Refrigerator magnets

Magnets on the refrigerator steel for us is familiar. This is no longer just a small decoration, but a part of the decor, without which today it is impossible to imagine a kitchen household appliances. Many collect magnets brought from other cities and

Ordinary people throw out the cortical corks from under the bottles of wine or champagne, and the needlewomen with fantasy use this supportive material to create original crafts. What can not come up with creative girls, but the top of originality is

Polymer clay magnets

The easiest option of the homemade decoration on the refrigerator. Only fantasy and some materials will be required:

  • Polymer clay. similar to plasticine on the texture, is sold at any needlework store.
  • Fundamentals. Small pucks, they can be purchased in accessories stores.
  • Paints. oil or acrylic, you can use pigment.
  • Gloves.
  • Rolling.
  • Molds or stamps with different images.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Glue.

Advice. It is better to highlight for work with clay individual molds not used for cooking. The same applies to all other tools. knives, rolling and t.D.

Before you start the modeling, you need to decide on the method of subsequent staining of the workpieces: if pigments are used, they must immediately prepare. Sharing clay into small pieces, you should carefully interfere with the pigments of the right colors. The paints are painted after giving them the necessary form. Figures can be powered by hand, and you can cut out the molds, pre-rolling the clay with a thin layer.

Having blinding the workpiece of the future fridge magnet, you need to give it dry, or bake in the oven. it depends on the instructions on the package. The finished figure must be sanded from the back side and glue.

“Fabric” refrigerator magnet do it yourself

Take a piece of fabric and cut out a circle from it, the diameter of which will be 3 times more than the diameter of your magnet. Now you need to sew a “case” for magnet. Wrap the edge of the fabric blank and place it. In the resulting “case” you need to put a magnet and gently pull the tissue.

On the tip of the thread, tie the nodule and cut down too much.

Such a magnet will look great on your refrigerator. Fabric “Case” will protect your refrigerator from scratches. And if you wish, you can change it without much difficulty.

Magnet trailer for refrigerator do it yourself

Make such magnets are quite simple. You need to decorate clothespins with paints and brushes (you can make the same pattern on all clothespins or paint them with different colors). If you want magnets to get bright and attract attention, use sequins. To the back of each clothespin, you need to glue a magnetic tape.

Your clothespin magnets are ready. They will help carefully fix photos or notes.

Magnet on the refrigerator

Good day to all. Spring has already come and very soon the first spring holiday will come on March 8. On this day, it is customary to give gifts to moms, girlfriends and colleagues at work. Now a crisis, so you can’t buy a lot of gifts. I want to offer you to make small gifts to all your familiar women, without spending a lot of money. Do we will decorative fridge magnets.For the manufacture of this magnet, we will need:. Magnetic tape (old magnet).- Cardboard.- Scissors.- Pencil.- Glue.- Textile.- Bay or twine.- Woolen threads.- Decorative Flowers, Elements.- Beads.

First we need to draw a trees pattern on cardboard and cut it. Decorative magnet can make any form. Here is the choice of three templates. I chose the first option.

On the back side we glue a magnetic tape (or just a magnet). If you want to make a tree, it is better to glue a magnet on the tree crown and a pot. Then we take the fabric, we supply the pot on it, cut out and glue the material.

Now take woolen threads of the desired color. I have they green. Cut the thread on the segments of 1-1.5 cm long, fold it in half, we lubricate it with glue and glue to the crown of wood. Or smear glue directly on a tree, it’s how comfortable. So we glue the whole top of the tree. See what you wouldn’t have gaps. Threads need to be glued tightly to each other, but it will not be beautiful.

Showing your fantasy, you can make various magnets from any girlfriend, it would be free time and desire. This magnet is wrapped in a satin ribbon. Flowers made of corrugated paper. It is decorated with beads and sequins. Green is imitated from packaging grid for bouquets.

And this village is made of paper and vegetable mesh, which replaces greens. It is decorated by beads.

Giving such small gifts to your loved ones, you give a part of your soul, because they are made by your hands. Happy holiday, cute needlewomen.

Magnets on the refrigerator

Small magnets on the refrigerator can be found in almost every home. Not everyone thinks that it is possible to make them on their own design. The process is simple and interesting, and you can attract all family members to the manufacture of such creative needlework.For the manufacture of the fridge magnets in the form of small machines, you will need: powder of sculptural or building gypsum. Special sculptural plaster can be purchased in stores of goods for creativity; Capacity for making plaster, wand or spoon for mixing; 30-50 ml of water temperature water; Molds for figures. For example, you can use small silicone cobbing molds, molds for making chocolate, confectionery ornaments or soap. In this master class, used forms for cooking soap taken from a children’s creative set for soaps; Gouache or acrylic paints; Brush; Slices of adhesive magnetic tape size 1.5 per 2 cm (by the number of figures).

So, make independently plaster magnets on the refrigerator can be as follows: Mix the gypsum powder with water. The composition of the consistency should remind the dough for making pancakes. It must be mixed thoroughly, bring to uniformity;

simple, fridge, magnets, yourself

Pour the resulting mixture in forms; Leave forms about a day at room temperature. This time is necessary for the complete pouring of the gypsum.

Important: After about 12 hours after the casting, the mixture of the figures can be carefully taken out of the forms and leave on a paper sheet to complete drying; Furious figures must be painted, and after the paint is dry. to cover with varnish or acrylic; At the end to each figure, we glue a magnet. Typewriters are ready.

Important: Magnetic tape should be glued to the figures only after complete drying.Such magnets can become not only the decoration of the refrigerator, but also a symbolic gift at a kind of children’s event.

Refrigerator magnets do it yourself

The comfort in the house does not always get to create exclusive and expensive things, but what is done with love, do it yourself much more makes your housing with a family hearth. I suggest add to the interior of your kitchen a little paints, brightness and creativity and make a refrigerator magnets with your own hands.

The lightest and simple magnets on the refrigerator can be easily made with their own hands

For simple fridge magnets, we will need:. Round Magnets. Such shape and size Glass or transparent plastic circles. glue. Funny pictures or stickers.

Make such magnets will not be much difficulty. Stick a picture on a magnet, give adhesion a little bit, then stick the glass (or plastic). After the glue dries.Magnets are ready.

Who has children of preschool or younger school age you can make magnets with letters and numbers to the child so much more interesting learns to read or count.

Magnets-vases for the fridge made with your own hands

For decorative elevation magnets on a hilder room, we will need:. Rectangular magnets. Cork plugs (from wine bottles). Silicone glue gun. knife. priming. Small flowers or processes. screwdriver.

First of all, take a crust and a screwdriver at the top will make a hole in it. Then a knife neatly so that the side walls will not hurt.

With the help of glue-guns, we glue the magnet to the crust.

The next stage, smear the ground in our traffic jam.Vazan and Sadim flower there hang a fridge magnet periodically (depending on the needs of the plant) watering it. When our plant grows to transplant it in Vazon more, and instead of him in a new primer put a new one.

Refrigerator magnet do it yourself from fabric

For fabric magnets, take:. Small magnets. Colored threads with needles. Loskutka fabric.

We take the flasks of the fabric and cut the circle which three times in three should be more magnet. Then a sack with a magnet, wrapped the edges in the middle, we flash it with a thread further in the furnished magnet lies a magnet and tighten the thread, it turned out something on the similarity of the “Hinky” from the fabric.

Magnet. clothespin on the refrigerator do it yourself

For magnet-clothespin, you will need:. Ribbon Magnet. Paint with a thin tassel. Wooden clothespins. blasting, varnish, decor (optional).

Make such magnets quite just would be only fantasy. Drain the clothespins with paint with a tassel and a tassel on them thinned on them draw pictures, you can draw the same pattern on all clothespins, and you can diversify by adding them with glitters. If you want instead of the drawing, you can stick what kind of decor.

Rear on the clothespin stick a magnetic tape.

It turned out pretty mila. They can be sealing notes, recipes, shopping lists, photos and more.

Magnets using polymer clay with their own hands

For magnets from polymer clay, we will need:. magnet. Multicolored polymer clay. Roll If you can use a glass bottle. Knife for plasticine. Baking molds. Transparent varnish and sequins. Silicone pistol.

To begin with, you need to roll out the polymer clay with a rill. You must have a clay layer with a thickness of about 0.5 cm. Take advantage of stamps and apply different patterns on this layer in chaotic order (so that they do not overlap each other). If you have a pad with ink, then you can give the selected color patterns.

After your product is ready to place it in the heated oven (temperature and time look at the packaging from under clay) only put on a metal sheet, but you need to use a wooden plank for this purpose.

When clay is freezing the product can be covered with varnish and embellish with sparkles.

On the back side of the product with silicone glue guns to take a magnet.

There would be only desires, and invent what you will have fantasy magnets unlimited.

Fridge magnets made of wood with their own hands

For such a magnet, we will need:. Small magnets. Lobzik. Pictures. Watercolor and brush. Wooden branches. sandpaper. glue.

We saw the branch in across on the pieces of 25mm thick. and polish them emery paper. From the back, cut out a small opening and glue magnet there (leave for some time to dry). On the front side you can have something, with the help of watercolor paints and brushes, draw, or you can stick something. Also, the tree can be figured to cut in the form of any plants, animal or subject and it is interesting to issue.

You see, nothing is difficult to make a magnet to make a magnet to the refrigerator, on the contrary, it’s creative and entertaining work that brings pleasure not only from the result, but also from the process itself.

How to make a fridge magnets do it yourself: 10 step-by-step lessons with photos and ideas for inspiration

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simple, fridge, magnets, yourself

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simple, fridge, magnets, yourself

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