Split system stopped cooling: Possible causes and their elimination

Numerous household appliances have long become familiar, more often at all indispensable, person assistants. But sometimes the technique for some reason ceases to work normally. It causes annoyance, so any owner should immediately solve the problem, since the desire to live in comfort is not alien to anyone, and it is quite understandable. Especially unpleasant when suddenly “decides to relax” the air conditioner, which in the heat becomes the only salvation for the family. If the split system stopped cooling, then you must first find out the reason, and then, when there is an opportunity, try to eliminate it. There are cases when it can be relatively easy to cope with the malfunction; but sometimes it is necessary to invite a specialist.

If the owners came to the conclusion (they have a suspicion) that the split system ceased to cool, then the first thing they should get to know the equipment themselves. It will provide an opportunity to learn about all possible places breakdown.


As part of any air conditioner there are two blocks. internal and outdoor. Each of them performs its work, so consists of different sets of elements.

  • Inner, room part has a housing in which a powerful fan is located, an air filter and a serpent, thanks to which the air is cooled.
  • The outer block contains a fan, capillary tube, compressor and capacitor.

The highway connecting both blocks is thin copper tubes. Refrigerant (Freon) is transported. In cooling mode, it lowers the temperature of the air coming from the street into the internal unit. When the Split system works on heating, the evaporation of the refrigerant occurs in the outer block, and condensation. in the inside of the air conditioner.


The main working elements of the split system are fans, compressor and heat exchanger.

Fans, heat exchangers

These devices make it possible to significantly increase heat transfer rate. Small enabarits of climatic equipment. “merit” of fans located in both parts of the system.

Heat exchangers perform the same role as fans: they make it possible to accelerate heat transmission. To guarantee the maximum efficiency of the equipment, these elements are created from special copper alloys, and additional gaskets are placed in the gaps between snake tubes.

Since heat exchangers are in contact with air coming from the street, there is another mandatory element of the system. air filter. These are usually several: in addition to the base (mesh) protection in various models there can be several additional, fine cleaning (antibacterial, coal, photocatalytic and T. D.).


His task is to ensure the continuous movement of the refrigerant. Freon gas is fed to the condenser. Due to the low pressure, the compressor pre-squeezes it, at the same time increasing the temperature of the refrigerant.

The Freon follows the outdoor unit, where it quickly gives the heat, transforming into the liquid. In this state, it follows the room, evaporates in the inner block, reducing the air temperature. Turning into gas again, refrigerant returns to the compressor.

If you separately consider the freonoper, then the highway highway has one feature. The part of the highway, which is intended for the movement of freon gas, has a slightly larger diameter than the other created for the transportation of a liquid refrigerant.

The most loaded element of any air conditioner is a compressor. Therefore, if it seems that the split system stopped cooling, then its malfunction can be suspected primarily. But it is not always the case. Sometimes the problem can be solved on your own.

They bring a discord to the team

It does not matter whether air conditioning is included at home or in the office, “there will always be the one who wants to set the temperature by 17 degrees or 25. There are no two people who would be equally comfortable when operating air conditioner. This means that one person will enjoy the long-awaited cool, while the other is forced to poke a warm blanket in order not to get frostbite.

Often conflicts arise on this soil, which leads to discords in the family or team. It is better to turn off the air conditioner and it is equally tormented from the heat. in this case you will definitely agree with each other.

And remember the body of a woman produces about 35% less heat, because of which they feel the cold is stronger than men. That is, if it is cool for you, 21 degrees are, then for your girl, this value is about 25, and it asks to add the temperature not because of the whims.

Why caress from air conditioning. internal mechanism

Consider the reasons for the most common type of disease. cold. Her manifestation and etiology are similar in classical ARVI and ARZ. The reason for the emergence of the first signs is the same. bad immunity. A person with a good immune system will never get sick of supercooling, but if there are already pathology, the risk is infectious much higher. So the risk group automatically falls:

  • People who have just moved another disease of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Patients with chronic diseases, such as hymorite or bronchitis, sinusitis.
  • HIV-infected.
  • Pregnant women. in their position naturally decreases immune defense.
  • Small children. especially dangerous split systems for kids from one to one and a half years, when they go from breastfeeding to ordinary food.
  • People whose diet does not include nutrients, fruits, vegetables, vitamins.
  • Employees in harmful production. they have already reduced immunity.
  • Living in a polluted area, poor ecology affects the protective function of the body.

How to Fix Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air | HVAC Training 101

To strengthen your immune response, it follows 2-3 times a year to drink the Cytovir-3 immunostimulator course. It is produced in different forms. for adults and for children from 1 year. Its active substances contribute to raising endogenous inerone. These proteins are defenders, they are struggling with any infection that comes from the outside.

Preliminary diagnostics why air conditioning does not cool

Before looking for problems in the air conditioner units, it is worth dealing with the possible external causes of the appearance of warm air and conduct a preliminary diagnosis.

  • Duration of work. Air cooling in the room, after turning on the air conditioner, takes a certain time. It does not happen to lightning. for a tangible effect must pass from 10 to 20 minutes. The time interval is determined by the initial air temperature, the temperature at the external unit, the size of the room and the air conditioner capacity.
  • Correctness of the feed capacity and features of operating conditions. Low power conditioner can not cope with the cooling of the spacious room well warmed on a hot day. When choosing, you should not look at the peak load and choose equipment with a small power supply.
  • Not isolated premises. The cooling efficiency is reduced if there is a flow of warm air from the outside through non-closed doors and windows or a forced outflow of cold air, for example, through the ventilation system.
  • Obstabling air circulation. Curtains, decorative elements, furniture or blinds, located on the path of air movement, violate it circulation and break cooling.

Lack of cooling with sufficient capacity, free entrance and output, sufficient isolation of the room and exposure time. reading for equipment diagnostics. At the first stage, you need to check the temperature of the air conditioner in the air conditioner and emerging from it.

Measuring the temperature of the incoming stream produce air intake lattices. The output temperature is measured by placing the thermometer between the blinds of the blinds. The temperature difference at a properly functioning air conditioner is 7-15 degrees.

For confidence, compare the data with the numbers specified in the product passport. The manufacturer indicates the output temperature in “Cooling” mode. For non-reactor systems. this is 6-140 ° C. Inverter systems in cooling mode at the first stage give these same indicators, and then the indicators increase to 12-170 ° C. Not matching the indicators declared in the passport. a signal for troubleshooting in air conditioning systems.

Causes of bad air conditioner

With this problem, you can handle yourself. You need to open the cover of the indoor unit of the air conditioner (usually it is kept by plastic hills that are opening with a simple arm force) and rinse filters with flowing cold water (hot can deform them) after which you install them in place.

Especially scores the poplar fluffs and exhaust gases for forming a film on the surface of the heat exchanger.

They can be cleaned with a sink of high pressure (curtain), steam cleaner, mechanical means, special chemistry. Or order service.

Air conditioning must be disassembled and clean the inner block fan, for example, a brush or high pressure washing.

It is required to refuel the refrigerant air conditioning in any convenient way, after receiving and eliminating the cause of Freon’s leakage.

The reason for this can be a failure of the control board, the starting / working capacitor, the electric motor, and in the case of the fan of the external unit, the interconnect connection.

This valve is in the external split-system unit and is responsible for switching operation modes heat / cold. It can be repaired or replaced.

The compressor can jarny, can break the windings on the housing, interstetic closure or internal cliff. It may also fail a launcher / working capacitor or a thermoster, the so-called “Tablet”. The capacitor and the thermostat must be changed, but in other cases it is necessary to replace the compressor or completely external block (the jammed compressor can be attempting to “separate”)

split, system, does, cool, causes, conditioner

In the inverter air conditioners, the compressor may not work due to the inverter power module.

Sensors can be closed if they are open or resistance cannot match the normal value, while the control board does not turn on the air conditioner or does not give a signal to start the compressor, the sensors must be replaced with serviceable.

In this case, as in the previous one, the air conditioner includes protection before troubleshooting.

Air conditioning with a scored capillary will not work normally, so it must be cleared with a press or to have a new one. The capillary tube can be clogged with moisture, which can be removed by vacuuming.

These are the most basic reasons for the fact that the air conditioner does not cool or work well, but even if the air conditioner works fine, it gives a normal temperature at the output, but in this room it is not cool, it means that it is not correctly selected. You should install additional air conditioning or air conditioning for greater power.

In any case, to repair the air conditioner it is important to make the correct diagnosis and reveal the exact cause of the air conditioner breakdown.

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What depends on the cooling capacity?

Cooling capacity. the main characteristic of the air conditioner, which determines the efficiency of the climate equipment. The powerful cooling parameter is selected with the area of ​​the room where the device will be installed. Such formula is taken to calculate: 10 kV. M rooms with ceilings no more than 3 meters. 1 kW cooling power.

Now consider how to determine whether the cooling of the air conditioner really deteriorated and is there any need for repair work, or such an assessment of the efficiency of the device turned out to be a biased.

The cooling capacity of climatic systems largely depends on the air temperature on the street. Effectively working air conditioning will provide indoors the optimum air temperature, the differential of which can be 8-120 or more. If the difference in temperature mode on the street and in the room where air conditioning works, less than this parameter, it means that you can conclude a malfunction of split equipment.

Split system does not cool the causes of the air conditioner

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Lack of maintenance.

Perhaps you noticed that after 3-5 years, the air conditioner is no longer killed “as before”. What is the reason for reducing performance? Let’s understand.

Animal wool, hairs, dust and t.D. Easy clogged with coarse and fine air conditioning filters. Because of which the radiator does not give a cold in the air, which leads to weak cooling. If the filters are strongly contaminated, the vapor tubes can freeze.

Pollution can get to the drainage hose, which will prevent the natural flow of condensate outward. Pallet overflow threatens water on the wall, dropping drops on the floor, furniture and t.D.

Solution Simple: regularly clean the filters of the indoor unit. They are easily getting, you only need to dedule and lift the front panel of the indoor unit. Wash preferably under cold water, without the use of aggressive detergents.

Air conditioning during operation drives through the heat exchanger huge air volumes, as a rule, is not the most pure. Copper heat exchangers have pretty small lamellas, which are easily clogged with a poplarian fortune, dust and t.D. When the heat exchanger is contaminated, the performance of the air conditioner falls, as the effectiveness of the heat unit decreases.

Fix this problem will help washing the heat exchanger, preferably under pressure. This will help the High Pressure Wash type Karcher. In high-altitude homes, autotower services may be required.

By freonofroduction circulates quite volatile refrigerant. Freon, which is enough microcracks to destroy from the refrigeration circuit. Round refrigerant leakage 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. It is important to distinguish between the normalized leakage or a violation of the integrity of the copper highway. This can be understood by temperature on the edge of the heat exchanger or by pressure in the system. If the difference from the normalized indicators is insignificant, then refueling will be enough. If there is no, after the Freon system, after 2-3 years of work, you will need to detect the leakage. In 90%, it will be a poor-quality rolling and incorrect force of pinching of nuts, in the remaining 10%. mechanical damage to the freonon pipeline during operation. You need to search for integrity disorders, warev or replacement of the highway completely, translating, vacuuming and full new air conditioning refueling.