is similar.
  • DISCOUNT in the control module. Typically, such violations are short.term, and “treated” with a simple restart of the washing machine.
  • Problems with wiring. The wires can burn out or circumfall (or just move), and contacts can be oxidized. This is fraught not only by the occurrence of errors during the operation of the unit, but also a short circuit. And this is a direct threat not only to the machine itself, but also of human life.
  • The inlet valve malfunction. For example, after blocking. The non.working valve will not be able to open and close correctly, and the E1/E7 code will appear on the display at the beginning of the program.
  • Other problems with the press.steast and electronic “filling” of the washing machine. Arise due to the presence of factory marriage, short circuit, fluid entering sensitive schemes, etc.P. In this case, the electronic module can issue all kinds of errors, and not just E1 or E7.

Error code SE on the display, the reasons for the appearance in the Samsung washing machine:

The full value of this code can be found in the instructions, but the main one when this error appears, violations in the water drainage system. The reasons for such violations are:

  • – clogging of a filter in which water does not enter the hose;
  • – clogging or defect in the drain hose;
  • – possible traffic jams in the joints;
  • – drain pump malfunctions;
  • – software failure.

Elimination of the causes that entailed the appearance of the SE error code in the Samsung washing machine

First of all, you can simply restart the washing machine (turn off, turn on). If after that the error code SE continues to be displayed on the display, you should check the filter and hoses for identifying possible blockages. Cleaning filter. In Samsung washing machines, the filter is usually located in the lower right corner of the case. Does not interfere with checking the sewage system itself. This is a list of works that the owner of the washing machine can perform independently. Verification of the operability of the drain pump, the electronic control board is better to entrust a specialist with experience in repair and preventive work.

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How to eliminate blockage in a drain filter

Step 1. You need to turn off the power of the machine:

Step 2. Remove the decorative panel from the bottom from the front side:

samsung, washing, machine, shows, error

Step 3. Slightly rotate the plug and slightly pull the pipe of the emergency plum:

Step 4. We substitute the container, pull out the plug and drain the water from the machine:

Step 5. Insert the plug back and remove the hose

Step 6. Turn counterclockwise and pull out a garbage filter (drain filter):

Step 7. We remove garbage from the filter and the inner cavity:

Step 9. Install the decorative cover in place

Step 10. Try to start the machine in the “rinse and seal” mode

DIY drainage replacement

If the washing machine is under warranty, do not carry out the repair yourself and contact the seller of the goods

In general, there is nothing complicated in the replacement of the drain pump. The most important thing is to purchase a new pump that is suitable for your typewriter.

As a rule, these devices are quite universal and one pump can approach cars of different brands and models.

I search for spare parts for the brand and model of the washing machine.

Please note that very often a drain pump is offered along with a “snail”, to which nozzles from the drum and a drain hose are suitable. In this case, the cost of spare parts grows almost double. If the problem is in the pump itself, then there is enough purchase of only one and there is no need to overpay.

Now consider a step-by-step process of replacing the pump on the example of the Samsung WF-S862 washing machine

We take steps 1-6 from the previous section, that is, in any case, we need to drain the water from the machine.

Step 6. Carefully put the machine to the side to access the bottom:

Step 7. Unscrew the bolts and remove the protective “cover”:

Now we can watch the pump with a snail:

1 – Аварийный шланчик, через который мы сливали воду из системы 2 – Патрубок от насоса к сливному шлангу 3 – Шланг от барабана к насосу

Step 8. We unscrew 2 bolts on the front panel and disconnect the snail with the pump from the machine case:

Step 9. Disconnect the pumping terminals of the pump (remember their location):

Step 10. We unscrew the plastic casing and the pump itself:

I managed to disconnect the pump from the snail, without disconnecting the snail from the pipes. If you cannot access the bolts, you will have to remove the clamps and disconnect the hoses (nozzles) from the snail and only then unscrew the pump itself.

Слева – старый насос, справа. новый

Step 11. We clean the seat under the pump in the snail, remove the dirt:

Step 12. Install a new pump, tighten the bolts. If necessary, connect the hoses (nozzles) to the snail and install the clamps.

Step 13. We fasten the pump with a snail to the machine case:

Step 15. Set the bottom lid and the lower decorative cover:

samsung, washing, machine, shows, error

Step 16. We turn on the machine in the outlet and try to start in the “rinse and seal” mode

samsung, washing, machine, shows, error