Industrial sewing machines

With volumetric purchases. Or when ordering a large number of specific goods, we are ready to offer you special prices.

Regular modernization of equipment. one of the most important factors of the competitiveness of production. If you decide to buy new industrial sewing machines, contact the company “Wellteks”. The range presents more than 120 models of various modifications and stamps: TYPICAL, TYPE SPECIAL, JUKI.

  • Sewing machines of the shuttle stitch: single and two-chigolous, columns for sewing volumetric products, sleeve, as well as models for the manufacture of zigzag lines.
  • Industrial chain stitch machines. Used to create overlocked seams and working with elastic knitted tissues.
  • Semi-automatic: enshrinal, looping and buttons.
  • Special: For sewing bags, descent of the edge of the skin, installation of accessories, performing other operations.
  • Skrew. Provide high-quality tailoring of leather and fur products.

You can order only the working “head” or a full-fledged kit with a table. All models are convenient and safe to operate, differ in economical power consumption and low noise.

Production sewing equipment from “Wellteks” is:

  • Wide range and convenient catalog. You can easily choose what you need.
  • Guaranteed equipment quality. we offer only proven models that have proven their reliability. Warranty. up to 3 years (depending on the brand).
  • Favorable value. As a wholesale supplier, Velletex supports loyal pricing policy. Take advantage of the discount system to purchase our goods even cheaper!

You can buy industrial machines in the online store or contact the sales department to discuss collaboration conditions. The consultant will select models for you, corresponding to the tasks of your production. In the query, specify your performance requirements, functionality and price. and get a favorable offer from Wellteks.

Sewing machine rating

Toyota Super Jeans 34

Compact and functional machine at a bargain price

Toyota Super Jeans 34 is an electromechanical sewing machine with a hostess platform and a small storage compartment of small-scale items. The device can cross many layers of heavy tissues and perform stitches 4-5 mm. Included for the device there are several types of paws.

  • Power. 75 W;
  • Management type. electromechanical;
  • semi-automatic performing loops;
  • Weight. 5.9 kg;
  • Additional features: sewing in different directions, smooth adjustment of flashing speed.

This sewing machine will suit the seams with experience that will be able to produce all the necessary settings. She weighs little and does not occupy a lot of space, and therefore it is worth it to buy for those who can not highlight some kind of room under the workshop and forced each time to remove the device in the closet.

Singer Heavy Duty 4423

Comfortable and simple machine for skin of any type

Sewing machine for leather and heavy fabrics Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is equipped with a comfortable sleeve platform. She has a hidden compartment for accessories and lighting devices of the working area. The model is equipped with an automatic threader and horizontal rotary shuttle.

Thanks to the design features, it can make stitches up to 5 mm wide and up to 4 mm long. The length and width of the stitch can be adjusted automatically depending on the characteristics of the material.

The Singer Heavy Duty 4423 kit includes: Machine in a soft case, a small set of paws, bobs with felt pads, needles, coil rod, unpaired and guide for quilting. The device allows you to control the pressure of the paw on the material.

  • Power. 90 W;
  • Management type. electromechanical;
  • automatic hinge performance;
  • Weight. 6.8 kg;
  • Additional Features: Double Needle Stitching, Speed ​​Pressure Controller.

Semi-professional sewing machine for Singer Heavy Duty Skin and for home, and for atelier. It is worth using the masters who have already worked with devices of this plan, know the basic principles of the care and maintenance of this equipment.

Janome SE 522 / SEWIST 525 S

Stylish and modern machine with simple control

Sewing electromechanical machine Janome SE 522 / SEWIST 525 S has a hidden platform, a rigid coffee-cover and metal bed. It can perform 25 operations, capable of sewing in several directions, make different lines: secret, elastic, overlocked and t.D. Stitch width that can make machine is 5 mm.

The machine has the feature of the ability to deviate the needle to the left side. Device all sweeps in automatic mode. There is a button for measuring buttons, thanks to which you can make a loop of a certain length. In the configuration of the model there are several types of sewing paws, which perfectly expand its functionality.

  • Power. 75 W;
  • Management type. electromechanical;
  • automatic hinge performance;
  • Weight. 8 kg;
  • Additional features: sewing in several directions, smooth type of adjustment of the maximum sewing speed.

Janome SE 522 / SEWIST 525 S machine suitable for those who are going to sew from leather not only clothes, but also any accessories. A detailed and understandable instruction manual is attached to the device, and therefore it is suitable for those who do not have experience in the sewing business.

  • Many additional elements included
  • Ability to sew the skin double needle
  • High power device
  • Excellent build quality
  • Big ease of refueling thread
  • Good stability
  • No double needle
  • Uncomfortable Located Switch for Material Conveyor
  • Noise during work
  • Little Box for Accessories
  • Inability to set up the tension of the lower thread

Janome SE 518 / SEWIST 521

Multifunctional sewing machine with excellent working qualities

Janome SE 518 / SEWIST 521 is a modern sewing machine that supports 21 operating operations. It attracts efficiency and maintainability. Equipment rarely fails, has a simple and detailed instruction in which all parts and trivia are carefully drawn.

Included with a typewriter there is a pedal that allows you to adjust the speed. The device has a function of automatic trimming of the upper and lower thread, which increases the convenience of using it.

  • Power. 75 W;
  • Management type. electromechanical;
  • semi-automatic hinge;
  • Weight. 8 kg;
  • Additional features: Adjusting the pressure support of the foot, monitoring the material supply mechanism, sewing in several directions, seams double needle.

Janome SE 518 / SEWIST 521 typewriter can be used in a house or professional workshop. It is suitable for sewing the topwear from the skin of any thickness. With its setting will be able to cope with the experienced seamstress, and a person who has never come across the repair and manufacture of leather products.

  • Ease of operation
  • Availability of speed switch on pedals
  • High stability
  • Silence during work
  • Lighting not brazing diode lamp

Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Powerful multifunction sewing machine verified manufacturer

Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is a high-quality electromechanical machine for sewing the skin and various dense tissues. It is suitable for sewing not only clothes, but also shoes. The internal framework of the device is made of high strength, and therefore the device will be able to serve as long as possible.

The height of the lifting of the leg is equal to 10 mm. This allows you to sew the skin of an impressive thickness. Also, the model is equipped with a pedal, which allows you to smoothly regulate its operation. The maximum sewing speed on the equipment is 1100 stitches per minute. Length and width stitch can be adjusted.

  • Power. 90 W;
  • Management type. electromechanical;
  • semi-automatic hinge;
  • Weight. 6.3 kg;
  • Additional features: automatic reverse, smooth adjustment of stitching speed, sewing double needle.


For this type of household sewing machines, a colossal number of features is characterized. several hundred types of lines, a lot of operations (automatic refueling of the thread, embroidery of your name, control of the force of puncture pins of thick sections), for sewing and embroidery machines. up to 10 types of embroidery alphabets and MN. Dr.

To choose from such a sewing machine, it is necessary to approach very seriously, as this type of equipment is quite expensive. Our specialists will help you choose what you need. We strongly recommend that you during the operation of such a household sewing machine strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Among the set of suggestions where to buy a sewing machine for home or atelier, you can safely stop your choice on the goods of our online store. The “first sewing” offers products with a guarantee of quality.

The capabilities of the model

This question is most acute when choosing a specific computer sewing machine model. It is this type of machine that the number of lines frequently translates over two hundred and causes ripples in the eyes and dizziness. You need to start your choice at all from the number of lines. There are more important parameters that should be decided primarily.

Type type, to work with which machine is intended. There are cars to work with any types of fabrics, there are models intended for lungs and medium, or vice versa for medium and heavy tissues. If you definitely know that the main area of ​​your activity will be, for example, dance dresses from silk and chiffon. take the machine for light fabrics, it will work with them better than universal. If your choice is coats and jeans, consider models for medium and heavy tissues. We usually have more gap between the paw and the needle plate, which allows you to put a thicker layer of fabric under the paw, and a more powerful engine that can flash this layer.

The maximum stitch length (happens to 5 mm) and the maximum zigzag width (up to 7 mm). Than these parameters more. the better: expands the field of opportunity.

Type of shuttle: The shuttle is vertical, with a removable bobbing cap, as well as horizontal, where there is no bobbing cap. The second option is modern and more reliable. it is less details that can break.

Loop can be automatic and semi-automatic. “Full” automatic allows you to perform up to 7 different types of loops, in one operation to take out the loop exactly under the size of the buttons, remember the size and repeat the idle of the identical size you want the number.

Semi-automatic loop usually perform simpler models. Here the size is determined by you, focusing on the markup on the foot, the loop cohesive in 4 consecutive operations. It is easy and not even for quite a long time, but if you multiply 10, 20, 30 buttons on a suit. the difference is decent.

Not binding, but very convenient features are a built-in threader, the possibility of sewing a double needle, the needle positioning button and a point pinch button. If you are going to sew a little, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of working without pedal and external speed adjustment, it is very protecting your foot, which after four. five hours of continuous pressing on the pedal begins to complain, besides, the pedals fail faster than the machines themselves, and they do it, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment.

On this general recommendations end and remains to choose from the mass of the proposed lines, fonts and flowers, the set that is useful to you personally, and I will finally talk about another very important point.

Tools and skin sewing technology

In order to ensure the performance of high-quality sewing of the skin is not enough to use only sewing machine. This can help additional tools.

This requires not only special needles, but also threads made from Capron, thick and durable.

In the process of work it will be necessary to cut the skin. It is more convenient to do with a special shoe knife or use for this construction similar design.

In the paper it will be necessary to use leather glue. It is usually designed to fasten the skin in the allowances of seams.

Special roller will be required if it is necessary to smooth out the fastener for the bend trimmer on the skin before processing on the sewing machine. It can also be done, tapping with a hammer or smoothing the handles of scissors.

To work with leather and heavy tissues, you need to use the sewing machines designed for this brand. They are available for both domestic and industrial use.

Choosing a professional

In this block, we will tell you which sewing machine should choose who wants to sew to order or have the best feature for sewing and needlework. The machine of this class should have:

In this category, advanced features and reliability are directly related to the price of the machine. The low cost of the electronic machine means savings on the quality of components (plastic frame and parts instead of metal), low-power motor, minimum equipment.

Additional comfort allows you to get an electronic sewing speed adjustment and control panel with direct selection buttons, the ability to work without pedal, accurate positioning of the needle and autofreet. The upper row models are equipped with a large bright LCD monitor with an adviser program. The machine can have multipoint illumination of the entire working area (with brightness adjustment of expensive models) and auto threads with a button or by pressing the pedal.

Setting the knee lever of the foot of the paws will free your hands for complete sewing control, and a large set of foot will allow you to quickly perform special operations.

The stores contain machines designed specifically for quilting or machine embroidery. They will open you new horizons in your beloved needlework.

Recommended Brother NV F460

Shuttle Peculiarity Loop
Horizontal Creating your own stitch Automatic, 10 species

Think twice before buying a machine, cheaper than 1.5-2 times! The quality of the lines is a relative concept and depends on many factors, including the ski ability.

Tips to sew through thick fabrics and layers with your sewing machine

Top 10 rating according to KP

Jaguar A-337

Cute compact sewing machine of the Japanese manufacturer with a full range of basic operations. Shuttle device. vertical metal, due to what machine works fine with different fabrics. There is an automatic filamentant.


Laconic multifunctional machine of the Russian brand performs 19 sewing operations. According to users is simple and understandable in operation. Tips are applied to the body to refuel the upper threads and the winding on the bobbin. There is a removable sleeve panel, which will allow to sew very narrow products.


Light and compact sewing machine. Good equipment: Lightning stacking paws, performing butterfly hinges, secret stitch and universal foot, three needles, knife plowing, screwdriver, four barbells, pedal, soft case.


Beautiful and convenient model is equipped with a special attachment table for more comfortable work with large textiles segments. 17 built-in operations allow you to perform a wide range of tasks.


Swiss quality embodied in this sewing machine positively affected its durability and convenience of use. Metal base, ergonomic pedal, well-adjusting speed. The hose platform that allows you to handle the narrow edges of products and other well-thought-out parts, make the sewing process better and more pleasant.


Computerized sewing machine will please a variety of sewing operations. 100 pieces. Clear navigation on the monochrome display will quickly find the desired line and configure the parameters. It is possible to work with a double needle and comfortable sleeve platform.


The domestic brand has long been a high-tech and reliable satellite of novice shvent and experienced tailors. Chayka New Wave 760 sewing machine has a sufficient functional set for comfortable work with different types of fabric and sewing types. Understandable settings and convenient management allow you to quickly start working.


It has a powerful electric communication that allows you to work with many types of fabrics. Optimal sewing is provided with flexible settings and the ability to vary the pressure of the foot on the fabric. The horizontal type of shuttle does not require lubrication and minimize vibration when working.


Computer control model for advanced. 2-speed pods, lines overview, smooth speed adjustment, direct selection of lines and stitch adjustments. raise the quality of the manufacture of any product to professional level.


Model with all the basic necessary features used for most sewing work. The kit includes an additional sleeve platform, bobs, paws for staining lightning and rapid and comfortable cover.


Brand: Leader
Brand country: United Kingdom
Production: China
Type: Electromechanical
Type of shuttle: Vertical swinging
Frame: plastic
The weight: 6.2 kg
Number of operations: 22
Maximum sewing speed: 600 ppm
Maximum stitch length: 4 mm
Maximum line width: 5 mm
Maximum lifting height of the foot: 12 mm
Loop performance: Semiautomat
Trimming threads: manual
Structible materials: Light and medium tissue

Machines for edging

Casting machines can treat synthetic, knitted, cotton and coarse fabrics. With this technique, you can produce ready-made products quickly, accurately and without seam defects. Machines will easily cope with lots of things, large-sized products. Therefore, they are used on the production of different scale, in the studio and workshops. Simple setup, reliable assembly and accurate result. the main advantages of edging machines.

Overview of industrial models

Below are the best types of industrial devices from the company “Typical”. For each product, a detailed description is applied, allowing to make an error-free selection of a sewing machine for heavy materials.


Simple sewing machine for working with heavy and medium fabrics.

The number of stitches per minute is 2,500. Provided automatic lubricant. Required needle type. DRK5 10-180.

“TYPICAL” GK1500-02

Is a 3-needle 5-line model. The design of the sewing machine includes an edging that allows you to process sections.

Stitch possesses up to 3.3 mm long. Locking foot. 6 mm. Complete speed is 400 stitches. Lubricant is provided automatically.


Simple sewing machine for heavy materials operating at high speed.

Industrial model is designed to work with natural and artificial materials.

Overlock 5-thread Type Special S-L / 757F (S-L / 657F)

Equipment is characterized by increased speed. The machine is able to provide up to 6,000 stitches every minute.

The width of the mark is 3.6 mm. Low palm. 5.5 mm. Lubrication is carried out in automatic mode.


Sewing machine for heavy fabrics with two needles.

  • Height of lifting legs 7-13 mm;
  • 7 mm stitch;
  • speed per minute. 3,000 stitches;
  • Automatic lubrication exercise.

Sewing machine is designed to perform conventional parallel and finishing lines. Equipped with a shutdown mechanism of one of the needles, is distinguished by low noise and vibrations.


Double sewing machine for heavy tissues allowing you to perform high-quality stitches. Thanks to the synchronized promotion of the needle and gear rail, planting is prevented.

Locking the foot is 7-13 mm. Maximum stitch. 7 mm. High-speed indicators. 300 stitches per minute. In the sewing machine there are function shutdown, automatic lubrication.

Equipment allows you to perform both parallel and finishing lines. The model is characterized by a low noise level, no intense vibrations.


Single-game industrial device with LCD display and LED backlight.

The main characteristics of the sewing machine:

  • Locking foot. from 5 to 13 mm;
  • Maximum stitch. 7 mm;
  • the greatest speed per minute. 5,000 stitches;
  • optimal speed. 3,700;
  • Automatic lubrication.
sewing, machine, medium, heavy, fabrics

In the design there are built-in spyware, servo, allowing to spend a smaller amount of electricity and minimize noise indicators.

“Juck” JK-0658

Single-Neck Sewing Machine For Heavy Tissues. Features: Presence of a toothed rail, walking paw, deviating needles, unison Promotion.

2 threads are used for work. Stitch is 10 mm. Paw height. 8 mm (maximum level. 14 mm). Speed ​​- 2,000 stitches every minute.

Suitable needle option. DPX17. Drip grease. Automation in the sewing machine of this type is not provided.


Device from the “Table Head” series. Single-game model is designed to process materials attributable to superheavy.

Characteristics of a sewing machine for heavy materials:

  • enlarged belling shuttle;
  • 12 mm low rise;
  • 15 mm stitch;
  • Per-minute speed of 800 stitches;
  • Drip variety of lubrication.

Equipment is used in the manufacture of tents, parachute sling, grids.


Diffium device with needle promotion of fabrics. The machine is used to perform various variants of lines. standard parallel, finishing.

The rise of the paws in height is 7-13 mm. Stitch is 7 mm. Email speed. 300 stitches. Lubricant automatic. Sewing machine for heavy tissues does not contain a mechanism that turns off the needle.