Small coffee machines for home: selection of models of 2021

Top 12 mini cooking coffee helps find the best option. Instrument ranking We carried out on the basis of sales activity, operating parameters and the opinions of owners.

We are strictly observing the editorial impersonal when we appreciate the products and services. Our task is to simplify the purchase of the right product among various retailers.

A charming coffee drink with a delicious foam and a fantastic aroma of the house, and not in a cafe. the dream of every coffeeman. But its implementation often interfere with the circumstances or whole complex of obstacles. One of the main barriers recognize the dimensions of the kitchen in which the unit for the preparation of adorable drink is difficult to place.

So it was until small coffee machines appeared on the market, the dimensions of which did not affect the functionality. Equipment with a complete set of technical capabilities release specifically for owners of compact kitchens of houses from the old residential foundation. They will be useful to summer houses and those who are forced to constantly move.

We present the rating of the best mini-machines for cooking coffee in household conditions. Instrument ranking We conducted on the basis of the activity of sales, personal experience and opinions of masters from service centers. Description of models and their accompanying specifications will help make a weighted choice.

Delonghi Magnifica S Ecam 22.360.S

The model is the most popular buyers due to its quality. Manufacturer Country of this car. Italy. As you know, the Italians prefer coffee with milk, so it is quite reasonable that they develop devices that allow you to easily prepare such a drink.

Important! Magnifica s Ecam 22.360.S not only simplifies the cooking process of cappuccino, but also thanks to the autocappucing function, the patent belongs only to this country, you can adjust the amount of foam in your favorite drink.

  • For this coffee maker just care. The device has a function of self-cleaning, which extends its service life. Thanks to the indicator, you will know exactly when the machine needs cleaning.
  • You can purchase equipment in stores on average for 38-40 thousand.

Grain Coffee machines

Catalog automatic coffee machine for grain coffee. This is a serious device for demanding connoisseurs of coffee. It is known: Fifteen minutes after grinding grains, coffee loses 1/3 of its fragrance. Grain coffee machine for 1-3 minutes Pets, brew and bulges a drink in cups without loss of taste and fragrance.

When choosing a grain coffee machine, pay attention to the following functions: Pressure in “bars” when brewing, the number of heat degrees, setting the volume of the drink. These indicators affect the taste of coffee in your cup.

Grain Container. An important indicator affecting the comfortable use of the device. For a large family or office, we recommend machines with a capacity for coffee beans loading more than 250 grams.

If the coffee makers in the house love to pamper with different varieties of coffee. There are models in our catalog Coffee machines with containers on 2 grains. Also on the pages of the goods are models with a mine for ground coffee on 1 brewing. Used to brew another variety of coffee.

Magnet of Attention. This is a cappuccinator. Grain Coffee machines are equipped with your choice: fully automatic cappuccinant, semi-automatic and manual. Models have built-in recipes and personal settings.

Coffee machines for grain coffee in the online store “Boutique elite coffee machines” are represented by a wide model. Price from 27000 to 320000. In the product description cards, the technical characteristics used by the technologies, instructions for the operation, the conditions of purchase, manufacturers and delivery of goods Moscow and Russia.

Meet the reviews of the owners, watch the video and photos of the goods, compare devices with similar coffee machines. Buy coffee machine for cereal coffee just in the boutique of elite coffee machines in the online store online or by phone ☎ 7 (495) 294-08-18.

Rozhkovy coffee makers. for those who are a bit of Barista

Rozhkovy coffee makers boil strong and saturated coffee in about a minute, but still have to spend on preparation. First, tightly tighten ground coffee in a special horn (Tempere), pour water, and after cooking. rinse the horn. Rozhkovy coffee makers are considered the most economical coffee consumption for a cup. Please note that real espresso knows how to make only coffee makers with pump and pressure 9 bar.


If you are planning to make cappuccino, buy a model with a steaming tube, with which you can beat the milk foam. They are more expensive.


There are metal and plastic, metal will serve longer.


Coffee maker with a drone drainage droplets will save the kitchen table clean.


In Cald coffee makers in the horn, you do not need to lay ground coffee. Enough just put in it Chald. filter bag with coffee, similar to tea bag. With such a coffee maker, you will not have to remove the horn after each cup, but it is not always fair to find on sale.

water pump

Provides sufficient pressure inside the coffee maker and helps to get a stronger and saturated coffee.

Coffee machines automatic

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If you do not think your day without a cup of coffee, but you do not have time for cooking, the ideal solution to the question will be a coffee machine that combines a coffee grinder and a coffee maker in one case. In an automatic coffee machine, the process of making a coffee beverage is fully automated and does not depend on your skills. After you fall asleep coffee beans, poured water, set the fortress of drink and the number of cups and the power button was pressed, the coffee machine itself wives the required amount of coffee powder, will give the desired amount of water and steam and prepare. Coffee machines require a minimum of effort from the user and always prepare remarkable coffee. Compact and unusually convenient in useful coffee machines for home will be able to feel like a real gourmet. Coffee welded from freshly ground green beloved varieties, bright or dark roasting, will give a vigor and a great mood. In addition to the traditional espresso, you can prepare delicious drinks with the addition of milk and dairy foam, without applying to this special effort. On our site you can choose yourself and buy a coffee machine in any price range: from the cheapest combined to expensive automatic models. If you prefer embedded technology. We suggest you choose an embedded coffee machine. We advise you to read the article “How to choose a coffee maker and coffee machine”.

The presented variety of models makes it difficult to choose, so many buyers try to explore the reviews and rating of models before buying. To make it easier to do, we propose to stop your choice on one of the most popular models in 2021-2022.

Bosch TIS 30129 RW VEROCUP 100

Cheap coffee machine with automatic cappuccinator, in which 5 settings of the fortress are provided, which is regulated by the flow rate of the fluid, as well as 5 degrees of grain grinding. On a small screen, the user-selected parameters are displayed, which allows you to quickly adjust the drink characteristics. To pour coffee into warm cups, the upper platform has an active heating.

On the front panel there is a button for pouring in two cups. There is also a counter of the amount of cooked cups. In the formation of a large amount of scale, the function of decalcination is included, which makes it possible to maintain the workability of the coffee machine for a long time.

  • Automatic cooking cappuccino, espresso, latte makiato.
  • Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes in the absence of activity.
  • Ground grains before preparation for saving saturated taste and fragrance.
  • Separate hot water supply.

Philips EP3558 3100 Series

Using this coffee machine, you can cook espresso, cappuccino and other drinks from freshly ground grains. Their grinding occurs in ceramic millstones, so an extraneous flavor does not appear in coffee. The user can choose the optimal fortress, temperature, volume, for which the display understandable at intuitive level.

Cappuccino cooking does not require much time and user participation, due to the presence of an automatic cappuccinator. The built-in jug for milk has a volume of 500 ml, the coffee machine is able to prepare 5 different types of drinks.

  • Cleaning from scale after 5000 cups of coffee.
  • Special water filter for hardness adjustment.
  • The possibility of cooking whipped milk.
  • Adjusting the degree of grinding grains.

Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino

Grain coffee machine for home with cappuccinator, it provides for the use of a silicone tube that takes milk from a jug. Then it is whipped in foam, during the process its density is controlled and the cooking time is set. A foam is poured into a cup through a special dispenser, which is suitable for different drinks, does not require rearrangement, activated by one button.

It provides for the possibility of programming a beverage, making parameters in memory. Several buttons were made to the body, which allow you to choose a view of coffee. Lungo, Espresso, Latte Machiato, cappuccino.

  • The nozzle creates a steady milk foam.
  • Machine control is simple and understandable, to obtain espresso and cappuccino, just press one button.
  • Easy to clean all elements.
  • Built-in coffee grinder with ceramic millstones and a large coffee container.

Melitta Caffeo Solo Perfect Milk

A good coffee machine that copes with whipping milk for cappuccino and latte, it has a manual regulator of the number and stability of foam. Compact sizes of coffee makers allow you to install it in a small kitchen or in the office. Thanks to a sufficiently large amount of coffee pot, you can make coffee at once for several people.

Adjusting the fortress and temperature allows you to choose the optimal taste, suitable for the preparation of different portions. The pre-brewing system allows you to slightly wet ground grains, reveal their rich taste and aroma.

small, coffee, machine, cereal, size
  • Manual control of the amount of milk.
  • Adjusting the fortress and temperature depending on personal preferences and size of the cup.
  • Ability to use CLARIS water filters.
  • Adjusting the dispenser in height, which is suitable for cups of any size and small coffee pipes.
  • Cooking two cups at the same time.

De’longhi Ecam 23.460

According to the reviews of the owners, this is one of the best coffee machines for the house with automatic cappuccinator. A small display displays basic preparation information. With it, you can program the type of coffee, the size of the portion, temperature. Data is derived in different languages, all of them 16.

Built-in LatteCrema system allows you to cook with sustainable foam while pressing only one button. Automatic cappuccinator copes with a whipping of milk, its fence is carried out through a special tube from the container. After whipping, the milk is added to the drink. At the same time it can be poured in two cups.

  • Automatic notification of cleaning.
  • Using cups of any height due to the possibility of adjusting the adapter.
  • Removable brewing unit for ease of cleaning.
  • Coffee Pre-brew feature.
  • Ability to use grains and powder.

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Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS

This is a fairly large coffee machine that allows you to prepare a variety of drinks. They differ not only by the recipe, but also the taste qualities of the drink itself, grinding occurs with different size. Wide distribution Machine found in offices by 10-15 people and small coffee houses.

The advantage of this coffee maker is the presence of two boilers, which alternately heat the water, so coffee is preparing fast. To beat milk, there are also 2 cappuccinizers. manual and semi-automatic. The intuitive control system makes it possible to instantly configure the desired parameters.

Top 10 Rating The Best Built-in Coffee Machines for Kitchen 2020-2021

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3 Asko CM8456S Get the price
4 Bosch CTL636ES1 / CTL636EB1 Get the price
5 Siemens CT636LES1 / CT636Lew1 IQ700 Get the price
6 SMEG CMS4101 Get the price
7 Bosch CTL636ES6 Get the price
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ten NEFF C17KS61N0 Get the price

De’longhi Magnifica Esam 3000.B

De’longhi Magnifica Esam 3000.B has two grain and ground coffee compartments. There is a built-in coffee grinder. 13 grain seppes. The fortress is controlled during cooking, it is possible to adjust the water supply. The tank is 1.8 liters, thanks to which the coffee machine is suitable for the home, office, a small cafe. Suitable for Cappuccino, Espresso, American, Ristretto. Managing Simple, there are several programmed modes, as well as the possibility of individual setting. Optimal solution for connoisseurs of real coffee.

  • Many adjustable preparation parameters;
  • Professional quality of drinks;
  • The ability to prepare two mugs at once;
  • Ability to work with grains or ground coffee.

Philips HD8827 3000 SERIES

Philips HD8827 3000 SERIES. Stylish Automatic Coffee Maker. Designed to work with whole grains, equipped with an automatic mill with multiple grinding modes. Water tank has a volume of 1.8 liters. Adjusted portion of water during breathing and level of coffee. There is a pre-wetting function. Electronic control, stylish buttons are located on the top of the front panel. It is possible to cook at once 2 cups of coffee. Machine Suitable for Cappuccino, Espresso, Lungo. Philips HD8827 3000 Series. an excellent solution for those who want to prepare coffee independently, to show creativity and creativity in the selection of the ratio of ingredients.

  • Manual adjustment of the fortress and other parameters;
  • Large volume of water tank and fast cooking;
  • Several variants of thinness of grinding grains;
  • Built-in grain container.

Melitta Caffeo Solo

Melitta Caffeo Solo brings homemade coffee to the restaurant. Automatic coffee machine is designed to work with grain coffee, has a built-in mill and 3 stages of grinding. Works at a pressure of 15 bar, suitable for the preparation of espresso, americano. Equipped with mechanical control keys, has a display for outputting and operating indicators. It is possible to adjust the parameters of the fortress, adjustment of temperature and volume of portion. The machine has a function of automatic decalcination for cleaning from scale. It also provides for the possibility of adjusting the rigidity of water, which significantly increases the taste of the drink.

De’longhi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino ESAM 3500

De’longhi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino ESAM 3500 is created to amaze and give pleasure from self-cooking coffee. Automatic type machine, works with ground and grain coffee. There is a built-in mill with 13 stages of grinding. Electronic control, there is a pretty big display. Volume of water tank 1.8 liters. Manual setting of basic parameters, including fortress, drink temperature. Rich set of additional options. Self-cleaning is provided from scale, water hardness adjustment, there is a timer, automatic shutdown and energy-saving mode.

  • Multifunctional device with a rich set of options for connoisseurs;
  • Distribution on 2 pieces immediately;
  • Fast preparation and heating of water due to high power;
  • Stylish design, compact size, despite the big water tank.

Bosch TIS 30129 RW VEROCUP 100

Compact, but powerful coffee machine Bosch TIS 30129 RW VEROCUP 100 can prepare coffee at a professional level. For preparation, whole grains will be required to grind which there is a built-in mill. It is possible to cook cappuccino, espresso, latte makiato. At the same time, there is an automatic cappuccinator for the preparation of dense and resistant milk foam. There is a function of decalcination, which greatly simplifies the care of the device, water rigidity is adjustable to improve taste. Stylish design is optimally suitable for home or office.

  • Setting the basic parameters of preparation, selection of an individual mode;
  • Simple management, which is rare enough with such devices;
  • Fast heating;
  • Acceptable cost for its class.

Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino

Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino. Automatic coffee machine made of natural grains. Built in mill with 5 grinding levels. Boiler-type heating system, 2.5 liter water tank. optimally for office or big family. Modes are configured and programmed manually. It is possible to prepare cappuccino by pressing 1 button. Capacitator built-in, automatic. Self-cleaning mode is provided, simplifying operation. Suitable for cooking espresso, latte, cappuccino, Machiato, American.

  • Attractive and original design;
  • High-quality plastic case and assembly;
  • Understandable controls and programming modes;
  • Large volume of water tank, significant performance.

The best coffee machines with manual cappuccinator

The top rating includes the following quality models Price / quality:

  • 1st place Melitta Caffeo Solo&milk;
  • 2 place Delonghi AUTENTICA ETAM 29.510;
  • 3 place Delonghi Ecam 22.110;
  • 4th place Philips EP2021 Series 2200.

1st place Melitta Caffeo Solomilk

  • Type of coffee used: grain
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Drink type: Cappuccino, Espresso, American
  • Cappuccino cooking: manual
  • Number of degrees of grinding: 3
  • Settings: coffee temperature, coffee strength, hot water portion, water rigidity
  • Dop. Functions: AutoCill with non-use, heated cups, automatic decalcification, hot water supply
  • Design features: Display backlight, cord compartment, removable tray for collecting droplets, water level indicator, power indicator, waste container, display
  • Simultaneous distribution for 2 cups: yes
  • Case material: plastic

The coffee machine belongs to the available devices, but prepares coffee no worse than expensive. When using high-quality grains, the foam in espresso is fine-grained and dense, unlike the result of other brands.

Coffee grinder with steel mills provides 5 degrees of grinding. This is enough to get rich coffee.

Panarello cappucciner used in a few seconds whipped milk in a magnificent foam. It is possible to simply warm the milk, without foam formation. Cappuccinator removable, which simplifies operation and care.

The machine is controlled by a number of buttons and two rotating regulators, which are responsible for the supply of steam / water in the cappuccinator and the volume of the drink. The user can configure the temperature, fortress and the size of a portion of coffee.

The pre-wetting program allows you to additionally disclose the aroma of coffee. Immediately before welding, the grumbling coffee is covered with water. Block for wetting removable, so it is easy to clean from residues.

Melitta Caffeo Solomilk has an output for drinks, which is adjustable in height (up to 13.5 cm). Thanks to this, it is convenient to substitute not only cups, but also glasses for latte.

2 place Delonghi AUTENTICA ETAM 29.510

  • automatic, 15 bar
  • for grain and ground coffee
  • Coffee grinder with adjustment of the degree of grinding
  • Control of coffee strength
  • Adjusting the portion of water

This option from Delong is also characterized by compactness of the size and occupies a slightly less than the previous one with its 19.5 cm wide. Among its functional features can be noted:

  • 13 grinding stages;
  • The ability to regulate the temperature and strength of coffee;
  • Heated cups upstairs.
  • Built-in double espresso cooking feature.
  • Reducing pressure for slow extraction.

The last item highlights the device among automata, sharpened on espresso or cappuccino, as it allows you to prepare a classic American.

Among the shortcomings of the model, you can note the high costs of and operation, an uncomfortable handle that regulates the steam supply, as well as a small amount of water tank.

3 place Delonghi Ecam 22.110

  • automatic, 15 bar
  • for grain and ground coffee
  • Coffee grinder with adjustment of the degree of grinding
  • Control of coffee strength
  • Temperature setting

Another option from Delonghi, which has absorbed the best traditions of predecessors. It is characterized by the same thermoblock, allowing you to quickly heat the device, a millstone coffee grinder with 13 stages of grinding and water tank located in front of. Included is also a water filter. Among distinctive features can be allocated:

small, coffee, machine, cereal, size
  • convenient arrangement of the brewing unit and the method of raising a coffee cake.
  • Increase the height of cups that are suitable for the size of the coffee machine.
  • Quieter operation.

The required beverage volume is adjusted by the keys on the screen. Users celebrate the average quality of grinding and greater water consumption when working.

4th place Philips EP2021 Series 2200

  • automatic, 15 bar
  • for grain and ground coffee
  • Coffee grinder with adjustment of the degree of grinding
  • Control of coffee strength
  • Temperature setting

In 2019, new models of Philips coffee machines appeared on the market, presented in 12 different modifications. Option SERIES 2200 is characterized by the corrected volume of grain water tanks and cake, which now meet the needs of average users. Expanded the degree of grinding, which now reaches 12 steps. The model allows you to adjust the Fortress of the Beverage, choosing one of the three existing steps of adjustment.

This option has simple controls using the buttons on the screen, the convenient location of the containers. In addition, it is well implemented by a well-used grinding form, allowing it not to crumble. Among the minuses there are noise of the device when used.