Smokehouse for cold and hot smoking with your own hands

Since many asked to share the device of smokehouse, I decided to store this post. Immediately I warn you that there will be no accurate description and drawings. Because it was done everything without any literally on the go. And there are practically no process of the process. After all, the creation of such things is not more than creativity, and the muse she is a bad thing, a little bit off and already forgot what I wanted, and nothing to do nothing. I just watched how others do, and repeated them, read articles, forums, watched videos. Something took something in one place, something in another, something came up with himself.

Everything is very trite here. Before sausages, cheeses, fish and generally different products were delicious and better. Even in 2000-2010 in the outback, it was possible to buy a good sausage, fish, cheese. But recently the monopolists are all sorts of there. Bidding and they reached the fact that meat in sausages are not put at all (who knows meat in the course that there are no meat now) and the cost of such a sausage at best about 100 rubles. Plus wholesalers and retailers wind their perisis. And the consumer already gets this rubbish in the store for 400r. As a result, everyone except the consumer. And those who still remember the taste of normal products can no longer be it. It is clear that everything in the world does not do with your own hands, because of the various circumstances, but at least something can be done. And those who used good homemade sausages, cheeses, fish, sour cream, cottage cheese, loaf and t.D. shop there can no longer. So actually born the idea of ​​creating smoking, and not only her.

To make a smoking room, it is important to understand that we need from it. And you need not so much.Terkesolation.It is very important that the temperature inside is minimally dependent on the ambient temperature.Thermocontrol.Ability to maintain a certain temperature with an acceptable geesesis.Convection.Very important parameter, contributes to the uniform distribution of temperature, smoke and moisture throughout the volume of smoke. After all, it is necessary that each piece of product got the same amount of all this. Also very important air movement itself in the smokehouse.Flow of smoke of various intensity.Everything is simple here. No smoke no smoking. Under various conditions and tasks, we may need different density of smoke. Experiments are needed here.Para.Since the process of hot smoked includes the cooking process, without a couple, we can hardly do. The presence of steam solves several important tasks.The cooking process itself is more correct, and significantly faster. The product loses less moisture and weight, becomes delicious and softer.

Who at the expense of what, and what way it will seek, this is the case of the host. There are a lot of ways. It all depends on the presence of desire, time, materials, finance. Someone can buy a ready-made solution at all, start from about 40000 and then up to about 150,000, this is not industrial, namely the home level, for small volumes. Maybe there is cheaper / more expensive.

As I did: the framework of the bar 50×50 was taken as the basis. Then the inner part was shaking. It is better to take a lamp, alder, aspen, so that the resin does not stand out when heated and there was no different smells. But again, many are scored on it and make ordinary pine clap, as it is more accessible and relatively cheap. Someone generally makes paneur or board.Next, in the niche or homethrium received from the outside (I do not know how to call), we put a foil for baths, it’s very thick not necessarily. I bought the first hosted. Mage. Then, in size, we cut the insulation (min wool, basalt, and even though sawdust, I have something else), I had basalt sheets with a thickness of 50mm. Then, this is all covered with steam soles, it is possible and the same foil, I had a concerned material for gardeners purchased in the nearest host. Mage. Well, outside, all this is sewn again with clapboard.

It makes no sense to take a dear lip here, we take cheap pine. From above covered with veneer (varnish, oil, paint, impregnation, you can generally burn). Who is what there is a lot, who have something, I have a morney and varnish. Hanging hinirs, handles, locks. In the doorway glue the usual adhesive sealant. We make an opening hole for the exit of smoke under the h70 pipe.Everything, the camera itself is still ready. It will be very good to keep warm and smoke.

Next, the bottom of the camera (bottom and 25.30cm from it) is trimmed with metal, you can fine stainless steel, galvanized anything else. I still folded the same foil for the bath in 6 layers and she was chosen. The bottom can not be sewed, but to bed there is just a thin pallet if the Tenny stand on the back wall or side.I have a lance at the bottom, because in your design and the sizes they are inconvenient to have anything else, besides, they got to me Nakhalyava, a friend works in the workshop for repairing household appliances. If I bought them most likely the design of the smokehouse was different. Iebe again we proceed from what is. There are ready-made kits milking some kind of ovens, Teng plus a fan, the price is somewhere 3000r-6000r. I have two tsen 600-700W.

They are enough to maintain the temperature in the chamber to 100gr, with the surrounding temperature.10-15gr. They are connected parallel. Breeping them is necessarily at a distance from the bottom 7-10 cm. To manage them will be the thermostat, but about it later. We will assume that the task of the thermocontrol is solved.

smoked, smoking, cabinet, hands

Going on. On the back wall set the convection fan. Can not be on the back, even though on the ceiling, at least on the side, even in the floor.

I saw all these installation options, and everywhere our pros and cons. Everything is as always depends on the presence of components and materials, fantasies, fan designs and smokers in general. I have a fan from some kind of windy, which everyone is heated in winter, they are inexpensively from 400 somewhere. I again gave that familiar. The fan came out perfectly, but it took a little rising motor shaft. Again, the familiar turner pulled out an adapter. The adjustment of the fan turns is desirable, for this purpose, some kind of dimmer was respected, it seems from the vacuum cleaner.So we decided to convection.

Features and advantages of smokehouse

Make my own hands with your own hands, right at home is not difficult, and this process does not require special skills. Definitely it all depends on what kind of smoke I want to get as a result.

Inexpensive smokehouse, the desired sizes can be independently assembled with minimal time costs, almost from all that was lingering in the house, is not used for a long time, but throw out a pity.

It is the simplicity of execution and low cost of the design that makes an independent gathering of smokehouse so attractive, especially for people who love to create something with their own hands.

Schemes, drawings and sizes of smoking cold, hot smoked from wood

Creating a homemade wooden smokehouse in its plot will require compliance with some rules and attention to detail. The schemes of the device of such aggregates set. the principles are usually not different from the drawing in the drawing. To make a cold smoking cabinet, you need to position the source of the smoke and the direct product chamber a few meters from each other.

To install hot smoking, you will need a little different approach. With this method of cooking, the source of smoke is directly under the product chamber. Therefore, the scheme below differs from the previous one:

Hot smoked products have a special taste. such a way of gourmet less often give preference, rather than cold

How to Build a Smokehouse (FINAL STEPS)

When choosing a type of smoking, it is important to rely on several aspects. First, the budget. The device does not require a large amount of material, but the preparation method can add extra lines of expenses. A hot smoking cabinet made of hands does not require additional design of ditches and fireboxes. you can save on this significantly.

Secondly, the taste preferences remain an important aspect. To understand what a smokehouse needs a family, you should ask them with habits and desires and realize what kind of cooking will be reasonable.

Third, temporary costs. Both options are quite easy to execute, but their installation will require forces. Much more quickly make a lightweight version of the unit. hot wardrobe. In the manufacture of a woodcutter from a tree for cold smoking it is important to correctly mount the ditch and the furnace, to equip the inner walls and clearly install everything. this will slow down the process.

How to make a smoked smoked smoking

The simplest smokehouse, which can be collected without any tools, binding to several details in the nearest economic store.

What you need

  • Cardboard box;
  • stainless steel bidonchik;
  • tee ½ inches;
  • nipple ½ inches;
  • extender ½ inches;
  • Fitting ½ inches under the hose;
  • nut ½ inches;
  • tube with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • Armature with a diameter of 8 mm, wire or semumbur;
  • a piece of hose with a diameter of 8 mm;
  • insulating tape;
  • Compressor for aquarium;
  • knife;
  • drill;
  • drill.

How to do

  • Screw to the bottom of the Tion Nipple in the lid, do a hole in the lid, and then insert the threads into it and fix the nut on the reverse side.
  • Drink the tube and wind it on one side of the tee, and with the second. secure the extension.
  • Collect the compressor and connect it with a tube with a shower on the tee using a hose segment. If necessary, compound the connection with the tape.
  • Drill or with a knife. Do in the side wall of the bidonchik. Hole to ignite chips at a height of 1 cm from the bottom.
  • Take a dense cardboard box of suitable size. Through the top of the sale of the rod from the reinforcement, wire or just Shampur. Products will be tied here.
  • Move the smoke generator to the box and connect them by catching the hole for the extension on the tee. Another small hole for the exit of smoke to do from above.
  • Secure Products, Close the box with cardboard or food film. Turn on the compressor and adjust chipped lighter through the hole in the bidonchik wall.

Cold smoked smoked smoking

Smoked fish or meat. this is a product beloved by many. Of course, this food is considered a delayed gastronomic bomb, since it is harmful in almost every sense. But from time to time to pamper yourself with smoked delicacy. not sin.

Well goes and smoked beef, and fat, and any variety of fish. To diversify your diet on a picnic, you can buy a ready-made dish at your own risk and risk, and you can cook it delicious treats yourself, if high-quality cold smoking smoked smokehouse will be built in the country or household plot.

Speed ​​types

What is smoking? This is a slow cooking process by maintaining a raw product in a smoke that comes from smoldering wood.

Thus, meat or fish does not overheat and is not exposed to open fire, and indeed high temperatures.

Many cooks are confident that the right choice of breeding wood is extremely important for giving a dish of a fragrance.

There are three options for cooking dishes in smoke:

  • Hot. the fastest way to cook the product. Meat or fish without excess fat suspended over the source of open fire, exposed to preheated to 80-140 degrees of smoke. Temperature depends on the variety of the prepared product.
  • Half-megue. In this embodiment, the smoke is cooled using a short pipe. At the same time, the temperature of the smoke falls to 50-60 degrees. Cooking in this case takes about a day.
  • Cold. this is a variation of ridiculous meat or fish. The crude product is prepared in a smoke that cools up to 15-40 degrees. To cool the flow of burning waste to such a temperature, a special design is constructed: a small trench is digging between the rave products and glowing wood or a long tube is laid. This method takes more time. at least a few days, but also the shelf life of the finished product increases significantly.

Smokehouse is designed not only for cooking meat or fish products, but also dairy, as well as vegetables and fruits, which at the same time acquire new taste notes. The methods of carrying out the cooking process in the smokehouse invented many.

Typical smokehouse design

Thus, from the selected method of cooking smoked meat or fish will depend on the device of the smoke unit.

If you want to do hot smoked smoking, you can not expect any difficulties. it is possible to construct a decent smokehouse, it is possible from any girlfriend metal object, at least from an old rusty bucket.

smoked, smoking, cabinet, hands

In the same case, if cooking dish is solved by the method of cold smoking, the construction of smokers will be somewhat more complicated. We will have to spend a slightly more time on the analysis of the device, planning and the structure of the smokehouse. But this task is not impossible.

Like any aggregate for cooking food, a cold-type smokehouse can be performed in two versions:

  • Inpatient, in which it will be necessary to build an effective chimney of sufficient length, which will cool the smoke to the desired temperature. But it is not enough to remove the prepared product from the flame. it is necessary to correctly send the smoke outgoing from firewood, for which it takes a good strength of thrust. Accordingly, the chimney must have sufficient height. The view of the chimney can be any: it can be built of bricks, galvanized or stainless pipe. everything depends on the most part of the aesthetic preferences. Only asbestos and polymer chimneys cannot be used, as they may soak food toxic discharge.
  • Mobile variant of the smoke unit does not require the structure of the chimney. In this case, the transportation of the smoke will be engaged by dugouts of sufficient depth, width and tilt.

Instead of a full source of heat in the smoke, a simple smoke generator can be used, the use of which greatly simplifies the assembly of smokers.

You can refuel this device with small wooden fuel. chips or sawdust.

The simplest smoke generator from any steel container in the form of a cylinder is constructed. for example, a large thermosis, from which the flask is removed and is used as a simple oven.

To begin with, we should consider the general principles of the construction of smoking with their own hands, after which. the features of the design of a wooden smoke chamber.

smoked, smoking, cabinet, hands

Staffing technology fixed smoke

In order for a high-quality and durable cold smoked smoking smokehouse, which will still stand in the country area, it will take quite some of the materials: several slate sheets, durable brick, a camera for a prepared dish (bucket, barrel or tank, depending on the planned cooking volumes. Smoking can have a container of steel or wood), as well as a metal grille.

The process of building a smokehouse itself takes place in several stages:

  • In the intended place, a straight line for a trimmer is measured in length about 3 m. On this line, there is a trench of a depth of 50-60 cm. The resulting ditch is lined with brick in one layer so that the heat does not go to the ground. After that, the channel is covered with landscape of neatless metal and falling asleep with a thick layer of land. at least 15 cm so that the trench does not freeze in winter.
  • In the dug trench, it is necessary to leave two holes. At one end, fire will be divorced in this hole, and firewood will be raised through it. At the other end of the RVA will be installed Cool smoked smoking chamber. On the plot in which the flame will be sought, the channel can be deepened and expanded to provide a stronger craving.
  • The next step is prepared by cooking container.

The lattice is mounted in its upper part, on which the fish, pieces of meat or vegetables will be suspended.

If regular and fairly active use of smokehouse is planned, instead of this container, it is better to fold a full-fledged brickwork, which will be able to withstand constant loads and will last much longer.

Pluses of their own smokehouse.

Will we build a smoking task for every man who knows how to keep ordinary tools in his hands, wants to get a similar unit and love smoked. Make a smoking person on their own for several reasons:

Price. in specialized stores there is a wide selection of smokers, which can be both a primitive device and equipped with additional features and capabilities. However, the cost of such devices is always high and not everyone will have to Schollyna does not require any financial costs. Personal materials and funds can go into move;

time. to make a smokehouse need quite a bit time. Depending on the type of design, the unit can be built both in the day and in an hour;

Ease of use. primitive smokehouses are quite functional and easy to use and maintain. They will allow you to prepare delicious and fragrant meat, fish, cheese and other food without making great efforts;

Lifecycle. devices built according to the instructions and using recommended materials will serve their owner for several years;

Easy in mounting. the design of the smokehouse is elementary, so easy to install. It easily adapts under the available materials and capabilities.

In the process of the construction of smokers, actually, as with any other construction work, it is necessary to follow the safety rules. So, you should get the work gloves, make sure the tools and the reliability of the girlfriend. It is also not necessary to neglect the elementary precautionary measures directly during the operation of the aggregate.

The range of original simple smokers

Such designs are good in that there are all sorts of materials and items that have served, but to throw out that the hand does not rise.

“Bocke” smoking

This is the most unpretentious option. To build smoking, you need to have inviolable stocks:

The first thing digs a pit under the fuel chamber, a sheet of tin. Not too deep trench for chimney, its width 250 mm, length. 2000-2500 mm. Tightness provide covers with slate. In addition, it is sprinkled with soil.

Camping smoking chamber. The barrel is deprived of the bottom, and the metal grid is attached to his place, to collect her soot, burlap. Bottom mounted lattice. Retreating from the top edge of the capacity of 200 mm to equip place for products. It can be a metal grille or a rod for which hooks hang. Instead of the cap for the barrels, use dense burlap. She is able to keep smoke, but at the same time to remove his excessive amount.

Some more expensive will be smoking, arranged from a wooden barrel, but it will look more presentable. Work with it is also simple, because to remove the top cover, cut holes for the pipe and install inside the holders for the lattice of labor will not be. Exception for sootylene-semi-finished products One. plastic products.

Ex-refrigerator who has changed the post

It is better to find an old refrigerator in which the minimum of plastic. This method also allows you to quickly get the desired smokehouse, it is simple and economical. The list of necessary for work is small:

  • refrigerator housing;
  • fan;
  • Bricks for the focus;
  • Pipe, the average length of the segment of 2500 mm, diameter. 100 mm;
  • insulation for the pipe, if it remains on the surface.

The old refrigerator is eliminated by all plastic elements, leave the compressor and relay in immunity. All holes are sealed with a tape, leukoplasty or tape. To ensure the thrust at the bottom install fan. From above make a small hole for smoke. On the side of it cut for the chimney pipe (another, preferred, option. from the bottom), on both sides. for the grilles on which products will be located. Do not forget about the pallet for grease collection: he should not overlap the way into the refrigerator smoke. Looking for a place for refrigerator-smoking, choosing the highestmost.

At a distance of 2500 mm, the pit is rotated for fire. Bricks are placed on the bottom, the walls are ascended from them. If the site has a natural bias, the chimney pipe slightly cheer. When the relief is smooth, it is created, digging by trench. The farther from the refrigerator, the deeper it. One edge of the pipes are connected with the refrigerator, the other is summarized to the pit. When the trench is not needed, the chimney is burned in the insulation. The improvised furnace is tightly covered with a metal sheet, the optimal thickness. 3-4 mm.

In the role of smoking smoked smoking smoked smoking, the old washing machine, whose casing will also be perfect for the camera. Alternatives. Metal or Wooden Lockers.

Homemade smoking smoking smoke. do it yourself. mediaplatform Mirtessen

Dear visitors of the site from the material presented by the author you will learn how you can independently make a smoked smoked smoked smoked meat and metal. Namely, the furnace and the pipe will be iron, and the smokehouse from a wooden bar and boards (lining wood lining tree).

Having built on the site of smoking, it will be possible to smoke the products at any time convenient for you, as well as your smoked smoking is much tastier and safer shop, which are completely impregnated chemistry. You can also smoke for sale and establish your small business, smoked meat on the market goes instantly).

The process of cold smoking occurs at a temperature of 15-25 C0. Duration may vary from 1 day to a week, it all depends on temperature and quantity, the species embedded in the smokehouse of the product. In contrast to hot smoked, here the meat is ridheld and moisture gradually comes out of it, soaked in fragrant haze.

  • And so, let’s look at what exactly it took the author to create a cold smoking smoke?
  • Materials
  • one. Metal pipe 150 mm

Tube 80 mm3. Steel bar4. Bolt5. Barish nut4. Metal sheet 1 mm and 3 mm5. Wooden Bar6. Lining7. Nails8. Self-screws10. Thermometer11. rail

Tools1. Welding machine2. Angle grinding (corner grinder) 3. Hoven4. hammer5. Drill6. LINEK7. Roulette8. Pencil9. Screwdriver10. pliers

Step-by-step instructions for creating a cold smoking smoking with their own hands.

First of all, the author creates a smoke cabinet from a bar and boards, it is advisable to use lining wood lining wood, because if you take a pine board.then with direct heating in the process of smoking the board will begin to highlight the resin and the characteristic pine smell.

Bar 5×5 cm long 1.8-2 m and made framework, lining 15 pcs 3 m, size 10×1.8 cm.

The bottom of the smoke chamber should be no less than 50 cm from the ground level.

The frame is triggered, this material is very good, because the board to the board is suitable in dense and no slots.

Straighings are installed to enhance the design inside.

The door is also made of timber and lining.

Hung on a loop and fastened by self-drawing.

In the bottom of the smoke chamber, the hole for the installation of a metal adapter for connecting the chimney pipe is powered.

Also the author made special salazzas for the pallet of fat collection.

In front of the pallet, there is a cladding with a handle from the tool cabinet.

In the smokehouse itself, metal gutters are made under the SCOS, so that fat glasses in the pallet.

Next, the author of a metal pipe of a large diameter boiled a small oven, you can also take an old gas cylinder and make it out of it.

This furnace has an inside of a steel bar, and in the rear of the adapter for connecting the chimney pipe.

10 holes are drilled at the bottom of the door to form traction.

The oven is painted in black color heat-resistant paint. Metal valve was screwed to adjust the thrust.

The chimney is a team and has several knees, that is, the length can be adjusted along the length.

Angular adapter is screwed to the bottom of the smokehouse.

All elements are collected in a single design.

Firewood is laid in the furnace and the fire is divorced, after the firewood will be spoiled. the door closes, and the holes are overlapped below the damper, that is, it is necessary to adjust the firewood to the tolere, and did not burn in full force.

Then products are laid in the smoke chamber. Smoking can be: meat, fat, fish, chicken, sausage and even cheese.

And here such wonderful products are as a result.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult, the whole process is simple and clear. Small smokehouse, that is, after you have walked the desired product, the furnace itself and the chimney can be disassembled and removed in the barn or garage.