Body hair removal spray. an overview of effectiveness

Getting rid of excess body hair with wax strips or shugaring is not a pleasant procedure. Hair removal spray is a great alternative to painful methods, because special products will help solve the problem without unpleasant or painful sensations. Before proceeding with depilation we sing, it is recommended to understand their features and possible contraindications.

The main advantage of a spray that can completely remove hairs is safety. Use the tool is recommended both men and women. the drug can easily remove even ingrown hairs that cause discomfort.

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Substances that are part of the tool destroy hair, and the hair onion is not damaged. A few weeks later, the hairs are growing, but, unlike shaving, do not become tough.

Using the spray is allowed to people with increased sensitivity of the skin, a tendency to irritation, low pain threshold. The drug is allowed to apply even on delicate areas. in the bikini zone and on the armpits.

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To determine if the tool is suitable, it is recommended to carry out simple testing:

  • Rinse the skin on a sensitive area (wrist or bend an elbow).
  • On dry dermal to apply a little means.
  • Wait about 3 o’clock.

Lack of irritation or unpleasant discomfort. signal, which can be safely proceeded with procedures. If there is an unpleasant burning sensation or itchy to continue testing, rinse skin intercoms immediately, refuse to use the drug.

We made for you a selection of 5 rules of successful depilation

Rule 1. Only not a razor.

If you shave the hair before than 3-4 weeks before depilation, the effect of the procedure will last quite short. Why? The fact is that not all hairs at the same time are in the growth zone. Some hair onions are in sleeping condition, and if at this time to carry out depilation, they will wake up and hair will appear again. If you can withstand “quarantine” for 3-4 weeks, you can immediately remove all hairs, and the skin for a long time will save smoothness.

Rule 2. Less sun.

At least a day after depilation, overtake the skin from sunlight. and if you still go to the beach, use the sunscreen with the maximum SPF factor The skin was affected by fairly active funds for depilation. and therefore, it may well respond to irritation.

Rule 3. Moisturize.

After depilation, use the tools (creams, emulsions, serums), deeply moisturizing skin. This is exactly what you need in spring and summer, but especially after the depilation procedure.

Rule 4. Follow the ingrown hairs.

It is not recommended to carry out depilation if there are ingrown hairs in the processing zone. Remove them using body scrubs to help the hairs “Get out” out, and then use tweezers. After that, it is possible to carry out depilation not earlier than in a day.

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Rule 5. Tell me “No!”Irritation.

Sometimes conventional calming body creams are not enough to relieve irritation, especially after wax depilation. Use pharmacy and ointment, for example, Bepanten Perfectly suitable for solving this task and sprayPanthenol “.

Epilation is hurt?

The issue of epilation soreness is worried about many women. Everything is determined by the selected method: the stronger the impact will be, the more pronounced sensation. Also plays the role of an individual threshold of sensitivity. what is very painful for one, another can not feel at all.

Types of hair removal by soreness in decreasing order:

Thus, the most painful epilation is electric and waxing. Taking into account the fact that electrolysis involves the processing of each hair separately, it is she who takes first place in the ranking of soreness. Sugaring removes hair in the direction of its growth, which reduces pain.

painless hair removal. elos and laser. Pain in this case is due to the fact that during the procedure the skin absorbs a certain part of the energy and heats up. But a lot also depends on the equipment and professionalism of the master. Modern lasers are equipped with a cooling system, which makes it possible to make hair removal painless.

The severity of pain is also determined by the part of the body where hair removal will be performed. The most sensitive areas are the bikini area, as well as the face.

If you make hair removal in the cabin, how to anesthetize the skin before epilation, Master must take care. Usually, the anesthesia is required when processing the most delicate skin sections. But at the request of the client, anesthetic for epilation can be applied to any section.

The method of anesthesia is determined by a specific zone. So, on the face, including the region over the upper lip, exclusively creams are applied. For other parts of the body, a spray for epilation with lidocaine is usually applied.

And what is serum spray?

These are sprays that are used as non-auxiliary, but main care. From classic serums they differ only in the format, active ingredients they may have as much.

How to distinguish the active serum spray from the usual spray or mist? Read the recommendations of the manufacturer’s brand.

Irina Kudryashova: If there are only water and floral extracts in composition, it is difficult to show high demand for spray. If there are active ingredients, sprays can be part of the basic care. For example, Mysts Sesderma. full-fledged leaving products. Serenity and Hydraderm Hyal are suitable for moisturizing (contain hyaluronic acid, tripeptide-32, aloe vera, ceramides), C-vit, Resveraderm, Repaskin Mender and Ferulac. as antioxidants, and Ferulac and Oxyses (contain liposomal oxygen, vitamin A) have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Victoria Barishpolets: But not all problems can be solved with a spray. Due to the peculiarities of the format, it is not subject to, for example, anti-aging correction: restoring the reserves of collagen and elastin fibers, strengthening facial contours, smoothing wrinkles or correcting age spots through the regulation of the melanogenesis process in the skin.

I won’t buy again

Hello dear readers! Recently purchased Oriflame Silk Beauty Depilatory Cream. I think, every girl after shaving had an unpleasant feeling, skin irritation, itching, redness, so I encountered such a problem, because I was constantly used with razor machines.

I’ll start with the fact that I decided to try this miracle. I praised him too much. I immediately say that my hair is thin and grow slowly before you never tried such things, and not.

Empty spending time and money

The smell is normal, not to say that you liked. Terepimo. It is a pity that the quality is completely bad. Oriflame The last 5 years upset me with your goods, and how everything was wonderful 15 years ago, cosmetics was much better, let.

This cream causes burning, the hair is not twisted, then they are not afraid, not to go for hair removal, nothing. Just wait when they start to handle! Never take

Top 10 rating creams for depilation of intimate zones

Leader among bills. The tool smells like, has a tender texture. The cream easily copes even with the heightened hair. After depilation, the skin becomes gentle, perfect smooth. The maximum time of the cream is 10 minutes. Although the hairs can be removed after 2-3 minutes after applying. Designed for the area of ​​bikini, armpits and other parts of the body. There is a line of Veet Suprem Essence for depilation in the shower. Cream is applied to the skin shortly before taking the soul. After 3 minutes of water procedures, it is simply washed off with a sponge. Apply it for epilation on hand and legs, as well as other parts of the body. Aloe extract further moisturizes the skin, softens irritation.

Of the minuses: High price compared to similar goods of competitors.

The appearance of Minoxidila

The history of this drug is very interesting. It was originally created in the middle of the 20th century as a means from the ulcer of the stomach, but he did not give much efficiency in the fight against this misfort. It was noted that the drug Minoxidil has a vasodilatory effect and began to be used as a medicine against increased blood pressure. But in the process of treatment, many patients noted an interesting side effect. the hair on the head began to grow much more intensively, becoming thicker and stronger. Around 1988, this feature was adopted by trichologists and cosmetologists. Vasodilating effect and improvement of blood microcirculation in the scalp provide an active supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, normalizes metabolic processes, activating hair growth. Regular use of the drug allows you to strengthen, stimulate, stop thinning and hair loss. To date, Minoxidil and a variety of cosmetic products based on it are very popular for the treatment of baldness and the prevention of androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia most often develops in the stronger sex and leads to male pattern hair loss. This is due to the peculiarities of the hormonal background, in which the endocrine system in excessive amounts produces a male sex hormone. dihydrotesterone, which negatively affects the quality of the hair, causing loss, thinning and slowing growth.

It is worth noting that the drug Minoxidil is mainly suitable for men. For the fair sex, androgenic type baldness is very rare, in exceptional cases. And as an option, you can use 2% Minoxedil. A big plus of the drug is the absence of smell.

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When to start using anti-aging products?

Daily skin care at home is largely dependent on age. But the question arises. when to start applying anti-aging cosmetics? You need to take care of the youth and beauty of the skin from an early age. The first “bell” to the use of anti-age cosmetics is the appearance of creases and loss of elasticity.

The aging process often starts at the age of 25. This does not mean that the skin will suddenly lose its fresh look and become covered with wrinkles. Aging is a gradual long process and depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. But the aging processes are easier to delay than fighting deep age-related changes.

Terms of daily skin care for each individual. Universal digit to start using anti-aging care. Daily skin care after 25 should be based on the recommendations of the cosmetologist. The main councils of the cosmetologist for skin care after 35 years are the use of funds aimed at moisturizing, protection against ultraviolet and maintenance of tone.

If you prematurely use the creams against aging because of the fear of “pretty ahead of time”, then these procedures will be useless. Anti-aging cosmetics works where her work is necessary. If the skin is young, the Anti-Age cream will feed and moisturize the skin, but will not perform their direct functions. Anti-aging cosmetics should be applied according to the testimony and always timely.

Daily face care after 35 should not be chosen independently. Cosmetologist prescribes funds that are optimally suitable for your age and skin condition.

Okhrachuk Elizabeth Dmitrievna

With honors he graduated from therapeutic faculty of the Kirov Medical Academy, then the clinical residency at the Department of Neurology and Clinical Internship at the Department of Dermatovenorology of the Krasnodar State Medical University. Professional retraining under the Cosmetology program.