Smokehouse for cold and hot smoking with your own hands

Since many asked to share the device of smokehouse, I decided to store this post. Immediately I warn you that there will be no accurate description and drawings. Because it was done everything without any literally on the go. And there are practically no process of the process. After all, the creation of such things is not more than creativity, and the muse she is a bad thing, a little bit off and already forgot what I wanted, and nothing to do nothing. I just watched how others do, and repeated them, read articles, forums, watched videos. Something took something in one place, something in another, something came up with himself.

Everything is very trite here. Before sausages, cheeses, fish and generally different products were delicious and better. Even in 2000-2010 in the outback, it was possible to buy a good sausage, fish, cheese. But recently the monopolists are all sorts of there. Bidding and they reached the fact that meat in sausages are not put at all (who knows meat in the course that there are no meat now) and the cost of such a sausage at best about 100 rubles. Plus wholesalers and retailers wind their perisis. And the consumer already gets this rubbish in the store for 400r. As a result, everyone except the consumer. And those who still remember the taste of normal products can no longer be it. It is clear that everything in the world does not do with your own hands, because of the various circumstances, but at least something can be done. And those who used good homemade sausages, cheeses, fish, sour cream, cottage cheese, loaf and t.D. shop there can no longer. So actually born the idea of ​​creating smoking, and not only her.

To make a smoking room, it is important to understand that we need from it. And you need not so much.Terkesolation.It is very important that the temperature inside is minimally dependent on the ambient temperature.Thermocontrol.Ability to maintain a certain temperature with an acceptable geesesis.Convection.Very important parameter, contributes to the uniform distribution of temperature, smoke and moisture throughout the volume of smoke. After all, it is necessary that each piece of product got the same amount of all this. Also very important air movement itself in the smokehouse.Flow of smoke of various intensity.Everything is simple here. No smoke no smoking. Under various conditions and tasks, we may need different density of smoke. Experiments are needed here.Para.Since the process of hot smoked includes the cooking process, without a couple, we can hardly do. The presence of steam solves several important tasks.The cooking process itself is more correct, and significantly faster. The product loses less moisture and weight, becomes delicious and softer.

Who at the expense of what, and what way it will seek, this is the case of the host. There are a lot of ways. It all depends on the presence of desire, time, materials, finance. Someone can buy a ready-made solution at all, start from about 40000 and then up to about 150,000, this is not industrial, namely the home level, for small volumes. Maybe there is cheaper / more expensive.

As I did: the framework of the bar 50×50 was taken as the basis. Then the inner part was shaking. It is better to take a lamp, alder, aspen, so that the resin does not stand out when heated and there was no different smells. But again, many are scored on it and make ordinary pine clap, as it is more accessible and relatively cheap. Someone generally makes paneur or board.Next, in the niche or homethrium received from the outside (I do not know how to call), we put a foil for baths, it’s very thick not necessarily. I bought the first hosted. Mage. Then, in size, we cut the insulation (min wool, basalt, and even though sawdust, I have something else), I had basalt sheets with a thickness of 50mm. Then, this is all covered with steam soles, it is possible and the same foil, I had a concerned material for gardeners purchased in the nearest host. Mage. Well, outside, all this is sewn again with clapboard.

It makes no sense to take a dear lip here, we take cheap pine. From above covered with veneer (varnish, oil, paint, impregnation, you can generally burn). Who is what there is a lot, who have something, I have a morney and varnish. Hanging hinirs, handles, locks. In the doorway glue the usual adhesive sealant. We make an opening hole for the exit of smoke under the h70 pipe.Everything, the camera itself is still ready. It will be very good to keep warm and smoke.

Next, the bottom of the camera (bottom and 25.30cm from it) is trimmed with metal, you can fine stainless steel, galvanized anything else. I still folded the same foil for the bath in 6 layers and she was chosen. The bottom can not be sewed, but to bed there is just a thin pallet if the Tenny stand on the back wall or side.I have a lance at the bottom, because in your design and the sizes they are inconvenient to have anything else, besides, they got to me Nakhalyava, a friend works in the workshop for repairing household appliances. If I bought them most likely the design of the smokehouse was different. Iebe again we proceed from what is. There are ready-made kits milking some kind of ovens, Teng plus a fan, the price is somewhere 3000r-6000r. I have two tsen 600-700W.

They are enough to maintain the temperature in the chamber to 100gr, with the surrounding temperature.10-15gr. They are connected parallel. Breeping them is necessarily at a distance from the bottom 7-10 cm. To manage them will be the thermostat, but about it later. We will assume that the task of the thermocontrol is solved.

Going on. On the back wall set the convection fan. Can not be on the back, even though on the ceiling, at least on the side, even in the floor.

I saw all these installation options, and everywhere our pros and cons. Everything is as always depends on the presence of components and materials, fantasies, fan designs and smokers in general. I have a fan from some kind of windy, which everyone is heated in winter, they are inexpensively from 400 somewhere. I again gave that familiar. The fan came out perfectly, but it took a little rising motor shaft. Again, the familiar turner pulled out an adapter. The adjustment of the fan turns is desirable, for this purpose, some kind of dimmer was respected, it seems from the vacuum cleaner.So we decided to convection.

Smokes manufacturing nuances with pipe

At the bottom of the refrigerator, a hole is done, where the pipe is inserted, its length should exceed 2 m, and the diameter should turn out to be more than 10 cm. In relation to the refrigerator, the pipe should be placed under the tilt, which will guarantee craving. In the next step, you need to dig a trench in which the pipe is buried, the lower end of which should be approached by a bonfire. The visible part of the smoke will eventually be the refrigerator.

Firework device

For the fire device there are several options:

  • Old iron container. It is buried in the ground so that it is below the level of smokehouse. With this location, smoke will rise through the pipe, and not dissipate on.
  • Fireproof bricks. They are stacked on the sides of the pit, leaving a fireplace.
  • Galvanized sheet of iron. Place the pits on the bottom and burn fire on it.
smoked, smoking, refrigerator

Whatever the option is selected, the furnace should be tightly closed with a lid, and the chimney is buried under the ground. In this case, the smoke will do not be hot, but chilled by the dampness. For the cold smoking process, you need that cooled, cold smoke.

Advice! For smoking use sawdust only fruit trees.

Before starting the main work

Preparatory work can be carried out even before carrying a refrigerator to the country, because by and large it only need the case. All mechanisms, tubes, gaskets and other non-steel parts can be removed in the apartment. And drag and drop it easier, and throw garbage in the city is much easier.

After all the unnecessary will be removed, it is necessary to take all the formed holes with a tape or a tape, so that the smokehouse from the refrigerator does not make too much smoke through them.

But cutting a hole for the pipe and the guides for the lattices can already be.

If you did not throw out the old refrigerator, do it with your own hands

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Soviet-made rare refrigerator can be used for a new appointment. The benefits of such a metal drawer may be huge, if properly approach its upgrades. It is not difficult to re-equip, the minimum of effort and maxim pleasures will be subsequently provided.

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Features of construction

Before making a smokehouse from the old refrigerator, without much effort using healthy tools and simple tools, you should decide on the view of smoking and location. There is an option for use on the street, but you can make such a device for use indoors. Consider possible options.

Hot smoking

  • Heating elements (electric stove with an open or closed type of beans);
  • thick-walled container with a lid for heating chips;
  • Lattices and hooks for laying out or hanging processed products;
  • Pipe to remove smoke;
  • Elements for restoring the doors of the refrigerator;
  • Pallet for picking fat.

Cold smoking

  • refrigerator (preference is given to Soviet samples without plastic stuffing inside);
  • refractory bricks for firebox;
  • Pipe 4. 5 meters long, diameter 100.150 mm;
  • iron cover for firebox;
  • Lattices and hooks for laying out or hanging processed products;
  • The corner element of the pipe for a comfortable connection of the design located under the slope of the surface;
  • Pallet for fat picking;
  • exhaust fan.

To make a shock from the refrigerator independently for use in the courtyard, you need to decide on the installation site. This depends on the design feature. If the terrain allows, the design is installed under a slope without additional manipulations. It is important that the refrigerator converted under the smokehouse was installed above the smoke generator (fireboxes). If the place of the hollow, the pit is digging under the furnace, or the smoke cabinet is installed on the stand.

Skolna from the refrigerator do it yourself

Taking advantage of the instruction, the smokehouse from the refrigerator is easy to do for open space in the country, in his yard. To do this, uncomplicated action. We will analyze 2 options: for cold and hot smoked.

Cold smoking

  • Refrigerator is being finalized: inner lining, plastic parts are dismantled.
  • Screen fasteners for installing lattices and hooks.
  • At the bottom with the help of a drill and scissors for metal, a hole is broken, corresponding to the diameter of the inlet pipe for the flow of smoke to the closet.
  • Installed locking element in the form of a hook on the refrigerator door.
  • From refractory bricks, the furnace is laid out in the lower yarus of the smokehouse, if there is no slope, it is created artificially: the pit for the firebox and the trench for laying the pipe.
  • The elements of the smoke (furnace and cabinet) are connected to the pipe using an angular element prepared in advance.
  • Additional holes at the top for this type of smoking are not cut, quite enough ventilation in the door area and others that appeared in the process of dismantling holes.
  • In place for the bottom shelf, a pallet for collecting dripping fat is installed.

Hot smoking

  • Removed from the inside of the refrigerator plastic part of the facing. Magnetic seal between the door and the case is left.
  • Installed mounts for lattices and hooks.
  • On the door of the smoke cabinet, the shut-off element in the form of a hook.
  • All housing holes that appeared after refinement are worse for tightness Scotch.
  • At the top of the refrigerator, the hole is cut to install the exhaust fan and fixing the pipe to remove smoke to the street.
  • In the prepared hole installed an exhaust fan. The pipe is connected to it and is displayed through the window to the street.
  • The pallet for grease collection is installed on the bottom shelf.
  • The bottom of the refrigerator is placed. Her power cord is displayed through a specially prepared hole.
  • As a smoke generator for smokehouse from the refrigerator, a thick-walled container with chip is installed on the stove.

Rules for using smokehouse

Design in the form of a refrigerator is easy to use. Before making a smokehouse from the refrigerator and start using it, it is important to assimilate the simple rules for safe operation, temporary and temperature modes. Requires the temperature specified by the recipe. For smoking large pieces of meat, smoking is always higher than for small. It should be borne in mind that the time required for smoking fish and chicken is significantly lower than for pork and beef. When cooking, meat should evenly distribute pieces on the grille. Large lining and latter big slices on small better avoid.

Russh! Pike and perch reaction! Underwater shooting

Underwater shooting. Put the hesh on all the gallows. It is believed that it was the ERS very often provokes a pike on an attack. So it or not? Underwater shot was carried out on the reservoir, the depth from the meter to three meters.

Freshly dried or purchased fish can be prepared in different ways. The most popular options are the fragrant ear, frying or baking in the oven. Another common way. smoking fish in the smokehouse. There are several basic ways how to smoke fish in the smokehouse. Smoking methods are different only by some details, time, temperature modes, but in general, the fish smoked technology is quite simple. In any case, besides the fish itself, fire, suitable fuel and, of course, will be needed, smoke. Smoke in the smoke handles fish so that it can be stored in about 3 days in the refrigerator, in addition to this smoke gives a special fragrance. The recipe is simple enough, fulfilling all requirements for the process. easy, and the result. Beautiful, fragrant fish dish to the table. Bon appetit!

Cooking time: 2 hours. (1 hour for cooking smoking, 1 hour for smoking. Fish can be gouted simultaneously with heated smokehouse. )

The smokelock is best suited, made of stainless steel with a good lid. Best Material for Smoked Fish. These are chips of alder. Lay sicks on the bottom of smoking. Layer thickness approximately 2 cm. Ignite. Close the door of the smokehouse and leave warmer.

Individuals from 1 kg are taken to gut, especially with hot smoking method.

We were cut the sterling carcass to large parts so that they approximately correlated by weight with the weight of the trout carcasses, then smoking will be uniform.

Trout cleaned from the insides. Czech and head leaving for protection and attractive appearance. Scaled does not give dirt and soot penetrate the stew. The recipe can be applied with some additions or deviations both at home and in nature. So, for example, fish can be poured with vegetable oil, salt, graze your favorite spices.

Refrigerator smoker 3

Fish smoking temperature from 70 to 100 and above degrees Celsius. If the smokehouse heated to a larger temperature, open the door.

Trout carcasses and sterlie pieces like hooks.

Fish on hooks suspend in the smokehouse, while carcasses should not touch each other, no walls of smoke. It is necessary for free access of smoke from all sides. The device after that you need to close tight. 10 minutes after the appearance of white smoke and warming up the device, you can relax the fire and remove firewood. Continue to keep smoking only with coal. Under such conditions, we continue the process for another 40-60 minutes, based on the initial volume of the laid. Tightening smoking longer hours required.

Next you need to remove the fish from the fire and do not touch the full cool.

If you can easily smoke fish in the smokehouse, then the output will certainly come out beautiful, surprisingly fragrant, delicious delicacy. Smoked fish perfectly combined with boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables. Bon appetit!

Tips and recommendations

As already mentioned, the cold smoking process is quite prolonged. You will have to periodically maintain its continuity for several hours. Therefore, it is absolutely not profitable to try this operation because of several fish or a small shunting. Prepare products with such a calculation to fill your smokehouse made from the old refrigerator, at least half. At the same time, it doesn’t matter that pork sausages will be shoved at the same time, a piece of bearish, deer rubbish, chicken semi-dryers and a couple of three kilogram bream. On taste, it will not affect.

But what exactly will affect the taste of your delicacies. it’s chips. Normal spruce or pine, impregnated with resin, will give such bitterness that it will be impossible to eat. Birch or aspen also do not fit. But chips or small twigs of apple trees, pears, plums, give a delightful fragrance. And if we put a few twigs of cherry or alder with them, then the appearance of the products will become, such that at one glance, the appetite simply rebels.

And last advice. Refrigerator, even in the corner of a garden or country area, looks somewhat ridiculous. But someone does not prohibit somehow decorate it or change the appearance of the resulting smokehouse in some other way. And then you will have not only the unit needed in the farm, but also a rather stylish and appropriate subject of the interior. But this is also not the last thing.

Methods of smoked

There are several ways to cry, namely:

  • Using electrolycove. In this embodiment, a small electric furnace is installed on the bottom of the refrigerator. After switching on, a homemade pallet from dense steel is installed on it, in which there are fruit sawdust. Steel frying pan can also be. To protect sawdust from fire, it is necessary to ensure that the door of the refrigerator is closed tight;
  • Without use of electric stove. In this case, at the bottom of the refrigerator, a passage passage is done. 10 cm with a diameter and at least 2 m in length. For good thrust, the pipe must be installed under the slope. Pipe bursts in advance dugged trench. One end must be brought to the refrigerator, the other. to the pit with the future fire.

The fire is divorced in the pit. After the fire burned and the corners appeared, the pallet with laid sawders is installed on them.

To form a resistant smoke, the pit needs to be covered with a sheet of metal or something else, tightly adjacent to the surface. Refrigerator with already prepared products tightly closed. After that, the process of smoked;