Is It Better To Buy A Separate WashIng Machine And Dryer Or A Combined Washer Dryer

When choosing a drying machine, you must pay attention to the type of equipment: drying or washing. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of household appliances. If you get a washing machine with drying, you can evaluate its suitability. According to experts, the cost of the drying and washing machine is the same. Drying in the laundry type required if you urgently need thing. If you often need to quickly change clothes to children or you, if you wet in the rain and you need to dry underwear. Washer-drying machines allow you to save money. Modern technique is compact, with depth: 40-49 cm. It saves time and money, space indoor. However, this class of household appliances have shortcomings. What this household appliances loses drying machines?

In the drying machine, a heat pump is used, and the washing-drying is made without a pump. The principle of work of household appliances with a thermal pump is as follows: warm dry air is injected inside the drying chamber, absorbs moisture from wet clothing. After that, warm air passes through an evaporator with a refrigerant, where the air temperature is reduced. In this case, condensate is formed, which is given through drainage or merges in the drive. The air that circulates becomes dry, comes on the second round. This happens until complete drying. This type of drying is called condensation. Temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. This allows you to not be afraid of shrinkage of linen, dry in a typewriter delicate things, shoes. If there is a heat pump, you need to choose a suitable program, take into account the labeling on clothes. Drying with a thermal pump is economical. Electricity consumption is smaller compared to machines with a drying of a fan type than in some drying, as well as in washing-drying machines. In the online store catalog you can buy a drying machine at an affordable price.

Read the instructions carefully

The main user error is a drying and washing machine. a refusal to preliminary study of the factory instruction. Many housewives forget about the manual and launch the technique of the “Present method”. Such an approach is rooted incorrect: you can either overheat / dear things, or break the machine, or deprive yourself of useful functions.

Before turning on the washing and drying machine, you must examine the instructions attached to it!

In the instructions, the manufacturer prescribes nuances of installation and installation, list of basic programs and rules of operation of equipment. Without these knowledge, the user often makes mistakes. For example, often the hostess incorrectly load the washing and drying machine. The manual is prescribed the loading rate, which in most cases is limited to half a tank. But people do not know about the restriction and leave on drying everything that have been filled. a full drum. The consequences are deprecious:

  • Linen seeks uneven due to excessive volume, it is necessary to repeat the cycle;
  • Fabric of things will deteriorate, they lose their freight look faster.

Manufacturers recommend a large amount of linen to divide into two parties. So, with the capacity of washing at 7-8 kg per drying, you can send a maximum of 3.5-4 kg. But it is better to clarify the norm of loading a specific model in the instructions.

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The second point concerns the type of fabric. Modern automata offer several modes designed for certain materials and colors. This will provide more efficient and safe drying of things.

Dries less than erasing

Combined washing units have a disadvantage. you can dry not more than half of the standard capacity. So, the ELECTROLUX EWW 16781W model limits the maximum load during washing up to 7 kg, and for drying you can fill the drum to only 3.5 kg. In everyday life, such a distribution of kilograms causes severe inconvenience.

Many doubts whether drying is needed in a washing machine if after the end of one cycle you have to do two “drying”. During the big washing because of this nuance, the precious time is spent and more electricity is consumed.

Drying and washing machines are less economical than standard models: the energy consumption class is more often at the level of “B”, and often lowers until “C” and “D”.

Manufacturers try to solve the problem, improving drying technology. Theoretically, to compose the indicators really, and some brands already make big steps forward. Bright example. Hotpoint-Ariston Armxx D129, which has a capacity of 7 kg when washing and 5 kg for drying. But the overwhelming number of cars is still dried much less than erases, what should be ready.

Washing Machine with drying: Drying modes varieties

In order to set up the drying time, the timer function was previously used earlier. Devices with a timer that is configured manually occur extremely rare. They have minimal cost. Currently, most aggregates are equipped with more advanced systems.

Some models of washing-drying machines are equipped with a “careful drying” function

Drying modes in modern washing machines differ depending on the frequency of the flow of hot air. Today, the most common models in which drying time is regulated using special sensors reading the level of humidity. These devices have many positive feedback. The washing and drying machines of this type allow you to get clothes, the level of humidity of which is optimal. We are impossible to cut underwear in such aggregates than and their popularity is explained.

One of the most common programs laid in the functionality of modern washing units is the “fast drying” mode. This feature allows you to save time spent on drying clothes in the drum. Full removal of moisture in this case is carried out for a short time interval. from 40 to 60 minutes.

In turn, the “gentle drying” function requires more time. However, the advantage of this mode is that after the completion of the drying procedure underwear has the best kind.

In modern stratals, drying time is adjustable using special sensors

Today, washing machines with ironing functions are in great demand. Such devices handle clothes located in the drum, steam streams. In addition, in order to improve the quality of ironing, a periodic shaking of the drum occurs. As a result, things that have passed such processing have a neat appearance, after which they are only required to try slightly.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the mode that bears the name “Dry Wash”. Using it is performed cleaning clothes without water use. Such a regime allows you to eliminate unpleasant odors, as well as to sterilize clothes. Specialists recommend applying this mode when there is a need for quick disinfection of clothes for newborns children.

Washing machine with drying has a weight gain before ordinary, as it allows you to dry underwear without unnecessary actions. Of course, such a choice will be not cheap, but compactness and convenience in use compensate. This technique will allow to get rid of the constant lingerie on the rope, which will not climb the space and give the house a more attractive appearance.

The technique is not necessary to overload with linen, as it will affect its service life. A large amount will have a strong load on the drum and increase the level of humidity in it. You should follow the instructions for using the washing machine. It derete breakdowns and further repairs, which will be at times more expensive compared to the usual laundry.

You do not need to try to save on the acquisition of equipment that combines and the washing machine and drying, if already confident in its need. Higher cost is justified by quality and long service life.

Washing machine with drying. Advantages and disadvantages

9 months ago I recommended my budget washing machine with drying here. Pickabushniks did not believe in her conservation for the year and asked to unsubscribe after the six months of operation.

After that, a commencement for me was signed as much as 8 people. Shtosh, for my 8 subscribers, including for @ Bigmak47, @ell.G, drink this post.I decided to extend the experiment, that one year for a good thing? I bought it in July 2020. September 2021. T.E. passed 1 year and almost 3 months from the date of purchase.Washing my alive and healthy. During this time, another child was born in the family, so the machine works almost every day. Sometimes not one time.At the same time, without drying, I used it only a couple of times for those things that can not be dried in the drum. Washaryka survived the move, when moving, suffered a drain hose and latches of the extended detergent container. But this we say Thanks to the loaders. That’s how it looks like (worries might and main at the time of shooting).

I specifically not call the brand and model so as not to be considered for advertising. But in the picture I think everything can see. I bought this beauty for 23 thousand giving her preference before expensive samsung for 60 thousand. And I never regretted my choice. The main criteria for the choice of washer were compactness, capacity and drying. You can tell me that the washer without drying is more reliable, but I wanted exactly with drying, I got tired of the things raised throughout the apartment, which in such a period of as now (there is no heating yet, but it’s already cold outside), these things could dry for several days. What she knows? Able to wash on a pile of different programs, standard cotton, synthetic, delicate washing. Very happy fast washing for 14, 30 and 44 minutes, there is still washing drying in 59 minutes, but I do not use it, Even one thing does not have time to dry in such a short time. Perhaps this program is suitable for light blouses, which will be launched in proud loneliness. And of course drying. It can be launched both separately and immediately after the washing cycle is completed. Also for drying there are three modes: very dry (suitable for towels, bathrobes and t.P.), under the iron (linen comes out a little wet, just for ironing) and “in the closet” (things can be immediately removed into the cabinet). I stroke I hate my favorite mode. last. If this is not bed linen and not classic shirts, but t-shirts, pants and t.D., then things do not impair themselves and they can simply fold and remove them evenly and put on the closet or immediately wear. Strong marriage will not.What are the mines of washer with drying. First, this time. While the washer dries things, naturally wash anything else, as if the drying was separate. But in general, I did not have a place for two of these aggregates, and the drying is good worth a lot. As a result, I would have to give more than 100 thousand on the washer, which it was necessary to replace the breakdown, and separately drying. Adequate drying below 50-60 thousand i did not meet.Secondly, there is no assembly of the pile, as in separately standing dryers. The pile is collected in the filter, which must be cleaned every 1-2 months and smears on the drum and things. Of course it is not very nice, but you can live, considering all the advantages of having a drying. And the detached dryer exactly needs to be serviced, to catch a column of a pile.Third, I of course I was very fascinated by this drying and sushi almost all things. As for knitwear and knitted products. With a strong dryer, they sit down but stretched back when sock. My daughter’s socks 6 years after drying turn into socks for infants. And husband’s socks in my socks but it is generally minus of my laziness and lack of a balcony where you can cheer all these sad things.In general, probably all. It turned out quite a lot of beech. But the conclusion is that the washer-drying. Masthev for small apartments without a balcony where there is no place and desire to hang things.Thank you all for your attention. I hope my post was useful to someone. If you have questions, waiting in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Lingerie for drying

Choosing a 2-in-1 technique, many are counting on what you can download dirty underwear into the tank, and then get out of it already clean dried things. But in practice, everything is somewhat different. Washing machine designed for washing 6 kg of linen, at once can dry about 3 kg of things. This is due to the fact that during drying heated air must freely enter the tank, so the internal space should remain half empty.

The more weight of things for washing and drying, the greater the amount of energy will consume technique. People whose family budget is humble enough, less powerful models will be suitable. But if it is important to quickly divide with domestic duties, not necessarily save.

The owners of the eraklock with the dryer have two exits: to organize a drying of a part of the underwear in the apartment (on heating radiators or folding structures) or dry things in two receptions. Considering that modern models pressed things almost to dryness, the second way does not take a long time. Many brands have an accelerated program (the cycle lasts 35-60 minutes). But for thin fabrics it is better to use gentle care programs. Drying takes up to two hours, but the fabric is not deformed.

Drying Technique

Externally dryers Looks like washing. But in contrast to its competitors, drying machines are designed specifically for drying things, so they have a more thoughtful design and the corresponding configuration. So, if you consider the drum, it is easy to see the obvious advantages.

  • Increased diameter. On average, drying drums 2.5 times more than their washing counterparts, since free space is needed for optimal ventilation.
  • Special surface. High-quality drying requires uniform linen distribution through the walls of the tank, smoothing and unhindered air penetration into the structure of the fabric. This becomes possible due to the special peopling of the surface and other tricks and nuances of the drum.
  • Internal illumination. With the help of lighting, the owner of the automaton controls the degree of drying linen.

, While among multifunctional machines can be found model for 15 thousand.

Wins separate machine and in the number of programs offered by the system. As a rule, the standard dryer has more than ten modes of different duration and intensity of hot air exposure. So, the user can pick up a cycle for synthetics, cotton, sports, wool products, tops, or turn on accelerated drying. Please the owner and the presence of additional options. ferry processing, ironing effect and preventing crushing.

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Often complete with a dryer go special baskets and other devices to reduce the risk when drying shoes, textile bags, teddy toys and products from delicate materials. At the same time, the automata is not deprived of modern “chips”. a digital display, a delayed start, protection against children or remote control using a smartphone.

The main advantage of the drying machine in its specialization. If an integrated approach to drying clothes is important, then it will be the best option. But there are disadvantages. high price and the need to search for free square meters. The last problem can be solved by choosing a model with the possibility of installation in a column.

“Two in one”. sounds beautiful, but in everyday life, multifunctional machines are clearly inferior to their direct competitors. expensive and overall drying machines cope with drying more efficiently and easier, without creating unnecessary risks and problems with a wet lobe that did not fit into the drum. It remains to decide what is more important: savings, comfort or careful attitude to linen.