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What skils are suitable for induction plates

Induction stove. the same glass-ceramic cooking panel. The main distinguishing feature is the burners, which are special heating lands. They transmit heat to the surface of the slab, and that in turn heats the dishes. Holders of such panels when buying a kitchen utensils are wondering. which frying pan for the induction plate will become the most appropriate option? To understand this, in this article we will describe in detail the features of the choice, species and production materials of such products.

A characteristic feature of induction panels is step-by-step heating, which was mentioned above. Electric current moves through copper spiral, forming heat. And only then transmits it to the bottom of the dishes.

Most consumers are confident that the pricing policy of such models is unacceptable for the market. However, such an opinion is controversial. After all, modern induction panels are absolutely safe and equipped with designer appearance. The risk is minimal, as the stove is covered with dense tempered glass.

There is a myth that such plates cannot be installed next to the other kitchen appliances. Of course, it is not. Induction panels have a special insulating magnetic field and materials that do not have a negative impact on the technique and human health.

Differences frying pan for induction plates from the rest

Cookware for use on induction panels should be equipped with magnetic characteristics. Because the cooking surface forms a magnetic field that causes currents in the bottom of the skillet. Due to this interaction, induction frying pan warms up for days. With the help of an instantaneous tandem, you can save electricity. After all, only the bottom of the sudine is warmed.

Cast iron frying pan for induction plates.

For the preparation of various dishes on a similar cooking panel, cast iron puzzles are perfect. The main thing is that they have special ferromagnetic layers, and what they are thicker, the faster the product is heated.

It is strictly forbidden to use kitchen utensils from glass, copper and aluminum, with the exception of models with a suitable bottom. Copies from cast iron and other materials above, can be operated on the gas cooking panel.

induction, slabs

Principle of operation of the induction plate

To the hike for the best frying pan for induction slabs, read the features of the induction work to know which dishes give preference.

Induction panels appeared at the end of the last century, but so far on domestic kitchens are not so often. This type of technology gained popularity not just so. Induction panels are economical, and the preparation of dishes is quick and safe. This is a smart technique and it works “in a special way”. Such a stove highlights so much heat as it is necessary to heat the bottom of the dishes. There is no heating element in it, electromagnetic coils are installed instead.

When the induction surface put dishes from ferromagnetic materials, then the stove turns on. This is due to the actions of the electric current of high frequency, as a result of which the vortex magnetic field appears. Only dishes and ingredients in it heats up. In the center of the burner, the panel heats up not more than 90 degrees, and on the edges it remains cold.

The efficiency of the induction surface is several times higher than other types of plates, which makes it possible to reduce electricity costs, as well as cooking will occupy less time.

Some refuse to acquire an induction panel, believing that you will have to get rid of your dishes and buy a new. In fact, if your utensils are not suitable for new burners, it is enough to purchase an adapter and all the dishes will be compatible with the new-fashioned tile.

What makes dishes ready to induce?

First of all it is the material of kitchen utensils. So that your dishes are ready for an induction plate, it must be made of a material that is magnetic. This means that any utensils that is not magnetic will not work with induction plates. Materials that are magnetic include iron and cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel.

Another important thing for your dishes to be compatible with induction. This is a flat base. So even if you have a magnetic frying pan, if it is not flat, it will not work with induction hob. This is because only the flat surface of the dishes can provide the conductivity of the magnetic field (this is how the induction plates are heated by dishes).

What should be the form and size of the dishes


Minimum recommended bottom thickness. 2 mm. Thin thin surface of the base under the action of a magnetic field can change the shape and losing smoothness. Damage will increase the time of the heating of the dishes, will cause unpleasant sounds when used and will negatively affect the uniform distribution of heat. The optimal choice for induction plates. kitchenware with a bottom thickness of 5-10 mm. For example, you can pick up a saucepan of icok 1 liter with a lid and a base thickened to 7.6 mm. It is equally heated throughout the area, and the food does not burn.


Now you need to decide on the diameter of the dishes. The burner reacts to the size of the subject standing on it. So that the stove does not accept it for the random object and did not turn off, the diameter of the dishes should be more than 8-12 cm, depending on the model of the cooking panel.

The smaller the size of the dishes, the longer the cooking process. efficiently the magnetic field affects the bottom of the kitchen utensils, when it approximately coincides with the diameter with the burner or is at least 70% of its area. Heating time in this case is minimal.

In the set of frying pan ICook made of steel with a non-stick coating included frying pan sizes: 20, 25 and 30 cm. They are suitable for most induction plates.

The form

The round form of dishes is preferable to the rest for the same reason. The greater the area of ​​contact of the bottom and the burner and the smaller the uncovered space, the more efficient the induction surface works.

The utensils of other forms, of course, can approach, but it must be remembered that the protruding sites and angles are not heated. Non-standard kitchenware, such as pulp of an elongated form, require additional features from the plate, in particular, the ability to combine the burners to warm up all the capacity properly. Household appliances manufacturers take into account the needs of buyers and provide in the newest panels the opportunity to prepare on the entire plane. Plate owners of such modifications may not adhere to the rules for the form and diameter of kitchen accessories.

Mandatory use of special dishes is not a marketing move, but the need caused by the physical principles of the induction panel. Only following the requirements for the material, size and form of kitchen utensils, you can prepare every day easily and with pleasure.

Why a dish need a special induction bottom?

Modern utensils are made from a large number of various materials: it is both familiar stainless steel, and heavy cast iron, and aluminum, and copper (from it, for example, produce turks for cooking coffee) and even glass with ceramics. Many materials are superior to ordinary steel for a number of parameters, for example, heating rates or the uniformity of heat distribution, but not all metals have magnetic properties, without which the use of dishes on the induction plate is impossible.

Fix this disadvantage just allows a special bottom. an additional layer, a pad made of ferromagnetic metal, firmly attached to the base from the wrong, but possessing its own advantages.

Is it possible to cook on an induction plate in ordinary dishes

Prepare a delicious, appetizing dish on such a panel using a conventional saucepan or frying pan will fail. The panel may not react or engage, leaving the sown cold.

The feature of the dishes for induction is only in the ferromagnetic donkey, at the expense of which it is completely heated.

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Harm plate you will not apply, only time and strength spend in trying to cook something. Therefore, using induction, take care of the appropriate dishes.

Often, consumers are interested. what is the induction saucepan? The answer is simple: it is the same form and sizes as the standard container. Its feature is only in the ferromagnetic donkey, at the expense of which it is completely heated.

How the induction stove works

The cooking panel generates a high-frequency magnetic field.

Under its action, the bottom of the dishes are heated, which stands on the stove.

In turn, from the heated bottom heat transferred to products.

The glass-ceramic surface of the cooking panel remains cold, It does not have magnetic properties and heats up only indirectly from the dishes itself.

Thanks to this property of heating induction plates, only those materials that are good conductors of magnetic waves are suitable for use on them, and possess increased heat capacity.

How to care for a cast-iron puzzle

In order for the product from the cast iron to serve you as long as possible, it is important to carefully care for it:

  • Be sure to clean the surface of the frying pan after each use. The porous structure of the cast iron quickly absorbs all odors, if it does not clean on time from food, not only the dish itself deteriorates, but also a frying pan, especially this applies to products that do not have a protective coating.
  • Ideally, cast-iron products are better to wash with hands using hot water and without applying aggressive detergents. Expired cleansing properties have a simple food soda and mustard. Some products can be washed in the dishwasher, but then it must be indicated in the instruction manual.
  • After they cleared the pan from the residues of food and washed, dry it with paper towels to avoid the appearance of rust. Well still will be in conclusion to miss the bottom and board with vegetable oil. for the cast-iron frying crystrum without a coating it will become a natural non-stick coating.

The charm of the cast iron is that the inner surface can be freely rubbed abrasive brushes and metal sponges, without fear of damaging the coating. But if your cast-iron helper is covered with a delicate coating layer, then here you need to take into account the specifics of a concrete spraying. sometimes even the rigid side of the soft sponge is contraindicated with such a dishes.